Great News everyone; Now our Womyn can be Drafted Too

Imagine How Much China and Russia are Laughing at the USA

"With women in combat roles, a federal court rules the male-only draft unconstitutional "

Author; Gregory Korte

What!!?? How sexist! Didn't they know that it would eventually be the current year? Biology no longer matters.

Frankly, I don't understand why we don't just let children serve in the military. After all, can you think of one liberal reason why they are not fit to serve their country? You don't even need to speak English anymore and they let mentally disabled (homosexuals) and physically disabled people (fat-fucks) serve already. So why not take one more step towards progress and liberalism and just allow the kiddies to serve. After all, as Judge Miller noted, ""the average child could conceivably be better suited physically for some of today's combat positions than the average man, depending on which skills the position required. Combat roles no longer uniformly require sheer size or muscle."

Can you imagine how much other countries are laughing at the USA? If we lived in the past and I heard that a neighboring country was getting so desperate that they were drafting their women, I'd assume they were fantastically weak and might just attack them to take their land before someone else did.

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they got tired of the shitskins causing trouble so now they're just sending the white women straight to the shitskins

Very progressive. There will never be a draft since they have plenty of mercenaries (both male and female) to choose from.

This reminds me of project 100,000 from Vietnam. They were running low on troops so they decided that actual retards could be used. All sorts of fun was had by all, except the unqualified retards that got killed. Good luck to the ladies.

Russia actually has been using female solders since the second world war

Hey, if they want to play stupid games, let them have their stupid prizes.
Maybe this will encourage women to march against selective service. Maybe this will get women to actually care about which wars we're involved in.
Anyone who tries to paint this as anything other than a net good is a faggot and a white knight.

during the Vietnam war women would openly shame and humiliate men who dodged the draft and refused to die for zog, so this is really funny justice

why not allow children and dogs to be drafted, vote, own property?
I can see the insane pushing the child voting thing. There are children that seem smarter than adults, so why shouldnt they be allowed to vote? :)
Saying kids shouldnt vote in the future wil be like saying women shouldnt vote, even though its very much common sense to not let women or children vote.
Hay, they can do math, and are book smart, why not? Because they dont value the same things men as a whole do, this of course wont stand in clown world. I want it all to end already. Only god can bring clown world to an end in our liftimes. I sadly see this chugging along with all the automation and computers running everything for several more decades before it doesnt function anymore and the starvation and riots start.

thats such a cuckold mentality. its like letting your children play in traffic
you are so fucking stupid. This is why this is allowed to go on, and women have any authority at all because of faggots like YOU.
but it wont teach them. they have to be controlled by the men in their lives to do whats right. You are the reason clown world exists. Jews have always tried subverting their host nations, but only in the past 150 years its gotten really bad because faggots like you got lazy.
So like I said in my last post, get ready for children voting, women dominating men publicly, people "marrying" animals, etc. Because our civilization went into sleep mode with do-nothing queens like this nigger.

reminder that it was the National Coalition for Men (aka feminism for men) that sued for this and won. So now feminist groups will blame men for their latest problem, even though they are technically receiving more equality, it's not the equality they want.

Women shouldn't be in combat roles, and probably not in the military at all. Fuck that boomer organization for practically doing it for the 'LOL HOWS THAT FOR EQUALITY HUH LIBTARDS??" facebook posts.

That's news to me. Last I heard the legal battle was keeping people out of the military.

There are definitely adults who are stupider than children.

I imagine this would have quite an effect on the leftist white girls

ideal way to kill off the white population. all women aged 16 to 30 can be drafted, killed, or sterilised by the depleted uranium, and the entire generation and all thereafter are gone.
enjoy Venezuela girls!

they are already pushing for the voting age to be be reduced to 16 in some parts of Europe. that's the next thing on the agenda to wreck society completely. after that, legalise child molestation. then bestiality, then rights for the animals since dogs and sheep will be girlfriends and wives of humans.

I want to see how Taliban handles Trayshawna Deqwean (silent DE and W pronounced Qean).

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Yeah and those men have doomed their own people to extinction, al! because they are being played by the same puppeteers that told the women to become feminists and have the men of their own tribe be the enemy. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest tricks and everyone is falling for it.
To girl: "he said you are weak and can't do anything"
Girl: "oh yeah??!!! I'll show him"
To guy: "she is laughing at you because you still have to be drafted"
Guy: "oh yeah??? I'll show her!!"

You haven't been paying attention, have you. They've been spending trillions worldwide to flood civilisation with third world subhumans and kill off European blooded people.
Negroids don't have to pass exams to be put in the best universities, why would they be forced into the military. Use your head.

All the women are going to die, and the race will die out, and that's a good thing!



This is a paid jewish shill.

Appointed by George W Bush.

I never thought of this. We can train the bbc more efficitively if they have some white women to black.

Ha, I hope that they do implement a selective service registration requirement on women. I hope they do it as quietly as possible and make millions of young women ineligible for federal student loans because they didn't know about it.

This is great news. White women need to learn to fight and die for Israel. They shouldn't be home making babies, what if one of them is the next Hitler?

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He has to be a kike, trying to dig for proof now

that would be funny tbh

This is a really good chance to tell non-feminist women that because of feminists, they can now be drafted into the military. You want to see a woman turn conservative real quick? Tell them because of "equality" and feminism they can now be drafted for combat roles in the military.

This is a huge fucking red pill for women. And it should be shoved down their throats. Feminism is going to send you to war. ladies.

non-feminists already hate feminists, regardless of gender. there's no silver lining in anything this kike-loving judge does.


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Fuck off kikefy.

This is what happens when the science of human biology is declared 'hate speech' by the left.

I mean, this is just a joke coming to reality. Just dive with the collapse of all reason.

Feminists get mad when you point this inequality out to them. Props to the judge.


Threadly reminder that both Russia and China have way more women in the military than what we used to have pre-2000 and always did as it's a socialist doctrine.
BUT and, it's a big but, none of them are allowed near combat roles, when there are plenty of support roles where healthy young men, that could be shaped into a killing machine, are just wasted on.

So yeah literal commies are smarter than modern leftists…

It's a draft, you fucking moron. Daily reminder that shit like this is allowed now.

Never trust Republicans.

Did we meme irresponsibly?

Reminder to do anything disruptive in your power if drafted for Israsl.

I think this is a great turn of events. I'm just waiting for the feminist hand wringing and salt. Really, this means nothing, but it is a symbolic turn, no one is getting drafted, however, the feminists never even had to consider the possibility before.

thats fucking brillant:

1) designate state of emergency
2) declare war on venesula
3) draft antifa
4) send antifa to venesula
5) bomb all of venesula

2 brids one war … noice

Only degenerates put women on the battlefields!

oh no he called us degenerates , damn

Besides, even if the kikes do institute a draft to fight their disgusting war with Iran, it can only be considered a good thing that they're allowing the libshits to gut our own military with their poisonous ideology.
The less effective ZOG's military is the better.


give them a taste of what they want, I see no problem with this.


people's republic of china and russia (beginning in soviet era) have always allowed women in their militaries

What a faggot.
Women are not our children. They're the children of our enemy.
Their minds are fully occupied with the will of kikes.
Forcing women to realize that actions have consequences will accelerate the downfall.

The thing is that I understand where cuckold sam over here is getting at, but he is going about it in the wrong way. This shouldn't be a tucker carlsonesque "gotcha" moment or chess move because it's something very sinister, but there is a part in the back of my mind that states that we have to get to these absurd extents to make everyone realize how fucking twisted everything has become. Keep you eyes on Twitter to see how reactions to this ruling mature. I have seem women saying hell no, and stupid young spicettes, probably dacashits, cheering on twitter about this. Clown world has to get fucking crazy before everyone decides it's time to flip the dinner table over and be done with it entirely.

What terrifies me is that they will use this during the next war, with Iran, and will decimate a mass proportion of the US population for the sake of the Jewish antichrist/moshiach to arrive.

You've got it, baby.

Thank god, now we have a use for all of those hood rats.

Quit somebody start a major conflict somewhere.


The other way around user. There isn't going to be another world war. The next war the US and ZOG fight will be a civil one. So yes, they will draft the niggers, since the whites will be fighting against ZOG.

Your women will die to occupy oilfields in a desert "for peace" while the local marxists "allies" are shipping the stolen oil to Jews in exchange for arms
Your daughters will die to secure the existence of Jewish spawns.

There wasn't a draft for Iraq or A-stan. If they try to do one for Iran, start taking aggressive action IRL and stop sitting on your ass.

Not into combat roles. Look into things a little deeper than present please.

#Draftourdaughters became real? KEK.

Low key trolling, and least this means we're NEVER getting a draft again. Girls want equality, BUT NOT LIKE THIS!

We got dat sweet meme magic user

You forgot the cardinal rule. Zig Forums is always right. We meme'd it for a reason. Stop trying to stop with irony when she's having some fun with kek.

*stop irony

The woman's role in the military is to make sure our men don't go gay.

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Come and get it.

They want equal rights? Fine for me. Just make sure to send them to the right missions. Like using them as decoy meanwhile the boys do the real job, or put them in the front line in a human wave attack and when the enemy gets tired use the boys. Or you can use them as spies, use them as prostitutes to get info from the enemy soldier…
You see, not a big deal if you are smart enough to use them rightly.

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Suspected child diddler walking with child.

What they don't realize is young men mostly join the military so they can be in an all male environment, all they are doing is turning off a ton of males from ever wanting to join

Thanks for reposting that webm OP. Haven't seen that in a while.

When feminists were asked about why they didn't push for equal gender ratios in mining, garbage truck driving and other dangerous and/or dirty jobs, they were more than happy to say that they should get all the good jobs and they don't care about gender equality when it comes to any job they don't want. If you're expecting something other than complete hypocrisy and sociopathy out of feminists, you haven't paid the slightest bit of attention to them.

It sucks that no one will take advantage of this weakness to attack the US.

user displays a general garment and you claim it's cut to your fit. (((interesting))).

You had one job, and you fucked up.


If she dies, she dies.

Not my fucking problem anymore!

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When I was working and spreading those "Draft Our Daughters" memes during the election I didn't mean it Zig Forums honest.

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A good way to rid the country of thots. The world must replace women with artificial wombs ASAP.

i owned the draftourdaughters domain.

some fag spammed its email with ineligible 'kekism' shit


Anyone remember that story of how women in the Norwegian navy fucked up? Then another where none of them are able to pass US basic training? The stories are endless.

Hardy har har

How ignorant are low level kikes?

Acts of violence require acts of violence. Being held at gunpoint, kidnapped, placed in a cage, and forced into military servitude are all acts of violence in which violence is an acceptable and legal means to defend your constitutionally protected right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Women are our reproductive breadbasket. They are not supposed to go to war. If you lose your women to the enemy you have lost the war.

I'm so glad Hillary won.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump had won, and that racist bigot had deported 33 million New Americans?

#draftourdaughters really took off

Israel can draft sheboonmericans now to save oil in foreign countries? Who the fuck cares.

No one here was around a year ago to remember that. Everyone came directly from tumblr/facebook/reddit 2 weeks ago, judging by the posts.

90% of the people here were brought up on television/film to believe that women are the enemy, the competition and deserve to be taught a lesson. Yeehaw it's about time!! Woohoo.
The reversal of morals is almost entirely complete. When these faggots starting throwing newborns onto enemy bayonets and cheering, the polarity flip will be complete.

Lets face it, good men and women already exhausted all political options, few that were there to begin with. The subhuman masses will only learn through pain now.

You can always be a consciencious objector.

I imagine getting out of the draft is no harder than getting out of jury duty.

Like a fiddle
that being said It is Stupid retarded and backwards to send your warrior making machines off to war .but this is (((2019))) so i doubt history will repeat itself .strong woman and beta male White knights in toe lead by niggers jews and trannys to die for ??? Weird. I know it's wrong but I'm just thinking in terms of watching a kid put a penny in a light socket i know they wouldn't try that again Tough love
Muh Country has gone full retard and it's so Comfy


Yep. Ann Coulter retweeted a remark about the cost of college and since a good looking white woman was the subject, there were no positive remarks. Many remarks suggested going to a nig-infested cheaper school or skipping college to live with nigs. The country is fubar.

I don't want them in the military just as much as I do not want them in politics. I'm from a place that has mandatory conscription for men. The only addition that I want, is a Starship Troopers like addition that only gives cititzenship to those that served.

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As if a kike would know anything about how the US military works. They rarely serve. They simply let the Goyim suffer and die for their own profit.

Resulting in a decimating of their population, as happened to Russia in Second World War. So smart…

Women aren’t for the draft, but to raise children.

If you are under the illusion that is shitskins, that will be suffer most casualties, then I have a bridge to sell to you…

Muzzies and Mormons figured it out.

When you lose 75% of your male population to war, you NEED polygamy to maintain population levels in the next round. 4 wives to a man.

You go back to monogamy when the emergency has passed in the following generation.

Lose women also? That's genocide.