The Beifuss File: The Nuclear Kid — Memphis youth, 14 years old, builds home nuclear fusion reactor

An American 14-year-old has reportedly become the youngest known person in the world to create a successful nuclear reaction.

The Open Source Fusor Research Consortium, a hobbyist group, has recognised the achievement by Jackson Oswalt, from Memphis, Tennessee, when he was aged 12 in January 2018.

“For those that haven’t seen my recent posts, it will come as a surprise that I would even consider believing I had achieved fusion,” Oswalt wrote on the forum.

“Over the past month I have made an enormous amount of progress. I now have results that I believe to be worthy.”

The enterprising teenager said he transformed an old playroom in his parents’ house into a nuclear laboratory with $10,000 (£7,700) worth of equipment that uses 50,000 volts of electricity to heat deuterium gas and fuse the nuclei to release energy.

“The start of the process was just learning about what other people had done with their fusion reactors,” Jackson told Fox.

“After that, I assembled a list of parts I needed. I got those parts off eBay primarily and then oftentimes the parts that I managed to scrounge off of eBay weren’t exactly what I needed. So I’d have to modify them to be able to do what I needed to do for my project.”

His father, Chris Oswalt, who works at a medical equipment company, told USA Today: “I think there is a great disbelief until they actually see it.”

However, scientists are likely to remain sceptical until Oswalt’s workings are subject to verification from an official organisation and are published in an academic journal.

Still, the teenager may now have usurped the previous record holder, Taylor Wilson, who works in nuclear energy research after achieving fusion aged 14.

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Something here worth noting for all the idiots that talk about 3d printing machines to make guns. That is abysmally stupid. One does not make a gun with plastic. You will blast half your hand away into a bloody hash.

But this kid did all this steel milling and lathing with $10,000.00 worth of gear bought used off of eBay.

Take some gunsmith courses, spend $10k to $30k on machine tools for CnC milling of steel and you're in business making rifled barrels that are untraceable and suppressors too.

That could be one of the best investments you could make in a social breakdown situation; that and a diesel generator and batteries and a oil storage tank.

Cool nuclear reactor, Jackson. Wanna visit the white house?

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Whatcha sliding moshe?

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More info please or direct to where I can learn more about this.

This story sounds like it (((glows)))…

I didn't care the first time

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read a book about milling, nigger

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Too many poltards are easily impressed. This stuff is older than you. It's even older than boomers.

Pierce didnt have one of these for a hobby.

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While that is great and accurate and all it is umpossibly expensive; a pi version for completing 80% is a better use of tech-focused effort. Otherwise, old school smithing is the way to go with a firearm. Buy the rounds you want, find the steel tube that fits them, build triger and shit from steel plating using metal coping saw and shit, lern2rifle the barrrrrel, and sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Buy a Jet manual mill and a kit to convert it to cnc so you have both in the same machine. Also, desktop Modela mills and Rhino surface modeling software has some cam/cad shit going on. Solidworks is the best but french jews own the co even though non-jew euros develop it. FreeCAD for linux has a shit interface and experience but is comparable to Solidworks. You need a 5-axis shit name mill if you want full directional control. Otherwise 3-axis is enough.

Buy software? are ye mad? You can get Solidworks, Catia5, or Siemens

NX for free..Rhino is just for surface design. You want full brep modeling for this.

Prices are tumbling on this shit as technology runs forward

Take some community college gunsmith courses.

Home made blunderbuss ain't going to cut it when the feds come to massacre you and your family.
$19k is dirt cheap

And you can make 50cal long barrels with light armor piercing ammo. With the right blue prints you could make them semi auto. Total sophistication.

Not bad kid. Did he just copy plans, or did he actually learn calculus?

Whatever you guys are making…it's not enough. You should demand more.

And not just guns either; in the event of societal collapse you could become the center of small scale parts manufacture; with digital photography and photogrammetry you could easily copy parts using a couple hundred photos from different angles to obtain a precision of up to 1/10,000 of an inch and then manufacture vital parts for trucks and farm machinery.

You have a farm or some industrial land with a shed or barn on it.

$20k for a good CnC milling device
$10k for a good diesel generator

Get an array of car batteries for a couple thousand bucks to store the energy you're generating.

Get a couple storage tanks for diesel fuel.

Stock up on blocks of varying strength/elasticity steel, grades of aluminum

For under $40k, the price of a used truck you're in business and you are flying under the radar, off the map; they can see your electricity consumption on their grid.

Forklift batteries. 48volts gel cells and deepcycle. They last a decade if cycled properly. Reconditioned they go for around 2000. They are completely rebuildable if you know what you're doing, and can do so in a clean environment. Think near cleanroom standards.

A good mill is going to be more than that. You don't need cnc, in fact the best mills are reconditioned war time units. They go for around 30k. The best entry level cnc is breaking 20k. It's the Tormach.

It's alright for casual and light duty use. Don't expect to be cutting iconel or a lot of tool grade steel (what gears and engine parts are made of) without having a rebuild kit or two onsight already. The cutting heads are small, so to cut those materials you need higher speeds which reduces bearing life.

Propane more cost effective for generators and the exhaust can be used to heat and feed a greenhouse or hothouse depending on your climate.

I have a wealth of nations of knowledge and no where to put it to good use.

There's other ways to generate electricity, depending on your environment, but that isn't a discussion for anonymous imageboards where you never know who is watching


This is real knowledge and not just muh National Socialism LARPing

The funny thing, I am a National Socialist. I just don't trust anybody. Too many people came at me when I got doxxed.

N. Americans are different than Euros. There's the pioneer tradition of self reliance, and absolute liberty being the most precious thing spiritually, and that demands independence and self sufficiency. Euros have a long history of dirigism. Americans are more "root hog or die".
It's a different breed of men and women entirely.

You should write a manual and anondump it on pol.

lol your move, ahmed

You are correct. Not fucking hogs though, and not dying anytime soon. The hogs can lose weight.

What good would that do me? I mean it, The last time I shared knowledge people lost their jobs and organized against me and doxxed me. I walked through hell for a year. I don't do charity work anymore because this shit has cost me too much already.

You complain of having knowledge with no purpose and then ask what good sharing that knowledge would be. I don't know how to argue with that mentality.
Knowledge and experience should be shared, but if you don't have the inclination then I can't do much more than I already have.

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That is terrible. Things have gone drastically wrong. What the fuck are you doing.


Los Angeles or San Francisco?

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Middle of Colorado right now. It's fucking colder than a hot bitches exit.

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Turn on your stove.

Congratulations you made a particle accelerator, you're accelerating electrons.

What this kid did is build a farnworth fusor, which takes a fuckload of energy in, and manages to fuse a few molecules of gas to produce light. It's an expensive and inefficient lightbulb.

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Start a blog and write it anonymously? This kind of self-sufficiency stuff needs to be available. Not the dumbshit "start an herb garden!" kosher garbage. Been looking for fun projects but I'm not as creative as you seem to be.

There's even an instructables.


Write it up in a separately screencap it then post. Doing so creates an image that is a nightmare to censor or trace due to how easy it is to modify by the slightest degree by literally anyone. It uses the same logic that memes use to bypass censorship and its why anonymous all use it to share info. You don't technically have to write it up here first and let user screencap it for you.

Admittedly not many anons actually 'know' why they all do it that way besides how easy it is. It actually has to do with security and bypassing safeguards to allow for shit posting more then convenience. Sadly I don't know the specifics or the details behind it. I just know why its done that way to share info and memes in an nearly impossible to stop formatting that safeguards the user because its just an image anyone can save or delete.

alternatively just buy and assemble a parts kit
most have all the fun parts

Looking at Nasa, why do Southerners produce so many great scientists?

He didn't "build" a clock or a computer nor he's brown so don't expect this to be widely reported by the (((media))) though.

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I design a microprocessor about a year ago. Never got any credit for it.


Good rest his soul, David was to good for this world, a Proto-Sky King of sorts.

He clearly did, as no whites rose up before or after his death.

You dumb nigger, people dont make whole guns out of plastic,m, and even if the entire thing is your main concern, over the years models which can fire hundreds of rounds safely with no cracks have already been made and fired. shut the fuck up.

I'm scared some alphabet agency might steal him or some other bad shit.


Is there a way to weaponize particle accelerators?

i mean an ar-15 is technically a particle accelerator

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I hope you reconsider. I don't know anything about your situation but you know we'd appreciate it. I learned medical skills, CNC programming and basic machining, I'm learning mech design now. I want to relearn chemistry. I keep learning because I know that I'm going to use all the pieces for… something.

I know things, lots of things, but its never enough by itself without the wide view, the whole picture. And surrounded by the blue-pilled and brain-dead no one really has the whole picture that I'm looking for.
Being who I am, I'd only use what you know as a guide anyways - I'd have to make the trip myself. But even that would be more helpful than having to do it all from scratch.



I'm banking on 3d metal printing to revolutionize industry and make rather precise small-scale productions feasible in a way that investment casting never could. It's why I'm learning design instead of getting better at machining. Imagine downloading a solid, putting it into your home 3d metal printer, and with some finishing work, you have yourself a part made to your needs (with a few downsides like material strength, but offset by customization and accessibility).

Something dark and violent grows within me.

Its coming, check HP Metaljet.

(((Hollywood version)))

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With somebody who can read a schematic and some cash, this project could be accomplished by a 7y/o. Not impressed. Fuck off.

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