Yellow Vests Act 15

Post your news links and livestreams ITT


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Apparently there is a lot of buzzing on french twitter about the protests today. Lots of people are bringing weapons.

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Big if true

Screenshots pls

Another multistream:

What kinds? Antifag-tier baseball bats or shit like knives and guns?

That one jew not wearing a UFO hat. Is he hiding a classified UFO hat under the big hat?

Many thanks, I was about to post that

Death to the republic.

I've heard of the double-hat thing. There was a story from some Eastern European girls that were trafficked to Tel Aviv's red light district that mentioned them.
The double-hats are the worst clients, as I recall.

Does it have do with The tips they leave?
I have also heard of double hat jews but vaguely remember when or why it was mentioned.

I wish I could remember more about the girls' story, but the only thing that stuck in my mind was the double-hat, the little one under the big one. That's wear I learned about the secret.

It is nice of these kikes to admit kikes and the liberal muttnocratic regime are synomous.
But I think deep down everyone knows that.

They've become so convinced of their own invulnerability that they're trying to use themselves as human shields.

Deep down, yes, but it needs to be so well known that none can deny it.

They are bringing their own cache (the anti-semitism card) into the fight now because other methods have failed to diffuse the situation. They are the primary beneficiaries of the French government and wealth, so they have the most to lose if it collapses or is reorganized to better serve its people.

No real drama yet - just a bunch of people hanging around

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it is always this way in the morning

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he's got the dancing gloomtube pepe
next he's going to have the pickle

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I'll change it if you want

dancing pedo polar bear


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Use this girl dancing

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I love the name of the stream though

Torpedo provides OC, neat

wut am i reading

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I'm hard pressed to find anything bear

Let me find a transparent one

uwu thanks I hope it will match the personality of the stream

only oc is the cut outs of the cuck squad and the cop pepper spraying the lady and a few others, I can't do gifs yet*

use this gif

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I'll just use my dancing anime girls for now, I need to make something in the future

Need to get the stuff past the cops though. They take masks from people and then proceed to gas them.


things are starting up in here
cops making contact with yellow vest customers
should be a fine show today
I wish we can learn from this here in america

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Zogbots need to be slaughtered if they're not using their positions to fuck over their masters.


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Sure thing, agent nigger.


You must be born yesterday if you think revolutions occur like that.
This is the people asking to be listened to. They won't be. However in a civilization it is necessary prior to further action. Power is transitioning, from the whore Macron to the people.
What you currently see is froggies grumbling about paying tea taxes to the King. There has been no Tea Party…yet.
Protested about losing automatics? Protested about the guy dying during an illegal gun confiscation? NJ IIRC Oh wait!….

wow, I almost feel bad for him

Didn't French police claim they wouldn't continue to crack down on protests if they kept going into week 6? what the fuck ever happened to that bullshit promise

What would you do, if you met Barbara Spectre during a protest? That's what happened with that jew writer in Paris.

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Guns made you weak. France is a powderkeg at the moment, there's an amount of hate in the air that you can only dream about.

There are worse things than guillotines. Macron is forbidden from listening to reason.

I dont into twatter. 'I've heard/i saw' without proofs is wothless shitposting, tornigger




Multiplex 18-25


Good when it spills over we can send them the funz we're not even using

We did have that in the US for most of 2017 when there were weekly protests and clashes in the streets. The leftists turned out in droves in their rage and the right held rallies and counter-protests, which often ended in violence. We lost that fire after Charlottesville for a variety of reasons.

"I work at a media city (BBC) North of Manchester. I can absolutely confirm that the British media has been handed a D-Notice (legal gagging order to prevent reporting on 'inflammatory' incidents such as ignored/killed protestors, not allowed to even mention the word 'France' or 'Frenche' on the main page of the BBC news website) against reporting on the Yellow Jackets for 'national security' reasons. It's not fully legally binding but the director general has enforced the D-Notice. The government is treating this as a security threat to all European governments and are trying to prevent a 'European Spring' type situation and preparin multiple pre-written stories incase a major incident forces them to break the D-Notice and it involves framing it as far right, portraying the violence as perpetrated by FN-supporters, Russian fake news fueling it etc. A big spider-web diagram brief on a projector is in the world politics writers room pre-empting what type of incident might occur and what pre-written articles will follow. 'Large unarmed civilian deaths' is on a red diamond occur it lights up the lines narratives in green circles, if the mass police defections diamond lights up it goes to a different circuit of narratives. They've assigned a social media team to update the projector board in realtime. This level of pressuring is fucking unprecedented even compare dto 2014 and 2015."

Is this done? No new threads this week.

It's mostly CIA in Yellow Vests now with useful idiot Antifa.

Haven't checked up in a month, surprised they're still at it. Have they done anything actually useful or interesting in the last 15 weeks, or is it still just various acts of vandalism?

Never forget what's going on in France RIGHT NOW anons. Never forget.

Where did you catch that quote from?

what are these muds all worked up over?
If not for the buildings I would think this is the middle east.

Thats right this is first time that that i didn´t see a new YJ thread, so the SHUT IT DOWN is very strong.

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Fuck Wrong image

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Says right on the jewboob page, m8.

Dramatic VIDEO shows man being shot in face during Yellow Vest rallies in Paris

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Le hoooooolaaaacoooooooost!!!