Retired FBI

Turning 70 today and have to to say the bureau is a fucked up mess. From people I know there Comey and McCabe are treasonous bastards and should be put in jail or shot. A FISA Judge I know, had lunch with yesterday said the shit is about to hit the fan, and some folks are going to jail. Believe her but this shit has been going on forever. Threw my badge in the river a few days ago. Fuck them all.

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low effort larp

Do the world a favor and take a permanent swim with your badge you fucking leech.

Will say one thing I want to get off my chest. Fuck them if this gets back to me. Worked with Strozek on several cases and know that mother fucker is an Iranian spy. Several Americans were killed in Iran because of the piece of shit. Check out his family and his time in Tehran.

Well just fuck you too, you worthless piece of shit.

not a larp, I was risking my life for this country when you still sucking your mother`s dick.

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No one would be stupid enough to throw away a magic talisman yhat grants so much to its owner.

Certainly no 70 year old would still have that drive to be introspective.

LARP fail, should have been a 34 year old burned out agent.

What do you know about UFOs

No, you were always a puppet and servant of Israel. You risked nothing for whites, ever.

This is the worst quality LARP I've ever seen in my life.
Also the OP had better be behind a VPN because Chodemonkey is required by law to turn in this obvious threat to a federal agent like James Comey. He's known for doing this, and 8ch helps prosecute people all the time.

how many cakes have you eaten like the one served to jodie foster in silence of the lambs?

Sorry did not mean that. Just upset. They should only be put in jail.

hahahahahaha are you fucking serious qushner

You really embarrassed yourself today, OP.

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So are you pro Trumpenstein?

You might have done this, but you are like the Russians that risked their life for the Soviet Union before communism fell.

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Retired folks don't have a real badge. Some memorial badge perhaps, as a thank you for your service. .

Or at least that would be how it worked in some functional country.

still got those covering your tracks skills I see

You are a traitor, then.

Fuck no he's not.

I currently dont buy this 100 but am lurking.
Post stories from fbi days and we will read.
If stories are shown to he likely true or they are compelling, this will be archived and saved forever.

Guys, I was a bit drunk and said too much. Have to let this go. Wish no harm to anybody. If someone is interested check the Iran connection. Very real.

Post proof. FBI stuff, docs etc. Give us massive info dumps asshole. Also, are you aware of Purple user?

Epic LARP faggot, atleast provide something other than "dude trust me".
you got any images to share?

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This is an interesting approach, but it doesn't prove anything. Why should we believe you?


Stay drunk and post secrets. We won't tell anyone, it's not like it will EVER go anywhere.


Just let it go. If the FISA Judge is correct it will be public soon enough. Just disappointed in myself with the other comments. Guess as you get older the mouth runs to much. Proud of my service. Did a lot of good for the Country. I will say this. Out there there is only survivors

OP what do you know about pizzagate?

What kind of pension you got?

hey Mr. Agent, I hate these faggots
I'm down to run a honey pot.

:( I hate you, too!

Really do not know anything there. Seth Rich is another matter.


Who runs Barter Town?

What do you know about the CIA? Secret shit.

What department did you "work" in?

What are other agents saying about the illegal invaders aka immigrants crossing illegally into the US..?

I don't really care about the wall. I am more interested about the lazy mexi-fucks ALREADY here…is there a plan to deport them?

I find it curious that Seth Rich suddenly is back in the spotlights. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here, have they figured out a new approach to dismantle the SR story uncovered in 2016? If so, what is it?

The only people they are arresting are famous niggers lately.

Shit LARP, or you're a fucking retard.

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I'm a high level military officer stationed in New Germany, Antarctica. We broke away from the Jewish promoted "Nazis" as they were a cancer that destroyed Europe. We will begin a World War soon to reclaim White dominion over Europe, the US, Can, Aus, NZ and part of South Africa. Jews will be relocated to the middle east.

First though we will wage a quite but deadly war against anyone that is White Nationalist as they are the first and foremost propaganda tool against Whites.

Only because they fucked up their DnC operation. Smollett definitely did not come up with this plan himself, the execution might have been up to him though. Which is why he got caught. Not that it really matters, it still got a lot of attention (and still does). Operation: success, population: more divided.

Seth Rich was providing information to Wikileaks. The Russians were not responsible for what Wikileaks published. That is why Mueller is not going to press that issue because in Court it all blows up.

Post badge / armory room / office pic or fuck off "old man"

not sure if you are referencing me, but yes my spelling has gone to shit. at 70 and a bit drunk does that.

wtf faggot, I've asked you a million questions and you respond to some bullshit??

Great, so you know what we have known for about two and a half years.

He threw his badge in the river.

Sorry, what are you interested in?

I could see retard gay-fag nigger Smollet thinking the hoax up by himself. He did it and fucked it up and he got caught, like so many retard niggers before him.

Go up and read them.

Perhaps. He is a faggot after all. I just think it's more likely he was at least steered in this direction.

Maybe what you do not know is Trump was briefed on all of this, and has known most of the truth since the Rogers visit to Trump Towers. He has held back a lot of what he knows because he truly does not want to hurt the Country. Do you know who Maga5 is?

Why don`t you start over.

No. He's held a lot back because if he talks about anything like that they will release the videos of him fucking and killing babies.

Ok, what do you know about the CIA? Is there a plan to deport the mexicans ALREADY within the country? What department did you "work" in? Let's see if you can answer those 3 questions.

Q predicted this! Have a bump.

Ah now we see how hard they are shilling against Purple user. They have been flooding this board with shilling ever since he came here to drop his truths.

nope, he has held back because he loves the country and is fighting in his own way. some folks think he is a fool but he is not. he is dealing with a corrupt fbi and justice department that is hard to imagine.

Interesting. Wasn't maga5 some insider connected to the Qlarp or something? Why wouldn't Trump use the SR story to his advantage? Will he at one point?
Seth deserves fucking justice.

Meh, who the fuck is purple user now? Heard about it the other day but didnt look into it..

sure thing no lifer
go get something worthwhile of a life you faggot
stop larping, get in the real world

Um no, from what I can glean from you…even being a FBI agent you don't know jack fucking shit.

Shilling for war with Iran; you are a Qushner bot that is you.

No it's because Purple user told us exactly how they did Seth Rich in a book page length post now these shills are here to deflect from Purple's truths.

The CIA. Hate to say it but they are more screwed up than the FBI. They are so deep in the woods, they do not want to come home. The CIA is working now on a certain congressperson and using her to well do things that will change the political cllimate. She is doing a great job. As far as mexicans go, nothing on illegals, but illegals yes. not just the ones here illegal. the democrats have been using the illegals for votes for years, it is going to blow up on them. expect a lot on this if trump is re-elected. my department? not to brag but it never was on any organization chart. my group was well behind it.

I haven't been keeping up with the Purple user threads, what was revealed by him about Seth Rich? It would explain why he's back in the picture.

Name the congress woman.

OP is full of shit if he is 70 he would have had to legally retire 5 years ago before any of this shit happened and Trump was just some guy with a TV show. Extremely low effort LARP to distract from Purple user. There are no coincidences.

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maga5 reported to Jeff Sessions. The true story on Rich is in a file in the Justice Department. From what maga5 tells me Barr has it. Imagine it is quite the read.

He said he was in a group that was more like the Men in Black, so the age doesn't matter, but he's so mad, yet proud of his "service" that he threw his badge into the river.

the folks in my group generally retire when they wish. we are paid in funds that no one really sees or wants to see.

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Shady bastard.

Really do not want to blow that operation up. I am enjoying it too much. Sorry. This person did go to a college that is a honey pot for the CIA and folks think she is a complete idiot. She is not. All of her narratives are provided by the CIA.

This website is hosted in California you moron and Chodemonkey has 100% turned in anons before

well yes. Sobering up now and have to go. Good luck guys.

He said Rich was recruited by someone who posed as from wikileaks but was actually former Mossad and they killed Rich when done to cover it up. He also said police believe it was robbery gone wrong because Rich and the Mossad contact communicated for meet ups like they were talking about drugs so cops assume it was drug deal gone wrong and Rich was robbed of money.

Purple user said in last thread Mods deleted they are grooming AOC.

Maga5 was also proven as a Kushner shill faggot by Purple user. This faggot here is doing damage control for Jared's psyops.

This is lies and bullshit. Retirement is mandatory for all government pay grades except 3. What are those grades and what does one have to acquire and from who to keep working after the age of 70 you lying faggot?


Yes, have to go and believe what you will, but would suggest you look at things and try to make an objective decision based on what facts you know and use intuition for the rest. That`s all you can really do. Good luck.

How did Wikileaks end up with the emails? Not questioning the story, as it sounded like Mossad from the start. Did the Mossad forward the emails to Wikileaks to be able to destroy Wikileaks by the end of '16?

Kill yourself immediatly old fat faggot

Funny how this crap thread stays up but every single thread made by PurpleAnon or about him gets deleted.

So is this board purely feds now?


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.


How new are you?

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I’m not a fed you’re a fed

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Look. I don't care if you're legit or larping, but this isn't really the place to vent about investigating for the government. You should try a different board for this, dude, or maybe try over at half chan.

Read them you lazy fuck.

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