Trump Admin Abandons 'Last Years Immigration Priorities'. Now Pro Amnesty, Pro H1-B & Anti Raise Act

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And that’s a good thing

Funny, I don’t recall having seen kushner on my ballot

No kike-free first post ;(


this is actually comical to read it's so pathetic, fuck (((Bl*mpf)))

SAGE for (((Bl*mpf))) thread

report and filter ALL (((Bl*mpf))) supporters


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Just imagine what he could do with another term!

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Huhr duhr huhhhh TRUST DUHR PLAN huuurr you have more than you need huh duh.

This is winning
Anglin and the_donald are doing God's work, 2020 is a lock.

Biggest cuck on the planet.



Even Hillary Clinton is less anti-White than this fucking kike, christ this is a nightmare.

You can't hide the ZOG emperor's transgressions.

unbelievable footage of this

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Remember that metallic phosphates thing? The limit of “Hire American” hasn’t nearly been hit. On that note, I hope metallic phosphates are driven out of the food supplies of other countries, so their workers have more energy with which to pursue productive opportunities. Wealth abroad reduces migration disruption factors while generally firming up the position of labor.

Poorer communities might stop voting Republican if the Republican Party tries to woo corporate America back from the Democrats…

it's like anyone with a brain would know that deporting the 30mil beaners that are here is their biggest bargaining chip, but Trump is so fucking stupid he *promises* not to do so.

We can't have the bad PR folks, many cases of crying beaners, very sad, lose baste hispanic voters!

sage negated

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Trump knows he's holding his supporters hostage because they have nowhere to go. His opponents hate them even more than he does and he absolutely despises them under the public face he puts on. They can either admit they were wrong and suffer the social repercussions while having no alternative to turn to or they can delude themselves into continuing to support him as a coping mechanism for their dire situation. This enables Trump to enact left wing policies he has always been in favor of but his supporters have been resisting for decades.

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OH NOES some libfaggot will run their mouth about something they know nothing about
Maybe the boomers will finally wake up and realize this country is toast

Yes Mr Trump, I am tired of winning, very tired.

He used to have so much energy. I think he's gone senile from all the jews and their cronies attacking him.

He was always kiked. He even read the Snake poem to you dozens of times, only you didn't realize he was talking about himself. You knew Trump was a snake, and yet you took him in.

You're right about President's losing energy though, we saw it with Bush and Obama too. After the first few years of their terms, they could barely string together two sentences without stuttering.

I admit I fell for the hype and shilled this kike aggressively for over a year until I saw obvious signs I was conned, then I got numb, now I'm just angry. Many people I've talked to are turning on this orange jew to the extent his reelection is likely impossible especially with the more turdskins he let in. I doubt he really cares though and would honestly not be surprised if he did run if he went full commie crazy and show his true colors.

OP spreading FAKE NEWS
Your greentext has nothing at all about H1-B though.

Supposing that Trump is on board with these actions by Kushner… how exactly is that abandoning immigration priorities? Trump campaigned on ending chain migration, that's what giving less weight to family connections MEANS.

Increasing caps on employment-based visas was only done on the higher-education grouping, taking the place of lower-educated workers. Lower-educated workers shouldn't be coming them, giving their spot to higher-educated immigrants is a good thing.

Holy shit, preventing immigrants with temp visas from getting automatic perm visas? (((ONLY A JEW WOULD DO THIS))). We clearly must give free automatic permanent visas to MORE immigrants, not less, right OP?

I don't get why you faggots are so blackpilled lately. Did you forget about Ben Garrison? Why are you cringeplaining about Trump instead of meming him as natsoc? Fucking niggers always forgetting the lulz.

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I wanted Trump in there because I thought it would be absolutely hilarious comedy. I wanted to see what would happen if a literal mad man just started deporting beaners left and right. He certainly acted like the part well on the campaign. Remember when he announced the Muslim ban? People lost their damn minds and he just stuck to his guns seemingly without giving a damn (for a while at least, before tempering it). As I've read more about his connections with Epstein, it seems he was always a POS. I see him now as a conman, but there are other possibilities.

>Mad man, who accidentally won, and is now being drugged/blackmailed to do the (((right))) thing.

You might be on to something.

You expected Trump to play all his cards and then lose the 2020 election because of a furious white-guilt public. Trump is more insidious than that though. You can't fathom his chess. SNL is mocking the recent bill like it's a loss. It has even alienated Ann Coulter and eyepatch guy.

But what everyone fails to realize, is that the temporary amnesty for the (((potential))) sponsors of UACs is not what it seems. It is all an elaborate trick to make them reveal where they live, and in the process of trying to become immune to deportation, they FACILITATE it. Trump will deport them as soon as they stop being a sponsor, which happens either when they deport the kid or he fails to appear for court. Either way win-win. deport them soon as they finish escorting them.

It's all rigged. He's going to win. It's all part of the plan, the real (((plan))), not the Qtard plan.


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9/10 imitation of a Trumptard, would have given full marks if you'd explicitly told me to "Trust the plan."

He'll definitely win, they like to recoup their investment.

Precisely. Reality is exactly opposite to what trumpniggers believe it is. Zion Don was the selected candidate from day one. The media isn't against him at all – they obfuscate his geopolitical terrorism and use simple reverse psychology to establish Dump's bona fides with low-information constituents.

Exactly. Those people in the media are some his oldest friends. It's why he calls them fake news and the enemy of the people yet gives them exclusive interviews and never promotes alternate media sources. The media's hatred for Trump and Trump's hatred for the media is a farce to dupe his supporters.

So being a Cuckservative is tradition.

It's really weird that Alex Jones would actually be right about Trump being drugged through his drinks. It would explain why the past 3 Presidents look so harrowed and tired. What does being president require buddhist training and an extensive education in chemistry so you'll fast for weeks or months at a time and use chemistry to test every single food for your whole term?

We have to start fighting before there are more of them than there are of us.
The only solution is to stop voting and start shooting.

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Can you please post the other 10 images you have catagorized of trump funny faces. Please Mr. Totally Legit user

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I can't find the video, because youtube and google both suck these days, but there's a juxtaposition of Bush speaking as Governor vs as President, and it's a night and day difference. He went from being a smooth talker to a lobotomized fool.

You were the Rach poster, weren't you?

My family turned away from the orange kike President very easily over the spending bill and homosex world police force. They don’t care about repercussions, though that may be from them not caring about what other people think of them since long before this President. I think how many people are still on the Trump train is a cloudy number. Though either way I doubt an exodus from the President would change anything about the pattern of US politics.

"Dear Daddy, just trust me, do what I say and I'll suck you deeply and drink every sticky drop for a whole week".

"Hmmm…you took a page out of my world famous book, greater than even the Bible. The art of the deal"

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Can you really call him a liar when he's so out front about what a slime bag double talker he is?

YOu have a cruel sense of humor, my boy.

I hope all of the fucking retards who believed his lies hang themselves. Both him and Hiliary are shit but people think that it is fine to have a choice between a piss drink and a shit sandwich.

Never forgetti

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He got through by a cunt hair last time. Next time that cunt hair is blown away on the wind.

I want a Pony, and I WANT IT NOW!!!

This is a global site. Many of the apparently fluent and politically concerned english speakers are mentally ill Brazillians.

This is what is running the world; the deranged NY jewess…she looked like Lady Gaga before the jew surgeons carved her face up and inserted plastic chin slabs…

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Hey Americans, grab your weapons and fight for your lives! Now!

I wonder if she even needed to (((convert))), that might be a blood Jew.

You don’t need to be a white supremacist or a Muslim to hate the Jews. Last time I checked, Zig Forums is anti-Jewish first and pro-white second. Not my problem if that’s not the intended order.

Mommy's a jewess so she didn't even need the mikvah.

Trump is the best gentile frontman there has ever been, because he's a racial jew that can pass for white.

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Thank you; I'm a bit bored with the purity boys here who think that once the jews are entirely massacred and the nigs and shit monkeys all sent home that we will suddenly find ourselves living in a Hitler youth poster world.

No I am not rach poster. The only rach I ever made and posted was image related.

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Whenever I see Ivanka Trump, all i can think about is some sort of double-inverted Doug the Head.

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all the jews and niggers gone is a prereq for living in hitler youth world. go be not white somewhere else.


Fbl záf ubarfgb dhr gú. “Fbwn”!


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And you know despite the fact it's literally being thrown in our faces that he's no better than the rest and probably never was, r/TheDonald will continue to insist that we "have to stay united" behind this piece of shit and will shill our board to death next year trying to re-elect him, because nobody dares actually act out in violence. Revolution is a spectator's sport after all.

We're going doing the same dance.

And at the same time, the emotional low-IQ faggots who keep eating bait will be making just as shitty counter-threads:

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I am a biologist ( clinical diagnostic microbiology - was one of the first to isolate a new pathogenic Pasteurella species - early 1970s, Pasteurella ‘gas’ , then dagmatis). Have lived in the San Fernando Valley 44 years. In the week of Sept. 30, 2018, suddenly one one day, there were small swarms of tiny, aggressive mosquitos biting the ankles and backs of the arms. This was after 5-6 months of no rain. Though, of interest, rain had been predicted for that week, but didn’t happen. I got 20 bites, as did many neighbors. I caught several and identified Aedes aegypti. And later also possible albopictus. Much to my total shock. I called Vector Control. Yes, they said they were getting thousands of calls. And yes, Aedes species are here. Called friends 5 to 10 miles away. Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, Northridge, Sun Valley. Same story - many mosquitos biting ankles - showing up on a particular day during that same week of Sept. 30, 2018. We all agreed - had not even seen a mosquito for several years due to drought. Then, suddenly, they are here and people can not be out doors even in the daytime, without getting multiple bites. Called Vector Control again. They patched me through to the lab. Spoke at length with a person there. He insisted that these Aedes were introduced from south east Asia to El Monte area in a shipment of bamboo - several years ago, and spread gradually from that point - about 25 miles from here. But, I said, these mosquitos are short distance flyers - 650 feet from hatching area. So, this gradual spread hypothesis does NOT fit the clear observations from multiple locations and people here in the San Fernando Valley. The only explanation that fits the observations : Someone dropped MILLIONS of Female Aedes mosquitos during the week of Sept. 30, 2018, San Fernando Valley. Later I also heard reports from Thousand Oaks, Fullerton, and Silverlake of sudden arrival of many daytime, ankle biting mosquitos. I am not sure of the exact dates on these. So, do I think the sudden appearance of typhus in multiple locations was just some accidental introduction from homeless people or some wild animal vector? NO! Who ? Why ? What is next ?

No one believes you anymore

thank you, based user

Trump has the highest numbers of all - just as promised (and quickly retracted) during the campaign. I remember arguing with anons over it in one of his speech threads back then.

Typhus, Tuberculosis, Cholera, and Bubonic Plague.

Some UBC researchers had some SE Asian tree climbing rats they were studying and some escaped. Now Vancouver is crawling with these new powerful tree climbing rats that are pretty much fearless.
LA, SF, Portland, Seattle, Denver are overrun with homeless drug ravaged lunatics shitting openly in the streets. Rats are overruning all the west coast cities and not just skid row either. They're in the nice neighborhood.

This is the harbinger of plague that the jews always bring with them.

There's a reason why peasants across Europe massacred the jews during the Black Death. They knew…

All the jews and niggers gone is a prerequisite for living in quattrocento Florence, not some deranged jew style totalitarian state where attendance at mass military pep rallies are a prerequisite. Your Hitler was a half jew and jew tool and he was comfortable making an alliance with Stalin.

Very simple.
Trump is a jewish plant. And he is geneticaly 1/8 jewish. Nothing new, jewish planted cryptos in highest positions.
What to expect?
First of all. He will not race for second term. Why would he? He acomplished everything in those 4 years. Biggest sucess? To destroy Republicans forever.
What to expect in remaining 2 years?
But of corse. Anti 2 amendmet laws. Gun grabbing. It have to be under Republican president. Democrats would never achieve that without risking revolution. But undr this fucking plant, say good bye to your guns, ameribros.
We wanted to told you, his phenotype is very jewish like, but we were banned for that. Now, look again. He is part jew. He is crypto jew.

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Nigger they destroyed themselves years ago when they sold out to kikes and Israel.

Son of a bitch

But not forever.
This time, they are destroyed FOREVER. Big difference. After Trump, nobody will ever en masse vote for even honest and best republican candidate. Whites will just stay home and packing for North West US or eastern Europe refuggee.
This was last hope. And it was false hope.
Sorry ameribro. You are fucked now.

Trump is still my favorite politician because he promotes the most anti-jewish policies.


So…are you Gump or Holden?



You first. If you want violence, no one is going to do it for you.

Fuck off kike2.

Trump was only anti-H1-B in the very first debate. He did the 180 early on in his campaign and went to loving H1-B visas.

Rach is kikefy.

You forgot to add these as well user:

Very well might be the most cringe inducing thing I have ever read.

Congratulations, you've won the award for the most stupid comment of the day.

I just spotted a related gem, a little dated, but it very much explains on of the reasons why Israel and American Jews put Trump in the White House:
'''"Mossad agents have been posing as CIA"
"Foreign Policy" report claims US officials "infuriated" by Mossad operations that "endanger US lives."'''

The subject of the article itself isn't surprising, but the reaction of the US officials is.
Key paragraphs:

After fiascos like this (and the ensuing blowback), there would be a big payoff in putting an Israli/Jewish manchurian candidate in the White House. Remember how Trump disagreed with the intel agencies on Iran? It makes a lot of sense considering the past relationship they have had to endure with Mossad, and the notion that Trump was shuttled in to the top post to see to their interests.

kampfy never suggested anything that would achieve success like shooting, every user here is deathly afraid to come out and say that killing police and judges would stop the policy of politicians from being enforced

*one of the reasons why

Whats the point of having a fucking wall if there's already "11+ million" illegals in this country? They're all already here you fucking nigger.
Clearly voting solves nothing.

I really look for some saving grace from orange nigger but I'm not finding any. He talked such a tough game and has sucked out at every opportunity. Niggers will act like he's Hitler and forget that his son in-law is a literal fucking kike.

Trumpcucks on suicide watch

This is what happens when President Trump listens to his closest advisors. Trump is a really good listener. The only question is, to whom is he listening? It would seem that America's enemies have ingratiated themselves to the extent that he's become deaf to all others.

Is it the money? Is it the spiffy suits and professional airs? Is it the superior morality?

Accelerationism is fast becoming the only way forward.

You shills really want to flood the site don't you?

Get back to leftypol shills

The people that run the country never appear on a ballot

not commenting on the content of the OP or thread, but it is so obviously made by a trump hating liberal shill that's still not over 2016.

shills will never understand why.

Exemplary ad hom. Tell your kike boss to dock your pay for this absolute trash tier shilling.