What can we do for better optics next time Zig Forums?

How do we make sure to we don't get swindled by the Jews again by supporting a compromised candidate? I personally support Patrick Little seeing as how he's got a clean background + openly names Jews and their crimes as opposed to almost everyone else running for president.

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It's very simple. Don't vote. Not at the national level anyway.

Os socialistas enfrqueceram tanto a cultura do pacifismo que não sei por que se surpreendem com o colapso do pacifismo em que confiam. Onde há algum esforco sério planejado? Qual é a próxima fronteira do nosso potencial? Como nossas virtudes podem ser provadas? Eles têm suas celebridades e seu pacto global. Eles têm seus aliados corporativos e seus thinktanks. Eles nem sequer estão interessados em trazer novas pessoas para esse sistema. Os chamados igualitaristS não ajudariam se não acreditassem na inferioridade daqueles a quem assistem! Talvez eles não devessem se incomodar em ajudar.

Todo mundo quer vivercom alguma glória. Todos deveriam querer viver com alguma glória. Na América existem igrejas para ateus. Bem, vamos apenas dizer que também estamos sem Deus. Quando o socialismo nos deu mais para celebrar do que slogans e vidas difíceis? Onde está a glória nisso? Devemos inclinar nossas cabeças para pessoas que consideram nossa cultura tão bárbara que não merecemos alegria? Devemos comer, beber, morrer e ser gratos?

Devemos celebrar o ar limpo para sempre? Deveríamos ser gratos que respiramos de alguma forma? Devemos nos alegrar em uma cultura global que nos disse tanto que somos defeituosos, e não temos escolha senāo ir até eles se quisermos nos arrepender? Vamos nos submeter a fazer brinquedos e cultivar vegetais para os globalistas arrogantes? É assim que nossa virtude é provada? Esta é a conquista final de nossa cultura?

Vamos para o norte?

Vote with your wallet.
They've already stitched up the ballot box, and are working on the wallet right now with BDS legislation. As long as you have control where and how to spend your money, use it.

Stop being a vote cuck.

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Talk about being a pussy.


Daily reminder to filter out the discord trannies.


Guess I'll just vote harder next time, surely things will change, right Chaim?

FACT: Voting for a democrat is the same thing as voting for a republican.
If you don't want to vote for democrats, why are you voting for republicans who are the exact same?

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Let me guess, does "Don't Vote" also applies to any other general elections in this world?

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Israel and the Jewish people thank you for your efforts.
Reminder: no one can control (yet) where you spend your money, where your business buys it's inputs, what doctor you use (except your insurance company, but more goys can't afford it now), etc.
Vote if it makes you happy, but vote with your wallet always.

You're seriously naive if you think there are any legit commies among the democrats, they're zionists on both sides, the democrats just play pretend to one side and the republicans play pretend to the other. The end result is exactly the same shit, there is no discernible difference in policy or trajectory between a trumpkike presidency and the previous niggerkike in office.

Basically "the demonrats are commies!" is the right version of the "republicans are nazis!" you're all being fucking played for fools. Polite sage for double post.

By all means go vote, just don't expect that jewpuppet#1684524 will do anything.
Get it done, then focus on the actually important shit.

If you support Israel, I won't vote for you.
If you support fags, I won't vote for you.
If you support immigration, I won't vote for you.
If you do not name the White population, particularly if your base is more than 80% White, I sure as fuck will not vote for you.

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You're almost right.
The modern American right and left paradigms are two sides of the same Jewish coin. The American left represents Marxist thought, the lazy and perfidious parasite and its mantra of universal equality (in theory; while in practice, properly-progressive kikes live in luxury on the backs of gentile slaves). The American right represents hyper-individualistic neo-conservatism, itself just another derivation of Jewish incursion into European domains via Semitic influx, this time during the mid 20th century when zionist jews and their Shabbos goyim systematically crucified and vivisected the American 'conservative' wing into nothing but a pitiful spineless facade which could be wheeled about to serve the faux-dialogue of the Semitic dialectic.

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I don't know that I want or need that.

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Bernie Sanders is a registered member of the communist workers party. Why do you think he runs as "Independent"?

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What are you talking about? The guy is a walking meme, he pisses off half of the country just by existing. That he also happens to be a massive faggot is his problem, not ours.

Go bigger, go better! Little may be a glownigger but at least he'll bring the lulz!

See pic related.
See pic related.
Pat is also anti-immigration.

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Come on now Moishe at least try



Genius. I’m sure that the kikes don’t have infinitely more money than any of us.

police and judges enforce the policy of politicians, no police and judges means no kike policy

Don't you yanks have your own version of the Monster Raving Loony Party or your own lord bucket-head.

Shalom, Chaim!

Little is an attention whore who says things that will get him attention.

My mistake. I'm sure the hundredth time will be the charm.

Trump won.
You lost. You always lose.

it is not enough to cut the branches, we have to cut down the evil by the roots.

Bumping your own thread is rude. Let it happen organically.
I will sage for this rudeness of yours. I wouldn't have otherwise.

If we all lived in one geographic region, we could theoretically swing elections by voting one way or another. In fact, if we lived in a geographic region, we could elect our own candidates to local offices.
But alas, we do not and thus our votes matter a lot less than they would.
Instead, we can only contribute numbers and statistics rather than real electoral victories. In otherwords, this debate is not about who we should elect, but how many votes should the winner receive.

As it stands we have three (or four) options.
1. We can give Trump a few extra votes, thus giving him these few thousand more "good job" points as a reward for his constant treason and Zionism.
2. We could go the "accelerationism" rout and give those few meaningless points to an insane democrat. The more insane the better. Unfortunately, since we cannot swing elections, we will have zero choice about who the DNC selects to represent the screaming anti-Whites and non-Whites. Thus, it is likely (albeit less than usual) that the final runner against Trump will be a "moderate."
Too, we will be giving a few extra thousand points of legitimacy to the establishment.
3. We could vote for a non-establishment candidate such as Little or Duke. They will obviously not win but this will be withdrawing support for the jewish establishment while bolstering the legitimacy and credibility of non-establishment candidates.
4. We could just not vote. But this has no effect other than simply withdrawing support for anyone.


also screw your optics i'm going in

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Patrick Little

Reported for spam.

You are a jew.

Only vote for openly white candidates that speak the truth. The full truth, not the cucked trump bullshit "dog whistles". You mentioned Pat Little, he's a good example. Dave Duke is another example of someone who ran for office while being honest about the dangers of nonwhite immigration. If they cannot be honest when campaigning, they will not be honest when ruling. If they speak half truths, expect a half assed job.
Or it just means that even "they need to go back" in practice turns into "as high as obamas numbers". Best bet if you wanna get a vote that actually matters? Campaign locally to have your state secede, many states already have a group for this to the point that it's partisan; Texas' and California's failed secession movements come to mind.

to the point where it's bi-partisan*

This board has become bluepilled as fuck since blumpf defense force kiked it up.
Go vote for Pat if you want but he isn't going to win anything and the number of votes he gets will be completely fabricated.

Heiled for not voting.

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So what there is (((no answer))) then anons? Don’t vote,do vote, vote with wallet doesn’t sound like it would make a difference….. has to be a better answer

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Don't be a stupid low IQ niggermonkey and listen to your betters when they warn you of psyops which are obvious to people with an intelligence of two to three standard deviations and higher.

You chimped out like monkeys during the election, memeing and salivating over your "God-Emperor" Trump, which allowed glowniggers behind kampfy to control you however they wished to.

Your low IQ is furthermore evident by the fact that you still think that voting has any meaning at all. America as a system is so heavily skewed towards those in control, that no independent actor or highly-knitted group can have any real agency at all. The obvious solution is to start organizing competitive cells around the people you know face to face, preparing and pushing for the the fall of the system.

Zig Forums was compromised from the start.

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Don't blame Zig Forumsacks when it was imkikey who banned everyone who didn't worship Trump.


the ol red white and blue is perfect optics, DS recommended.

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Johnson was the first jewish president.

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I should've been nicer to her, even though she supported hillary.

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But Hillary's a jew too, user.

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Well, yes, but she should've known better for someone who came to the U.S from west germany.

Green Party. they advocate for cutting all US aid to Israel.

Serious question, isn't the Green Party also for free college? Frankly, I don't see why not, blacks and Hispanics already get state funded race based scholarships. (Look up Mcnair, and Mcknight grad school fellowships, requirements for 100% tuition and a $14k yearly stipend is 1. Minimum scores to get in and stay in a grad program. And 2. Be black or Hispanic. There are numerous scholarships like these at every level.) It's clearly a racist and blatantly discriminatory and US government gives funders tax breaks, subsidizes groups that fund them, and sometimes directly funds these kinds of scholarships.

In addition, we have socialism anyway, the government steals millions for even the poorest workers by witholding for Social Security and not giving us it's invested worth (or even half) or letting our kids inherit it. If they are going to rob me for millions over my life, I don't see why my white kids should be the only group having to pay out of pocket for college and grad school. What we have right now is race based redistribution of wealth and it must end.

As far as I am concerned if the Green Party supports these initiatives then it's a better supporter of the white race than Republicans are.

OP is a jew. Unless you want to be destroyed in every sense, you'll vote for Trump again. Old, parasitic, commie jew Bernie is out with his bullshit today and it's full amnesty, gun seizing, White money stealing hell.

Tautology. By definition, your argument is false. That means voting is good.

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good post


Imagine being this cringe.

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There's no "we" stormfag only you.

Nice Hitler dubs. Here's the thing, Hitler was a classy man… he wasn't dog whistling because he was afraid of using. He didn't need to, obviously.

Chuck Schumer (D., Is.) is a likely candidate - and he comes with great jewish optics already built-in.

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Torposting is sadly not allowed - pls help repost to 8ch.net/ qresearch/res/4731041.html#q4732153
Pls mark blue silhoettes as YCH for maximum degeneracy.

Retard alert.

look closer at patrick little's background and you'll find something that glows in the dark
I don't remember the specifics, aside from that I read about here last year or so

By killing all the jews of course.

This post has sat here for days.


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If Zig Forums is a global board, I do /global reports/ it's what codemonkey wanted, right? ijust obliged, I suggest everyone does the same. Nothing changes if you dont piss off moderation.

No jews and their puppets, no optics problems.

Nobody speaks taco eating tile installer user. You gonna wish you had gone back.

Don't be retarded, it worked for me. Oh wait, you can't.

Nah. I'll supporting Trump as well against the shit-skins demanding reparations. Trump 2020.


you have a strange definition of pacifism if you think voting is anything but


If he wanted attention he could have done anything else but name the jew, Patrick little is the spitting image of commander Rockwell, I love the dude, I might not agree with all of his actions but his one tough son of a bitch and they're the type of people we need right now

Stop being a voting cuck at the national levels, vote local if you want to vote. Aside from that start prepping for the day of the rope.

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better to let the open borders pro business republicans in office right? It doesn't fucking matter you dumb shit, we get sold out by both

So Trump.
Trump's family.
This isn't a Trump website.

You dont reach the roots without digging thru the dirt. And there is a lot of dirt protecting those roots.

Thing is, a President isn't shit. They can't do much of anything in and of themselves. You have to go after Congress. You have to put people in congress that will write the laws you want to see written, and get rid of the ones that are garbage. Yes, you need to have a President that will sign it, but it's rare for a President to break ranks with his own party and not sign a bill that they've put in front of him.

archive.fo/VY9JK article in op

sorry kid. america has been a jew run plantation since before you were born. the government is not ours.