Ironically, Hitler continues to find many followers in India, a nation of predominantly brown-skinned people. Here, Hitler’s brand of fascism has taken on a distinctly Indian flavor, authenticated with a combination of ethnic hatred and Hindu nationalism.

Recently, browsing through Facebook threw up an eerie shock. “Hari Om Heil Hitler,” said a post next to an image of a young Hitler, followed by a paean to Aryan values. The cover picture read, “Aum, Hail Aryan, Hail Aryavart,” meaning “Hail Aryans, Hail Land of the Aryans.” On display is his German screen name – “Kemradschaft Jeet.”

His feed is full of Nazi insignia with images of Hitler and graphics of Vishnu, a Hindu god known for several reincarnations. “Adolf Hitler, the ultimate avatar,” said one image. “India’s Swastika God,” said another. Their posts reflect an oft-repeated theory in neo-Nazi web forums, that Hitler was a reincarnation of Vishnu.

Vile anti-Semitic obloquy accompanied it: “Germany is now a Rabbit under the shelter of Jewish Finance,” “With the Hollywood movie industry and the majority of U.S. television networks, newspapers and publishing houses Jewish-owned, for nearly 70 years, the demonization of Adolf Hitler has been almost relentless.”

His friends comment in chorus: “Jai Shree Ram, Heil Hitler” (“Hail Shree Ram, Heil Hitler”), “Nazi the great,” “Hitler was supporter of Indian Nationalist.” Many of them shared a YouTube video with over 100,000 hits, entitled “Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told,” alongside the salutation “Jai Hind” (“Victory to India,” an independence-era slogan.)

These posts are a putrid mix of anti-Semitic racism, misogyny and extreme Hindu nationalism. Evoking the widely held myth of Aryan racial superiority (appropriated to refer to “Aryan” Indians) and the Nazi propaganda of the “sacralization of terror, embodied in the Kshatriya code and the Bhagavad-Gita,” these posts reflect the belief that Hitler was born to end Kali Yuga, the dark age of Hindu mythology.

As one post reads: “If we go to North East [of India] we find mixed races of Mongoloids and many more cases where pure Aryan bloodline was lost.”

In 2004, when now-Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, school textbooks published by the Gujarat State Board portrayed Hitler as a hero, and glorifyied fascism. The tenth-grade social studies textbook had chapters entitled “Hitler, the Supremo,” and “Internal Achievements of Nazism.”

In 2012, when tenth-grade students taking French lessons at a private school in Mumbai were asked to complete a sentence starting with “J’admire” followed by the name of the historical figure they admired most, nine out of 25 students picked Hitler.

Mein Kampf has also gone mainstream, becoming a “must-read” management strategy book for India’s business school students.

This infamous polemic remains a money-spinner for publishers. English-language editions of Mein Kampf are published by a number of reputable Indian publishing houses, such as Jaico, Printline, Indialog, Maple Press, Mastermind, Prakash, Om Books, Rohan, Adarsh, Ajay, Embassy, Lexicon and Wilco. They fill bookshelves at airports, bookstores and online marketplaces, while cheap pirated versions fill pavement stalls in major cities.

In casual conversations, a surprising number of well-read, globe-trotting Indians shared a respectful, almost fanatical, admiration for Hitler. “This country needs a dictator like Hitler,” is a common trope I have heard from well-educated Indians with degrees from some of the best universities in the world. A poll conducted by the Times of India in 2002 found that 17 percent favored Adolf Hitler as “the kind of leader India ought to have.” It is not surprising then, that ice creams, pool parlors, restaurants, clothing stores, home furnishing stores, films and television shows have all chosen to use “Hitler” or “Nazi” as their brand names.

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Indians (elite Indians at least) are one of the last major peoples on earth not utterly pozzed and asphyxiated by abrahamitic poison and last bastion of Indo-European religion, of course they love Hitler.


Implying there's a difference between pajeets.

there are, quite big ones, Brahamins/Kshatriyas have much more steppe ancestry and are closer to Europeans

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That's because they look at how many Europeans he killed and applaud it.

Yes they can, and are, frequently.

The absolutely can.

When your god finally incarnates to defeat the toilet witch and Jews kill him.

The fact that a impoverished country like India with all of its problems and rampant illiteracy and massive poverty (they can't even use bathrooms!) is more woke on the JQ and Hitler while you get in jail in some European countries for just looking up the truth, is very depressing.

Swastikas have been found in practically every unrelated culture in the world convergently. While there's all the theories that it's a sun symbol think there's something to it that humans are hardwired to find it appealing, I myself remember an anecdote from when I was about 5 years old, I drew a swastika and described it as "this is my symbol" and I didn't even know anything about Hitler or National Socialism.

Simple minded people see the world more as it is because they're immune to sophistry, they don't have the capacity to rationalize insane shit like say any college student in the West. Of course I'm talking about lower-mid-IQ people like curries or dumber whites, not niggers, those are easily swayed by narratives like you invented everything and whites stole it away from you.


Oh golly golly gosh most in the definitely. Please do the needful.

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and smelly Pajeets just lapped his appeasement tactic up, like the Fingols who turned nazi yet they were classed as asiatic untermenschen by German racial laws

There is nothing worse than a pajeet, save for a kike.

FFS man I am one of those comm enters and they are talking about this Kemradschaft Jeet is in my friendlist he now goes on a different id name.

The group of Indian National Socialists are aware of the consequence of International Jewery and hence we post about Hitler, we admire his supernatural fight for existence, and he closely resonates with our Hindu laws when compared to Judaic Christianity which has no absolute standard for maintaining racial purity is like lotus in shitty pond.

Ok Zig Forums I visit here because I like to enquire about the truth, but when I see guys like who who don't see our country with lens of Zig Forums dissapoints me because this is the platform of truth and people should question,debate and come to conclusion, for Zig Forums India is a whole brown continent, well I don't envy you for thinking such because we are just too far from each other to care about who's who, right? But this is a International event which demands us to know each well we are in a spiritual decay of utmost order, never before in History was there such a movement online, of people of totally different demographics speaking to each other and forming a plan of joint consensus action.

Well I didn't had any racial views till now because when you come to India, you will see various shit happening, like according to Zig Forums someone who is a 9/10 Aryan is working as a janitor and someone with typical brown shade is a 150 IQ developing in DRDO and shiiet, I don't know what the fuck happened in History but we surely ended up with a caste system which I guess took the concept of IQ and such in account and categorized people in order.

The guy mentioned in the article who post pro Nazi stuff is a kayastha, and Subash Chandra Bose the guy who met Hitler in the pic is Kayastha as well, so you can base the judgement of caste like wise, some are more political some are good with invention, some are just fucking niggers with no family who has contributed anything to politics.

Likewise this guy here thinks Sardars are the real aryans, lol , when you apply pol standards there are mere basic wage earners with nepotism and tribal mentality as usual, Sikh gang of Canada is enough for your reasoning, I am not cherry picking man just go to Punjab supposed Aryans living like lowest of the lowest of Africa, according to this post dark southies must not have civilization right? Compare the most open defecation area in Indias map, and you will have the answer.
He patented Dam technology.
This guy a Telegu Brahman shares my ancestry and likewise the ancestry of the Srinivas Kuchibotla, and there are few others like Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan the guy who met Kennedy during 1960's in White house, Satya Nadella is also one of ours.

Hence according to pol we are just dravidian niggers right? And the fucking smelly truck drivers are the real Aryans?
Watch this fucking video and stop worshiping the North like they are some real Arayans lol, Gypsies share their genetics WTF pol?

India was right but they were wrong about toilets. How do you fuck that up?

This thread fills me with the inexplicable urge to translate The Dragon Delasangre into Arabic. Random, I know.

Of course, Hitler never wanted war with Britain, but had he focused on Britain as Italy and Japan desired, who knows? Germany needed Romanian oil though, and the USSR knew this. It was a matter of time. Whatever he said or felt about pajeet, it didn't really matter did it? They're right to thank Hitler for his contribution to humanity and the higher races, which although they might not posess much anymore, at least back in the day a crust of them had the blood, and they owe their spirits to the Aryan. It fits that they would honor a fifth cousin twice removed.

Oy vey pajeets when are you going to pay for that holohoax atrocities. You better build one holohoax memorial and declare it a national monument, entry fee for public rupee 100.

What if India in the last millenium was intentionally used as a multi cultural/ multi ethnic experiment to serve as a template for white countries, with crypto castist societies, fragmented and mixed beyond recognition.
Caste (ethnic) mixing is heavily promoted in Indian film industry.
What if the same methods are being employed this to white countries albeit exploiting white guilt.
Just a crazy thought.

Thank Savitri Devi for this. Back in the 30's to 50's she and a yogi where promoting National Socialism and Hitlerism. Going as far as to raise funds to build a temple dedicated to Hitler, during those years they managed to piss of the commies and stop their movements and plans for a "revolution".

Read And Time Rolls On, she did a lot more than that. She understood that National Socialism is on par with Hinduism and that the Hindus would see it that way as well.

it's amazing the kinds of threads you will try to shill this shit in

Ashy Indians reckon they're the original aryans and that they travelled from India, not to. They think Hitler was referring to them.

India would not have been liberated without the support and motivation of the third Reich.

Your research sucks. The indians know damn well that the best of their ancestry came into the region from the north. They still have their history in better form than anyone else, because they never let the kikes destroy it.

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You forgot to mention, that she was the one who recruited Bose and many other heroes to the people of India and their neighbors.

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More like a billion people cannot be right………… Hitler fucked up, National socialism fucked up. Pure stupidity larping as swastika - tards instead of actually fucking doing anything. When ever non - Germans think they are national socialists, I just laugh… pure stupidity.

Hi shillkun. Keeping busy with the shilling? How's your partner's son doing?

meh, could be ACLU fake nazis looking for funding to save India.

Or AIPAC fake nazis looking for funding. Trump will give them the funding to save India.

Get fucked kike

Oh? Do tell us all your deep and knowledgeable insights further.
Maybe start with what you think National Socialism is?

The kikes are finally responding to Bose getting a chain of islands named after him. A National Socialist has been immortalized in modern times, and the kike knows that India is on it's way to being a super power.
It's time to start making connections with India and supporting those who remember the sacrifices made to free them from the kike, so that India can repay the favor.

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You jews are not even trying. Is the pay you get to shill here that low?


I take that as a yes.

Go fuck a goat, hebrew larper.

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It actually is that low… Fiver pays better than shilling imageboards.

Fuck off kikefy.



What is the best book/source to read about the Aryan/Hindu mythology? Iirc Himmler was said to carry a certain book related to the topic with him at all times. Any ideas?

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This place is full of shills and dumdasses living in polandball comics.

The Bhagwad Gita.

Start with that, then the vedas etc.The vedas contain wisdow hundreds of years ahead of its time for example: the caste system, race mixing red pills, the value of honest hard work, resilience to communism, etc.
The Gita even says that violence is justified when the religion is in danger. SOmething the HIndus today do not follow. We have fallen a far distance from our glorious ancestors desu.

t.Indian National Socialist


See there is potential but you need Modi gone since he's one of the few world leaders Like ScoMo who suck more kike dick then even Trump

yeah basically anglokikes btfod india and then hitler helped them when he challenged international finance and the crown

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We literally have no one else. COngress have ben sucking paki cock for 70 years. I am much happier with Modi and Yogiji promoting Hindu values and creating a Hindu nationalist country. I do not think we are at the level where we can afford to start fighting the kikes openly.
If there is a totally judenfrei leader in any country, I will completely support him, but for now all we have is Trump, Modi and Putin.

Go home Hindus

And they will never be white.

That's alright, as long as they choose to protect their own race and let us protect our own race. That's the basis of National Socialism: to protect one's own race from external mingling.

I am a big defender of whites purely because it is despicable what is happening to you guys. Worst part is your own people are to blame in many cases.
I am no different from Hitler; I would find it much easier to deal with you if you help us protect our religion and back us against terror attacks. I would get along great with white nationalists. Lets stand together as both of us could learn a great deal from the other culture. We will both prevail.

South Indian butt hurt cuz North Indian Sikh seen as Indo Aryan… Lols…

Why wouldn't they be? Hitler personally admired their fighting ability and wanted them recruited into SS… Sikhs battle exploits known the world over… Statues built to Sikhs to guard Buddhist temples in China even…

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