Remember those "illuminati conspiracy theory" videos in 2008-2011 on JewTube?

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The rabbit hole gets deeper again when you ask what the Jews are worshipping.


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Yeah, we know, redditor.

elab, saturn?

and temple of set michael aquino sect zognigger satanists

Moloch is his True Name. If you wish to infiltrate this cult, seek the temple hidden in Gehenna.

Stop being esoteric, nigga, just spell it all out for me.

Thing is, despite the child eating incident, Chronus is a benevolent god in European myth. He’s the god of the “golden age”. Pan became more synonymous with satan among early Christians, but he was just a minor fertility/shepherd god.

I think it’s safer to assume the Jews worship enki, moloch, “el”, baal, and Lilith of sorts.

What's the meaning of the black cube?

The secret societies in the media and government are likely just sex cults, but I still think it is likely that there are some in very high places of power who understand the meaning of the occult much more deeply.



And that’s where I’ve reached a dead end. I suppose that the romans equated the moloch cult of the carthaginians with their cult of Saturn (both are fertility gods). Yes, the romans named the furthest planet they understood to be Saturn, and the black cube is a symbol of saturn too, But that is mostly an eastern thing. In Sumerian mythology, ninurta (the oldest version of Saturn) is more similar to chronus than moloch imo too.

And then you finally realize they were honest about worshiping YHWH all along and no Christian can be relied upon.

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So far I’ve been trying to find the features that unify ascetic, pagan, and occult religions from satanic ones. It’s a long and winding road, especially now that I’m currently trying to find out as much as I can about ancient pagan worship. From what I’ve gathered, questions of good and evil don’t come up in pagan theology as much as honor and dishonor. Almost all pagan religions have beliefs in good and evil spirits though. The Aryans believed in the Asuras (who are the aesir) and Devas (the devils).

What is going on with these low-effort bullshit threads?



I watched Illuminati videos as far back as 2004. I learned about the conspiracy of "The Woman in Red" slightly earlier and that was the gateway to those videos. I didn't get wise on the Jews until much later, but was always against Israel but due to the normalfag reason of their treatment of Palestine.

Should also add that so many of those videos are bullshit. "SECRET MASONIC IMAGERY IN BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD!" and they show three lines, repeated three times in rows of three

33/666, stupid shit, and an anarchy symbol on the chalkboard, and then the video ends saying "Why?" and showing clips from Jerry Springer. Boy, those were the days.

No. Your ignorance is your armor. As long as you remain unaware, the cult of Moloch will treat you as harmless cattle. You will only be harvested when your time comes. I've given you the general direction to follow. Do your research by yourself. And if you are stupid enough to let everyone know that you know too much, you will be the next blood sacrifice.

Make your own decisions. Survive if you can.


want a go dig through a way deeper rabbit role? its all religions controlling at different angles, and yes there are the "elites" and they do have secret meetings but, theres some popular well known people that sometimes people think theyre against the "elite" but they are a part of it. infact, this has nothing to do with religion at all, theyre all bad. So, you think a group of people control the world and media, do you? well, lets say in the start of humanity, who was in charge? yourself, your brain is in charge, and sometimes you cant even control your brain, and this "subconscious" is just your brains brain of its own you cant control. it all comes down to you and your figuring out your inner self, but theres distractions everywhere. who the fuck knows whos controlling things? maybe we are missing the picture, you know those people we call "normies", those people… just being normal and ignorant? maybe thats the way to life, being normal, but not an npc, just plain normal. the majority of conspiracies are real, but normie pilling is the only way to go. Like 1984 said,
war is peace , freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. if you think bout this, it is true and the world we live in is this but worse. yeah its fucking sad.

This poster is a kike. Ignore what he says. User should be gassed for this post

(This is what I’ve gathered)

Ascetic religions overlap with the occult, but sometimes they are different. Buddhists for instance believe in a type of asceticism that removes all idols, and Buddhists generally reject magical/superstitious ceremony. Christians and Muslims are theistic ascetics with a belief in sanctification before God (the One truth). However, Pythagoreanism, Platonism, and even Aristotleanism are ascetic philosophies that merged from paganism, but often became monotheistic religions (pythagoreanism, Neoplatonism).

Pagan religions are the most ancient and involve hero worship, belief in reincarnation, and ceremony. Magical practices in paganism lead to overlaps in occultism, but sometimes it isn’t always clear. Paganism overlaps with satanism in that satanism is a worship of the inversion of the natural order.

Satanism and devil worship overlap with the occult in that ritualism and ceremony invert ascetic principles for self worship, and ignorance of convention natural and societal.

the link between the frankfurt school and frankism (a judaic split-off) was pretty interesting

The not everyone is a high IQ introspective pill

His true name is Yahweh, ask any Jew, read their scriptures - "Moloch" is just another face taken by their god. You are looking at the kike mindset and its religion completely wrong - this isnt some hidden worship of some hidden diety.

The jew god Yahweh is their one and only god, it was him they sacrificed children too, its him they subvert different religions around the world for and its him they are the chosen of to genocide and rule over the rest of us.

When a jew hears about say for example another god in a different land, they dont think oh wow a unique culture with its own god - they think wow Yahweh sure has spun the web on these sub-humans, better go rule them for our god as its obviously him they worship in another form.

So when you hear Christianity is a weapon of the kikes, now you understand why sharing the same god as people who believe they are chosen to rule over you by that god might be a fucking problem.

And? Even if that’s the case It isn’t an excuse not to examine these things. One of the things that got me to question the nature of reality is the great pyramid at Giza, we could not make such a structure today with our modern construction machines. So, it is important to ask what is really powerful when so little is known about the ancient past.

requesting your best Zig Forums documentaries

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If you take Varg’s word for things (and I don’t necessarily always agree with him) then you might agree that European paganism goes back to a primordial shamanistic bear cult, a pure naturalistic religion without any occult, ascetic, or satanic ideas.

Jews are theologically satanic in that they invoke their own personal order over that of nature and their god. They don’t believe in truth, everything that comes out of their mouths is a lie to hide their self interest, so they aren’t ascetic occultists either. But the thing is, they dont support complete disorder and chaos either (okay, the more insane ones are like that). But it isn’t within a the Zionist scheme for there to be total disorder, just chaos, slavery, and imprisonment for gentiles.

where the fuck have you been, bro? It takes only a moment of thought to realize it's the Jews, when you are allowed to criticize the Freemasons or the Illuminati, but can't criticize the Jews. I managed to figure it out around just that time period, and I'm not exactly that intelligent.

Welcome to the club

I guess I’ll just finish by saying as far as symbolism goes, symbols have power because of how our minds perceive them, but the mind is no simple thing. I’m convinced that Symbols represent aetherial forces and energies that only the deepest portions of our mind can comprehend.

(Rambling session over, if I’m mistaken about anything feel free to give me a sxallywhopping over it)

Ah, I figured Yahweh was the 'clean PR name' of the blood idol.

Idk, beavis and butthead glows in the dark pretty hard.

Hello newfriend.
Come, introduce yourself and stay a while.

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Except that christians dont worship yahweh
except the blacks.
Christians call their god "LORD", all caps, literally just the "LORD", and the LORD is a trinity aspect, which includes the "holy ghost" and "jesus christ"

Christians literally worship in a male-female-offspring trinity system, using the Sun, moon, and aether concepts.

find the one spot in any bible where the new testament mentions fucking moloch or yahweh in a positive light, and then find the one spot in any bible (from the greek sources, not this torah shit) where the old testament talks about god being a moloch figure.

the undeniable fact of the matter is this:
The story claims the hebrews were chosen by the LORD, the LORD claims there are other gods but that they do not reign as supreme as him, the LORD uses the hebrews to prove his might by destroying the other deities, the hebrews betray the LORD and begin to worship molech, he condemns them, they repent, and he forgives them. This occurs several times before the LORD tells the hebrews that he will send no more aid, their covenant with him will be broken when he sends his final prophet to them and they will not heed the prophet's word. Jesus is the final message to the jews by the LORD, as the LORD said, it came to pass that the jews would reject his final offer, and for their treachery god would elect a new chosen, and form a new covenant with the men from the north, whom he would use to bring them ruin, he promised them to be burned in ovens as they did in blasphemy against him in their rituals to molech.

how the fuck is the christian god supposed to be molech if he literally promises to commit a holocaust on the jews as revenge for them burning babies to molech?
I dont give a fuck if you hate christians or not, but you are either a shill or literally fucking too stupid to perform any duties in your own pursuit of knowledge, offering instead only your own skewed, ignorant musings on subjects you have no familiarity with.
gas yourself you fucking kike.

Jeremiah 2:25-27:
"Keep your feet from being unshod and your throat from thirst. But you say, ‘It is hopeless! I love foreign gods, and I must go after them.’ as the thief is ashamed when he is caught, so the house of Israel is disgraced. They, their kings, their officials, their priests, and their prophets say to a tree, ‘You are my father,’ and to a stone, ‘You gave birth to me.’ For they have turned their backs to Me and not their faces, yet in the time of trouble they beg, ‘Rise up and save us!"

Only a faggot would be too much a pussy to spend a few minutes reading Jeremiah, only a niggerloving kike buttfucker would be too cowardly to see himself desperately wrong, only a brave man worthy of whiteness would have the courage to see himself corrected by truth.

All Christian denominations accept the Old Testament. Attempts to make it all about the New Testament failed in the 2nd century.


however jesus fullfiled the law of the OT so no one has to do all that OT moses law shit. simple belief in God and that Jesus was who he said he was is all it takes


Which is contradicted by what it says in the OT. That normally shouldn't be an issue, but since Christians worship that god and he is supposedly infallible and all-knowing…..

This is your brain on judeo-christianity.

“God also said to Moses, “Say this to the people of Israel: Yahweh, the God of your ancestors—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.” (Exodus 3:15)"

Just go suck kike cock and leave us alone.

Satan is behind the Jews.

there is no such thing as judeo-christianity and that is from the old testament you nigger cattle.

Its morning in tel-aviv i see

Welcome to the real world neo.

i don't know
it's like this just became the standard fare on 4chan a few years back and then it migrated over here and the mods don't care. Either u get mandatory trump worship or garbage thread with whoever is moderating now

wtf are you talking about you brain dead kike? do you not know the difference between the old testament and the new? i can understand being ignorant about the true nature of the modern jewish "faith", but quoting the old testament to disparage christianity is some duplicitous kike shit.

Pope actually confirmed it is YHWH.

Christians worship yahweh the jewish god. the first christians were literally kikes, jesus was a kike.

Feel free to worship your kike religion, just dont fucking lie about it.

Stop being such a weasel. First of all, the fact that (((YHWH))) is the god of Abraham is the god of the Jews is (((Yeshua))) etc. is unambiguously and repeatedly stated. Secondly, the Church drew a distinction between the different kinds of laws in the OT. By and large Christians took the opinion that while the nosaic law was still in place the events of the NT necessitated adjustments - moral law was still obligatory, judicial law was still acceptable and ceremonial law was not necessary. To try to hand-wave away any part of the OT you don't agree with via "doesn't matter because Jesus lol" is ignorant at best and malicious at worst when Christians still follow Jewish law.

Even people who completely disregard the OT still end up following Jewish laws because (((Yeshua))) and his followers were fucking kikes.

No, moishe, no one will ever believe your lies.

Nigger, the pope way back in 2008 said no to using yahweh/yhwh in their songs etc. because it was taking the lords name in vain. His name isn't to be used so casually. They fucking confirmed yhwh is the name of the god they worship. Yhwh is the hebe entity. They literally started the cult, that is the old testament. New testament was a group of proto-commie jews trying to take it over.

No, moishe. No one will ever believe your lies. Stop spamming the same jewish hoaxes that you've been spamming every day for five years.


Calm?…. Feb 22, 2019 at 2:22pm ….a clear MESSage Many layered messages….study….3:57 length = card#357 PWRGB…..hello #Q

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Check the bible if you believe. Revelation 2:9 and revelation 3:9 are the verses you are looking for.

Chronus was a sicko
pan is actually regarded as a blend of early libation cult stuff and semitic subversion (as usual, they bring in decadence or something with a critical theory on fun and sex)


nice story about the wandering rabbi you've got here
was killed because he was annoying and a kike and also Rome asked kikes who to kill, yeshit or barabas (or something) and kikes said yeshit because he's too annoying
i agree with kikes for once

I don't think the old serpent cares all that much who you worship as long as it's not God.


I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

is that what you're looking for tornigger?


Everybody knows at this point the illuminati was historically made up mostly of German Jews. It's not a secret anyone who has the internet. It's also not a secret that they are still at work.

There were membership lists published on the internet. Contrary to made up blue pill shit it wasn't 13 noble families. The document I saw had something like 80 sirnames.

But yeah the Order of the perfeciblists was real. Funny no if you look that up on Google it returns 0 results. Google is hiding documents on the Illuminati.

Wikipedia has also recently scrubbed the proper name of the illuminati from their site.
Order of the "perfeciblists" wikipedia
(((Adam Weishaupt)))
All Jews.

Funny duckduckgo searches will still produce results about the the illuminati.

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I recommend archiving anything you can find on the perfectibilists before it is scrubbed from the internet.

Spelled it wrong. Oops. If you spell it wrong Google wont suggest results with correct spelling like it does for most searches.

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I was in those trying to redpill you niggers. You're welcome. I'm only really pissed about CIAniggers pushing crazy shill shit (it was my first experience with shills) to fuck us over. We were gaining traction with the public and trying to do good. The filthy shekelgrabbers did the same thing with the Shuttening since we halted their attempt to murder Syria.

Skykike is what they worship, just like the dumbass christcucks.

The KJV Bible deliberately replaced the word Yahweh with LORD because Yahweh is associated with Jews. Every word LORD is a placeholder for Yahweh. There are around 6800 replacements. Yahweh is Hebrew for "the cause becoming".

I'm quite confused about the synagogue of Satan. If the modern Jews aren't the real Jews, then were the real Biblical jews caucasians? If so, was Yahweh originally the Aryan god? And Hebrew/Israel identity was stolen by a Semitic Khazarian tribe? But if thats the case, how come God said the covenant was broken between Him and Israel like user said? And if that's not the case and modern Jews are real biblical Jews, who are the synagogue of Satan?

Forgot to mention, Hebrew is almost identical to Gaelic (Irish/Scottish). So that supports the idea that the 12 tribes of Israel are actually Celts that migrated to different parts of Europe.


Exodus is the second book in the Christian Bible.

The ashkenazis are the synagogue of satan. If you read the passage it refers to those who call themselves jews but aren't jews. It is referring to those who call themselves jewish today but have zero connection to the biblical hebrews and this was proven by science where virtually all of ashkenazis have zero semitic ancestry and even the ones who do don't have ones that are anywhere near palestine. Ironically, the genetic tests show the palestinians have been in israel for over 5000 years. It'll be hilarious if their yahweh returns only to reveal and point to the palestinians as being the real jews all along who were forced to convert during the conquests as the punishment Jesus foretold upon them repeating the fall of the kingdom of david and solomon. In the end, all you need to know is that only Christians are chosen, only a Christian has the covenant now thanks to Jesus.

I doesn't be surprised, if their Yahweh actually looks like this.

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It's symbolic of the mass mind control they exercise over other religions/ races. Like the dredel. Much like the meme of the jewess making the girl with the radio antenna on her head fall in love. The cube head jews control the muslim with the black cube kaabaa and the other goyim with the material possessions, keeping them spinning like the dredel also made from clay (like they say we are).
It helps reinforce the arrogance that they are despised for, which they then paint as jealousy and so the the mindfuck comes full circle.
Genital mutilators are seriously fucked in the head.

You forgot the "t"

My bad, I should have been reading instead of posting

Mythologies aside, it makes sense as DNA tests show strong Celtic ancestry for many across the Middle East and North Africa ancient Egyptian Pharaohs including the most famous Pharaoh of all complete with his red hair. Maybe it referenced a real event, those lost tribes some went North, some went East.

Science keeps decimating kikes, I just cannot stop laughing after every published journal and paper.

All the Egyptology archaeological evidence destroyed their pre-holocaust holocaust story about slavery in Egypt meaning no Exodus and no Moses and no Israel but even their own archeology in Israel has yielded zero proofs for King David or the absurd story of King Solomon. Even their insane dream of tikkun olam or kalergi plans shows ancient Egypt wasn't mixed mutts as they'd like their schizo kike desert fairy tales to believe. They were pure at their time, they did well to castrate their slaves as the rest of the Middle East too. It is beyond hilarious.

Yahweh is the LORD, Jesus is His Son and Holy Spirit is also part of the Trinity.

Yahweh is a Mighty God. Created this world, and us. Don't be a hater. Show some respect maggots.

So if Biblical Jews were worshipping Yahweh, then modern Ashkenazis surely aren't? Therefore the Yahweh of the Bible, is not evil/Saturn? How and why did Ashkenazis steal an entire language and holy book?

Modern jews worship Satan, and reject Jesus Christ. Which Bible clearly states, You cannot have the Father, LORD, Yahweh without Jesus Christ. Modern jews hate Christ.

Read this, by one of their own

I think the jews of today speak yiddish which is different from ancient hebrew. Even in Jesus' time, the scribes and the pharisees were jews who followed their oral traditions instead of the word of god.

Ok. I get that much. I think the thing that's confusing me, is the Hebrew language.

Fast forward a few hundred years…

How the fuck did this happen? Did they all speak Hebrew long before Jesus' time?

Fixed, but still not good

Some people say it was a designed deception by Ayylmaos.


Truth is hidden in cryptic language because it isn't for everyone. That's why most occultists are crypto niggers

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Seriously what the fuck is this bizarre arab ritual?

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jews suck at everything, and worshiping things is pointless.

You are like little babby

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Modern hebrew is literally an invented language spoken by insane inbred schizo LARPers.

Stick to one IP CInigger.

Anyway, this thread is good enough since people are asking questions. So what I've been doing for the past few days is studying e8 mathematics. You might know I didn't that it's a set of maths that describe an 8d object in rotation, and that it incidentally perfectly predicts and describes 4d which, of course, is where we are. I wish someone would have told me about this earlier. In any case I find the math to be pretty intuitive and not as hard as I would have thought it might be. Although of course I'm just now learning the math. And also e9 which describes the same object in motion along another vector, so ya know. But it still describes the object that our universe is just a shadow of. Apparently.

Also notice the correlation to pics 1 and 2

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This is literally a 4cuck tier esoteric thread with the added bonus of >>Zig Forums desperately trying to redeem themselves as (((totally not kike worshipers)))

Just look at these posts.


Hi Satan

What I'm saying is that our universe is almost certainly shadow cast by an 8 dimensional object. The object itself is, I suppose you could say, crystalline in nature. But the shadow it casts, aka 4d, transforms non-symmetrically. Like the shadow of a wire cube casting a shadow. How about that, huh? Fucking demons and angels, pff. I mean maybe, but still, pff. 8d hyperobject, son. That's the story.

If I'm a kike worshiper because jesus' human side was jewish I accept that. I'm not for the zionism bullshit that mainstream christianity pushes. When the bible says "Israel" it means the children of god, not a country that was formed hundreds of years after the bible was written.