Harris, Warren and their divisive, deceptive push for reparations



>Warning: Divisiveness alert.
(actually in the article)

Link - washingtontimes.com/news/2019/feb/22/kamala-harris-elizabeth-warren-and-their-divisive-/
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More on it

>Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren both support reparations for slavery

Link - ttps://nypost.com/2019/02/22/kamala-harris-elizabeth-warren-both-support-reparations-for-slavery/
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I guess we'll just have to settle for not having racial "equality" (Stealing from and oppressing White people)


Time to make some strategic investments to take advantage in the sudden violent upswing in purchases?

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America will cave in. All of this is just theatre, there is no actual internal debate.

This is potentially difficult to gauge but there's one stock that's sure to soar with reparations;

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chink liquor store owners will be cashing in on 40 sales

The shitskins get d'ere reparmapayshunz, it'll be like deyz daiyd and wen ta hebben!

"Let the fish fry begin!"


You dummy, what year is it? It's all about the beamers, benz, and bentleys.

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I know. I'm an old man and I'm out of the flow of things…

But one thing for sure, with all those trillions those darkies gonna be livin' in high society.


it might actually be for the better.
if you gave every nigger in the country a million dollars 90% of them would be dead in a year from drugs and/or killing eachother


Exactly. Even if they don't murder each other (and they will!) they'll be dying of cocaine and heroin overdoses, diabetes, heart disease…lung cancer!

To destroy a man, give him everything he deires. For the self destructive this is assured.

If we were to do reparations, they should only come from those who captured slaves in the first place. (((They))) are the ones who stole the freedom from those people. Southerners merely purchased it. The fair thing would be for the (((original slave merchants))) to buy back the slaves (compensate southerners for their loss) and then free them, so it is the (((originating merchants))) who suffer a loss in assets, not the ones left holding the bag.

Americans have paid enough already. They died and lost property in an unnecessary war, and lost their well-paid-for assets due to Lincoln's unconstitutional declaration. If blacks are going to get money from anyone, it should be the descendents who inherited wealth from the (((trans-Atlantic slave merchants))) who sold the slaves in the first place.

it would even stimulate the economy to some extent.

the niggers would blow it all immediately. aside from drugs, they would be buying cars and booze and guns. it's not like any of them would be sitting on it. the government might as well of gave a million dollars directly to auto/gun/booze/bars/club companies, it will be out of the niggers hands and into theirs within a year anyway.

the problem of course is that the left will never give the nigger any lump sum of money. they will give them only enough to keep them in line and still voting for the left, lest the evil right get in power and take their gibs away. they have to keep them on the system and dependent on the government. they can never be given atleast the opportunity to improve themselves with a lump sum, even if the vast majority of them would throw it away anyway.

Plus there's no end of amusement to be had by the comical spectacle of money burning a hole in the pocket of trash with a sudden windfall.

Mike Tyson and Jacko both went bankrupt with over a billion dollars…

Hard to fathom.

slippery slope is a fallacy you fucking big its!!!!!!!!!

I'm amazed how Thomas Chittum predicted all of this in his Second American civil War book, back in 1996 no less.
At a similar timeframe that he predicted, no less.
We will see a dystopic America like we saw on the Turner diaries or in the Northwest front books very soon.

It's like they want Trump's second term.

Don’t forget The Camp of the Saints. That was prophetic too.

this is how they plan to swing local government elections in 2019
the talking points are identical to local elections going on
their goal is to get all the people riled up about entrenched powers while ignoring that they're the entrenched powers
in my particular geographic area, it is expected that 400 people apply for the election to local government seats those 400 are democrats because even the local clickbait news acknowledges that there are no republicans in local positions of power
it's beyond fucked
they take and take and have nothing to give but allegations of racism

Well yea considering he does basically everything they would do despite all the hand wringing.

The absolute mischief of this perverse aphorism is immense when you stop to think of the consequences of putting it's logic into practice with tyrannical enforcement.

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Though…women have the ability to satisfy the lust of men and men have the need to fuck….

Did the Washington Times just openly back race realism? Based.

Kamala Harris is the 2020 nominee guaranteed. The kikes are behind her 100% and she's another controlled opposition tool to guarantee that ZOGnald is re-elected and greater Israel is fulfilled. Even black democrats don't like her, most are woke aboht AIPAC and how she's married to a Jew.

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She's married to a kike. Of course they owned slaves.

unless you're a cuck or something, the male should be satisfying the female

We already give them enough free money.

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I think that would involve taking her shopping for a new pair of shoes…

So they plan on paying black people with tax dollars.
There's alot of black people who pay taxes. Are they going to mark each dollar according to the race of the tax payer so as to avoid black people paying reparations to blacks? Are these black people paying their own reparartions?

Well there were blacks who did own slaves and the Cherokee indians too so they should have to pay reparations too.

This is actually great. I love the Marxist kikes and their constantly anti white rhetoric. All the kike propaganda needs is mere divisive (!) pushback by white males such as us, and racial conflict will skyrocket. This is great. Civic nationalism and radical individualism, like Jewdan Peterstein proposes, needs to be completely made obsolete. We need the races segregated and divided and, ideally, a race war, so the U.S. can be white once more. Let’s make the hunted become the hunter (whites) and let’s make the hunter become the hunted (kikes and their army of shitskins). The tables will be turned.

sexually satisfying dumb fuck. but of course you wouldn't know of such as thing

Even Dongaposting was better than this boomershit.

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Jews were the majority owner of slaves so they should foot the bill.

None of them are the chosen Dem candidate. Their only purpose is to bounce these wild ideas off the public so Michael Onigger can form a campaign strategy. I guess they realized how worthless their internal polling was in 2016.

If this happens they'll kill us all you fucking moron.

Pay them, Zig Forums. It's like you don't even want the national debt to collapse our 1865 conquerors and allow freedom to return to Amerika.

Wrong. They'll kill you and other domesticated white golems who couldn't figure out how to go to the mountains, the forest, or badlands and build a quaint /comfy/ shelter and listen to ZOG get destroyed on their AM radio.

I know of it; as in "It was sexually satisfying for me to paint her tender pink cervix with torrents of my hot seed".

Suicide now.

Great job spreading jewish lies.

But I thought only kikes were the enemy?

I am poor, I have nothing. I don't care about your yacht and mcmansion, faggot. I don't care about your taxes. Watching your gabidalism toys get burned down by chimps is just fine by me, and you deserve it for not having the Aryan sense left in you to get out into the wilderness and survive on your own power.

great job failing to spread the truth. wanna explain why it's a jewish lie?

Suicide now.

Go be a dyke somewhere else.

Yeah. Poor people don't have anything to steal, dumb shit. I don't care about your comfy bubble. I want your bubble to be popped so that you have to fight or die. I'm sick of you GOP voteniggers constantly co-opting us to fight for your taxes. Reparations does not effect us Aryans at all because we're not plugged into the system. By being wedded to your toys and tax money, you are conscripted into fighting for the defense of the system. You are the enemy. Your money has corrupted you into fighting for the preservation of this baby murdering system. Get your life together.



In leafland a lot of residential housing payments for injuns went to these items.

What is the 14th amendment?

Target the county sheriff elections. Priorities.

A way to backdoor anything from gay marriage to anchor baby citizenship into law?

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Haha they live on reservations surrounded by trees; the government builds them beautiful houses to code. But they're too lazy to cut down the odd tree and buck it up into firewood for the winter. When the brutal Canadian winter arrives they get cold and need fire so they start ripping 2x4 wood studs out of the walls of the house to burn in the fireplace. By spring the house must be condemned. A new house is demanded and the government complies.

This is the source of the housing crisis on the reserves.

Sanders leads among declared candidates, and Biden still beats everyone when he is included.

Not an argument against reparations and I don't care, regardless. By " any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave " they're saying they won't compensate slave owners for the loss of their property. It's not saying that claims by the slaves for their uncompensated labor are invalid.

But seriously though who gives a shit about lowering Zucc's taxes so much to even argue about this?

This is clockwork m80s. I have been warning family and friends about reparations for years. My father and I had a deep discussion/argument over this point, being the Jews will push this hard in the coming decade. Now it might blow over. it might breeze through congress, or go to court, but reparations are coming. I've been sticking to a very tight narrative on jewish influence and their use of retards like niggers, trannies, and beaners to enslave or erradicate the white man. How they themselves cry out in pain as they strike us, play both sides, etc. This is one more arrow in my quiver against the indoctrination of my family and friends. Get fucked kikes, we know.

Funny. These stupid bitches are buying votes by selling future generations into tax slavery to pay the national debt. 6% of government spending is just interest on the debt.
And young people are voting for this.
They're so jewed. Sad

fuck. If we could turn back time, putting down all the slaves instead of freeing them would be the best move for whites.
The lack of gratitude is astounding.

The really funny punch line for me was Liberia; they sent those freed slaves to Liberia, built them a nice little country and what's the first things those stink niggers do?

They immediately set about trying to enslave the local Africoon niggers.

The Africoons revolt and a long running civil war ensues that endures until our times.

Fucking monkey madness.

That's the cuckservative lesson. The woke lesson is that niggers didn't think the institution of slavery was bad at all. They had everything they needed provided for them and were treated well. Treated better than they are treated under liberal gabidalism. They had no problem with slavery. Why wouldn't they try to enslave the natives? It's just that their monkey brains couldn't figure out how to make such a sophisticated institution work.

No nigger alive has ever been a slave.
Give them a thousand dollars to lose their citizenship and permanently move to Africa.

They want me, whose ancestors lived north of Massachusetts since forever or were Irish who came over in the 1800s ( to live thereabouts ) some of whom fought as Union soldiers in the Civil War and none of whom owned slaves, and who have not had the OPPORTUNITY to discriminate against blacks because there just weren't any around to speak of to pay reparations to niggers…

If they want the living to pay for the crimes of the dead, let the ancestry be traced accurately to (((the ones who brought them over in the first place)))

These fuckers will say ANYTHING to get elected. Just wait another six months and grandma will be promising blowjobs.