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Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido gave a personal send off to an aid caravan from the Colombian city of Cucuta toward the border between the two countries on Saturday, pledging to bring food and medicine to a hungry population despite President Nicolas Maduro's resistance.

Guaido, who most Western nations recognize as Venezuela's legitimate leader, briefly boarded one of a dozen trucks carrying U.S.-backed humanitarian aid toward Venezuela's borders.

Venezuelan troops just across the border fired tear gas at opposition leaders seeking to receive the aid, a Reuters witness said. Demonstrators in barricaded streets burned a bus and hurled stones at security forces to demand that Maduro allow aid into the country.

"The humanitarian aid is definitely on its way to Venezuela, in a peaceful manner, to save lives right now," Guaido said in a news conference in Cucuta flanked by three Latin American presidents, including Colombia's Ivan Duque.

A social media video showed the troops driving armored vehicles across a bridge linking the two countries, knocking over metal barricades in the process, and then jumping out of the vehicles and running to the Colombian side.

"What we did today, we did for our families, for the Venezuelan people," said one of the four men in a video televised by a Colombian news program, which did not identify them. "We are not terrorists."

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Always enjoying seeing the fat "starved" Venezuelans on these pics/videos.

Its guns, ammo and explosives.

Not a Maduro fan but can you blame him

So he's STOPPING food from coming into his own country? I can't begin to comprehend this subhuman logic

who cares

nobody cares

open fire

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More dead spics the better

I know I personally can't wait for the USA to invade Venezuela to save the Venezuelan people.

Socialists typically don't like to receive aid from foreign countries because it's like admitting that their system doesn't work. Accepting food from America would be admitting that you are a failure.

youtube-dl, nigger

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Can't wait for the refugees. I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever.


There's like 3-4 threads about venezula that have 10 posts with shills ending all discussion, praising maduro or saying it's an US ploy, before burying them on pages 6 to 10.

Despite actually being a huge example of Communism/Socialism failing so hard it only took 8 years of economic decay to have an oil price drop of $100 bankrupt the country and start a famine due to lack of production and importation of goods– they can't even pay to repair their own refineries now. Despite the oil price still being more than 200% higher than what it was in 1999.

Just so you know, because nobody is saying it. The actual National Assembly, eg the congress of venezuela, got persecuted out of the country by Maduro's regime. They basically were exiled and relocated themselves in the EU, from there they elected President Guaido, whom is possibly another Capriles Radonski, eg a traitor out for power. Only difference would be the Outside Support that he has adquired from Colombian and Brazilian political parties, whom have agreeded to have him recognized internationally and have given him power over the Red Cross aid convoys that want to supply the country with insumes such as food, medicines and general neccessities– and likely some other supplies of the military kinds.

Both paths are just like what South Korea is facing. The country does anything and it's doomed eitherway, i just hope a lot of communists are shot in the process for whatever happens.

war mongering kike, die soon.

America should invest in a monumental amount of rocks and bounders, pile them into the ocean to make a land bridge and connect South America to Africa. 99% of the planets issues would dissipate within a year in a natural way.

If they didn't have oil, Trump wouldn't give a fuck what -ism those spics used. He is a tyrannical thief. Plain and simple.

Calling Trump a tyrant is pretty fucking laughable. Whether one likes him or not the dude hasn't done anything even remotely on the tyrant level despite the fact that he damn well should have long ago to clear the board of traitorous sacks of shit. If he was a tyrant he would have been covert dropping scumbags left and right for the past few years.

So shill/larp all you wish but nobody here is going to buy that bullshit as we aren't fagbook or twatter where we just buy into any bullshit that a random squirts out of their assgina.

He's a traitor too.

Evangelicals I'm assuming. You're in the minority thinking Trump is out to save spics.

Nobody is going to buy that shit either. You want to call him a bigmouth or that he can say some asshole things? Fair enough, whatever, no problem. But traitor and tyrant? Just stupid shit that nobody here will ever buy and will only be pushed by morons who stupidly raid this site or think they will convince anyone of anything. But whatever, carry on but I assure you that you are wasting your time.

shut the fuck up faggot
hes a traitor who broke ALL his campaign promises and literally does the exact OPPOSITE of all of them

you use that word, yet I can tell you don't know what it means or how to use it.

you faggot

And white trash in a pink polo shirt too. I was watching an interview with him and Howard Stern. Fuckin repulsive. The Fed killed the white race fast.

Trump is ZOG’d. You can’t operate under the influence of kikes.

Yeah but how doya stabilize a currency?


oink oink

Why should any leader of any country accept "aid" from the very power structures(the jews in the US government) instigating a civil war in their countries? Are you 2 shills, zionists or retarded?


Remove the sanctions

How do I know you are a disinfo shill? The red cross isn't involved with the aid convoys. They even objected because opposition members were impersonating them.

Why didn't the Indio de mierda (chavez) invest in refineries that could process their toothpaste-like crude oil? Oh, nevermind. They don't plan for future, they just want instant gratification.

this is false
Guy didn't run for president
Was part of Maduro cabinet
100% US jewspook
Fuck actual jew Maduro but this new guy is turbo jew: "i'm da prezident nao nigga"
2nd place presidential candidate should be prez IF there was fuckery and the world is truly "defending democracy"

may this maybe be the coup madman maduro mentioned on monday

CIA and similar usually do that, dress up.

Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia… Let that sink in really good. And now remember that the US dollar is the petro dollar and adjusts it's exchange rate with other currencies. This can be manipulated to undervalue currencies like Venezuela's


That's pretty much all this amounts to. Venezuela already has some American corporations like Pfizer, for instance. This is all because they refuse to privatize their state-owned oil company.

Anuddah Shoah

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Trump loves Israel and Jews.

It's not only that, but Maduro's created a system of gibs. If someone else gib da gibs instead of him, he loses his influence over desperate people and beggars. If outsiders start giving out things, the beggars will side with the outsiders. So Maduro, and it's nothing new and doesn't have anything to do with passing guns through the borders, so Maduro demands the donations to be given to the government itself, so it can be distributed by the Chavistas to their supporters, continuing the gibs politics.

Maduro has transformed his land in a country of slaves and beggars. That's a classic South American tactic to the Left.

And I'm really serious about this. This is nothing new. He has been enslaving Venezuelans for years by doing this. Every act of good faith must be converted to government propaganda.

I WISH he was a tyrant. Leftists whine that Trump is literally fascist and it's exactly like 1984 living under him, I wish he would actually jail them for saying that shit.

Their oil is low quality, though. So it's more expensive to drill it and refine it. It loses competitiveness to other countries and now that oil prices are back down to normal, Venezuela can't sustain its currency and keep printing money for gibs. That's the reason for crisis and why Venezuela's oil is a secondary (although real) reason for the ones who want to remove Maduro. For now, Russia is way more interested in Venezuela's oil (as does China) because that's the only way they have to pay them for shit they bought, as military stuff.

You should mention that kind of information above as well.

Damn. Jews would rather let Yellow Vests have referendums than give that up. Just take the heroin pill, Venezuela. No need to die gruesomely on the battlefield.

There are no good guys on this. Let jews and leftists kill each other.

American military + Venezuelan oil = match made in kosher heaven. Only anti-semitic bugmen in China and Russian hackers believe Venezuela should control its oil.

He's an international social-democrat and US ball licker, yes. But he was elected by the Legislative. The Executive cheated them. It's indeed an internal conflict as China said it to be (willing to stay at the winner's side in the end), he's not just some bad loser or random guy who was put in power by Uncle Sam. There's context.
I hope Maduro is removed and then the socdems get removed as well, as Venezuelans don't like them either, he won't last much in power. Venezuelans were out of options and, with Maduro, they are unable to act to their own defense. They are unable to undo their "democratic" bad decisions by using "democracy" itself.

A Putin dog who can't access IBs other than via proxies defending another regime who bans IBs the same. Supporting Maduro's removal doesn't mean supporting Guaidó and his International SocDems staying in power. Both should be removed to cleanse the world from leftist cancer, which just corrupts its host nation. Maduro is the one causing trouble right now and leaking millions of immigrants for years. Maduro is the one who hijacked his country to stay forever in power with his party.
If you were from South America, you'd know the kind of people who supported Maduro from the beginning. They are the most disgusting of disgusting crap coming from the humanities sector of our (marxist) universities. Even the rest of the Left didn't support them, claiming it's "not real socialism" and hence their acknowledged failure and "oppression" to their own people ("not real socialism"). Now that USA got into the game, now Venezuela's become, to them, a "paradise ruled by the People", they jumped in the sinking boat just so they can do opposition to Americans. And you know it very well.
Don't be a liar and say you are defending Maduro for opposing kikes. You are in it just to blindly defend Russia and oppose Americans. And maybe you are in it to defend Marxism as well, as the Zig Forums faggot you probably are.

And don't hide yourself behind irony. We are aware of the propaganda you are pushing here.

That's going to be hell for stormcucks.. tied to a chair in the middle of the auditorium for eternity.


And dude, keep it to one thread, for fucks sake, you fuckin' loser.


Nigger, a mod made that post. Get with the program.

All 3.

Why do half you cunts keep backing the jews? You keep legitimizing their actions.
No wonder the US is Israels greatest ally.

Its almost like you're posting on an anonymous image board of political repute, in a world wherein VPNs and government tech assets exist, eh bruv? Come on now. Don't be so naive.

Except he's neither of those.
Thats a dumbass that doesn't know the politics he's talking about. Trying to fit in without lurking.

These are widely known, were already mentioned and it's the only thing shills care about, ignoring the other factors I'm pointing out.
I've made myself clear enough. I don't believe you really think I'm backing kikes, I believe you're just a Zig Forums retard or a russophile who equals Jewry to Israel to USA, just so you can spread your propaganda here.

Marxism is Jewish. Bolshevism is Jewish. Trotskyism is Jewish. Chavismo has ins its roots a history of subversion in South America. Chavismo has already caused millions of Venezuelans to immigrate from their shit hole. Your kind pretend it didn't happen. You deny reality and pretend this situation in Venezuela is something new, and not a problem South Americans have been tolerating for years. You know nothing about it and don't care about knowing it. If you did, would take everything I say for serious and do your own non-pozzed by the Left research.

You keep pretending Leftism is not another side of Jewish cancer to subvert nations. You keep pretending Maduro shouldn't be necked. That's dishonesty to defend Jewish ideologies. And that shouldn't be accepted in our board.

And if you don't get it. I mean Israel is Jewish, but not all Jews are pro-Israel, although they share of the same lust for subversion and work for similar goals in the long term (most don't even realize it).
USA is controlled by Jews, atheistic/progressive Jews by one side, Christian corruptors by the other (that's where Israel currently fits in, it used to be in the Democrats' side before). But USA is NOT the Jews as every faggot defending Maduro tries to imply. And they do this by a cheap anti-Americanism. Actually, that's this anti-Americanism that made them be against Israel, not the other way around. When we talk about the leftist kikes to these very shills, they will mock us by going "muh joos", but, at same time, to us, they refer to Israeli by "Jews" and that's the only thing they mean by it: Israeli. Zig Forums is not compatible with Zig Forums. They don't give a fuck about the JQ.

And Americans can be saved and are victims to Jewry as are Europeans, who have done terribly things on working on Jewish subversive agenda.

I will repeat myself from the other thread: don't take me for blue-pilled. I know more than you know about Venezuela. Venezuelans themselves are against Maduro and I've been talking to them for years. I didn't even wanted USA to be involved other than for countering Russia. What Maduro is doing to Venezuela's oil, giving it away to China and Russia is not any better than giving it away to any other country.
Again: I've made myself clear enough about this.

Maduro must be removed and he shall be.

Oh I love sperg outs.
Still doesn't answer the question.
What the fuck does any of this have to do with you anyway?
Stop spreading your own corruption before wondering about someone elses.
If you're trying to go back to cold war Mentality about bolshevism, which, your entire country propagated, then please continue ranting.
The one thing that sticks out about you, is your projection. Usually one would be saying glownigger right around now. But you aren't even that, you will however gladly bend over for them.

That is often the role they attempt to aesthetically fill.

I live in a neighboring country that's getting filled with Venezuelans fleeing their shit hole. I live in a neighboring country who was taken over by the Left that's in the same group as the Bolivarians. "We" funded them. I'm stopping my "own" corruption while trying to stop kikes from expanding by the other side in my own country. I've made huge efforts for that and I won't stop restoring my country to the good things it still has. Every step I take is a step towards victory.

Now what DO YOU have to do with Venezuela anyway, you faggot? You are creating false narratives, LIES AND MORE LIES, to defend Maduro. I'm here just rebutting your lies.
You want to dominate our board with your pro-left or pro-Russian narratives. Fuck you for that.

I'm not talking about any cold war mentality. I'm talking about reality itself.
Fuck you, fuck your lies and fuck your promotion of Jewry.

I'm curious now…

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I never said that. That's the strawman you are forcing here as a scapegoat.
THAT'S HOW IT WORKS IN THIS THREAD'S CONTEXT. Because everything you shills have been promoting here is "everything is Israel's fault" for the Venezuela situation, and the thing is way more complex than that. I've given all the variables in early posts, in early threads. But that was all pearls to pigs. Your kind doesn't make any effort to understand geopolitics. You just want to force your own narratives in a pro-Russia or pro-Left effort.
Which I don't support, for I support Nationalism, you nigger. Both Maduro and Guaidó must be removed. You pretend you didn't read shit I've written earlier.
Now you pretend you are retard again. Fuck you and your dishonesty.

I never did so… Keep pretending you are a retard.
I explicitly said Guaidó should be necked as well. Is that your level of dishonesty? He's an Internationalist Social-Democrat and that's the reason he gets support from Democrats and Europeans so much, you brainless piece of incomplete abortion.

Go on, blindly defend the egoistic Russia and Trotskyists Jewish psychopaths. You are losing this war and soon it will get to you, you leftist piece of shit.
Maduro next, then Guaidó, soon enough it's gonna be you and your Marxist friends.

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Quit with the sodomy crap.

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It is certainly implied by your rhetoric! To claim otherwise would be highly disingenuous of you.

No, it isn't.
Not true - I've implied that the Venezuela situation is a situation because Venezuela is a shithole, and you want me to give a shit about whats going on in that shithole, to invest money and blood there, because… No explanation. You can't explain how it improves anything at all.
And when its pointed out that Israel is behind the guy who would replace the guy you're going after as aggressively as you are, you cry about it, instead of acknowledging the truth of it.

You are making a very poor showing at this point lad.

This sounds like political shilling on your behalf. Let me repeat myself:
You keep pretending Rightism is not another side of Jewish cancer to subvert nations, that the paradigm itself is not such. You keep pretending Guaido shouldn't be necked, that both sides in this ridiculous contest between mudblood roosters aren't utter trash working at the behest of foreign interests of malign intention. That's dishonesty to defend Jewish ideologies.
Your narrative makes no sense in the face of what I've actually said to you.

Good. Then you have no reason to want Maduro removed KNOWING FULLWELL that he will be replaced with Guiado. Period.
Not an option. Foreign powers are invested now. One of those two men - or their equivalents - will run that country. Period.

I'm not pretending anything. You seem to expect as much.

He is.
It would be.

So you argue in circles and want me to reply? I've made myself clear enough already.
If I were to reply I'd be just repeating what I've already said to prove you are wrong, and you would find ways to keep shilling your narrative.