The Constitution

So like everyone should know the constitution is a peace of trash, the idea of even having a constitution(any constitution) or thinking its something important is silly.

The constitution worshipers are nothing more then controlled opposition and a trap to inject constitution worship into gullible idiots who reject leftism.
These parody positions are then easy to overthrow because of how stupid the idea of talking about a constitution is.

So lets demonstrate the facts(constitution worshipers will pretend like I did never say these things):

1) You are currently using now the 1.27 version of the constitution that was created in 1992, Not only is the constitution currently getting amendments it was getting them from the start.
Its really stupid to pretend the constitution is some holy book (I have seen some unironic libertarians talk like the constitution is the crucifix and will magically destroy vampires/their-enemies by its own existence and light, yes I laughed about it). So yes the constitution constantly changes.

How about

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The current Constitution is the corporate bankter´s constitution and has been faked. The original one of 1789 has been burned and buried. The fake one makes you a slave of the banksters. Washington D.C. was formed to enslave you to the banking cartel and sell your all caps name on the capital markets. This makes you a debt slave to London and to the Rothschild fake Jews.

Its just another law that doesnt apply to the rulers. Not magical scroll that will react when broken with gods vengence.

Oh look a OPCA idiot.
Why anyone needs to play this stupid name game to get power or whatever is never explained.
Until you prove your OPCA bullshit its the biggest peace of crap and insanity and pseudo-law ever made.

However I can quote you examples of some constitutional worshiper writing like its some magical crucifix banishing all enemies of freedom like vampires.
This is in my lolberg cringe compilation.

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What is OPCA?

Basically what he wrote
They use unacceptable names(free ma non the land and sovereign are not things to be used) or don't name themselves at all.
OPCA is basically the government designation for these people.
Basically what it is is Pseudolaw and something like:
There is more to it however its basically this.
This never works and these people are a joke.

It is easier to troll others, lie, then to speak the truth. Welcome to truth paradise tard.

I have never heard of OPCA nor do I adhere to such movements.

The tards attempt to associate me with something I have NOTHING to do with.

Your tactics is to attack the messenger and ignore the message. Your tactics are a BIG FAIL.

OPCA is a government designation it stands for:
"Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments"

Did you ever try your OPCA stuff in the real world? Like did you try to write your name in a special way to not have to obey traffic laws?

Did any of this OPCA ever work?

What was this about?

Because this is a instant red flag about a OPCA. So want to explain this?

Yeah, like the CIA creating the term "conspiracy theory" to discredit those who tell the truth.

Not falling for it.

More information found here:

Backed-up bannedfromqresearch board with tons of info:

▶ Mother liberty beckons….

While you are on their ship you can never win as the British Admiralty courts = Federal Courts are rigged. The whole system needs to come down and NOW.

When you are born they issue an all caps name, then monetize it on the capital markets. You are a slave at birth. When you go to a maritime court, of Admiralty law, which bans the Constitution, your all caps corporate entity is put on trial on their British ship and you are an enemy combatant to be tried and judges per the British Bar - British Accreditation registry rules which control U.S. Federal Courts.

Opinion discarded.

Reported for spam and for being a Qtard
Piss off back to your containment boards

The last two times I got pulled over I just told them I was traveling, not driving for profit. Told them I didn't have my expired license, registration or proof of insurance in the car. If I do get my license renewed I would write UD 1-308 without prejudice above my signature but I don't think I feel like waiting in line at the DMV.

Reported for filing a fake complaint.

You think you can report people who tell the truth simply because you do not like to hear it? You have been reported you scammer and liar!

Well stated.

This is so very true but few people know this.

Can you explain the name thing from

(This is OPCA talk everyone )
And how exactly is this supposed to work? Is money magically generated there or what? How can a a string of symbols generate money?

And I'm reminding everyone that the government can simply print money out of nowhere. So why do the name game????
This is why OPCA is so stupid. Its like the big evil government needs to play these strange games and follow these rules to do their evil schemes and if you say your name differently or something the evil government can not touch you.

And how did this work out for you?
Do you have a order to show up in court?
you know OPCA can work so good because it mixes actual law with Pseudolaw and the burocratic process(long time).
It can take time however if you got a ticket you will have to pay it in the end.
Get real legal advice from actual lawyers, not some random people on the internet or snake oil sails-men.

My final question is where did you get this stuff and why should anyone believe what your sources say?

Side note I never use the word "conspiracy theory".
Because it makes as much sense as "murder theory" or "theft theory" conspiracy is a real life crime. And you speculating about some murder of theft is a theory.
This is why I use OPCA and not words like "sovereign citizen" or "free man on the land". These words have actual meaning and you are polluting your vocabulary if you misuse them. OPCA is a established designation so no problem there better then me inventing one.

And all OPCA is "Things that sound like the law however are not the law promoted by gurus and other people and given to be valid legal advice"

And your spam posting looks insane.

You are making things up. You are the one posting spam because you are posting lies. It is not even worth responding to you. Those who are wise will figure it out.

Get lost tard.

Ah finally something about my OP.
So want to tell me where you disagree with me?
On the actual merits of my post not because I made a typo.

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No it is not. It is the truth. Stop spamming lies.

Are you so stupid not to understand how money is generated out of thin air by the banking cartel which you represent? Stop spamming Rothschild lies!

Your arguments are a fail you banking cartel shill. You cannot stand the truth hey?

You Rothschild banking cartel puppet shill and spammer you!

That represents EXACTLY what you, a Rothschild banking cartel shill are doing. Your lies have been exposed.

Ok so why do they need a name to do something? Why not print out more money and skip the name thing.
You are literally not answering this and the way you post only makes you look crazy.
You quoted my post in yet did not answer the question.

Why the name game?

We need to expose those who attack the messenger, they are banking cartel shills who tell lies. They report people for spam so the truth will not be told. Ignore the banking cartel trolls and keep telling the truth everyone!

What in the world are you talking about? Name thing? You are obviously not making sense and YOU are the one spamming lies.

I'm talking about this:

So why are they doing this? Why not simply skip this instead of playing this stupid game to get money. They can literally print money out of nothing. Why play a name game about

Because the U.S. citizens are now members of US Inc. slaves of the Rothschild Washington D.C. and they use the people as surety for the banking cartel debt. The Emergency Banking Act of 1933 dissolved the Federal Government. It is all fake. Now human labor is used by the banking cartel to guarantee their debt, a debt we do not owe since the banking cartel owes us Two Quadrillion dollars in historic bonds. Thus the national debt is one big huge scam.

Explained all here:

Please help us restore our Republic!

The private "Federal" Reserve has stolen $25,000 Trillion from an Indonesian Royal!!

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Fuck off and go back there qNigger.

Scumbags attack the messenger and ignore the message.


Nice schizo post user.

I'm a little curious why you have switched IDs.


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Buzzfeed what?

The AXIS OF EVIL NWO Military-Industrial Complex Wants War at any cost to save the Empire of Evil.

The Zionist-Anglo-American Axis Wants to Initiate War to Slow the Free-fall Collapse of Empire, protect the Federal Reserve & the British Empire - Zionist Banking Cartel which the Trump Administration obviously serves.

Everything Points To War—World War!

Unless We the People stop it now!


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My license expired 5 months ago. I got pulled over twice and both times they let me go. The first cop said he would give me a ticket next time if I didn't get a license.
A lawyer is good if you commit actual crimes with victims but they won't help you with this kind of stuff. I learned most of this stuff from youtube videos and different websites. Carl Miller seems to know his shit. If I actually get a ticket someday I will look into what he has to say more closely but so far I haven't needed to. that sovereign citizen stuff actually works?

The constitution does not grant rights or forbid them to anyone. The constitution was simply A list of rights written on paper That were given to Us by our creator. The constitution's purpose was to chain down the government.

This makes no sense why not simply skip this game and print money?
Its irrelevant if we are under "US Inc" or "British law" or whatever.
Why do they play this game?
To who are these people playing this game? For themselves? They run everything yet somehow there is a super magical formula you the pleb can use to get out? Like writing your name differently or whatever?

So all the totalitarian dictatorial elites, their power tripping cops will have to obey it??? Like you say some magical words and no one not the elites and not the police they control will somehow magically have to obey some rules and let you go free????

You realize how delusional this sounds? Its like a child made up a alternative world run by evil only you say some words differently and you are untouchable by the tyrants who run this planet??!?!?!

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But now it has been substituted by a fake constitution.

The original one was based upon The Bill of Rights and things like that.

You claim it makes no sense because you are an agent of the banking cartel and trying to fool everyone. Your game has been exposed you shill.

No problem here is the answer.
1) You notice that I insist on indicating I'm the OP.
2) My internet IP gets restarted about 24h or so sometimes it simply gets restarted for no reason because I'm on a dynamic IP from my ISP.
Any more questions?

So where am I wrong?
Is this fake?
Do amendments not exist?
what about the
18th and 21st?

Also remember I did point out in the OP

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Reported for paid shilling.

Blow your fucking brains out. Your god is a proven hoax.

It's right to travel. "Driving" in the legal sense is like when you're employed to drive. Taxi driver, uber, pizza delivery, that's profiting from public roads and you need to be licensed to do that. Don't admit to "driving" or "operating" a "vehicle". Using certain words can get you in trouble when dealing with the police. "What's the emergency" is what I like to open with.

Check it out, a Christian forum that is banning this message:

That so called "Christian" board is not allowing people to tell the truth nor is it allowing for free speech!

The truth has been exposed and they are banning the truth!

That forum is a fake Zionist fake Jew forum!

Forum banning the truth:

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You make me laugh you dumbo. Get lost.

Great so the entire thing is a game of words. If you play the game right you win.

Stop spamming shit you fucking faggot

Of course it's always changing. It's a living document. The value of the Constitution is that it's the final word on everything and everyone has to follow it. No one person has higher authority than the Constitution. It's simply the final defense in the system of checks and balances.

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Reported for falsely accusing others of spamming because they tell the truth.

Great job repeating jewish talking points. Unless you have anything legitimate to say, leave forever.

Cry more.

Don't tell them your "last name" give them your family name. There's a reason your name is in all caps. That's not you, that's the corporate strawman that represents you as a human being. I'm not an expert in this shit but I picked up a few things.


Op cant stop sucking commie dicks.

The constitution is there so, when faggots like you want to take our rights away, we can autistically screech at you and its legal. If, for some reason, you decide to physically enforce your shit teir world view on us, we can own and use the great equalizer. As long as thats on paper, and has enough people who agree with it, you get to fuck right the fuck off back to whatever shithole taught you the constitution is bad.
Try going somewhere you dont have rights you subversive asshat. I just wish we could remove all external lobbies (russia, india, israel, ect) this shit would stop being a point of argument. Everyone that belongs here believes in freedom, guns, and prosperity.
No guns, no constitution, no freedom.
Commies get out, youll never get my magic rights paper.

Baa ha ha ha, you don´t like the truth told hey?

Like Al-Quran alhamdulilah

Tell them you are natural law American, resident of the land and not a citizen of U.S. Inc. See the material of Anna Reitz on how to separate yourself from U.S. Inc and Washington D.C. and become an independent American free of corporate slavery.

You are so ignorant. The person you reported is exposing Q you idiot!

Okay, cry more.


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This is the truth that the faggots and scumbags don´t want to hear.

There is a way to fight to get your house back if they try to take it also, as all property titles have been faked by the banking cartel.

OK faggot, we'll see

No he's not you fucking idiot

You are still Qtards. Piss off

and this only happened in the year 1992 when the current 1.27 version of the constitution was created.

Your position is laughable.
Lets talk about the actual constitution and things like the 18th and 21st.

No matter how much you wine and complain your banking cartel shills and faggots have been exposed. Cry, no use.

Of course he is you dimwit. You did not even look at the links you fucktard.

People expose "Q" and you call it spam and then you ridicule Q. That is how stupid you are.

Why do you sage your own thread?

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Want to comment on the facts that I did bring in?
18th and the 21st?

Ha ha ha ha ha. LoL.

You idiots report people simply because you do not agree with them. How stupid can you fuckwits be?

I did look at his links
Dead boards full of schizo crap

Why do people make turd posts like this in the wee hours of the morning? Were there red pilled threads to be slid?

They made an amendment to the constitution, didn't work out, they repealed it. What else is there to talk about?

Many people have spoken about what the Constitution is, or purports to be. But whether it be one thing or another, this much is certain…

The constitution has either authorized ZOG to commit genocide against the posterity of those who wrote it, or else been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.

t. Lysander ¨Gatling Fight the Israelite¨ Spooner, (1865, colorized, following the capture of Washington D.C. and execution of Abraham Lincoln)

You are delusional, ignorant, un-informed and obviously you contradict yourself. The board clearly exposes Q you dimwit you.

Yes, you are crying. You are paid by jews to post here. We do not believe you. Leave now.

You’re a non-native English speaking redditor. This website is not for you.

Kill yourself.

The Original 13th Amendment Restored Frees U.S.!!

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How this looks in real life:
Sometimes like this:

You are completely delusional. I also expose the fake Jews. You are making false accusations dimwit. We do not believe you. Leave now. I am a native English speaker and am not using a translator you fake accuser you. You are the one who does not belong here so get lost faggot.

Go back to reddit. You are clearly not a native English speaker. You’re crossposting spam. You’re distracting from the jews.

There's the real United States of America and there's the all caps version. I think they exist simultaneously but the all caps one is a legal fiction. Like the all caps name on your driver's license. If you accept their bullshit, you're at the mercy of the all caps bullshit legal fiction. It's only real because we allow it to be real. Washington DC isn't even part of America. It's like how Vatican city isn't part of Italy and the City of London isn't part of England.


I never posted once in my life on Reddit you fuckwit you.

Of course I am a native English speaker you dum fuck you! Get lost fucktard!

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Report this idiot for spam, making false accusations. This dimwit accuses those who tell the truth. Your tactics have been exposed you shill you!

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