Kamala Harris's Family Owned Slaves

>Here you can read the slave owner plantation facts from Kamila Harris's own father. adam.curry.com/enc/1550435119.885_donaldharrismemoir.pdf
Makes sense that she wanted to use free and cheap prison labor.thedailybeast.com/kamala-harris-ag-office-tried-to-keep-inmates-locked-up-for-cheap-labor
Slave Ownership is in her bloodinfowars.com/watch/?video=5c6f43d5187ef30017a7987f …#Kamala2020



Excerpt from father's memoir (pdf linked above)

Somehow she'll spin that into her being extra qualified.

> More than anyone else on this stage it is my duty to be president so I can enact the legislation for you to pay the reparations I owe.

That just makes her the most qualified Democratic runner.

>"Psst, anons. . . Did you know Bernie Sanders' main opponent owned slaves! It's true!"

True or not, you can pay for your own campaign agitprop, Bernie Bro. His name was Seth Rich

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I'm suprised the left hasn't used it against her yet. They will eat each other when there is no opposition from the right, and there isn't in California.

Her ability to virtue signal to other niggers is significantly diminished now:
1 - Slave Owner
2 - Cop
3 - Opposed Letting Niggers Out of Prison

The nu-left, ie cotez and that muslim that fucked her brother for citizenship, would bring this up immediately if it benefited them.

Not every tor user is a jew.

kill yourself jew

And he was a jewish Berniebro.

this must be the new tactic they are developing to shut it down

Now I'm convinced you're a paid shill.

I find it just a bit suspicious that such a perfect bit of propaganda – negating Harris' major "advantage" over Sanders in the most dramatic way possible – should appear suddenly after Sanders hops into the race and raises millions of dollars. I figure this is some of what that pays for.

Kike shill

More trumpkike distraction to prove that democrats are da real racists.
She is half pajit, lookup something about her mother and grandfather owning actual child slaves.From what I've read it is all too common in india and some kids even get killed if you run away from the owners.

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Go back to reddit magaboomer

It's common everywhere in history. America is the only one supposed to feel guilty over a common worldwide practice.

Remember, niggers held the whip over the rest.


I unironically want Bernie to win. My dream-democrat would be a brown, anti-White freak like Cortez but a slightly more charismatic old jew who is more subtle about his anti-White hatred is still better than this scheming, smooth talking orange Zionist the republicans have in the whitehouse right now.

Cool. My family was also one of the few non-Jewish slave owning families in America. I sometimes meets niggers with my last name.


seems important

still important


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After all, didn't we all own slaves at one time or other? Nothing to get upset about, let's just focus on the important things.

ironically she polls lowest among shitskins kek

Not to mention she's married to a hwhite man, the ultimate anti-niggery.

there is allegedly a Kamala Harris sex tape.

Her father is pretty based. He has been calling her out on her bullshit.

say, weren't most slave owners in pre-civil war america kikes?

How often do you listen to yourself, user?