Down with Hollywood marxism garbage

Down with Hollywood marxist garbage enough of it enough enough enough it's a Scientology Daughters of Mangalia like mafia cult pulling the strings.

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Bump, saw this thread. Interesting stuff.

This is just the plot of True Detective season 2.

Hollywood no es tan malo en el país al que pertenece, pero no merece definir la cultura global.

Do it.
Can confirm this is true,
They're not alt-right per say, but 90% of crew are middle to right wing.
Even idiot Conservative libertarians who support isreal will go along with this, director user is a genius.

bump for beginning of the end for retard hollyzionists.

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Most of those fuckers are more concerned about paying alimony to wives #1 and #2 and squirreling enough change away so they can retire by the time they hit 85. I'm sure they grumble about this and that but they ain't gonna do shit. That entire industry is a massive criminal racket for laundering drug money and those assholes know exactly who pays their bills and it's not Mr and Mrs John Q Public.

IATSE member here of a local that i prefer not to say but i can tell you we are one of the biggest ones in the country. Leadership is hard left leaning slimy fucks that take bribes and gifts from the contractors despite the fact that it might be a conflict of interest. Meanwhile all of the standard union members are hard right leaning, gun owning, family men or ex cons looking to turn their lives around. The finest Motley crue ive ever been apart of.
Alot of union guys talk though about the higher ups and a distaste for them. Its not just a hollywood thing but a whole union thing i think.

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Oh i forgot, you're american, and the jews got you trying to pay debt for the rest of your life.
Lets think about this before you start black pilling because you're fat.
If these people band together and decide they're gonna do it, they can't be beat economically, they CAN get temporary jobs while they're not working in film you know.
Now each of these workers will lose some of thier income yes, but it will be costing the sick, sick industry MILLIONS if not BILLIONS OF DOLLARS every day they decide they're not producing work anymore.
When you're talking about that much money, top brass will destroy the leftists to keep the income coming.

Still, this got me excited. Godspeed.
Would it do any good for non-Americans to send them emails, or should I just LARP as a burger?


Commie unions complaining about the leftist hell they enabled.
Cry me a river. Fuck hollywood and fuck unions.

This jackoff can't even separate in his mind the difference between "nobody else can do our job" and "nobody else is allowed to do our job." I hope they go on strike and get replaced by scabs. They'll find out right quick who know how to turn on a light.

They can go work in Bollywood

My credit score is 839
I'm not fat
I'm not blackpilling per se

I'm simply observing what I saw on movie sets. So many of those guys have been through the marriage mill that even with hefty incomes they're scrambling to exist like kids that just got out of high school.

And their union leaders really are slime so they'll be happy to sign those scabs up and hand them union cards as long as they keep those dues flowing into their coffers to pay their insane salaries.

I woke up to the news, a black dude wore a gown to the Awards show, clownworld is in full throttle. Nothing short of a mega disaster can stop this train to oblivion.

yeah transgenderism and gay is marxism. those things are related. you are smart for knowing that those are totally related>>12849337

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Do you understand? It’s not a message for you. It never was. Walk away in peace.


A very good plan. But it must not allow openings for the return of the movies industry. Make it work, but make it be permanent: kill the movies industry and never let it be reborn ever again. It can always be infected and subverted.
Never let there be a movies industry ever again through the whole existence of the human race.
End the movies industry once and for all. Literally.

How could you not see this was rot at the first glance?
Partial with rot25:
I'm guessing the other parts are rotated multiple times; I'm not going to bother with it.

Go away.

IATSE going on strike would most certainly accelerate the economic collapse redpilling many in the process, but if they do they will most likelly end up taking one for the team cos i don't see things ending well for them, at least not without crawling through the mud for a while

Here is the thing with Hollywood output…jews don't give a shit about it. They never have. It was all about controlling the narrative. A multipurpose industry of lies that spread propaganda, destroyed the competition, stole "intellectual property" with copyright, corrupted the artists into shabbos goy, dismantled human creativity into the lowest common denominator, acted as a front for drugs, sex and tax fraud, and gave the illusion that the jews are a part of American live. They don't need Hollywood anymore, it has been discarded into the hands of 2nd class agitators, while the jews are orchestrating the final push to end the nation.


A collection of Hollywood related digs: HASTAC digging thread USC Professor's Diversity Research Group Rebrands as Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

And the Sanela Diana Jenkins network

← And the Osama bin Laden network snuck in there and started taking over while the important people were too busy fucking kids and snorting coke to notice.

The unions should raise hell. You don't need to say a thing about Jews, gays, or women, just the kowtowing to foreign powers is enough to demand action. Hollywood is a money factory! It doesn't need to sell out to China or ISIS!

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Kikewood is at the end of it's life cycle. It may last another 10 years in its current form, but after that they'll run out of money and be taken over by goyim with actual talent producing profitable content.

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the original plot of season 2 was supposed to be about a child trafficking network operating inside department of transportation services, but they killed that and tanked the second season.

Totally this. Hollywood did it's real damage to the USA in the 50's and sixties when it was able to ply its way deep into the subconscious mind of the collective population of the western world.

As a side note Spike Lee had a public temper tantrum at the Oscars last night; the ostensible cause being that there weren't enough black winners. But the true cause was the public ritual humiliation of black men by featuring one in drag. This is a well known trope among Hollywood jews.

In 10 years the graphics and AI/AL for computers and virtual reality headsets with 8K or 16K resolution will be so overpowering that no one will watch movies except a few quirky scholars, the same kind of dudes that make a fetish of watching old grainy black and white silent movies do today.

Can't tell if enthusiastic normalfag or a shill using the ADHD method.

Oh and in Canada IATSE is the Hells Angels biker gang.

One of my friends from Catholic school is a gaffer and is now a full blown satanists. He hid it well but now I'm learning what he really meant by Merryl Streep sharing her lunch.


A bunch of widow's sons getting rectally ravaged isn't news.

You first Ari. Over here calls to (((shut it down))) are ridiculed.

The population DID INCREASE,lol
Oscars 2019 Ratings Rise From Last Year to 29.6 Million Viewers
While that is up from last year’s historic low, this year was the second smallest audience ever for an Academy Awards telecast.
U.S. population;
2017; 325.98 Million
2018; 327.87 Million

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I got off at the last stop. No more clowns for me.


Not at all. Just people I don't know blabbering about things they don't know about. This is the Mesa, the mountain is over there.