Despite being X% of the population

In my time, I have yet to see a more effective meme than "Despite being 13%"

You can't refute it, and you can't help noticing what you're not allowed to notice. Let's take it a step further?

You can put either of those in Black or Latino neighborhoods. When their pawns are J-woke it tends to cause Jews to leave for Israel. (See France)

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Statistifimicashuns be rassis n' sheet.

despite being 5% of the dog population…

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Because it leads with praise for the niggers for achieving something. Just so happens their """""achievements""""" are criminal and parasitic on functioning societies.

1352 is the new 1488


We gotta get the SPLC to say this on TV.

Imagine all the kvetching.

Source on the jew statistic:

P.S.: Why the fuck can't we upload files through TOR? Collecting IPs?

Would be even better to turn it into 6%. I mean sure there are many violent sheboons out there but it's primarily black males doing the crime.

Interesting source that makes the FBI look good, at a glance. Not exactly front-paging anything about molestations. OP is probably lying.

If you network with at-risk groups in a sincere manner, you may be able to gently untangle bad influences so as to have a favorable long-term impact. I do wish someone had saved me from the most noxious connections I made in faggotville. But this is a stupid as fuck place to ask anyone to do anything that would actually work - people here just want to fantasize about being violent themselves, and haven’t the creativity to put it into fiction.

ftfy jew.

It's too much work for ron to manage banning all the Tor exits that post spam. Imagine if everybody had their own ip omg what a shit show.

The Satanic Jew meme works better on latinos.

Makes in general do more crime. Black females are only slightly higher than White males.

The prob is that drops it below 50% which is a real magic number.

Pitbulls are the dog of peace and only Bite due to economic factors.

Oh geeze, clearly the breed is at fault. It's not like we can change characteristics of a dog breed through selective breeding. It's not like we don't deliberately make these breeds aggressive because this is what we want.

If you need an Assault Dog to protect against Basketball Americans, I respect that.

The only reason to support a ban is that it has disparate impact on nigs.

I'd use a better jew stat than that. That can be spun as "jews just care more about the country than other groups" or some other positive very easily.


Despite the fact, only less than one percent of bacteria is harmful to humans

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Sure glad Trump is planning to fix that fake news problem right after he fixes Venezuela, Syria, Iran, China, Russia…

Plausible deniability if caught.

Call them anti-Semitism debunking fliers.
Myth: Jews aren't loyal to America.
Fact: Jews make up over 50% of political donations to the DNC.

Nobody actually likes their political party. Each side thinks their party is cucking. It's an unintentional red-pill like "It's Okay to be White."

This is good. Quantifying their overinfluence in all parts of American government would be smart, list them all at once, but as a good thing.

Myth: Jews are uncreative
Fact: Jews own X% of Hollywood media.

Afterwards, accuse whoever says that of antisemitism ("typical ZOG conspiracy theory") and ask for sources. This will:
1. Draw more attention due to controversy.
2. Hammer into the braindead normalfags that antisemites are right.>>12849711

Many other breeds are stronger, faster, smarter and more obedient. The only thing nigbulls excell at is being temperamental little fucks that can be easily coaxed into killing one another in a dog pit.

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Has anyone made a Stonetoss edit about dog attacks?

No contradictions there though. 🤷‍♀️

Really want to have some fun?

Tell people Jews are the REAL victims. Not Blacks or Latinos. The crown of "top victim" is the most sought after thing in the DNC.


When I was a kid I got a flier in the mail from David Duke. It through me off anti-Semitism for 15 years. It went straight to the blood sucking stuff.

You know what finally tipped it off for me? That Haaretz article about the 50%. Then I read it in J-post and Forward.

Cringe REPELS normies. It recruits for the enemy. The more overt you are the sooner it gets ripped down. Work with people where they are and ease them towards reality.

Fuck off reddit.

Fuck off spic.

Is there a point in explaining to you why you will never fit in?

When did you first discover you were 67% Jewish?

Worst meme yet. All this does is conform to normalfag's belief that only a minority of a group is responsible for what the majority doesn't do. This plan is almost as bad as the moron who thought that screaming Marry Christmas will offend libtards.

IS THIS THE STATE OF NU/POL/? Trolling plans that fail to offend people.

Maybe it is time for you to read a book:

This is what this meme is telling people:

Not all X are like that. Some jews might be good.

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That's actually really funny…

For some reason it's funnier with shitbulls.

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Based, fellow MCGApede. We need to drive these nasty breedists off this platform and replace all Dachshunds with Pitts.

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Proof the jew meme is a psyop

We still genocide bacteria with shit like chlorine, alcohol, bleach, etc.
Cleanliness is racist.

what is "the jew meme"

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Here's another fun one.

Imagine the influence that buys.

Just shy of $1.2 billion USD?
That's a lot of influence my man.

Self-checked for oh right, I should probably give some source.
Have some of my very-early OC…. Ah, the heady days of "13 do 50" being novel.

And a bonus meme for my fellow white supreemist neon-nahtzees.

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Bloody brilliant.

fuk u, whites invented math 2 make blacks look bad. if blacks made a math it wud show da real thuth. white math is raciss, fuk yo raciss math u burn in the sun monkeys!

Despite being 0.25% of the world population, the entire fucking planet does what the jews want, or else.

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believing blacks are 13% of the population is giving into the jewish narrative that demographics aren't a problem. Blacks are 50+% of the American population. It's likely that non-Jewish whites are a rapidly shrinking minority group.


It somehow succeeded in offending you, nigger.

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Is this purposely being done because they're kikes? Because they're not white.

Nah someone screen capped a seinfeld shitposting group from facebook and people bitched and moaned it got to edgey and conservative.


Bump for effective memes

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action* I'm sure you meant, and #notall/pol/acks

Story time. I live in a shithole trailerpark, but I guess that's not important when discussing 1352ers. Anyways, I was walking towards my "home" from the local convenience store one night. Behind me, I heard the clanging of bottles; it was the local spic restaurant workers throwing trash into the dumpster behind a little business strip (a pawn shop, the spic restaurant, another one I think, and a bar I think), that I was walking down. It took me a few seconds to realize this, and I guess I'm nosy, so I was looking for an extended period of time. Right as I was about to turn back around, an SUV popped out from the side of the strip, heading from the front of it to a connecting side street into the shithole. Anyways, the SUV stops, reverses, then turns down the street I'm walking on. I already know what's happening. At this point I switch sides of the rode, so the driver will have to be on my left when he passes. I'm watching the light angle to gauge his distance. When he gets close I 90 to my right and take quick cover behind the nearest car hood as he drives by. As soon as he passes I reappeared and kept walking in the direction of his travel (aka my original travel). As soon as I do, I see a monkey hand brandish some kind of pistol up in the air like, "look dis" (I'm gonna guess Hi-Point; it was dark but it looked bulky and you know niggers). I just waved at him. Anyway this little nigger apparently thought I was "grittin" or "mean-muggin", when he's the one who drove into my field of view. That's how stupid niggers are. I remembered his car and license plate, but that wasn't necessary because the low IQ nigger apparently sells drugs to some degenerates a few trailers down. Now I not only his car, but what he looks like and where he lives. DAS RITE.

Stop stealing my ideas and doing a shit job of presenting them.

fuck you and google it yourself if you are so concerned.

whites only have certain suburbs of cities and some areas in low density states. Many entire States have been lost to nogs and spics. how is it possible that. nogs are 13%? take a drive through the city and ask. yourself if you really think 1/7 people you see is a nog.

How is that defending either, pit-nigger?

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wish i capped that tweet "despite being .5% of couples, mixed couples make up 95% of couples in advertisements" or something to that effect

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