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Statement fr Trump's Antisemitism Czar
“I will work to eradicate the attempted distinction between antisemitism and anti-Zionism,” he said. “There is no difference."

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No holds barred, Trump will do whatever he reccos

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"US Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating anti-Semitism Elan Carr just said Trump "could not be more passionate about the issue" & Pompeo "couldn't be more determined" to combat antisemitism. It took POTUS a long time to appoint Carr, leaving the position empty for two years."

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Checked for the most interesting post in your thread thus far.
This is great fodder.

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Leaving it empty then his Jewish speechwriter would insert dog whistles. Now here we are on Kushner's board or some shit. We've been manipulated into giving them a supposed reason to restrict freedom of speech.

So what you mean is that real MAGA has never been tried?

If you're rich then Trump made MAGA.

fucking baste

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this is art

Know thy enemy, faggot

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I read that in sun tzus voice

There is no making America great again if you don't acknowledge openly what made it great, thus 'maga' is not, and never was, anything but a hollow slogan for the plebian rubes to chant at circuses to celebrate 'winning'.
A fine demonstration, in any case, how absent of accountability to the people that the state has become.


Cool then what have white people gotten out of trump's 2 years as president?

They don't understand is that this is a distinction that actually protects them. Almost all anti-Zionist Jews want to distance themselves and other Jews from the crimes of Israel and its supporters.

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He won't have an answer. Maybe say something like TPP or some other minor issue. It's funny that the strongest argument that Trump supporters have right now is that Hillary was so awful. As in, worse than Obama awful.

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Are there any of those actually left?

Yes, unfortunately

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Trump won.
You lost. You always lose.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make pogroms and massacre inevitable.
-Abraham Lincoln

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Quite a few, because most people aren't politically informed. Relatively few people realize that immigration is actually pretty high during Trump's presidency. So Trump failed on his signature issue.

Evangelicucks still love him. A lot of alt lite does as well, but he will lose much of that if Venezuela turns into a new war. Even faggots like Mark Dice might have to tone down their Trump worship.

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Not genocided in World War 3 with Russia or a new Korean War.

no way hillary could have sold that, especially since muh russia was mostly made an issue after the election. Still, and let this sink in for a moment, Hillary was literally more honest than trump and would have followed through on her campaign promises since she basically campaigned to fuck up the country. Trump has become just as much of a political traitor as fucking shillary of all people. inb4 pro-hillary accusations, she's absolutely shit but the fact remains, she campaigned honestly when it comes to the fact that she'd fuck up the Jew.S.A. through more immigrants, taxes, wars, etc.
instead we get a new venezuelan war that literally nobody wants except for a few redditors that wanna own the commie spics.

More like delayed genocide (because white CivNats will be first and die the most) until /newpol/ helps elect NeoLib President that will bring the race war fantasy to life.
Not unlike how our leftists counterparts envision destroying the world with open borders and race mixing until the only thing left is class warfare.

I like the Shareblue Hill Shills that are supposed to be larping as White Nats on Zig Forums fuck up by feeling that irresistible urge to continuously white knight #4her

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Enough trump spam please

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Umm yeah shill

Kikes playing both sides and Zig Forums too stupid to tell the difference

I see you're lost, the_cuckold is on reddit
Go ahead trumpnigger, tell me how the president is different from her at this point in time. Trump has literally increased immigration that he campaigned to reduce, increased the h1b's he promised to reduce, bent over backwards for shitsrael, gone on a global anti-faggot crusade on the taxpayers dime, is seeking to stifle freedom of speech by "bringing the same fight to antisemites that a military officer brings to the enemy", passed gun control laws (red flag laws), tried to go after or banned bump stocks, signed a fucking backdoor amnesty deal at the expense of children, signed the omnibus, caved on his own shutdown, refuses to recognize or provide tangible benefits in any way the whites he owes his election, kept us in the middle east, wants to now start a war in venezuela, etc.

Given all this shit and more, how can you honestly claim in any way that he's different from Shillary besides maybe a good stock market? Please, enlighten me.

Zig Forums knows this, the problem is trump was an outsider therefore some of us believed in the rhetoric. The fiction was far better than the reality. Secession or war is going to be our futures, hopefully a peaceful secession can be achieved especially since even californian's have tried to get that for themselves.

He's done more then King nigger and bush did. Stop listening to what Richard Spencer tells you


Get the fuck off our website. Forever. We don't care about your paid shills.

(you) Hillary saves white race
(everyone) lol

Oh wow

I think you literally mean (((you))) because I never said that
MIGA amirite fellow pede?

Got to kill them. 100%.

Trump was never an outsider. He was the predetermined winner from the start.

Good list. It would be interesting to break down how things have gotten worse with a Trump presidency. For example, there was a big crackdown on free speech for the political far right in 2017 and most of 2018 seems to have slowed down a little in the past few months, but maybe that is just a pause before it ramps up again I don't think that would have happened if Hillary had won. At least, not as much.

And what's the difference between this "work" and the "work" he claims to be doing in the rest of the Administration? It's all talk, no action. I hope this backfires when the bluster turns out to be nothing as usual, but it further brings the topic of anti-Semitism into normal space.

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this is polkike2

Personally I only see stuff like this resulting in MORE antisemetism. Think about it from the average working-class person's perspective: "So what, I'm an antisemite if I don't want my hard-earned money being funneled into another country that doesn't give us anything in return? Well then I guess I'm an antisemite!" Perhaps that's a bit optimistic, because "Israel is our greatest ally" will be floating around in the back of most people's heads simply because they've heard it so much, and most people would rather die before being labeled an antisemite, but I don't think it's very difficult to get people to realize this if the topic is brought to the forefront.

It's not 2016, no cares about Shareblue, no one cares about correct the record and no cares about discard trannys. Try actually defending Trumps policy instead of just naming boogeymen

Shareblue shills is metaphor Zig Forums posters and Hill stands for Hitler



Calling them out gets you banned here, so you may as well let them post whatever they want.


i should let them post whatever they want and not call them out, and should attempt to argue their opinions they dont even genuinely hold?

France is doing God's work now. The fact that they are so transparently erecting laws to enshrine the status of jews only makes it more obvious to all the cattle that something is not quite right here. Before meaningful resistance develops people have to see the truth in meaningful numbers. It's beginning. slowly, but it is beginning to happen.

I laffed

How anyone can support drumpenberg at this point is obscene. Even jew loving boomers can't reasonably support his 180 on literally every single campaign promise.


No, you shouldn't.

yes, you should.If you can't argue against them, it means you are too stupid to post here anyway. You must always argue and never call out others (with "shill" card), because that is the only thing shills really love is when people care about insults over arguments, therefore they can push lies while win arguments by insults

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the complete objective of shilling is to distract. someone dismissing a shills post is the worst thing that can happen to it. the best is someone wastes time arguing against a point the objective doesnt even care about.

No, you shouldn't.


Watch all you like, only affects EUropoors.

Yep. I was just thinking that. This is actually a step in the right direction. If Zionism is explained to anyone with the facts laid out, most people will be against it, forcing them to be labeled "anti-semites" which in of itself is a contradiction since most jews aren't semites, and most jews support the subjugation and torture of actual semites, aka Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians and so on.

Let the clock tower continue to crumble.

Oh noes a ban! Nigger, lurk more.

It was always on the (((agenda))). They are allergic to Truth. I don't think we changed the pace of their efforts to stifle online discourse by much. If we weren't in the mix they'd be just hammering away at civnat boomers or lolbertarians instead.

He probably meant that the true core base for trumpsteins lies are and always have been the jews.

Thank you. Therefore pro-Zionism is pro-Semitism.

Don't combine two cryptograms asshole.

lol do these kike puppets really think their feds will protect them long term?


There is no difference between anti semitism and anti zionism because Israel is explicitly a homeland for ethnic jews. Being against a group of people having their homeland is exactly what they want for us and they are anti white for it, therefore we are anti semetic.
This is a good thing, it is sensible to hate your enemy.

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Perhaps the real MAGA was the friends we met along the way?

Based and redpilled. Trump's really sticking up for his voters with this one. This is just what he campaigned on, after all. Hope he continues to undermine free speech. That'd really trigger the left.

You're not wrong, but the average IQ among Democrats and even Democratic whites is lower than among Republicans. The other side is even worse. Democracy was a mistake.

Republicans: IQ closer to and more evenly distributed around the mean; less variance (majority white voters)

Democrats: IQ close to mean or slightly higher than the mean, but greater variance (high IQ whites/asians and very low IQ blacks and mestizos)

He presented himself as an outsider, making the illusion digestible.

there still is, mostly in europe but the crackdown is still there. I've heard it rumored that youtube is going to begin cracking down on content creators because of negative comments in the comments section. Literally being banned for what others post. I haven't verified it myself but still fucked if true.

You've gone quiet on me nigger; what's wrong, kushner hasn't funded your next set of posts yet?

Not the case, dude.

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Oops, meant to post this one.

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I assume that's more because niggers and spics are the voter base for the Dems than anything else.

Well shit

Marxism is attractive only to the niggerest of faggots past the age of 12. If you are a white adult who identifies as a Democrat or one of the Marxist variations, you are the genetic equivalent of a jungle nigger, end of story.

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Well we know Kushner pays people to post here. So I guess if that counts.

These dogs of ZOG only manage to make things worse, ironically. Left and Right will meet, the six pointed star of Remphan burns.

we figured that out a while ago

The best Jews are in Israel. Deport all Jews to Israel. Jews are only really dangerous when allowed to be a parasitical population nya~

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Fuck off Zionist shill. Israel needs to be destroyed and all kikes jailed.

We've already had an anti-semitism Czar for 100 years. It's the Unholy Trinity: ADL, SPLC, and the ACLU


You forgot there's 2 options:


Are you retarded?