Israel has Stolen/Compromised US Tech By Placing Backdoors into Everything

>Intel CPUs are designed and manufactured in Israel and sold around the world

Within this decade or the next you may soon find yourself imprisoned for any white pride or anti-Jewish affiliations you currently have or have had. Be prepared because this is starting to look worse than 1984 by George Orwell. If nothing is done about this, they're going to blackmail the world into doing what they want or there'll be world-wide blackouts.

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In the US you can say:
You can even make a billboard and nobody can make you take it down.

Lel jews can't stop this post so how do they have control.
Pro-tip: they don't

Yeah, we know. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. You're using ✡tor✡, for fuck's sake.

Kill yourself boomer.

judges and police enforce the policy of politicians no police and judges means no enforceable policy

OP should go to prison for discussing things that could cause America to unfuck itself.

t. Trump

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They will just take it down themselves

That better be an ironic image or else your a kike Boomer faceberg fag.

Just filter tor as soon as you come into a thread

I honestly can't tell if this is shitposting the civnats are so out of control

They took down this one

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you got off tor for this?

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I'll take the Chinese over israel any day.

Polite off-topic sage

Can anyone tell me what movie this is from? I've seen clips and it looks like a Russian Hotline Miami.

On-topic: Consider that if jizzrael had to use a killswitch, they will have already lost their geopolitical game. Clever psychos will always build in contingencies to dissuade well-meaning people.


Fuck off back to megu, jewfed. The constitution has ten amendments that are unchangeable and protected speech is the first fucking one.

I will add:

This is not me, faggot.

you'll have to collect that debt yourself

The private company did, not the people or the state of Michigan.

>Adams Outdoor Advertising, the company that “Deir Yassin Remembered” had paid for the billboards, took them down prematurely, citing conflicts with company policy.

Old news is so exciting, shill your jewtube elsewhere moshe.

This thread is now anti-isreal general.
unless it gets beleted

US lawmakers do have a problem with these billboards:

The lady responded kindly:

More at link.

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Make a thread for that then you stupid fucking retard.

My ThinkPad is librebooted.

I'm hazy on the details, but didn't some small European country submit to israeli business (defense?) deals and pretty much cite (((their))) chip control as the reason? It would have been within the last month or so.

Intel CPUs are made in Israel. How did I not know this?

Not sure, we talk about it quite a bit. From now on, read their name as InTelAviv (although I think they're really in Haifa). Most of Silicon Valley is completely kiked.


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not my thread i don't make threads just adding relevant content.

gay assed Zig Forums just now finding Brendon O'Connell. fuck you retards.

Everyone remember when their big backdoor was discovered and they had to close it up because it was a huge security risk and it killed the processor's performance? AMD remembers.

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No one cares about your eceleb, faggot.

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Except there have been multiple cases where anti-Zionist billboards were removed without explanation due to ADL IDF etc string-pulling

I hate youngfags.

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There are people in this thread who do not know that they're running the MINIX OS in their Intel CPU.

Did they just admit pissrael gets more than 4billion?

What are you doing here with that shit image? Back to kikebook with you.

Nigger, I upload my consciousness directly. OS EGO-14rc88

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Not often said but true. Pre-conditioning + openly mocking ve goyim.

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America deserves it for being so retarded to let corporations offshore our jobs and technology to foreign nations and import the other half into their defense department. History look back when our backdoored technology turns against us in a major war how fucking retarded our elites were to believe everyone could just be an American as if its a piece of binding paper to the roots of our founders.

Give me one reason why America as it stands today doesn't deserve to be destroyed for its own stupidity and cowardice of our military to enforce such a criminal state?

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They don't have the muscle to arrest people who dissent against jews though. It's posturing from a weakened degraded piece of shit traitorous govt.

This is not a coincidence.

You created your own problem then, a door in a kitchen can swing both ways. Simpy calling it a backdoor is dumb because the door can swing back at your face when your not looking. So you created your own problems by keeping a door there in the first place?

He literally says in the video it doesn't matter whether you buy Intel or AMD.

There is another alternative. There are also VIA x86 CPUs.

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No shit. Always assume your gear is backdoored and focus on things like no GPS or location chips and identiy obfuscation. Send them bullshit on occasion too.

Learn about police counterintelligence strategies when going after child porn makers. (I sort of became a batman when I found out my friend was raped as a baby and filmed too.)

Spectre is in both AMD and Intel, sadly.

Chinese are often masons or (((kosher))) so be careful.

US government to drop espionage charges against Aipac officials
Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman accused of providing US defence secrets to Israeli embassy in Washington

Chris McGreal in Washington

Fri 1 May 2009 12.02 EDT
First published on Fri 1 May 2009 12.02 EDT

This article is over 9 years old

The US government is to drop espionage charges against two officials of America's most powerful pro-Israel lobby group accused of spying for the Jewish state because court rulings had made the case unwinnable and the trial would disclose classified information.

intel shills still trying to tell you AMD was compromised like intel was. BZZZZZZT, that damage control was proven false many times over. As intel shares fell the NO Us started flying.

The state, companies, might as well be the same thing with respect to the individual

OP is a FUD spreading faggot. Intel does everything in dozens of countries. If it was 100% USA everything that would be ok for the faggot even though this is ZOG central. More fucking kikes here than pissreal. The ME shit is trash and suspect as fuck and as such, why I go with AMD. Now he says fucking China… He posted here because /tech would rape him and laugh.


u better write yourself in son

Block these IP ranges on your dedicated firewall goyim.

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As a hobby inventor of technologies, this shit makes me cry. Even for my own country, I can't develop anything without it being on their 'let's steal everything for israel list'.
It's no wonder israel get away with so many mass-murdering false flags so easily, how they extort entire political groups and compromise technology and software houses too.
(Picture related, how to win any war, anywhere in the world.)

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Newfaggot here, how do I stop the kikes from hacking the main frame mane?

Pic related is incitement.

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The symbiosis between parasite and ant grows.

Israel is buddying up with China in case the US gravy train ends so they can stay on the "winning" side.

And I could go on, most of these articles are written in 2018 but the ones that werent were written in 2015 or later. They've already been selling and still are selling US secrets and tech to China and I'm almost certain the yids are absolutely responsible for all our spy assets in China getting caught because the CIA has been onto them for years

In the last 3 years Israel can't stop bragging about its new best friend, China.
I mean its actually amazing how every Israeli outlet is bleating out pro-China articles or talking about the developing ties between the two nations while telling retarded Americans they are our "greatest ally."
Truly the kikes are history's greatest backstabbers.

How is that incitement? Is calling for the deportation of spics "incitement" too?

A C C E L E R A T I O N I S M.

there must be something within all that billions of dollars and off the books black budget stuff

there must be some secret DUMB full of people dedicated to nothing but fucking up any attacks on the US planned by Israel

the kill switch might be there, but to think there's no technology that can block or filter is and that the US doesn't have it is another

Ahh, I see that I successfully introduced O'Connell to this board. Glad you guys are enjoying him.

I liked him better when he was an imprisoned martyr, unable to show off his mental illness.

I've looked into his background quite a bit. There is no real reason to believe he is mentally ill. He's obsessive, yes, but not mentally ill. Regardless, "mentally ill" is not an argument against anything he has said.

It should worry us all that the NSA had backdoors in software and Microsoft and Apple both conveniently ignored them for years.
Only after the Russian Antivirus company Kaspersky closed those holes and hackers stole the NSA source code and distributed it did the software manufacturers patch everything.
Kaspersky was then punished for it by the USA government who then cancelled all contracts for their software.

On a more general note, low performance CPUs such as everything from VIA and some low end AMD stuff (APU) are unlikely to have this sort of backdoor. These are made for low power/low performance/low cost applications and cannot afford having that kind of extra baggage aboard. That's probably going to change in a couple of years, but for now they're still a better choice for secure systems than any of the high performance stuff. Because there the performance reserves are small enough for (((parasites))) to be very noticeable.

to the White Man's grave indeed.



The key is to target a single State. Completely convert it, expand your influence. Not sporadically targeting segments of the Country. This requires boots on the ground shaping hearts and minds. Organization is critical but this place isn't the place to try to get organized.

If the state with the largest mosque in north America rejected it what state are you going to start in?

no i doesnt
any memory?

There are plenty of metrics to use in making a decision like that, thankfully (for now) the government collects all sorts of good information and makes that available for perusing, but the State with the largest mud population is far from the top. The lost and forgotten need only to be supported and heard, your target being struck needs to be an side effect of the plan not the overt goal.

That's a lie, he's openly Australian.

what investment in greater israel? we prove that penisvania's (((companies))) make mighty shekels with import and export!!! that's talmudic economics, listen, even when goyim import stuff, you don't spend, you make money too!!! trust us!!
what USS Liberty and excuses? lol nope we friends nao and also because paleostinions bombering greater israel so sinking was good sacrifice!!!

The chutzpah.
It's gut wrenching.

Is Intel Optane a security risk?

A same realization occured; Jews often speak the truth, but you have to listen.

Right Wing Leaflet Squads will just go door to door after midnight posting printed memes to normies.
We will unironically reach FAR more people if we are banned from the internet.

Reminder that SYSTEMD faggots will spout the same phrase continuously.

White genocide and global homogenization are continuing unabated despite the existence the constitution. Perhaps you should stop cowering behind a piece of paper, it's not going to save you.

no shit, sherlock

Welcome to the real world.

But the door is hidden and only (((they))) know where it is

not at all surprising really


Looks like that documentary was shoah'd
Or maybe he got some death threats…


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Explanation here:

This based guy is planning to upload all his videos.

As for Brendon, it seems he's gone to do IRL activism. So no more internets for him. I for one wish our hero a safe journey.

Israel's cyber war capability is just like its conventional military capability, under someone above the mentality of a desert rat and thoroughly unproven in operation.

Bump because vid got shoahed