Utilizing jew nepotism in job hunting, pull an Elizabeth Warren



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Learn masonspeak and yiddish, it opens the door of all doors, believe me.

I'd rather shoot myself than pretend to be something as disgusting as a kike or speak their cursed tongue.

Like what exactly?

Their control of all institutions is so absolute…
Maybe we should all just become jews. Then they can't discriminate against us.

This has been the solution from the start and the biggest evidence is how hard the shills will shout you down about it. The kikes have absolutely no counter against the thing they themselves do to any organization that they didn't start

The trouble with this is that we'd essentially be giving up our own identities and taking on the cultural practices of the most disgusting, inhuman monsters ever to exist. We might even become jews.
Adopting the culture of the ruling class is very dangerous as we'd be more likely to be assimilated by them than they by us.

Worse still, it is simplistic for me to say that they can't discriminate against us. They still would as we'd be newcomers and these goddamn monsters would always know that they were jewish first and we're not part of their disgusting bloodline.

God, it's like there is no way out of this hole.

Sounds good until you realize that they can and will look up synagogue records to track down your mother and her lineage.

I know plenty of near jews with jew fathers and gentile mothers who were desperate to be in the tribe reap the benefits, playing that angle to the max and nothing doing. Being a jew is a complex game. I used to have 15 year old jewesses flirting heavily with me in my high school which was 25%+ jew, and that's about as far as it went. Older jew men are not fooled so easily.

"How do you do, fellow Jews?"

You're hired.

It's funny because it's true. It's how they infiltrated colleges.

Nope, just say you're mother is a "Secular".

They are NOT as organized as Catholics. Their structure is more like Baptists. They operate via Jewdar.

The matrilineal line is less enforced among Reform & Reconstructionist anyway.

I refuse to lose with honor.

Turnabout is fair play.

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This. Any means necessary.

Shut up, you faggot. We're not gonna become the jew because it's not in our genetics. Stop discouraging useful lies our people can use to get ahead.

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It's also SUPER hard to "UnJew" someone. Pretty much the ONLY thing that gets you kicked out is Christianity.

They even accept atheists even though atheism is literally violation of the first rule of Judaism. It's a tribe. You can be born into it, convert, marry, or just slip in and pretend to be from another town.

Super easy. I once went to a Reform synagogue and told them I was trying to "Rediscover my Jewish roots." That way anything I didn't do correctly was easily written off.

Rule of thumb: the more casual they dress and if they have a female rabbi = most leftist freaks on Earth.

This is also Framegames.

I miss that Mensch

go ahead and try it then. I lived for many years on Synagogue Row in Vancouver and went to senior high with them and I'm telling you that really evil jewish men see you're a goy much more clearly than you can see the jew. They're some huge assholes.

Is it easier to pull on Jewish women?

They always seem to hunger for Goydick.

No one can be Jewish if everyone is?

I actually do know a little Hebrew. Plus I'm cheaper than a Dollar Tree on Black Friday.

Tell that to the chinks. They are turning more jewish every generation just by mimicking them. Genetics follows breeding, and breeding follows environment. The Greeks used to be white, now look at what greasy niggers their offspring have become. Preserving the culture is everything.

I had them coming up to me at my desk and they'd stand over me looking down at me with a smile on their faces and rub their pussies through their blue jeans on my shoulder.

Citation needed. Chinks are locked into the same jewish central banking scheme we are. We're not seeing a free expression of their culture anymore than we're seeing a free expression of our own.

And lying about being jewish to get a job is not the same as giving up your culture.

Is anybody surprised at this?
When all jobs requiring at least a luke-warm IQ go to Jews and Jew-allies, the only recourse is

I thought it was just me!

Man it's funny as hell. Jewish chick alreadyhad a scrawny gentile Soyfriend, kept flirting with me like I was the last bagel at Einstein's.

I didn't go for it though.

Why would anyone marry these girls?

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le mao

Good. Don't risk children with someone you wouldn't want children with. And don't spend affection on the enemy.

Absolutely good advice.

Next time they do they just belt out I'm gay get that icky gefilte off me. Record the results.


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In prison in my state there's a special kosher diet for Jewish inmates that's far better than the normal diet. After being incarcerated for about a year I wrote a special request to the facility chaplain using all of my Jewish knowledge I had gleamed from Zig Forums and /new/ over the years and managed to get on the diet. About 90% of us on the diet were actually goyim merely pretending in order to get the special Jew food, and the actual Jews would get butthurt about us all playing pretend.

If it comes down to it pretend to be a Jew if it gives you an advantage. Pretend to be anything if you have to. I recall one Zig Forumsack mentioned he changed his last name to a hispanic one (Cortez) and then put on a dress and claimed to be transgender before signing up for college as a transgender hispanic woman.

Another Zig Forumsack who was decently high in the corporate world got a promotion and then immediately "converted" to Islam, doing the prayer rug thing five times a day, wearing the white hat, growing the beard out. He's completely untouchable now.

Use the weapons of the enemy against the enemy.

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That's how jews subvert whites, you idiot. Unlike the rest of humanity, they go out of their way to make sure their women procreate with gentile men. It's like a reverse cucking or something, and they are proud to do it.

Kinda explains the plot of The Nanny with Fran Drescher.

It occurs to me that THE major to take in college is Human Resource Management.

We control the hiring, we can get the White breeding class in the good jobs.

You don't lose your identity anymore than a jew loses his when he pretends to be one of us but act in israel's best interest.

And unlike pretending to be hispanic, you often don't have to change your last name unless it's something really specific and obscure like Hilloughby. A lot of jews have English and Celtic names, to the surprise of many people including pribably on here as well. I've known jews, personally and nonpersonally through media, who have names like Paley, Higgins, Hayes, Johnson, Johnston, Whiteman ironically, Carpenter, etc.

Though if your first name is Chris-something (Christian, Christopher, Christine, etc.) that might make things more complicated and raise some beetle brows, though there are jews with those first names, like ESPN sportscaster Chris Berman.
Jews might also look sideways at first names like Luke, Mary, and even Alexander to a degree. Paul, Peter, Philip, John, James, Mark, and Andrew are all kosher, though.

I have a theory about this….about women in general. Scientists are now saying we do have a sixth sense that's very subtle but powerful that exists in our noses; we can literally smell each other's immune systems, particularly the immune systems of the opposite sex. The purpose of sex is to scramble our genetic code so that any of the tens of thousands of micro organisms that want to feast on humanity's biomass literally are prevented from "getting our number".

Women can smell if a guy is too closely related to them; not a good bet for a mate. The code isn't being scrambled enough. Need new codes all the time.

I'm only 5'8" and well, I was really poor. When I was finishing up my university degree I was in the university bookstore getting my books for one of the last courses I needed and suddenly this smoking hot jewess was standing real close to me, looking deep into my face. She had a bit of a narrow face but her hair, her ASS and her clothes were awesome, Smoking hot. The thing was she was deeply attracted to me but always very peevish with me like she was deeply annoyed about something. I've watched jewesses with their husbands and man it's brutal. Do not envy the jewish man…he has to deal with the jewess…

No wonder so many jewish men are homosexual. Doesn't explain why so many of their women are lesbians rather than just asexual though.

Being molested by their dad.

Oddly common. It's not just Woody Allen.


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My sister lives a block or two from Stornoway in Ottawa. Her husband is filthy rich specialist in medicine. She works too, has her masters degree. Last time I saw her in the 80's I got invited over with them for dinner at this very well to do jew guy's house. He had a great business. He had a wife and 10 year old daughter, a clone of mommy. When dinner was over we all sat around in the parlor of their fucking mansion and then the wife started in with the jewess schitck.

"Why did I marry you?" she declared staring at him with contempt in a very theatrical manner for our perusal. "What did I see in you?" she said. "Look at him, what kind of a man is this I ask you??" and so on for half an hour. My sister and her daughter beheld this show with slack jawed gaping mouth admiration.

The poor sap just cringed in his chair like a mutt that was used to being whipped by his master. I felt sorry for the sap.

I'm telling you it ain't easy being a jew, not when you have to cough up $100k a year per seat in a fashionable well connected synagogue. Miss a year because business is bad?

Rabbi; "Fuck you, pay me or fuck off, loser."

I'm convinced that 89% of jewish evil is the result of being a matriarchy with insanely demanding females to cater to with slavish groveling.

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There is only one way. Chirst will return to vanquish the Jewish Moshiach and bring down the synagogue of Satan. It's going to get so very ugly and violent before the end. Get ready, anons.

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And in other news…

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^This is how you get blackmailed by Jared Kushner's dad.

I'm not joking. This shit is extremely common with Jews. Hulk Hogan fell for the same trap.

That would explain feminism though

How would you get blackmailed for fucking some jew's wife?

Reactionaries and conservatives are our enemy as much as Jews themselves. Never forget that.

Feminism is the jewess mentality gone globally viral. And I keep seeing this scenario; naive country girl/immigrant girl arrives in town and treats men with immense respect and admiration. CG/IG goes to party crawling with jewesses and wannabe wom/lib shicksas and observes their immense rudeness and arrogance with slack jawed gaping mouth amazement, closely studying every move like a chess master studying Bobby Fischer's game. Within six months this polite respectful newcomer will be just as audaciously rude and obnoxious and greedy and grasping and arrogant with as vicious a tongue in her head as the worst jewess.


Dubs is right.

The problem with Boomer Christendom is the Wait for Jesus meme.

A Christian is the beginning of the second coming. We are now the body of Christ. It is our job to do His will NOW.

The kingdom begins with us. The idols, the temples of sin, and synagogue of Satan must be torn down.

Iconoclasts, just like your Kike masters.

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Do you ever wonder why Jews hate Christianity so bad that it's the ONLY religion in the Talmud that even Gentiles are condemned to Hell for following?

Do you think it might be useful to your cause to have all those "Anti-Semetic" verses that can be used on millions of Whites and non-whites against your foe?

This can be exploited.


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.


LMAO, maybe for you, you genetic dead end. This is just natural selection against stupid people, and it's far overdue.

Shut up retard. You would do it yourself if you weren't full of shit. There's a reason you're on TOR. You're going to get raped one day for talking shit about Whites.

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I agree, as much as I'd rather personally stick to Cosmotheism, I would be all for the Christians becoming strongly anti-semitic again
Oh wow, would you look at this faggot
I can smell the kosher on you from here

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Good goy

Have you ever seen a black christian preacher portrayed negatively by Jewish media? Do you suppose that Jews loved "pagan" Rome? Should I love Capitalism because "marxist" Jews hate it? Should I love Communism because (((Ayn Rand))) hated it?

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And from (((forward))) itself, wow.

High IQ my arse, it was just nepotism all along.

This pretty much explains everything about kike 'success' and how Zig Forums is always right.

The bugs are yellow jews, and getting worse. They idolize the jews, which is exactly why the japs wanted to eradicate the filthy scum.

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Hehe, I just had a filipino fellow become quite upset with me yesterday over his beloved heroes.

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The chinks ARE kikes. Some of the lost tribes went East, we know this for a fact. That's why they have the same insect hivemind mentality of kikes, if you lined up every stereotype of chinks it would line up perfectly with kikes. Our forefathers were right when they knew kikes weren't white but subhuman asiatics. They are the same bad insects and should be fumigated.

they do actually discriminate against themselves, user

Perhaps, but that's not precisely what the post I replied to said. The other user said chinks are becoming jews, which is not the same as just having innate similar characteristics. I would agree that there are innate similarities between yids and chinks, and it would make sense considering their similar geographic origins.

But you cannot say, while jewish central banks exert enormous influence over nearly every country on the planet, that we're seeing pure expressions of culture. There is a top down jewish control at play.

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You can even start your own sect. There's no pope or central committee to deny you. That's how there's things like black israelites.

Yes, and he was told that Christianity was taught to slaves to keep them in chains, a lot like what (((you))) say
Do I suppose that idol-worshiping jews had any problem with religions than didn't call them children of the most evil being in the universe? Fucktard.
>Should I love Communism because (((Ayn Rand))) hated it?
You should love something based on its merits, but since Christianity condemns your love of sucking dick, endless lying, and greed for gold, you despise it.

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jews are likely the result of a denisovan/neander hybrid mutation. A locust is going to relate to an ant a lot more than a human is.

I think you're confused about who they is. A good portion–maybe most–of the people who give you preferential treatment when they think you're a jew are cucky goys who are afraid of being anti-semitic. They don't know the difference between real jews.

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[citation needed]


Absolutely worthless. Ethics are situational. Lying to jews is perfectly alright. Stealing from jews is even better, Christcuck.

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If you think you can make an argument out of that you'd better start connecting dots, because your claim is nowhere in that evidence.

This. Note the denial of evolution as well. Evolution and natural science is the very foundation of racial thought. Without it any nigger and any jew can be as good as a white man simply by tossing a shekel into the collection tray. This is patently absurd, and any man stupid enough to believe this is an enemy to the white race.

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That cave bred jew dysfunction into their genome for thousands of years.

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Stay mad jew, chink learn from (jew).

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kikes and chinks both have sloped heads. cohencidence? i think not.

Exactly the problem Hitler pointed out in Mein Kampf regarding the Christian Socialists' failure to dominate Austria politically. Any jew that wanted to fit into their fold only had to pretend. Also, people generally found the irrational religious based anti-semitism to be repulsive and were unable to relate, even if Christian themselves (muh not real xianity).

Christians who promote their religion front and center are an enemy. I don't care if some retard believes that shit as long as he shuts up about it. There are too many problems with that worldview, even outside of it being an effeminate fairy tale to keep women occupied.

This is an option. If you can't beat them, join them at least pretend and take over from the inside. OUT JEW THE JEWS nya~

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Please don't insult fairies by connecting them to a foreskin devouring demon!

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If you have that capability, go fit, but it isn't possible as a collective. They've been jewing for centuries, and have become exceedingly efficient at it.

go for* it*


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Ah you think deceit is your ally? You merely adopted the swindle. Jews were born in it, molded by it. A jews doesn't see honesty until he is already a man, by then it is nothing to him but blinding!

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It is doable.
All you have to do is keep your foreskin, so we can recognize ourselves while infiltrating.

White people are better at everything they choose to do.

Oy vey. The fact that you have the chutzpah to ask such a question, makes me just desperate to kvetch. Oy gevalt.
Seriously though, my family is a mix of Lithuanian and Scottish, and the kikes literally can't tell the difference. I've been pretending all through college, and I get mostly As and Bs, despite turning in complete shit for assignments. One English professor even had a crush on me, which disgusted me to hell and back, but earned me an A without me even having to return her the favor.

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Fucking gay cope as well. No, we are not better at being hellspawns.

I choose not to anymore. You had your turn.