Promoting National Socialism with Cats

It's not hard to re-educate an indoctrinated Aryan male after the age of 25.
However, I have only experienced difficulty with Aryan females because women are primarily led by emotions.
I didn't discover the solution until I spoke with a woman who found out I promote Hitler. She herself admired Hitler.
When I asked why, when so many women are emotionally retarded about this, she answered:
"I saw pictures of him with animals. A man who loves them can't be evil."
She told me how coming to this conclusion led her to realize multiculturalism is destructive. She married another Aryan and had white children.
We must consider bringing the emotionally charged over to our side. There's no denying Zig Forums is majority male.
That is why I'm suggesting cats and kittens.
I'm talking photoshopping them onto regular redpill infographics with "did you know" and then proving the NSDAP wasn't evil.
Especially about the concentration camps and many luxuries they were afforded.
It doesn't have to stop there. Use puppies, or other young animals.
We must appeal to emotions

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Nice try, toxoplasmosis.

That's rich, coming from your kind. There's only one reason you would have a problem with this, kike.

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This is how we win.

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Excellent thread, great idea.

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Seems like good propaganda, and honest too.
You should add the quote from some kike, from Tikkun Olam or something, how Judaism is anti-nature.

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Yet another jew thread for the stupid goy

Win them over with bambi lead them with kittens.

Well, I see rats telling women to mate with chimpanzees and most of them do without even asking, so I understand your point, women love animals and they do what animals tell them to do.

But you need to convert youngsters first so they don't get brainwashed and believe blindly the shit their teachers will tell them. What you need is an online cartoon show starring nice Hitler rescuing animals and giving hints to kids at the end of each episode ! "Remember kids, the solution to world peace is as easy as doing the washing, you just have to separate colors and whites."

Guess you just got here a few weeks ago, we've had the NatSoc cartoon game going for years

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One of the first redpills for me was that Hitler loved animals, as did the Reich. Even my history teacher who was a jew couldnt get around that fact. I though the same, they cant be evil. When I said so to the history jew he flipped his shit and whined about the holohoax. He tried to get me kicked off school too, when I explained my side of the story to the head of the school he simply replied "I can agree with you on that", so I didnt get kicked off. The jew of course wasnt fired and every lesson from him became a holohoax lesson, which made classmates dislike him more.

Typical haters trying to pan loyalists

Like so?

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These are jewish shills who hate nature.

And dogs loved him very much.

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I had a kike history teacher who spun this exact fact and made some lie about Hitler was once in a room and they showed him a video of animals getting tortured, he was horrified, then they showed him videos of precious jewish babies being murdered, and he had no reaction whatsoever, in fact he just saw them as numbers. All my classmates, myself included at the time (this was like 10th grade) believing that as fact. I'm sure the kike had video evidence of this taking place buried somewhere in his lampshade and pedo collection.

Thats funny, the history jew said exactly that too. By that time I was well aware of the jewish lies.

Every liar in town has a license to lie about the Holocaust as much as they like. Zero consequences, even especially in school. I could tell a classroom full of kindergartners the Nazis used to shoot Jews on rockets into the Sun, and at worst I'd get a minor talking to.

By the way, Hitler couldn't even stand to watch the film of his traitor generals hanged for the bomb attempt on his life. He ordered the projector shut off so he didn't have to see it.

Well World War One left a huge impact on him, same as the death of his mother. He had a heart of gold, simple as that.

You'd be immediately put on the list for future career opportunities with the Dept. of Education and even possibly get a look or two for CIA recruitment.

What makes you say that about my post and how it alludes to the child like nature of women?



I said cats, not Natsoc cartoons which are not helping anything.

^They even say goyim because it's casual for them.

Yes, kike historians will lie about anything, especially involving Hitler. They said he was germaphobic but ate feces, emotionless but full of rage, homosexual but a womanizer, impotent but a sex maniac, pure Austrian but black and jewish and why you should hate Aryans, a Catholic zealot atheist, drug-addicted but health obsessed straight-laced satanically possessed vegan who loved sausage and eggs, abstaining from drink but downed kegs, cold and reasoning but also madly insane.

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Toxiplasma Gondii by the way, isn't only found in cats or specific to them.
That's a lie pushed by the hasbarats in this thread.

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Sure why not? Even though Hitler was most commonly photographed with dogs afaik, if cats will bring more White women on board then that's fine too.


in elementary school in los angeles full of non-europeans my teachers always said hitler killed anybody who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes; i was the only child in the entire school who was.


Read the 25 points before larping as a Natsoc and embarrassing yourself

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More like you're a nigger with room temperature IQ who can't even read what I was responding to.

kill yourself

maybe you were classmates?


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.

Can confirm. In a discussion I showed this right-wing girl pictures of with various cute animals. She couldn't believe that such evil men would be so kind to animals. It took a while for her coming up with the asumption that indeed they weren't ,that evil'. I also showed her the video of Evalion about how Hitler did nothing wrong, and she especially liked the part with Hitler and his doggos.
She slowly overcame her programming through the use of emotional arguments. But in the end, most women will be won over by our victory. They always kneel to the dominant system.

That evil cunt was most likely intentionally attempting to have you killed by the other kids. DOTR when?

I posted heavily on the End of Christendom thread on Friday and was crapped on like walking under a flock of nasty crows. Hope that does not happen to this thread. It has a good start.

cool story bro. if that's the quality of posts you were making there then i have another great one for you here;
lurk for two fucking years before posting again.

It was my first time posting and getting crapped on by the crows on Zig Forums. I am learning, I am used to civility. Go away if you have no good advice.

The quality of my posts included numerous scripture passages. Cannot get better quality posts than that. Try being civil.

12848297 Do tell which definition of DOTR you are using. I looked it up at found too many. That when abbreviations are a hindrace to communication.

my only civil post to you is this; abide by the fucking rules. you must lurk for two years before posting here, newfriend. now stfu.

No. 12848362 Hope you are not a mod. The way you follow the rules does not add up. Go away

Last post was for No.12848416 Copy and paste mess up . Please go away.

As you're new here, a little sincere friendly advice: you will always be crapped on. That's Zig Forums's immune system. Do not be offended. Do not defend yourself from the mean words. Defend your ideas.

If your ideas have merit and you can argue in favor of them, you will succeed and others will come around to your point of view. If your ideas are shit, people will call them shit, and you will be called a faggot, a nigger, and a kike shill. This is a good thing. And this is why Zig Forums is hated by those who want to spread lies and bad ideas. Don't bemoan the crows, embrace them.

Also, and this cannot be emphasized enough, lurk two years before posting.

If it takes 2 years to the crap, might not be worth it. I have to much valid good civil stuff to share. Are you a mod? Do I have to read 2 years of rules to avoid your type? Too bad. I am used to people treating other better than you are.

At this rate, I will need to lurk for another year before I get civil treatment.

The kind of language I find here would not be used waehrend Das Reich. Muss Ich auf Deutsch posten?

Suicide now, you fucking yid.

Yids dont speak pure Deutsch like do. Verstehst Du?

I like the They live glasses meme. I bet I will see the last poster in mine if I put them on.

you wont be treated civil for lurking two years but by then you will have learned stuff that you get crapped on now for not understanding. sort of.


2 years is very high overhead to post highly valid civil stuff. No wonder mostly larps post here.

I guess that is the price for posting anonymously. Have to learn to live with it, I guess.


I was debating starting a thread about this subject but I think this thread is more appropriate. I watched this video last night about how all the once impeccable pristine cities of America's west are now rat infested shit holes, literally toilets swarming with shit clogged streets, frp, the most wretched beggars and drug addict scum. The shitskin mayor of Denver, once an amazing paradise of a city made it legal of meth addicts to shit openly in the streets. And with them rats are swarming everywhere; Los Angeles is so bad that they're spreading out to the best neighborhoods. You can see them swarming all over the houses in middle class neighborhoods. The plague is not far behind.

And this brought me back to the most savage jew eradication pogroms which occured during the rat born bubonic plague. The jews were blamed for the plague; did they breed the rats to incite the spread of disease in a biological warfare program to eradicate whites?

Keep posting more National Socialist kitties.

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Daily reminder that anti-cat is anti-White.

The biggest fucking rat I ever saw, I saw in Los Angeles. Thing was the size of a terrier.

Bump? Fine, but there is a DISTINCT LACK of cute kittens prompting National Socialism in this thread.

Neck yourself.