>Trump Killed Him

Press F to pay respects

>federal immigration agents carried Palij out of his home on a stretcher, into an ambulance and onto a plane.


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(someone post a few Trump Merchants)

Yup, a bit late with your reporting of it but very F

I tried reporting this news to 8/pol/ when it happened, but the Kushnermods kept it hushed up.

God damn Trumpstein the Israeli spy pardoner and god damn America.

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If he would have gone to Latin America, he would have lived a happier life and passed away more happily.


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The US Ambassador to Germany who worked out his extradition is now being promoted by Trump.

These look like OC, I haven't seen them before


report and filter all Trump supporters

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Found them on twatter.


One finally showed up

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And know that you have won in the end.
F, rest easy.

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That's longer than most jews

(((1 post by this id)))


His Name was Jakiw Palij


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Are you being ironic?


His name was Jakiw Palij


who cares, why is this up



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Jakiw Palij
Fuck Trump forever


No problems posting it now tho right Shildon? Absolute genius, who stepped down to allow you to post?

You sure got us evil nathzees, tranny, stuck it right to us, your deception is so like how we speak its just so hard to tell its you guys with your canned bullshit. Man every time I hear the phrase "Kushner shill" in a thread I just know its /ourguys/ at work again, being #based trannies, posting wall.jpg and calling everyone else a kike, wow, advanced concensus cracking at work, its so hard to tell who is doing it, goodness me.

Who cares, I thought the holocaust never happened.

Ok revisionist, I was here during the campaign when the mods were dropping bans and deleting anyone making mention of Trump's Jewish ties,
the consequences of which are becoming more obvious by the day

What does that have to do with it? He was deported because the Jews didn't like him, and their President served his masters well. Show some respect.

His name was Jakiw Palij.

I was here since the exodus, dunce, you glow in the dark like all your little friends. You dont talk like any of us, you dont act like any of us, you are not one of us. Concensus cracking on a board where we have fucking guides everywhere teaching us how to spot you morons and the tactics you use isint exactly clever. You just get left alone in threads like this circlejerking while the actual posters are lurking or posting the few quality replies left before you lot brigade in with the exact same canned shit every single thread.

I would love for the "aweful, Kampfy style mods" to come back because they were actually allowed do something about your tactics. That was your only successful campaign, opening us to global moderation so you lot can shill with impunity and try to change the narrative. Nothing to do with Kushner, everything to do with the guides stickied here, which were you one of us you would have read and lurked for 2 years before posting faggot.

Go back to your tranny discord, go photoshop some new wall.jpg or Trump merchants, tell them "Kushner shill" as a tactic is retarded, its clearly just trying to invert the fact that Shareblue and CTR, Tranny discord etc all shill here (as you are) and bounce it onto pro-Trump anything. You are transparant as fuck.

Have yet to see one pro-Trump "shill" use a canned script I see day after day, yet every single fucking day I hear "oy vey kampfy" "oy vey Trumpenstein" "Oy vey Kushner" etc etc, every single fucking thread. You are either entirely autistic and cannot post anything bar the same phrase over and over and over in literally every thread, or you are a shill, either way you are a fucking retard. Oh, and you will never be a real woman.

What consensus am I cracking? I'm not reading the rest of your wall of text.

Why is this trash still up? Fake news.

You're the fake, the news is real:

You lost, and im off to better pastures, see you next shill thread.

if it's fake news then Trump did nothing wrong if the news is real and the nazi is dead then the world is a better place and Trump did nothing wrong.

If you had really been here since the exodus (which one?) then you wouldn't be pro-Jew on a pro-Hitler board. You read about an exodus on the little worksheet on your cubicle. Fake as can be, and you might fool a newfag with it.

He's fucking 93.


I suppose you've been here forever too, right? LMFAO

kek not anymore

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Rest easy my friend.


Oh im sorry, I cant hear you over Brock's cock in your mouth, maybe if you addressed the 3 other paragraphs blowing you the fuck out you would have a clue, nice attempt tho

Also, not a single person here uses emojis or "LMAO", just as a clue for your next script.

Your argument so far is "Uhuhu I cant read good" and then "no u are the newfags, see I said I was an oldfag first"



85 IQ shill. The ZOG are not sending their best.

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I'll address it with pic related, downloaded a month ago, with all the recycled terms in your wall of text.
Bonus pic of Mary Phagan, since I know you know who she was.

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Sorry, wrong one, but it's always the same:
CTR, tranny, discord, Shareblue, etc.



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Ah good, please, address me with more premade orange man bad NPC memes, you sure are showing me you arent a shill. What else you got there in your collection? Can I get more unoriginal re-edits of the NPC meme? Any wall.jpgs? Please, oh god please I need to be shown the error of my ways with shitty leftypol re-edits.

These news are such blackpills.


low-tier kikel

bad news kiddo u r on a nazi board

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I don't make my own memes, Jewboy, sorry. Still, you've not nothing better to call me than Shareblue, CTR, tranny, discord, whatever. You used all the words on your cheat sheet, so you really have no point to make.

Deporting him was a campaign promise. You're black pilled because Trump is keeping his campaign promises? lol Next you're going to tell us all not to vote, right shill user?

They ZOG have to wait for a new memo with round-tabled, focus-grouped memes to come out before they are allowed to spread new memes. Their memetic evolution is so far behind that of aryan nationalists that they are like ameba compared to us.

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Campaign promise to whom? Where are all the ordinary Americans asking for "nazis" to be deported? I could walk around all day and couldn't find one normal person who considers that a priority.

I've done some questionable shit in my life
I pray to God he waits until I'm 95 to make me pay for any of it.

Y-y-you guys know this is all a CIA psyop right?

It's in the OP you didn't read:

They always show up in groups.

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It's always groundhog day when you are dealing with ZOG. They never admit to anything and always start with the same ridiculous premises.
"What do you mean, the g_d emperor is not the greatest guy ever?"
"What kosher meat executive?"
"Jewish children and grandchildren? I never heard that one before."
"Hehe, yes the Jews hate him, because he doesn't want to take our guns."

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Who is "they"? C'mon, you can say it.

You think they would come up with something new by now, right? It's the same talking points, distributed to each operative.

Kikes Hate Niggers, the only way Trump can redeem himself is to Hate niggers and act upon it.

You all look at the Glass of water as half empty. Me I just Hate Niggers.
If Mr.President Refuses to hate niggers like all of his Jewish and Non Jewish followers… than its good by. But For Now, Trump is the President. He Either hates Niggers as much as we do or we will find somebody else.
Zeig Heil Oy Gafiltafish!

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Stormtards are too stupid to realize they are being trolled by Jews. And why Jews run most WN organizations.

F*uck Trump*

So why didn't "National Socialists" do a protest over the deportation?

You must be new here

The endless Red Waves of winning !
The nazis are the bad goys and must be exterminated !
# MIGA !

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Then stop complaining if you're not willing to take action.

I'm not saying you're a retard, but I am saying if you were a retard you would talk like this.


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Rest in peace.

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Because they are cowardly impotent faggots led by the Jew.

They attack Trump, Christians, Boomers or anything the Jew tells them. They are a cancer.

You're a faggot, and Trump serves his kike masters.
This explains why he was selected for anyone interested


Orange man bad


fuck off, loser. go back to pretending it is 2015 all over again.

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Proud boy calling someone a 'loser".

Proud Boys are Trump supporters.

What makes you think protesting accomplishes anything?


Wow, I can really feel the winning.

he doesn't look ashkeNAZI to me, rabbi


Yes, Stormtards shitposting to a Jew run board is the winning strategy.