African Gangs Terrorizing Australia

Aussies in the Chelsea area of Melbourne are regularly attacked and robbed. One man has hired armed guards to patrol around his house because 30 Africans attacked him after he told one of the, to get off his car. Restaurants are losing customers because blacks in the area intimidate everyone.

Whites have taken to patrolling the area with baseball bats.

Of course, the Africans claim to be innocent victims of muh racism.

>Whites have taken to patrolling the area with baseball bats.
Big club. Big ouch.

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Stop projecting kike subhuman

That's nice reddit, fuck off now.

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We had this thread literally last week.

Someone in Australia stolen my identity to pay their government fines or some shit. After twenty emails they are still going "Hmm, can I get more info about this?"

And im supposed to care about some lazy fucks who accept proceeds from crime and waste my time? Nah I'm good.

"Omg nationalism" "omg we need to be the world police!"

I fucking hate niggers, I hate how ugly their black nigger skin is and flat nigger faces are, and I hate how they come to this white-built utopia from their sub-Saharan shithole and start trashing up the place before crying about their oppressions.

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we aren't allowed guns, they are regulated to the point of uselessness, if you're gonna use one, you best have a wide array of techniques and plans to avoid ever getting pulled over or spotted by police.

Baseball bats are the least likely weapon you'll get a serious fine/charge for wielding as you can sort of plausibly claim you're carrying them to a park to actually use. Same with cricket bats or golf clubs, but both are less useful than a baseball bat.

Luckily it's all soo new and exciting our cuckfest of a media are actually still sort of covering it, in the USA or Europe they'd just bury all this. People are still allowed to have a negative opinion of Africoons without getting socially lynched in australia, for now.

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Haven't your home-grown motorcycle gangs taken to manufacturing their own?

I'd glass ya but well…

Nice post about the African merc. Thanks.

Sounds like a dream job, but too late for me.

thank god you can't own weapons in basically any meaningful sense to protect yourself, giving up your rifles for the safety of your jewish masters was a phenominal idea, enjoy being unable to affect any change in this in any meaningful way, ever


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Just use the local flora and fauna. 20cm of gympie gympie is no joke.

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Did this surprise anyone?

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the same division keeps happening over and over in every western country. college """educated""" leftists decry "racism" and pathologize wanting to defend one's own country against outsiders.

lmao I love how they turned the story into woe is niggers at the end. I would make some ironic comments about how great diversity is but that time is no more

Hit the gym, lads.

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yeah no, they get chinese black market ones or buy the stolen home invasion guns off the meth addicts who break into the homes, theres also still hundreds of thousands of missing guns out there reported "stolen" by the owners when that cunt Howard fucked us over with his false flag.

The cops put alot of funding, time and effort into persecuting biker gangs, and anyone caught manufacturing guns is fucked, most actively go and manufacture machetes before guns, it's safer.

we have no utopia, the jews saw to that, they kill any goy that tries to make one.

hahahah that's exactly what I was thinking. About 5000 miles apart, but yeah.

Trump did this , he’s enabling white genocide worldwide, we should’ve voted for Hillary, but don’t vote goy errr…. I mean fellow Aryans , every vote you cast is for the Jews, Larp Larp Larp.
Since this is every thread any more I figured I’d post it here.