Picard user Is Right Who's Ready to Expose Jew Shill Q?

Fedanon, Purple user, Captain Morganon; perhaps the name to our new little potential psyop was staring us in the face from the beginning. Qushner and his team of kikes chose Q as a reference to the Star Trek character as they see themselves as all knowing superior beings above the petty goyim they get to toy with. In the Q world Purple user is like Cpt. Picard just sum sonofabitch glownigger that put face to palm one too many times and couldn't take it anymore so he broke the rules to end the bullshit.

I may not believe all of what Picard user said some of it was obvious disinformation but the majority of it rings true and if more things come to pass like we saw in the last week I think we will find this guy legit. I was in a thread where he gave Q a 24 hour ultimatum and the mods deleted the thread within 5 minutes of that post. His threads all get deleted meanwhile some obvious Qushner FBIAnon trust the plan shill is front page today.

Picard user is proved by the monumental amount of shilling being employed to drown him out alone.

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Image of Jared Qushner informing Picard user he won't be getting a wall or an end to brown hoards flooding the USA. Qushner the new immigration czar.

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Write in English, not of your favourite manchild escapism TV show.

The problem is both /qresearch/ here and /PTG/ on cuckchan are neverending maelstroms of boomer autism, I've tried infiltrating them before and it's nearly impossible to keep up, especially the first one.

Kushner kys

no one cares

kys faggot

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Just stay in your little containment space and post swastikas all day. Qushner mods are very cool with that.


Purpleanon is a (((TRS))) psyop. Mike is attempting to regain credibility by exposing shit about Kushner Zig Forums has already exposed. Mods should instab& marketing and LARP threads.

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First it just was a LARP, then it was John Morgan, now it's TRS. You really suck at your job Haim. Whoever Purple user is he assblasts kike shills like you so I support his work.

Oh and use the actual post where he says TRS is compromised and McFeels directly takes money and marching orders instead of a voat screenshot you absolute faggot fucking shill.

yeah totally not a TRSodomote marketing ploy. kys

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He said they get funds for the site but the head shill taking orders is McFeels how fucking dumb are you or are you just a kike Yakub?

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Respond to the video where Mike Enoch admits he's a jew. Do it.

TRS would never throw Jizzhands under the bus, it's probably just some TRS fan who doesn't like FtN.

Go home faggot you're dirty Heil Hitler

FBIfag larp up all day meanwhile purple's threads deleted.
Massive amount of shills trying to derail any thread that even mentions him
Purple threads even banned from halfchan
New coordinated Purple is X attacks each day

Shill more Silverstein

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Nobody cares

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1. make a narrative, similar in operation to kushners "Q"
2. Add your own content and context
3. Spread Zig Forums related ideas into mass audience thru social media
4. ????
5. profit!!!

The difference is Purple user is not profiting and there are dozens of Q scammers raking in thousands and thousands of shekels by "analyzing" Q droppings. The amount of shilling against Purple in EVERY THREAD ABOUT HIM suggests he is legit. No doubt this thread will also get deleted.

i notice this was never responded to


Patrick Stewart use to rape Wil Wheaton in the holodeck. Remember the six inches.

Also, it's pretty obvious that the endgame is coming soon since I count a number of people from different factions on here shilling Q. Baffle them with bullshit, especially since we're in the middle of a cuckchan rapefugee happening.

Tyrian Purple is a mason signal, just so you know WE know.

No, it means we have an IQ here higher than room temperature and that ALL LARPS belong here:


Ah so now Qushner has you faggots shilling the muh masons angle to deflect from Purple user.

This plot is so thicc it has rolls the size of mountains.
I just want to know who will finally cut out the fat, and when.

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We don't need more LARPers.

Actually the Masons disowned PurpleAnon at the very beginning…it was a one sentence comment so most people didn't notice it, but I did.


Not only will we not get a wall, Trump intends to make Venezuela his Iraq. If you think illegals are bad now wait until Trump has destabilized half of south america

Do people seriously fucking believe a puppet is making all these decisions? All you hear is TRUMP this, TRUMP that. No you fucking autists, it's not him, he has -zero- actual power, he's a mouthpiece beholden to his masters and has no say in anything. He's a pawn that's not even on the board in a game of chess.

LEGOanon here, who else is sick of this namefagging bullshit?

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