After the scandal: It is time to end the gay network

It has now been revealed what we have known for years. One segment of the US alt-right scene, influenced by the publishing house Counter-Currents, is dominated by homosexuals. They are organized in a global network and various political events have been used as a recruitment platform where young men have been subjected to attempts to initiate sexual relations with older men. People like Greg Johnson have taken advantage of their authority to persuade these victims to remain silent about what they have suffered.

Everyone knew

It has continuously been reported that homosexual grooming is taking place on “white-nationalist” events in the United States, several articles have been published on the subject. Greg Johnson and others have actively and openly propagated for an amoral view of sexuality and homosexuality in particular – a “white liberalism”. Counter-Currents has over the years released several books that normalize homosexuality. It is not just Greg but a large group of people who are both open and concealed gays. That Greg has personally been gay is well known, though until now he has not confirmed it publicly. No one can claim ignorance. Few have protested.

The responsibility is ours

You and I have a personal responsibility for whether this continues, and we have this responsibility if we defend, trivialize or if we are part of letting this continue and contribute to normalize it. Risk environments must be minimized, people who use their position for sexual exploits must be exposed. Everything else would be unacceptable.

I am glad to take on a debate on this issue or publish a reply in this magazine, for this question has to be sorted out at its root. Once and for all.

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Faggots "on the right" are in bed with the Jews such as (((Weev))) just as they are on the left. GRIDS Johnson was the very first person, the day after C'Ville to call for a war on National Socialists, before even the jew crew publications like (((The Daily Stormer))) did.

But here's the thing: as long as there is no shooting war, there is no way to enforce standards of behavior. People on this board still listen to The Right Stuff and browse the Stormer. We have no way to ostracize them unless they talk about it openly. And then they just compartmentalize even if we cyberbully them into silence. They'll be a national socialist on 8/pol/ and an ironynigger burger nationalist on The Daily Stormer.

Until there is an absolute führer with a monopoly on violence, jews and faggots will leverage their influence machine to take over even the opposition that should hypothetically oppose their influence, because that is their winning strategy. Control both sides of the board so no one can make a winning move against you.

user, the "gay network" isn't what you think it is.

There's a reason God prohibited assfucking.

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This coincides with Trump I mean Jared and Ivanka pushing the Globohomo decriminalization. I also watched parts of Farrakhan's nigger speech because I heard he said faggots are now welcome as "children of God" into his group.

Grinder Greg is a sodomite. As are trs & some others. Not new info tbh. But i guess its good that it gets pointed out now and then.
There is but one solution.


Its only because women are harder to redpill. That's why force is needed.

According to an interview, Trump hadn't heard of it. Anyway, I don't really have a problem with sharing the gift of poz with the rest of the world. I think it would be great for our enemies to have to deal with belligerent Ma'ams. At the very least, we could get more footage of faggots going over rooftops. Then more delicious cognitive dissonance from the left about how browns can do no wrong. Maybe they can push faggotry in africa and bring that population growth down.

I don't see the downside here unless they push this shit more in europe / eastern europe.

Ostracize them from what? An anonymous knitting chatroom?

Violent action is the only way to eliminate the problem.

When you realize that the Mason symbol just means the Masons operate a breeding program, and that's all they were ever meant to do.

(((sodom))) is a bible term you moron christfag.

The reason why Trump does this is because you can't deport people that claim to be gay, because they risk persecution in their home country.

The only solution is to move toward military action. We need organized violence.

The White Nation can not vote its way out of its problem. There is no electoral solution. We need to be putting copies of the Turner Diaries in the hands of every young white man we can find.

The war against the System will have to start out as decentralized. Eventually, someone will be able to start recruiting others like them. This group will be the future generals in the White Nation Liberation War against that thing called "America."

During the beginnings of our people's National Liberation War, it will become obvious there is a section of the "Right" that will say anything to get people to not pick up arms. And of course, they will be faggots and Kike-lovers, hamburger patriots, retarded conspiracy mongers, etc. The loudest of these people will themselves become targets for elimination, after a hyper-radicalized section of our Nation's youth is risking their lives for our people's freedom from the Zionists gets sick and tired of their bullshit.

They have to go back.

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Are the Pagan LARPers on here part of the problem?

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Violence is what solves a nation's problems. Kill the enemy, and the enemy loses.

THIS. Faggots aren't that bright anyway.

Mason bullshit.

Hello FBI, wanna go first?

No, they reason he does it it's because he's a whore of the oligarch and the oligarch love homosexuality.
See video related:

This is category A bullshit. Homos are naturally culled by enormously high rates of STDs and there were no antibiotics before the 1940s so homosexual behavior has always been enormously self destructive troughout history. Homos have every STD that is known to heteros and some more that only occurs among them.

I found this in another thread.

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Yes. Pagan LARPers are deviants void of morality.

Let's be fair here, there are plenty of decent people with a strong interest in their pagan ancestry. Pagan literature is rife with incredible stories that are often moral and inspiring.

But it needs to be known the vague records that we have of paganism has allowed for subversives to push particular ideas and gain acceptance of them. One such area is sodomy, though we also see paedophiles latch on to it as well. We must always be on guard against the jews and subversives who seek to pervert what was once good and virtuous, and turn it into something vile and perverse. They can and will do this with all things. By latching on to themes of mercy and forgiveness they have promoted Christianity as some kind of 'tolerant' religion, despite the fact that its original adherents were clearly incredibly intolerant and were told to rebuke others for their immorality and pursue a puritanical lifestyle. With Nationalism they try to make it about hatred and fear, and seek to turn us into spiteful warmongers with nothing but malice for others; when originally it was simply about love for our own.

We must be ever vigilant against their attempts to subvert our values. When they talk about pagan faggots and paedophiles; we talk about drowning them in bogs. When they talk about Christian tolerance; we tell them about Jesus sentencing them to eternal damnation for their crimes. When they talk about White Nationalist 'xenophobia'; we tell them that we love our people and if any hatred exists, it exists only to serve to protect our vulnerable brothers and sisters.

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Odin ate his own cum and loki fucked animals, pagans a re a fucking joke.

Right, and my view - similar to Plato's - is that the the supposed Divine having such vices and flaws is generally unhelpful for humans. We should aspire to be better, strive for perfection, and the Divine should be our model; and thus I have issues with paganism and prefer the idea of a 'perfect' God.

But I am not interested in having a debate about Christianity and Paganism. Regardless of any issues one might have with either, the fact remains that there are a host of great pagan stories and myths that encourage us to be better than we are. From mighty troll-slayers and warrior kings to avenging brothers and lovers of peace. There's good stuff in there. But our enemies will take these stories and pervert them, take them out of context, and use them to justify and normalise evil.

If I remember correctly Odin's 'cum-eating' was more to do deceiving his enemies so that he could kill them afterwards. Admittedly its a pretty extreme and creepy thing to do, but the purpose of the story was not "cum-eating is a-okay my faggot-friends"; the story was about doing anything necessary to secure victory against a hated enemy. The bestial stories were usually for giving context to the belief in mythical monsters that were threats to society as a whole; again it is in no way taken to mean "hello my Aryan friends, come with me let's go shag some sheep!". You, like the enemy, are latching on to these themes and twisting them; and our enemies use this to encourage and justify all manner of perversion.

Rather than get bogged down in conflict between one another's beliefs; lets just universally agree on the context and tell our enemies to piss off. Paganism was never about faggotry, cum-eating or paedophilia. Christianity was never about cowardice, weakness or tolerance. Nationalism was never about hatred, malice and spite.


anyone got a summary of the recording? i dun wanna listen to these homos talk for 90 mins

There is already a homomafia + Usurers thread.

Absolutely kill yourself.

But all the incest and semitic retardation of the Bible is BASTE though, right? Anyone can cherry pick this shit. Mind your manners.

I would let Greg put his Johnson inside of me.

When the fuck have the pagans on here ever shilled faggotry?
As if the Christians are any better

Odin drinking semen is Jewish fanfiction and you should be ashamed for even believing it for one second
You really need to read some Sallust

too bad for you sodomy is in the lexicon and used commonly now LARPagan

Are you fucking joking?

Not at all, name one time where pagans on here have said faggotry is ok, if anything the prevailing meme is that they should be bogged. The christians tend to spam their gay DOOS VULT!1!1 memes and pretend they're crusaders so don't tell me they're any better than the idiots thinking they're vikings

Fuck off, OP. Are white nationalists and related folk like college girls or female comedians or women in the workplace now?

Really, fuck off with this shit.