It's Happening! Natacha Jaitt Suicided!

Between R Kelly, Kraft, Epstein, the catholic nuns being pedo abusers, the catholic pedo crisis reemerging, and now this i think we have a happening.

VIP prostitute goes to parties and fucks important people she turns on them and exposes their PEDOPHILE rings politicians, artists and the media all involved turns out they bought young children from sports clubs set to testify against them in the trial she tweets a year ago that she will not kill herself, so if she appears dead, it was (((them))) (TODAY) she appears dead, "drug overdose" her naked-dead pictures are leaked by the people she accused journalists involved literally posting how happy they are

This is some satanic masonic shit right here. What the fuck do we do?

The day she blew the lid:

The pedophile ring she exposed:

Her tweet:

The people she also accused (incl. politicians, artists, the media, the church)

Pope Francis involved:–revelo-una-lista-de-famosos-que-segun-ella-son-pedofilos_a5ac122c42756190b821200ce

Jewish media involved:án_Suar

Journalist celebrating her death:

People she accused leaked her dead pictures:

"What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face."

Former CIA director and Cercle member William Colby giving advice to his friend senator John DeCamp, urging to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair and to write a book about his experiences (The Franklin Coverup, 2nd edition, foreword).

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Other urls found in this thread:–revelo-una-lista-de-famosos-que-segun-ella-son-pedofilos_a5ac122c42756190b821200ce

Between Natacha Jaitt, the catholic church pedo scandal resurfacing, Robert Kraft, Epstein Florida scandal, R Kelly it appears we have a happening. It's 100% real–revelo-una-lista-de-famosos-que-segun-ella-son-pedofilos_a5ac122c42756190b821200ce

It's worse than you know.


Thanks for illegitimizing the issue, CIA

What the fuck do you even mean, mouthbreather

Shame, she was a decent looking girl.

It's always the jews, kike.

More than that, she was doing work that matters.

Fuck off with your slut you fuckin kike

You're defending the vatican? Why?

Releasing the dead naked lady publicly will only make the matters worse for them.

Quiet Chaim

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Cry more ponyfaggot. We do what we want and who we want then throw out the garbage. Even you with your internet connection and simple pathetic life have too much to lose and will never ever in your life act. You can not stop anything. Your imageboards have been around for 20 years about and yet things just keep getting 'worse'. You always lose and if you ever win well just kill you, pussy.

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thats like every thread user , so what?

You'll get steamrolled by the Feds and the royal families nigger.

I told you, you're a fucking insect.

yea so what faggot , not gonna stop us from making these threads and slanging these spicy memes

you can do shit , and if you ever do, then you will be jailed, pussy … I dare you to show yourself. I dare your pussy ass to do something.

You are on to something OP.

If you ever happened to find out even a shard of truth a swat team would be at your house and kill you the next day.

We are the establishment

Wew the shill force is out to attack us again.

Did she even made any "fail-safe" in case she dies. Because it's obvious that pedos and pederasts will kill everyone who is going to expose their sick rituals and you have to make it certain that even after your death, you've made sure that someone close will have the information and make it publicly.

All bets on defense. Fulls segregation by race, rejecting participation in mammon worship, openly call out and boycott immorality, self sufficiency, group movements only (ignore individuality), get weapons, get fit, build clans, attack together on side anything that threatens your way of life, and never stop calling out jewish crimes. Once this is established there will be massive fronts preparing for all out war. Let them come, they are but mere distractions…the goal is israel and the jewish bloodline.

Do they ever? Shell be forgotten in a week. Who cares if you post about her here. She was killed, so what? What are you gonna do about it?

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CIA is the muscle of the jews you dumbfuck

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A Jew behind the psychopathic clown. Are we really psychopaths to you so you can feel good?

You're either a blackpilled idiot or truly our enemy.
In either way, you are wrong. And simple reason to prove to you that you're wrong is because you posted here trying to make us believe in your lies.

We are winning. Slowly, too slowly as you said and I would agree but we will win eventually and truth will triumph in the end, and you know it.

It is a demoralisation operation.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha, keep making threads.

By spreading it and not letting her be forgotten that easily. Each event like these culminates into a storm until some people might take actions on their own to take these degenerates down. But I guess you prefer pacifism, correct?

You arent psychotic, you dont know the meaning of the word. You are james watkins piggies. You are food.

Will you continue replying if we do?
I want to see you reply back in few years when we are on the winning streak.

Maybe but the jews have fallen many times. Who knows. You and I aren’t psychic so there’s no tell when you nor I die or live tomorrow.

Just like how bill clintons healer is being talked about in the US right? Shes old news.

When your side is winning well be the leaders of your revolution. You just dont get it.

Are you trying to say that you are bloodsucker?

I'm keeping record of all of these men and women who risk and/or sacrifice everything to expose the kikes and their minions and/or share and make propaganda of the forbidden knowledge. And I propose you all do the same.
Let it be known that today, a prostitute had more balls to bring us the light of truth than majority of our brainwashed people.

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Oh so you're a blackpiller.
Look, that's nice buddy.
I would tell you to clean your room but that would made me peterstein shill, no?
Come on, don't tell me you have your life in order when you come here with your emotional temper tantrums.

Nice try. I wonder how long do you keep embarrassing yourself even further by, how to say, "not even care" about this thread for about 30 more posts. Oh wait, maybe this is what you're here for, to be everything about you, like you haven't got any attention in real life?

Were everything you say we are and more, and we openly brag about it in public. People just assume its a joke.

he's just on that good old nu-power arrogance

All these (you)s are making my head swim.

You are brutal honest with us because you are immune but does the immunity have a expiration though? Yes it do.

thanks op for doing god's work.

The shilling around this thing just makes the matter more real. Even as I typed this down, there has been at least 10 posts in standard shilling tactics such as "who cares", "another roastie, etc.". This was a SA tier happening in full force. Pizzagate, seth rich tier happening.

tl;dr version: media whore that has fucked half of argentina's (((elite))) gets disturbed about the things she has seen while being part of the (((scene))). mainly big tv producers and reporters fucking children for fun. Being regarded as a simpleton, and even part of the (((tribe))), Natacha Jaitt was given air time in talk shows that proved to be a huge mistake: she openly called the whole msm to be rotten to the core and fucking children, even naming very powerful (((people))) on live tv.
This was last year. Last year, she also tweeted how she would be suicided and how the media would portrait these events. Fast forward to present day: she's found naked and dead in her apartment for (((multiple organ failures)))). big msm online sites have all articles on this closed for commentary and going full shut it down mode.

Do not take this event lightly. Archive everything and download youtube videos: they WILL be taken down. Spreading this shit on normiesphere is bound to wake some people up.


shilling 101. Derailing everywhere, it just proves our point.

here's another buddy, if that will get you to feel better about yourself or your life

Go ahead. Go outside and talk to anyone you see about this and see if they give you the time of day. You can grumble among yourselves like you have for almost 20 years. It makes no difference. This place would not exist if it was a legitimate threat.

It hasn't in the last 1000 years

Thank you

You and jews had been expelled numerous times in the hundred years so it isn’t one thousand years.

there are legitimate genocides happening around the world and you cant even get people to care about those.

Youve never even seen an elite

Like who? The old man with grey hair in ny?

Why are you working so hard to derail this thread and halt any productive research and discusion regarding the death of the girl in the OP. Suspicious if you ask me and I will be watching this thread partly because your posts make me think there really is something dark going on here.

And shut the fuck up with your larping bullshit. You kikes will never win, your terrified and it shows. Be gone kike.

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You're really scared, aren't ya?

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Who do you think you're talking to? LMAO!

i've found that (((they))) are particularly frazzled when they go into blackpill/demoralization/victorydance shilling

Am i derailing or are you all just so unfocused you choose to concentrate on my inconsequential posts rather than just filtering and making 'progress'? There is a reason you haven't changed the world at all even though posts have been made almost 20 years straight. You age, you dont have it in you to fight like you used to and the new generation falls for all the same old tricks all over again.

Absolutely terrified you might finally wake the world up to our schemes.

If they get hungry enough they will eat you, yes. They won't even blink or hesitate. It's what it means when a royal wears red.

I just want to thank you for bumping the thread before I filter you.

About time you wised up. Shame I had to say it though.

I don't care about non Europeans. As in, I don't think about them.

You are brutal honest again. Why tell us for?

Also, why do you think im bumping the thread? It makes no difference if this sits on page one for a week. Nothing will come of it.

Fuck offfffffffffff


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All it would take is one squad of dudes like JA2 to get rid of these guys. Why has no one done it yet?

Thank you OP, we do indeed have a happening here. Natacha Jaitt went on national TV in Sept and named names like nobody's business:
archive. fo/Ujpz2

Ignore the fucking kikes please. We don't need to "go outside" in an information war and they know that.

Why not? Really? Why not? You cant do anything about any of it.

Anons let me detective on recent events:
1.VIP prostitute (Jail) exposes pedophile rings gets suicided.
2.Sportsball owner and former Citigroup exec busted on prostitution…other major names possibly involved.
3. Well known LA reporter (((overdoses))) on gay anal meth sex
4. Porn star & producer busted for child porn with ties to occult & OTO
5. Major sex trafficking ring busted in FL.
6. Epstein case back in public, and under scrutiny.
Yep. I'd say we have a happening.

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post uncensored pics

Now that you have all the info, what are you going to do to make this different from every other time you know the truth? You might as well be from the future trying to warn people. Nobody will ever choose to believe you besides people like yourself.

This RAT was raped first and after. GOOD SHIT

Because you are just verifying the facts to be actual true all along. You knows that the Jews got expelled for their incredibly unethical behaviour and yet you don’t care if it happens to you.

The catholic church is the antichrist.

Uh? No.


Why would I? 200 expulsions and still on top.

Don’t be a degenerate user.



You can't stop the progress. Join us brother.

Aren’t you afraid that you may be hang one day?

Loli is the gateway to pedophilia just like traps are the gateway to homosexuality. Funny it works that way. Great tools to destroy the cultural fabric of any nation. Dads want to fuck daughters, boys want to get fucked by men etc. Works everywhere.


So simple yet to so efficient. We know your deepest desires. Why fight it bro?

Who fighting it?


So you really don’t care if you die?

Wasn't this the woman that was making the claims about the pedophile ring related to some dude in that old crooked corpse show?
I remember the whole thing with children being trafficked here but it was quickly hidden after that. Makes the AFA seem responsible for all of this happening.
Anything a local can do, OP? Besides just spreading the word

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yes. spread this shit. Disregard taking action presently, spread the info, gather public knowledge on the matter.

video linked (can't upload mp4 for some reason) naming huge jew pedo names.

Also: The whore's premonitory tweets a year ago:

>loli = cp (((UN))) supporters

good thread

Just a reminder. Focus is your greatest asset.

Poor girl. Was in a miserable situation, she knew her life was that of a whore in a very grim world, but nevertheless, down in the shitter, she saw a sparkle of light, she held to hope and tried to do redeem herself in some way, doing something good for the sake of it.
I hate seeing white girls killed by the System. ( ; _ ;)
If I thought it would be useful, I'd even pray for her soul right now.

All the prayers in the world wont take away the fact she suffered as her life left her.

Also, friendly reminder to always filter kikes, and in case shit turns AWOL with mass replying and astroturfing, only pay attention to posts with images. Some information will be lost by this, but it's the most valuable tactic to dismiss astroturfers

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also, always remember: the powers that be are against us. Do not expect the judicial system to be fair on these matters. The only thing we can do apart from physical violence in asymmetric warfare (not that I'm suggesting this path) is gather lemmings' support. How we can hope to achieve this is by spreading this far and wide. I know normies that are aware of lolita express shenaninigans now, this would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago.

The above article has a lot of good information and names that we should look into.

We need to find out more about this Gustavo Vera guy. He is friends with the Pope, he runs a non-profit called Alamada human rights organization. He is apparenrly involved in junior division soccer clubs that were used to find and groom children. Finding these clubs could lead to more evidence. Anything we can dig up on this guy could be useful.

Then we have the journalist Mercedes Ninci who claims to be friends with Vera and she attacked the claims of Jaitt on a morning show called Lunch with Mirtha Legrand if we could find the interview and translate it we could get some good info.

If she can uncover this so can we.

Who could this clergyman be and what shelter could he have been sent to?

Ignore the Jewish cuck derailing this thread and start digging there is shit they obviously cant hide and to stop us finding it they are trying to stop us from ever looking. Let's start digging boys.

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Yes, I know…
I'm really against torture, the idea is abhorrent to me, but for these freaks, I think I could force myself a bit, make an exception and go for the longest possible form of torment imaginable on Earth.


I don't see lolis in those images.