A History of Central Banking

This thread is about the domination of our people at the hands of the Jews and their gentile followers by the means of usury, and private banks. As my contribution to this, the most important subject to our awakening - as control of money is the source of all other jewish domination - I have recorded the entirety of "A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind" by Stephen Mitford Goodson (link below) for those of you without time to consume history books with your eyes.

In this book you learn of much more that was hidden from you than just the truth of WW2. The reality we all need to realize is that our entire history has been lied about, and we have been taught falsehoods passed off as universal truths as concerns philosophy, economics, and just about anything else. The Jews have a gun pointed at the world right now, and the first step for everyone is to become aware.

Post infographics relevant to the subject line, and any on point comments. And please consume the book, whether you read it, or listen to me.

I may still be uploading the audio by the time you see this. When it's done there will be 10 parts

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Here's the text.

So rather than do anything about it you're just going to keep posting this fucking shit every week right?

If you already know everything, then obviously this isn't for you.

spotted the broke poorfag, without banks society couldn't function

That's not the message of the book. Read or listen.

get a job

I read it earlier this week. Excellent read. Very well written, very well researched. Highly recommended.
This is a superb book and should be disseminated as widely as possible.
It is not a kook conspiracy book. Everything in it is authenticated. The author identifies that the world only has one (((problem))) and does so without lapsing into vitriol; he allows facts to speak for themselves.
Read it yourself and circulate it. It is the reddest of redpills.
One of the best books available about the kike problem.

A skimmed it when I saw it posted on /pdfs/ and it looked decent, but I hate the fact that he cited the old EA 11110 myth, especially since he had an essay by Dr. Mathew Raphael Johnson in the appendix, and Johnson is affiliated with the AFP/TBR, and should have been able to set him straight, since the story's spread originated from a retracted article in The Spotlight (the AFP's forerunner), and was then popularized by Jim Marrs.

Michael Collins Piper (who wrote for The Spotlight) explains it at 10:59 in the embed.

It hits pretty damn hard.

Not significantly. 11110 is mentioned once, in one sentence only.

In the Appendix, as well. It's pretty insignificant. There are a couple other mistakes that he allows one of the reviews at the end of the book correct, but again they're small errors that don't discredit the work.

the rothschilds arent politicians so it cant be considered terrorism or political violence, just a murder, where do they live? :^)

But we don't need a private central bank, do we Captain Kike?

We need to choose a system that is moneyless

1. Does it go with the canard that Hitler was a Jew puppet?
2. Does it say that Hitler stood against nation-wrecking banks?
The answers to these two questions will reveal the value of that book.

Stephen Goodson is noted for his admiration of Hitler.


Fuck off jew boy

A fellow user has put the audio in the archive.


I just replaced 02 of my audiobook with a better version I meant to upload initially (same link in OP works, just re-download 02). Apologies to anyone who already downloaded and started listening.

Banks existed before central banks.

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I only listened to the Hitler chapter so far, but you did a great job recording this. You've come a long way from those early Hitler's War narrations. Keep up the good work.

That's good to hear, thank you. Hopefully I'll keep improving.

You like the society we're living in?

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He doesn't like it. Jews are not capable of happiness.


I didn't want this to be just another audiobook thread, but I guess I failed to make the OP compelling beyond that. Oh well. Bump for visibility. This is a good book and probably the most important subject concerning jewish power. Any time you hear somebody say "it's not just the jews!" acknowledge that that's true, but ask them who owns the banks, and who is beholden to the banks. Also ask why every time in history that jews have been removed from a country the country has gotten better, like a man cured of an ailment.

Ban usury. Remove yids.

Yeah, let's just use barter for every economic transaction. If I'm a commercial airline pilot and you're a medical imaging technician, I'll give you 200 round trips from pittsburgh to chicago in exchange for 3500 CAT scans oh wait that's fucking retarded.

No, dingus, we have to have money in order to have any kind of advanced society. Even the Romans needed to abandon cattle as the medium of exchange, 2300 years ago, because livestock was too unwieldy, and this was from a time when most people were farmers.

Money is a store of energy, its not inherently bad.

Yeah, barter works well in a small tight knit community where people are invested in each other's well being. Beyond that, the precision of money is needed.

Money as in currency ain't the problem, systematic usury is. Now the paid kikes will rush in and try to convince me that only debt can run a country forward

Yeah, into the fucking ground

Anyone who would say otherwise is a useful idiot or a traitor. Plenty of both can be found amongst the eceleb streamers who completely gloss of this aspect, or address it by deeming it insignificant.


Kickin' this up one more time, before I let it slide off the board. This information is essential to a coherent worldview.

The truth explained


This shit needs redone with less lies.

I'm surprised no one has posted this yet.


I like this one more than the cartoon. here's a shorter one youtube.com/watch?v=4AC6RSau7r8

Holy fuck, I didn't even realize he was dead.

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Article is shit, though. Goodson's own book outlines leaders throughout history that ran their own economies, including others in and around WW2 (Japan).

such as?

I missed the qualifier "white".

I highly recommend Jan's work. Probably one of the best out there right now. Sage for off-topic.

Not familiar, but don't take my post ( ) seriously. I was hasty and misread.

I"m not saying nobody should watch it, but does porno director with GRIDS really have any interest in stopping these kikes?

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Its a good place to start