Why yes, I don’t think women should be paid for domestic labor

Defend this, incels

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Women can earn their living as easily as men can. The fact that women choose to marry wealthy men rather than earn their own money proves that women love to be financially dependent on males.
Save your sympathy for the men who literally give their lives to support their families.

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Stick to the feminism containbend board. We, Zig Forums, don't want women to be kitchen slaves. We just oppose women idpol, much as any other form of idpol (including M.R.A.) because it's first worldism at it's best.

Also, the reason because domestic labor is seen as worthless is not because of misogyny, but rather because of profit incentive. Domestic labor has no profit incentive.



Explain yourself, an"fem".


I've just made my bed and cleaned my room.
Now pay me.


That's irrelevant, all labor deserve payment.
Pay me now.

services have value



Did you even understand what I was saying? Domestic labour is not exchanged so no, it doesn't have value in the social sense, e.g. the Marxian sense. Fucking Lassalian leftoids

Answer my question, why are blacks poor if it was their great-grandfather who was enslaved?


If that's the case I should be being paid 3 million dollars per hour, I no joke spend all day performing labor at home. Assuming men are to be paid too right op? You wouldn't want to be a misandrist would you? :^)

Systemic racism.
Now tell me who's making it harder for women in current year to own anything?

There's absolutely no difference between me cleaning my room and a women doing the exact same thing.
Now where's my monetary compensation?

Rewarding domestic labour wouldn't be gendered, so stop with the Femnazi strawmen.

It's surprising again you all would dig up all these right-wing boomer arguments when it comes to something even Marx alluded to in his Critique of the Gotha Program.

Alright so you agree, I deserve 3 million units of labor currency for my domestic labor.
Not everyone here agrees with what Marx says. Or read his works.

Oh so that is allowed but criticising systematic sexism is forbidden?

That's to be sure. Still funny how people throw a fit around basic Marxist ideas considering Marx himself was pretty anti-IdPol.

Show examples of "systematic sexism" making it harder for women to own property.
Pro-tip: There's no such thing.

Maids and cleaners are providing a service to someone else, it's something completely different of keeping your own house clean.
I still waiting for my payment.

Are you intellectually stunted? If there is no paid maternity leave women are likely to earn less which translates to less property in capitalism. You still haven't explained how emancipation of blacks is legitimate whereas women's liberation is "IdPol".

How is it materially different if a maid cleans your bed or if you clean your bad? This is a lolbert argument.

You're lucky as gulags actually pay their prisoners for labour.

Women are exploited by their families

Yeah capitalism does that to everyone systematic sexism co exists with it but so does systematic abuse of whites blacks men children and everyone else who can be put on a label.

Back to Zig Forums, settler scum

I own my bed and it's my obligation and duty to keep it clean, if I clean it myself I am just doing the very basic that's expected from me, now if I delegate the task to someone else I have to provide some compensation because it's not their obligation by default, they are providing a service.

I didn't even took take into consideration because I don't live in a shithole country that's so shitty and retarded that there's no paid maternity leave LOL.
But just FYI it doesn't change women parasitic behavior in the least to have "equality", they still always marry up.


Top ideology. Domestic labor is exploitation and feudal

Domestic labour is regularly exchanged. It's called a maid or a cook or a babysitter

I don't think anyone should be paid for domestic labor

In fact, I don't think anyone should be paid at all

Colonialism was a mistake, I never implied that once in my post.
Even if you are shitposting since no one even on Zig Forums ever took Settlers seriously.

You implicitly just said "it's the duty of my wife to cook and clean". Do you have a girlfriend?
Even if there is pregnancy and mothersip is still an important obstruction in terms of making career. My own mom sacrificed her career for raising me, basically.
This is criticised by many feminists as well. That they were told for millennia that this is their own way for women to achieve material security plays no role in your analysis?

Obviously talking about housewives or housemen for that matter. When I clean my room my labour isn't a commodity. The smart answer you could have given me would be that commodification leads to reification of social relations creating an inroads for it into the marriage by making marriage contracts. You are welcome.

I've got an even better one: Is material compensation from nobody in particular for the unjust imposition of expensive and traumatic burdens such as keeping your home suitable for habitation, cleaning yourself, feeding yourself, and raising a family, just not enough for you?

Then how about being paid for the completely immaterial effort required to not be a raging bitch toward family, friends, customers, and strangers? Yup, you need monetary reparations to feed the patriarchy's insatiable appetite for your

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Nobody here defends this. In the USSR women were paid for domestic work.

The aut right is the same thing as the alt right.
It is the same way Facebook Frog is still Facebook Frog even if you call him "Kek."
You mean that Crystal Cafe shithole? I always thought those came from Cuckchan.
I wouldn't know though I only cross post here and dark web boards for the sake of obscurity and because I can't make myself stop coming to this corpse of a site.

Don't disturb the strange creatures in their native habitat

On the topic though I can't help but look at Princess Point memes and lose all hope in women. I feel like I'm going to die alone because the only decent women I've ever met are ironically lesbians.

Oh right I forgot women are so autistic over getting back at stacies they'll cooperate stalking them.

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You do have a bit of an obsession, don't you? Why does this topic get you railed up so much? Have feminists ever taken something away from you?

Maybe because you can approach them without the sexual tensions that obviously ruins your relationships with women.

Whoa there buddy don't assume things, I approach all women as friends if not I'll openly tell them my sexual intentions, otherwise it only leads to friend zoning because you were never clear about intentions.
I personally believe it's because lesbians aren't subject to the cultural aspects heterosexual women are under capitalism and can become more decent people thanks to it. They're fairly chill as opposed to hetero sexual women.

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Because it's the most hilariously cartoonish exaggeration of feminazism imaginable, on par with Zig Forums's ridiculous genocide fantasies, except it's a dead serious proposal in the minds of some ideologues.

Poe's Law comedy at its finest, and we all need a laugh every now and then.

I'm sure they feel the same way about "us", looking at the most pathetic blackpill memes from robots.

So why do they try emulating imageboard culture in an attention whore tier fashion?

He's a kautsyite playing at being an anarchist so it's not like his obsession with owning da feminists is his only fuckwit belief.

It's parallel evolution. A rising tide of NEET lumpens will cause the collapse of civilization as the RoP nears zero, unless capitalism can be defused.

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t. slave driver

NEET & depression culture‚ȆBeing one.
Trust me I've met these women before in real life, they're deliberately bandwagon riding.

Women must be the ultimate rebuttal of materialism, you just can't pin them down, however much you struggle with them, be it class struggle, women's struggle or whatever sort of struggle. All your fingers can hold onto at most is a deflated blow-up doll.

This I don't understand, how you can be friends with a women, if that friendship consists of following her ass in the faint hope that some day you will get? What kind of man are you then?

That's my point, it never works out, it's better to just ask her out the very first time you meet. I fell for the "Maybe I can evolve our relationship meme." from fiction and tried out myself, learned the hard way it doesn't work out after thankfully just a year of trying and cut all ties after that.

There's such a thing as getting to know someone well enough first to determine whether or not they're girlfriend material

There's such a thing as dates which is what they're supposed to do.
Trust me you might think that's a good tactic but once day you realize just how great of a woman your "Testing the waters" friend is and you finally ask her out and she utters the 7 words you never want to hear:
"Sorry user, I already have a boyfriend."
I recall once Stacy and I fucking mean a literal Stacy asked me out even though she had never spoken to me before.
I rejected her like a retard because at the time I was a literal neckbeard redditor who was deliberately being anti social as a "rebellious original image" and said "Sorry I don't know you well enough to go on a date with you."
If I could go back 7 years I'd fucking beat the shit out of myself on that morning then threaten to shoot myself with a sniper if I said no like the dweeb I was at the time. Now I understood why Stacey asked me out without ever having talked to me before in both our lives.
Trust me making your intentions clear in a relationship is better than waiting with a facade.

Of course there is, and of course love and appreciation can grow, but once it gets to the point of "just being a friend", that can at least for me, only be a relationship with an underlayer of resentment.

You know, maybe people should be paid just for being alive. I mean, isn't the act of breathing and blinking our eyes a labor in itself?

I don't know about you but I kind of want them to be.