Accelerationism - why Jews fear it

The scorpion, when surrounded by fire, seeks a safe passage out of danger. But upon finding none the arachnid will sting itself to death preferring a short and painless demise over a long, painful death by fire. This is Accelerationism.

On one side we have the Zionist Right who facilitates European Genocide in a such way it occurs slowly. The elite offer political theater to keep the masses entertained and complacent until finally one day they wake up to the realization they're such a minority the chance of resisting is no more.

On the other side we have the Globalist Left who facilitates European Genocide quickly by open borders. We can conclude that slow-motion genocide coming from the Right is their actual goal with European American genocide, and the Left is used as a boogeyman to encourage supporting the Right, because open borders has caused Europe to resist replacement.

Americans have revolution in their blood and acting too quickly to replace whites here may result in backlash followed by revolution. This is the reasoning behind supporting Accelerationism in America. Such a strategy will force American whites to address their genocide, resist it, and finally to overthrow the criminal ruling class returning America to her roots.

So you have two choices:

Be like the scorpion.

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Accelerationism is the only way to make the frog jump out of the pot. Communism is coming if we like it or not. The faster it comes, the more people will freak out and fight it.

Its like if you binge drink too fast. Your body reacts and forces out the poison. If you drink slowly your body doesn't have time to process it and eventually you become an alcoholic and die of liver failure.

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good analogy

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People need to realize how correct OP is.
If an extreme leftist Marxist got elected, whites would be inflamed including boomers. Some states might even secede.

A rapid escalation of political violence would cause increased government repression and lack of trust by American people. Revolution is the only way out.

Which is exactly why 2020 will be rigged for Trump.
Screenshot this please.

YOU DID IT user!! Congratulations! I didn't know if you would actually post this. I seriously thought of making an OP on it myself, but I got pissed because one of my OP's already got deleted today. :) I can't wait to see where this goes.

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This. Wish there were an alternative to Accelerationism but that alternative, Trump, didn't pan out.

i got u

thanks man. hopefully the meme spreads and we can finally fight back

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Fuck off back to kikechan cunt.

Your OP got deleted because you are new-faggot who uses smilies. Also, mods are kikes.

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We should accelerate the gay agenda and start turning kids into trannies ASAP tbh fam.

This is actually a good idea. Corruption of the young is a good way to get mothers in an uproar. Nobody fights harder than a woman who thinks her children are under threat.

We are obligated to fight for our rights. WE ARE THE NATION BUILDERS AND IT IS ALL UP TO US…we would be much better off if we stopped looking to politics (alt-kike or otherwise) and began to forge our own destiny for ourselves. All of you know that the kikes don't build anything…it is up to us to build what we want out of what we are given. But part of that is extermination of the subhuman masses that are pulling us down.

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I would accept the chair to kill you slowly.

Yeah…whatever faganon. I am not 'new here' but I do use smiles when I recognize someone from another thread that I felt fond of…sue me…
I did learn that under no circumstances can you talk about the COVEN on Zig Forums

You can talk about whatever the fuck you want on Zig Forums as long as its politics or you should be allowed to.

No you cannot. Don't be a lying kike SHIT. There are some things that are above YOUR fucking paygrade user.
It was politics about the kikes poisoning the water supplies in the US like they were accused of poisoning the wells in Europe. But as soon as you start talking about the COVEN you are deleted. Which is what happened so go fuck yourself…they said I ban evaded when I DIDN'T since they never banned me and then they permabanned that IP for 7 days for talking about their little sick fucking ingroup, pedo satanist BULLSHIT and the effort to murder as many European Americans by literally poisoning the water with the most toxic chemistry (almost) that is known to mankind, fluoride.

Need I remind everyone here that every time the kikes have found themselves surrounded by the gentiles, they always sooner ritually commit suicide before surrendering to the law? Obviously it’s to hide their blood sucking rituals.

"…whites of their eyes…"

Hang in there, blood.

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Judaism is an old strategy. They commit suicide so they never 'admit guilt', they are so arrogant that they always think they're correct, no matter what. They'd sooner kill themselves than let their enemies somehow corner them and (as a result) kill all of them.

They are a different breed of human. They will follow and allow their leaders to exploit them - since it means they are without responsibility and always act collectively. Collectivism is the Jew's specialty. It will tell you it's individualist only so the collective bears no harm.

Whatever you do goyim, DO NOT look up the Toronto Protocols.

Nutshell=End of discussion.

Part of the Jewish illness is schizophrenia, where it mistakes its social persona with itself. They're both considered by the Jew for the purposes of pilpuling between 'collective' and 'individual'. The distinction between them has become so faded for the Jew, that they viscerally mistake their own breed as themselves. If them killing themselves means that another Jew survives, then they see it as vindication of themselves. That other Jew will never speak ill of them.

That's why Zionists and other Jews have no qualms praising a murderous killer as a 'hero'. It's Jew vs. Goyim. They do not seek distinction as an individual (like Aryans), but as a group.

thanks for lead


We will hang in there…but will our own people (kin flesh and blood) hang with us? We are the only thing on this planet that can stop and slaughter the NWO in its tracks. The people of the USA are the largest militia on the planet. We can stop the whole thing and free our own people; let the kikes rule over subhumans (what is left of them when we withdraw our work/effort/support and stop carrying the entire weight of the planet and all its citizens on the work of our own backs. Enough with the parasitic rich and the parasitic poor. It is time to stick up for Europeans (the productive class) or we will slide into HELL that we will not be able to recover from for 10,000 years.

The sooner Afrimerica goes full nigger, the sooner kosher bulldozers move in.


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kill ourselves? fuck yourself
If the scorpion in your scenario fought its coward instinct and persevered through the fire it may live yet, who knows

It's a fascinating video. There's just one bulldozer there and dozens of unarmed religion of peace types sitting around watching the jew jew. They seem capable of getting violent only after a European country gives them free food and shelter. Unarmed pothead monkeys in the US will not fare better when the projects they love to kvetch about in their rap songs get bulldozed. Trump funds this for Israelis. But here, he hires Ben Carson to get more funding for the niggerlands like some capitalist psychopath only concerned about McDonald's quarterly earnings during his term.

white americans don't even realize they're surrounded by fire. accelerationism makes them aware of the danger by putting it in their faces.

worst case scenario is majority of whites dont fight back and we get rwds

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They can't fight back while their stuck in the cities, the courts just start killing them which ruins the birthrate even more and many are to poor to leave.

Justin Trudeau is the ultimate accelerationist.

If you lose to your enemies, you win.

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germans have no problem fighting back within the cities

IDK about that, chief. If things go really bad and I was still living in an urban area, I'd probably carjack the nearest minivan, pack my shit into it, and fuck off as fast as I could

Not when your district is run by democrips who devour baby dicks for $500 a pop.

Many have families here and don't want to risk uprooting all their families on the basis of fighting back especially if their not getting any support from others. It would literally just be another" oh this guy went crazy everybody look at this guy over social media he's another nutcase" scenario.

open the borders and force whites to acknowledge their genocide. then you get results.

It's already past this point when 2016 rolled around and my state has already reinstated gun rights for self defenses. The next goal from the upper echelon of the state would start massive deportations of spic populations but it never got around to it cause of the massive lobbying power of the sanctuary status of large cities like Chicago from getting any worthwhile legislation to get passed. In order for this to happen these cities would need to be re-zoned or redrawn out of thr actual state and made into a city state status so they have no actual lobbying power.

Your analogy/description and analysis is simplistic and does not align with reality.

You assume that everyone on the right is an agent of Soros or whomever and wants to replace whites with more easily controllable shitskins and obedient gooks. By your logic, if we had supported Hillary Clinton, it would expedite the civil war situation that we all dream of. In reality, it would prevent that situation by allowing Hillary to control the narrative. In fact, it was the rise of Trump that is responsible for the huge amount of acceleration that is going on on the left.

The left has been driven into a frenzy. I'm not a kid, I remember when Bill Clinton was president. Bill Clinton's positions would be considered right-wing today. Bill Clinton wanted whites gone, but being a smart man, he knew that this would have to be done gradually and over many decades. That was the game plan all along - don't boil the frog too fast or it will jump out of the pot. Trump's victory caused such a shockwave throughout the Democrats that they have reacted by going so far left that they are 15 years ahead of schedule from their original plan put in place by LBJ.

The left is already proposing revolutionary, violent action in pseudo-mainstream circles as a reaction to Trump, and the pervasiveness of social media has only accelerated this phenomenon by making mainstream media a slave to clicks and revenue generation, further stoking these flames by continuously putting out incendiary articles. We want the left to get violent - because we have all the guns and a massive strategic advantage in that most right-wingers don't live in urban centers that not self-sufficient and are extremely vulnerable to siege tactics. The left has become so divorced from reality nowadays that they are inadvertently walking towards their doom.

Leftist insanity has caused a reaction in the right as well, by radicalizing many right-wingers into desiring revolution as well. This is the best possible situation because the left is ideologically morphing into exactly what scares most regular people and prompts many others to stockpile guns and ammo, while simultaneously being completely toothless to influence policy since they are not in power. They can't pass a single federal gun law, but they are already talking about killing all whites - this is excellent. They are talking about redistributing property while the economy continues to grow and illegals are being deported in numbers greater than ever.

None of this would have happened if Hillary was president because the Democrat establishment would have kept a lid on all the communist crazies running amok. Why do you think Pelosi and Schumer hate people like AOC? She's ruining the plan that they had 60 years in the making by chimping out and agitating the left and right before the demographics of this country can catch up to that phase of their plan.

Civil war will shine lights in the remaining darkest places. They will not survive the civil war. We may not either, but at this point I don't even care anymore. All I care about is that they will be exposed, and hunted down to the ends of the Earth, to the ends of time itself if need be. They will not survive this one.

are you claiming this isn't the case? Both Right and Left want the same thing: Kalergi plan.

You can't swim through fire.

AND how much of the fucking enemy that shill Andrew Anglin is.

More like
>Support the Left and watch your country being niggerized as fast as (((they))) can

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yeah. it'll come down to the electoral college like last time. i wish people would get over the whole "we memed him into the presidency" NO. he lost the popular vote and was installed by the electoral college.

now he just tweets what people want to hear but without fail, always does the opposite of it.

our goal needs to be to delegitimize the government. show how they fail to provide, protect etc etc. Always push stories that make us seem better off without them. encourage local group building.

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With what army?
AFAIK nothing, at least in Canuckistan, can oppose the system right now

Look at German riots, or France. The People themselves are an army.

It's certainly the case for a good number of right-wingers, but again, this is a ridiculous oversimplification, or rather, lack of understanding.

Most people, even those as well-placed as US senators, lack the foresight, planning and especially, selflessness to execute such a plan. A politician is loyal to their party, but they are even more loyal to themselves. Their greatest goal is to get re-elected, so politicians still have to listen to their constituency. We have seen in the 2018 midterms what happens to anti-trump, neocon representatives when they don't follow their constituency - they lose, THEY ALL LOST THEIR SEAT.

The growing divide ideological divide between the left and right, and the increased political literacy of the average voter in recent years, means that politicians in Republican areas cannot afford to push leftist policies or remain complacent without losing their seat or getting primaried. They still have to march to the beat of the constituency if they want to keep their jobs, even if they themselves don't agree. Even Trump is victim to this, as has been observed many times when he gets ratio'd on twitter by right-wingers for supporting stupid shit and reversing course immediately.

Whether or not the Republican politicians truly care about our message or not, their inherit desire to remain politicians means that they have no choice but to follow it, which only makes the left even more radical as a reaction. The left will fire the first shot of the next civil war.

Politicians are actors following a script given them by Zionist Elites. No one is "elected" in America, no one gains any real power organically. Both sides work towards white genocide and Trump proves this.

Trump didn't lose the popular vote, and you're a faggot. Instead of larping, you should truly join the righteous side.

Accelerationism doesn't mean that Trump can't win again. Accelerationism means getting the Left to act first.

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Don't come back jew.

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Candidate Trump: These numbers are fake!
President Trump: I have the best numbers ever, believe me.
The numbers are fake

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wtf does that even mean, 2 days ago he gave a speech to africans about more gibsmedats.

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So why is the left pushing revolutionary communism right now when this country is still majority white, almost all Republicans are heavily armed, and their rhetoric radicalizes tons of normie right-wingers to white nationalism daily? Sounds like a great plan by the Zionist Elites!

Go away, retard.


imagine saying that to someone who already posted evidence in the fucking post you are replying to.

Low IQ niggers should go back to Africa.
Political rage: terrorism and the politics of emotion

I can see right through your shit bruh, your not gaining anything by that community, they can never be satisfied and when you forget about them they destroy themselves at a faster rate which is good for everyone else. Conservatives conserve nothing other than black cock.

Low IQ niggers should go back to Africa.

Oh so you were spamming about witchcraft and pizza slices. I didn't see what you were posting, but just going on that I can tell you are probably a little bit crazy. Remember, theres a reason Kampfy would sticky all the (((pizzagate threads))).

We must first organize.
If Macron or Merkel or Trudeau decide they had enough of ebul populists or nationalists or what have you, there is nothing RIGHT NOW which is ready to oppose a Federal or Republican army intervention for more than a few hours.

We need to be more organized before going full accelerationism.

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wasting my time nigger

was meant for

>wasting your time

Then leave.

It always comes down to the electoral college. The popular vote is never used to determine the president. Are you european or just an idiot?

They've always pushed that.
Why is the Right pushing Zionist revolution?

Go away, retard.

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Decentralized Resistance doesn't mean disorganized but it does mean a lack of set leaders.


In Canada, I evaluate the current state of Resistance as "not yet enough organized"

Never in open political circles


I totally foresaw that we would be living in a white ethnostate 2.5 years after electing Trump despite the fact that leftists control almost every part of the government and we have tens of millions of mudskins!

I'm glad you're not in politics, your IQ is too low - are you even white?

10 people marching against white genocide, without Seig Heiling or brandishing memes, will result in 10,000 followers by the next few demonstrations.

Of course they have. What do you think the Communist Control Act of 1965 was about?
You don't have to be Hitler to not suck Zionist cock. Trump is a Zionist kike, simple as that.

people who believe pizzagate is fake should be banned from here. forever.


A guide for getting vanned

wtf is wrong with you my dude

if the government v&s you for resisting government sanctioned genocide then you're a hero and a political prisoner.

Lol if 10 people march against White genocide without Seig Heiling or being abusively pro-White, you really think 10,000 people will read/hear about it in the media?

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Good point, but this proves the media is not our ally and shouldn't be relied upon. Zig Forums more adept at spreading information than the media. 10 people march against white genocide in Canada and I'll promote the story relentlessly. If they march in America, and if the timing is right, I'll be there with them.

I agree. I think we, as a People living in different countries using different native languages, need a little bit more time to organize as a White Front with the means of communication we have right now. If some group decide to rely on the msm to gain popularity, they must act first get msm coverage.

True. Now is the time to offer and debate ideas and form a strategy while getting ourselves together as individuals. A movement and political party will form later based on the time we spend now preparing.

Cowards get the gas.

A loose cannon often misfires.

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Leftists must be killed along with jews.

Did you even read the thread?
Accelerationists want war, not leftist takeover.

You were banned because you were an obnoxious schizo

Yes but there is no reason for whites to organise if their quality of life is not decreasing and they still lead comfortable lives.

The point of acceleration is that it FORCES whites to organise, whereas people like you would rather just keeping waiting.

So what is the meaning of this? Everyone vote for communist?

What if this means commies got the legitimacy they want?

the ability to rationalize is often used to boil a frog in hot water.

Look around there are 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year old White dudes who have never dated, never married and/or no kids. They work trades, lawyers and all kinds of jobs. some masters by the time they reach 30 and are making $60 an hour – yet still can't even get a White woman over 40 to look at them for more than a second .

There's a thousand mantras for you to "rationalize" with. Do you know the origins of "that's just how it is" or do you know the fundamental thing you're saying?

What can you do? Keep a journal and at the end of each day weigh what you liked and didn't liked and what you want to do or cut out or change and develop a step by step plan to achieve it – if you don't have a plan, you're going to end up someones bitch.

If you end up the enemies bitch – they'll make you look like Natalie Mars

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GamerGate was a form of acceleration that if hadn't have happened would have resulted in Shillary winning as criticism=misogyny.

We should thank Chelsea and Anita, really.

Trump IS the acceleration option.

We know Brock is hiding out, so this must be actual JIDF.

Someone who's knowledgeable about Serbian history should make an easy-to-digest meme about how Kosovo went from being 70% Serbian Christian in the early 1800's to majority Albanian Muslim by the mid 1900's. A lot of naive people think that there's no way immigrants could ethnically replace natives from European countries, ignoring the fact that an European region suffered a "peaceful" population replacement not too long ago.
The original of that 2nd image.

The more we fight back the more they fight back the more people wake up and fight back.
We don't need to give weapons to our enemies, we need to make our battles so vicious it become impossible not to see them.

Accelerate, obviate, the Left's irrational desire for control at any cost.
Obviate, accelerate, the deep-state corruption.

Accelerate, obviate, the reactionary Antifa tools.
Obviate, accelerate, the ongoing coup against Trump.

Accelerate, obviate, the snowflake riots.
Obviate, accelerate, the media lies.

Get them to act.
Draw them out.

You want to win this? Be smart. This is a war of trolls.

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This place has gone to shit. I am going to look for a new home.

Good luck with your OP user.