The timeline where hitler won

I have evidence that there is a timeline where hitler won ww2 where america stayed out. This professor phate claims that his timeline is 25 years behind when the interview was conducted in 1999. Germany rules over europe and european russia, italy has their own roman empire and japan rules the east. also britain is germanys puppet empire. america is allied with the national socialists and have become fascist. sounds great except one thing. They are expecting war with japan soon and besides that fact its a pretty chill timeline. Anyone want to input their thoughts on this? I know science has proven that we are in a multiverse and parallel universes exist. the links to the interview is at the bottom

professor phate interview part 1:

part 2:

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This professor claims his consciousness was implanted here through space time technology to his double on this parallel earth to gather more info. He is concerned that this timeline is unstable due to temporal manipulation by the mauntauk project and other factors. He also claims our timeline will "dissipate" around 2025-2035 due to the singularity and AI. This is my first post on here and ive been a lurker and want to know what you guys think. i can elaborate more if your too lazy to read the whole thing but the guy doesnt sound like hes joking.


Why do you say that? can you elaborate more?

does this have anything to do with

And you believed him?

no. Well maybe the parts trying to explain how disinformation works is relevant

i think you might be from the past yourself.


did anyone even actually read the whole thing before commenting their "genius" seriously?

If hitler would have won we wouldnt be 3D anymore due to (very reasons) but the world got coerced into wanting to stay in the carnal cycle. Now we are stuck in this clown loop chasing our own tail until someone(s) becomes the singularity or we brute force out of it. Change my mind.

Did you? No evidence, no science. Just fiction.

see: Philip K. Dick

i believe it. Its plausible what he says. i read it all and you should make up your mind after k

Yeah, I think I've seen the timeline too, on Amazon Prime.

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Does Japan still make anime in this timeline?

Who is the leader of America in this timeline and what is his title?

Me too.

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Thank Codemonkey personally for making this garbage the standard level of quality for the board.

It's Qushner. He's bought the board and anything that exposes the autkike controlled OP Trumpcucks, exposes Jews, or exposes Trump himself is slid to death with dozens of pre-written threads that are spit out in the same fashion as a bot would post.
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Is their anime in that timeline? I assume the nukes caused anime.

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That pillock is from a pretty decent timeline i suppose.
Im happen to be from the timeline where pic related happened.
*Hitler won btw*

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And what will happen to us? Are we gonna be "transferred" to another timeline?

Fuck off kikefy, you're not getting your board back.

So OP, are you ever going to tell me who runs America and what his title is? I'm genuinely curious.

This. Don't fall into fantasy land. Even if it was true, wtf then? Cool story, that's all.

i understand the japanese psyche better than anyone on here.

these people are ambitious but incredibly weak, so of course they would have stabbed germany in the back.

they fucked themselves over by not rebelling against tokugawa who was basically nigger tier in the way he took over the country. they merely accepted their place.

although irl i think the next emperor will be able to fix a lot of shit simply because he's very anti-abe and therefore anti-cuckservative. i some day wish to consolidate as much power as he has and can respect him for this. he's going to take advantage of the "emperor cult" and get whatever he wants done whist fucking a good looking girl the whole time. basically next year Japan will be ruled by a "chad" and you're going to see some serious shit if he's not a complete liberal asshole that just wants to smoke weed.

Manipulative people enslave themselves to their manipulations… It’s more fun to be honest. Truth is power. By giving power to all, we reaffirm all civilization and prosperity. Let people act badly if they want badly enough to be slaves; man must not submit, and shall not.

japan's worst case scenario is turning into amsterdam on steroids and legalizing all drugs to promote tourism as a last ditch effort to maintain racial homogeneity. the higher ups in government will agree to this too.

We'll wake up in the timeline where Hitler won and aryans rule the world, - thus being decades if not hundreds of years ahead of us in terms of technology - and this whole life will be examined whether one's fit to exist in the natsoc earth or is he to be discarded

They really have to stop making the "bad guys" in their propaganda look so fucking awesome.

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I read it. It is a bit above me tbh or I don't have the required background this saddens me.

stopped reading there

This is why I believe the Mandela Effect is real. I'm Gen X and distinctly remember the original books as Berenstein. Mandela Effect = we are the wrong timeline. NatSoc Time Commandos are breaking into "our" timeline to try and rescue us.

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I like how he specifies the time down to the second (including time zone) as if he was copy-pasting from an email but doesn't include a subject line or signature or anything else you'd get copy / pasting from an email. I know that's not conclusive or anything but it smells like he's trying to pretend that this is first-hand material, instead of a creative writing project. It's too coherent to be a schizo-post but it's like he's impersonating a schizo-poster in the opening paragraph. You can tell that the entire thing was written by the same guy rather than some "professor" and the website owner. The writing style of the entire thing feels like it's meant to make dumb people feel smart.

While it's an entertaining thought experiment, this is really fake and the guy who wrote it should try harder to make it look real.

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I had a good day but now I'm fucking sad. I miss Terry.

What the fuck OP Is your alternate reality tellin u to kill your self?

This means there may be a way out…


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.


Hello David. How's Shariablue these days? You took the fucking bait.

Except it hasn’t. The large hydron collider was the main thing in trying to figure this out exactly. They were gonna smash two particles together and I forget exactly what this would do but we could measure whatever it would do. (This would prove either super symmetry or the multiverse.) When we measure this it would fall on to two number ranges if it was closer to x it would prove super symmetry, if it was closer to y it would prove the multi verse theory. But it fell right in the middle, so nether were proven and were fucking at a loss. What you’re most likely thinking of is the multiple timeline theory which was proven.

The "bad guys" were already awesome to begin with. That is because their strength shows no matter how much (((they))) try to discredit them.

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How does it feel to know no matter what, I am still right, and still White you kike.

Strong men look bad in the eyes of low-t soyboys.

Sounds like the man in the high castle or whatever the show is called.

God it's terrible. This is fakeass high school shit.


Technically, that's only one interpretation and the core concept of multiple universes is unfalsifiable.

OP is linking to satanic websites

"I have evidence" sure thing boss

✭┈┈┈°•☆ Beats Me ☆•°┈┈┈✭

Also why the fuck are "lolis" the featured board, and what kind of crippled faggot would make a site allowing that?

The featured boards are the boards trying to "recruit" you.

I have had Marx and some other boards up constantly. Don't bite the bite. They are all fucking degenerates. They sometimes come here to set traps as well. Most of the people posting are Informants for various organizations. There are only a few nontied in people on here including myself.

I get that but I'm seriously wondering why anyone would help support a site that openly declared they are a safe haven for those people , then two seconds later be like OMG PIZZAGATE.

That's not free speech . I am the most pro free speech person on Earth to the point where people can threaten to kill me or scream fire in a movie theater, and anyone even suggesting that pedos should ve given the benefit of the doubt needs shot in the face. We arent talking about some low iq fucktard nigger who Rob's a bank because his runaway daddy didn't teach him basic morals, we are talking about people who know enough about society to infiltrate positions of power and use that to rape kids.

I don't even give a fuck about these dumb ass kids and wish they were aborted but that doesn't mean ignoring the problem wont lead to a shit world.

Sounds like someone read Philip K. Dick's book and is just repeating the exact same story in the early internet era when most people in the conspiracy world would be too gullible and not see the copypasta.

1st Gen Troll story IMO.

Y’all even read the links?


So OP, are you going to answer my question?

tried to post the 1994 movie fatherland similar to what the op says

There's no such thing as alternate realities or a multiverse. Maybe the universe is infinite, and so out there are infinite other Earths where different things happen. But by definition they will be 10s of billions of light years away and so, irrelevant. We can do nothing but imagine them, which is no different to imagining anything else.

There is only one reality. Every cause has a definite (if unkowable to us) effect. Your choices are predetermined by the prime cause at the beginning of the universe. You don't create another universe when you make a choice, because ultimately, that choice was the only one you were ever going to make, based on the information you had at the time.