Why does US sends 3 billions dollars to Israel every year?

why does US sends 3 billions dollars to Israel every year, when US and Americans have their own problems and are poor?

why send 3 billions to jews if you could spend that money on Americans?
to build infrastructure
to have public healthcare
to improve economy

why jews are more important than Americans, for the (((american government)))?

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why does (((Donald Trump))) sends 3-4 billions dollars to Israel every year?

is this the famous "America First" policy?

The USA was diplomatically Annexed and is now an Israeli vassal state. Vassals must pay their overlords.

not really, its actually voluntary

Who owns who in the world?
Israel owns USA
USA owns Germany (or no?)
chinese oligarchs own China
russian oligarchs own Russia
China owns Africa and Pakistan

how about other countries? UK, Japan, etc?

Its called being cucked.

Jewish dual-citizens infiltrated and subverted the US with media, financial and lobbying operations. There was nothing voluntary about it.

The UK is basically Judaism world-HQ.

Hitler gets it.

That's more than what his wall got.

are you sure?
UK doesn't send billions of aid to Israel
UK doesn't outlaw denying holocaust (you will get kicked from your job though)

seems less cucked than US for me

Yes. Jews have enormous power and influence over the UK.

Because American government is full of kikes top to bottom, just be happy it's not 3 trillion because if they could do that they would.

To keep an eye on the oil. The country exists because of the energy lobby. Can't trust the Saudis more than when there's a yuge military base right next to them, you know, for their own good.
Saudi oil goes the currency reserve status goes.
So yeah that costs a few billion but in return the boomers did enjoy a quality of life otherwise unsustainable and you should be thankful.

USA does not own "Germany". The USA are occupying Germany since 1945 and own the "BRD".

People in USA have to start sharing with people more. Always buying dumb shit on Amazon the least they could do is let me have sex with horses and cows.

This case was filed in 2016. Does anyone know what the status of this case is? I can't find anything about it on the web besides on irmep.org and antiwar.org, this dude who filed the lawsuit's websites.

Why are they fucking with Bibi and his wife? Did he not play the game or some other covert hostile take-over?

This is so important this changed everything this is such a good post Jared wow groundbreaking stuff so much is changing

why don't Americans start eliminating them?

but you don't need to send 3 billion dollars to have military base there. It's in Israel's interest to have US base, it's Israel who should pay for it to US, not the opposite.
Or US could just invade Israel and have their base.

did? So it's in the past. then there is no reason to pay that 3 billions now.

Looks like the case doesn't even exist. Probably controlled opposition. D.C. District court has no record of the case. It's just another shill looking for donations.

Found the shill.

Because they killed Jesus..?

Israel is a welfare state.
Your American tax dollars are going to Jews who use that money to sit on their asses and occasionally missile a Palestinian hospital.
We send them billions, and they thank us by killing American servicemen, stealing nukes, spying on us, selling secrets to china, and more.

From my experience, a lot of the people who I've interacted with that like Israel are deluded Christians, misinformed or both.
I doubt I'll ever understand the mental gymnastics for many Christians to defend such a repulsive race of literal degenerate nonbelievers, that go out of their way to demean them and their literal messiah.

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Who are they? Because some of them believe Jesus sacrificed himself. They might not be Jews they could be shapeshifters, otherwise known as con artists.

Like non-human intelligence?

Best answer so far.

Yes artificial


The Federal Reserve in its charter gets 6% interest, and the kikes own the Fed. 3 billion / year is like bubble gum money.

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Assuming that Israel-Jews politically if not financially own the USA, which they seem to given the one hundred percent participation rate in US politician slavishness for all things Israel and Jews, then that funding would most likely be symbolic for the Jews to a large degree.

The Jewish messianic period, which is the entire point of Judaism, overtly requires all other nations to serve Israel and for Jews to not work as a result. Couch it as you will, but both they and others see this as a master-slave relationship.

How does that work on a global scale? The master cannot be everywhere at once cracking the whip and extracting profits on-site, except by proxy. And even then it would be difficult. Even more importantly, that would likely constitute the work that Jews say that they will not be doing during their Messianic period.

So, how that will work is every nation will pay Israel a tax. That portion of the income of the "nations" that is submitted to Israel will symbolically represent the profit extracted in the master slave relationship. I have read the writing of Rabbis who explicitly claim that this is what they want, and that any nation will not have peace until they submit in this manner.

They already extract such a tax in the form of usury and theft, but in their Messianic period the Rabbis require that the tax be overt and have the look of being voluntary.

If the USA is one hundred percent cucked for the Jews, then they would already be on-board with this arrangement; as the Rabbis want their Messianic period to begin taking shape at the earliest possible moment. The 3 billion would represent that voluntary tax.

holocaust guilt

But why do they not want to work? Just be lazy assholes? That doesn't make any sense. What do they do with their time?

They fuck children.


Because jews are highly tribal, and they own the banks that every western government is indebted to.

Why can't you read the rules before posting here, you ban evading faggot?

No one voted for it. It's not voluntary, dipshit.


Proper thread. People asking the right questions. Try not to point all of your righteous indignation at Christians; all 270,000,000 of them in the US… wanting to do the "right thing". Easily swayed. I'm a Christian and I take the message directly to the source. I feel like it's working. They already know the Jews killed Jesus. They already can't work out why Jews are still God's "chosen people", having killed JC and whatnot.

How about you let me work on my flock and you try and get some fellow Atheists pilled on the JQ. It's going to take more than 95,000 people to win this thing.

89 Israeli citizens are occupying seats in Congress.

I wish I could with them
How to become a jew?

(((You))) already are.

Most likely they have already taken far more than that.

This, and it's much more money than stated in the OP

Well said

Patrick Little 2020

>>What do they do with their time?


Why we send money, wait debt instruments, to any foreign nation? Why is the organic act signed? Why the Federal reserve isn't nationalized? Why is there a court of equity? Why we not hanging espionage communists? Wait till I'm older, no don't, build a better world.

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Expound on that, if you will please.