5G Is The “Stupidest Idea In The History of The World”- Washington State Biochemistry/Medical Scienc

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“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.”


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inb4 a bunch of jews show up calling people Luddites

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Not your blog faggot, go cry about fluoride calcifying your pineal elsewhere.

Already on it.
Spread the word.

Found the jew

Well, at least acceleration are happy: the yids are literally frying America now.
I wanna make an inappropriate joke, like "How's the radiation? Now you know how Hiroshima felt!" but it's much too sad now. How far the mighty have fallen. "Greatest Country in the World!" cooked alive by some long-noses.

Kikes have arrived.

I am not excited for this

What's worse? Calling people a neo-luddite or thinking that being a Neo-Luddite is an insult or a bad thing?

Get back in the oven, juden.

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I keep hearing that 5G wireless is non-ionizing (It cannot break DNA), and that seems to be true. What is the main argument against 5G? Is it just the lack of testing, or is there some other biochemical problem it causes in humans / animals?

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There is also the element of the fact it is a botnet.

I'd say get away from the smart tech all together and start from scratch. put your phones back in your houses and keep them there.

I don't think anyone is entirely sure, and I'm not a biochemist so I won't make any assumptions, however the fact that it hasn't gone through testing is a red flag.

Absolutely agree with that aspect. I can imagine all sorts of "smart" toys will becoming out, so sick jews can stick a camera in your daughter's teddy bear. Both to watch her, and to upload recent audio upon hearing spoken keywords.

If this board had any sense, they would auto-ban anyone using Windows 7-10, and they would encourage everyone to destroy their cell phone by smashing it, also banning all phone posters.

These simple acts are needed to ensure safety and privacy. The only reason that we need botnet 5G is because retards use Cell Phones. If you are still using a Windows computer by now, you are retarded and deserve to be shot in the back of the head.

This is terrible.

Radio waves, even non-ionizing, interfere with life. My friend was an officer in the navy and he worked on the ship's radar sometimes. He said that when it was on, if a seagull flew too close it would "disable" the seagull (fall out of air into water). He said after a few minutes they would get up and fly off again, but it definitely messed them up. The point is, these aren't harmless.

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I should also have added that such "smart" toys do exist, but to work they need to entice the user to key in wifi details, usually by promising the child access to more (((features))). Even with one-click wifi configurations, a lot of parents will find that too difficult. With 5G though, you might not even know your child's "smart" toy, or your "smart" fridge is connecting to the internet. That could all be setup by the manufacturer ahead of time.

Nothing like dropping nukes on the largest Christian conclave in Japan at the time. Oops, no goys it was because military reasons, be3the e tirety of Japans industrial output wasn't on a war footing or anything goy.

No thanks, I don't want to be trans.

It seems the main danger is for those in close proximity to the tower. I'm not sure how rapidly that danger decreases as the signals attenuate. I need to look into why being close to the source is a problem.



so if 5G is so horrible, how is 4g completely harmless? are we going to start admitting that all of this shit is harmful in varying degrees and 5g just happens to cross the threshold we're willing to accept? or are we going to just bury our head in the sand because its convenient.

i have had to say this before but yes microwave radiation is biological dangerous even tho it is not ionizing, however the real extend of the damage is not properly determined yet

short version microwave radiation can create bubbles in you dna by breaking the hydrogen bonding
you are probably familiar with microwave ovens, these work so well because water resonates in the microwavelength and as such can absorb the photons which can pass through other substances
you should probably also know your dna is a double helix, these are two strands of base pairs chemically bonded, however the two strands are themselves connected via the much weaker hydrogenbonding, now during normal operations your dna helix gets unbonded and repair mechanisms exist however these are all supposed to function at specific endsites in the dna not a random sites
now the microwave radiations can break hydrogen bonds in the middle of the dna and create a little bubble there htat fucks up the cellulair processes, again true extent of the damage as of yet unknown but microwave radiation is not biological inert

this all happened because way back we allowed engineers to do science unhindered by any factual knowledge about (bio)chem
the initial safety tests on these types of devices where them seeing at which level of radiation you would literaly start cooking the heads of mice like in a microwave oven looking only at direct thermal damage

4g is harmful, and it goes largely ignored due to censorship and scientific repression. The problem with 5G is that it's 4G's problems times a billion with numerous new problems

The lack of testing alone is argument enough. It's peak kikery to roll out technology on a wide scale without fully exploring its potential dangers. The premise many post-apocalyptic works of fiction hinge on this very issue.

That said, I'm sorta banking on the fact that the yids will push something insanely dangerous out and end up killing a bunch of the population off in the process. Such an occurrence would be a powerful catalyst for global change, and at this point it's either widespread pandemonium ushering in a purge and eventual rebirth of civilization or it's a slow downward spiral into permanent darkness. The boiling frog is the worst cast scenario but it's exactly where it's all headed currently.

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What can you do to protect yourself against 5G if you have to work in a city?

You know the way out.

True. Are they rolling out 5G in Israel, or highly Jewish areas like Crown Heights, NY? Retrofitting their synagogues as Faraday cages?

nothing short of building a faraday cage in your bedroom if you live in a city
for walking outside or any office setup nothing realistic can be done, hence why this rollout is so giganticly stupid it has to be a yid attack plan

Oh blackmail? Good luck with that. I don't give a shit what you try rednecks. I already own the cops here.

Not your negro.

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Here's the specs on the 5g equipment.

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Wtf are with these bots? Responses don't even match.

Great digits speak truth. user, more, give.

Wifi and 4g don't bother me. Maybe you're just a bunch of genetic weaklings.

The kikes are attempting to simply spam the board enough that it's unusable.

I suppose you could break the damn things if you wanted. Conversely you could accumulate all of the conclusive data that demonstrates this is horrific, create a social movement that is against 5G, and make the social movement involve destroying the 5G antennas that exist around you, all the while citing the fact that Israel is banning it to justify the actions while simultaneously redpilling. Merging this movement with another current one would also expedite the process, something like the yellow vest movement since it's a generally anti-government movement and JQ savvy. Any frogs and euros feel like destroying some cancer sticks? I mean, you're already being killed and maimed over a soft invasion, why not try to stop the global genocide of all woke people around the world while you're at it.

But as far as your question is concerned unless you have a goddamn bunker that is a faraday cage itself you'll be affected.

Has that ever worked before? How many years have you been dropping redpills? We won't get the results in time for that to be enough. If you want to shut down 5g, you have to hack the machines and switch them to kill-mode in high-profile areas and target specific individuals with them. When the politicians that allowed these to be installed, start getting zapped by them, then things will get hot.

Paid shill confirmed. 5G confirmed for health damage.

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Not very factual, but there was an x-files episode called Drive. It was about a secret nuclear submarine radar station that was causing peoples heads to explode, and the only way they could stay alive was by driving west at high speeds. Interestingly, the lead character believes he is the victim of a jew conspiracy. Then his head explodes.

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But it's not "confirmed" for health damage, nor unconfirmed. That's what the whole point of the thread is about.

WITHOUT A SINGLE TEST OF SAFETY. Therefore, it's effects are unknown. Do you even read the thread or do you just go "hurr durr corporations bad fight the power." In fact, I think you are a struggling ethernet cable salesman and you are trying to lure people back on to your antiquated technology. Well, I already own several meters of ethernet cable and I do not need any more. Good day, sir.

The movement would indeed need to be sudden and jarring, a death owed to it would be hard to prove and lemmings are already stupid, add the chemical and now electronic warfare against them to the mixture and obviously anyone can understand the daunting task of making them aware of the specifics with or without data but that is hardly related to the social catalyst that would spark such an event, it's more like the sound foundation that makes it so kikes and kiked scientists who will try to debunk the movement will be deflected when they show up.

A literally explosive event that attracts people's attention, followed up by a decent amount of people who are aware of the dangers and can keep the momentum going after the social event (the aforementioned merging of a current movement like YV) is what makes it stick. You're correct in the time aspect which is why this has to be utilized now, and by something that already has a large societal capital. I would like the idea of your Zig Forums approach but it's outside of my expertise and further more I'm more interested in the damn things going away and staying gone instead of being "co-opted" and being utilized against our offenders.

Also can you demonstrate you're not a bot?

user, it's simple. Just take credit for the 5g-kill a moment before you press the button. It will get capped and it will be too late for the target. Then, keep fucking doing it until 5g is shut down or you run out of kikes.

Extreme hubris from ignorant bastards. Cognitive dissonance.

Bee Glue… the gum that bees use to hold their hive of wax together. It contains a GSK-3 inhibitor, you know, the kind that cause dentin layers to regrow. It's been found being used to plug cavities as far back as the record of human bones go. Funny how the kikes give us poison, when our ancestors a hundred million years ago, had the fucking fix.

Have to wonder why these things get slipped in.

The radiation is one thing; one other is the ability to chip people with the closer-range high-frequency datastreams

Because chips have a lower limit of energy, thus 5G akin to a close-range GPS surveillance when paired with a chip.

A very novel idea user and one I couldn't object to but the personnel required would still be a rare resource and they essentially have to roll the dice and see if they will live or die after the event, I'd personally rather have those people safe and utilized for later events while using a movement that is already protected by a large societal ramification if fucked with to take the initiative since those are likely already /ourguys/ and have the same sources of information we do that can justify this experience to the public.

But again, if some one COULD do that go for it, fry someone's brains right out of their skull (preferably in a large public area) and see how the public reacts, it certainly would be an entertaining sight to see even normies wake up to the fact that at any moment they could die if they're a naughty goy but it seems unrealistic and a bit more chaotic than I'd like.

Could you post a relevant image in your next post?

I have been curiously watching the news reports of how (((the US))) has been raising hell over Huawei providing 5g hardware. Started with accusations against Super Micro by Bloomberg, which have been passionately denied. No evidence provided yet.


My estimation is the yids want all the data so they want to provide the hardware for 5g. So they're promoting the real fear of foreign adversary providing hardware…just not mentioning their own loyalty to Israel while kvetching

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Why do jews butcher their own names like this? Do they really think they're hiding anything? Like Steinberg becoming Stineburg, or Vogel becoming Fogle. Wtf?

It's a moot point. That argument, along with many others can be summed up like this:

why is everyone suddenly so upset over 5G when airport radar systems and ATC have done the same thing for over half a century now? A normal radio transmitter itself will straight up fry eggs placed on it, and people are worried about antennas that are cool to the touch?

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I already posted the full specs of one of the models being installed.
What are you talking about? These devices are all controlled over the internet. I sincerely doubt that they're very well secured.

Trudeau is hilarious. Not only is he a rapist but all the virtue signaling he and corporations tend to do these days turns out to be an attempt to hide behind the fact he's a corporatist stooge just like every other virtue signaling leftist in the west. Jimmy Carr doesn't pay his taxes period and like every leftist pundit comedian he's a millionaire hypocrite of the worst sort, Bernie Sanders doesn't have multiple homes and a luxury sports car to advance socialism, AOC doesn't live in a luxury apartment that bans poor people to fight for the poor, and Elizabeth Warren doesn't have a networth of over 10 million dollars for no reason. The whole west is a shitshow, a mistake and I hope Jesus Christ or Buddha or whatever returns with another great flood or a divine version of a nuclear bomb upon the world.

Because they have attempted to justify communizing the internet under the guise that ISPs are natural monopolies due to having to plant physical cables for people to get internet. Wireless technology like 5G puts an end to this alleged natural monopoly and thus an end to their justification for total take over of the internet.

Here, pic related.

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Poisoning wells as always, rabbi?

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Like those chips that every single credit card were forced to get?

You should die. That image is totally uncited and I can't find any evidence of it occurring anywhere at any time.

Okay, step into a microwave.

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No, its another level.

That was never a serious goncern.

Same reason why they produced American History X. It's predictive programming of a sort. If they can tie factual information in with a stupid character, or one with a major ethical flaw, or something like that (Neon Nazis etc) then they can discredit the idea before you even have a chance to explain the facts.

this tech is not going to be rolled out overnight. The biggest and most (((diverse))) cities will get to experience the joys of 5G first. It's gonna be pretty entertaining.

Israel created 5G, and they also banned 5G from Israel. Cohencidence?


Good luck getting an anti 5G social movement going. Amerifats are just concerned about being able to load niggerball clips even faster on their smart phone. But muh nextflix, but muh DAZN sports, but muh hulu. They have been trained to think they're on the "cutting edge" by adopting whatever technology is thrown at them. All deserve death. See pic related, odd font choice but I stole it from Zig Forums.

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No shit. Powerful radars act as microwaves, probably gave the bird's skin a sizzle. Even still 5G is non-Ionizing.

It isn't banned from Israel, Israeli telcos aren't making enough money to justify further investment


it's almost as if treating half your population as subhuman doesn't lend itself well to economic growth

A guy who makes his money by "studying" and "confirming" things like fibro and other nonsense diseases.

Most of America doesn't have cell service let alone 3G. What makes you think anyone cares about 5G besides retarded liberals who live off their phones?

Yeah looks like they're getting it

That statement has no basis in reality.

At least we know they suck at coding AIchan.

Only reason I'm glued to my damn phone is because I'm lucky to get 1x and I'm still fucking waiting.

All smartphones come with a warning that you shouldn't keep too close to your body/skin for prolonged periods of time.
A network of 5G towers would be like comparing the radiations thrown by a 20W light bulb and a neutron star in your neighbor's garden vomiting all sorts of high energy cascading particles through your window and walls.

Well if the Jews blanket Israel with it, I'll make the trade with any deaths it might cause here.

Explain to me like i was a child what kind of computer i should get then. I am eager to learn and spread the knowledge if i got it. Are you thinking Linux? Which type of Linux, on what kind of harddrive?

It won't cause any deaths. It will only further degrade the overall health and happiness of the world. This "if it don't kill you it's fine" mentality toward public health and safety needs to fucking die.

Althought montalk is a disinfo shill whether knowingly or not, the bastard shows all signs of being ultra'd realize that to poison the well, the water must still look clear, or it will not be drunk. It's without any doubt possible to disrupt a person's thoughts using ANY stimuli that is repeats at specifically tuned frequencies to interfere with their ability to process sensory data and even recall memory. I primarily use vocal oscillation times to match my target's thought processing cycles matched up through biofeedback, ie visual cues from small muscle movements predominantly of the face, and vocal cues from small pitch changes in their voice and/or frequency of their words, and/or time-lapse between when they see small gestures of mine, recognize the information, and then react to them. with the occasional gesture here and there. If I can break a person's short-term memory mid-conversation and manipulate them enough that I get police to thank me and walk away instead of giving me tickets, I'm confident that a machine can be tuned to do the same.

Makes sense, though I'd call it a sloppy tactic.

It is when you believe all scientists are also satanists out to get you.

Tranny OS.

It will, but those will be covered up. Regardless of this, it would be better to modify some to actually cause deaths of specific enemies.

Very soon you are going to want to make the switch to Ubuntu or Mint. They are both entry level and their are not what I would call secure. But Windows is going to switch to being a monthly/annual service style operating system. Anyone that goes along with that is an irredeemable toolbag.

Here they rolled out 5G a year ago.

I mean it could be something else, but you are scaring me.

They do also use it in hospitals and have these small signal towers on every other traffic light here, on the roofs. Is there any way to measure the waves?

I have installed ubuntu on my android phone actually, removed google, rooted it and use open source only programs there. F-Droid store is very good.

Should all be outlawed. Just because the health problems for the above are minimal as you go up the change: they still exist.

are you for real? Liberals are absolutely the ones glued to their phones because they're cucks who put all their information on it and trust it, as opposed to buying a home with a landline phone and broadband internet - or pulling a Stallman and using exclusively free library wifi. It absolutely is a liberal thing.

Yeah, you got a ham radio set? Usually you can monitor whatever is going on if you're able to get an antenna there it just depends on the sensitivity of the equipment. Whether or not any of the intercepted signals are readable or useful is another question though, most probably won't.

Where i felt the effects worst, if it was caused by this was when i lived in the middle of a tall apartment block. It had 80 apartments, all connected to wifi. It feels like slight bumps, i have even recorded it on my phone. It can be on my hand, twitching the muscles, it can be on the thighs, the lip.. I feel it so much that i have become used to it. Otherwise i am an healthy and atheltic guy.

Let me start by saging and saying I don't care about anything ITT, but I'm going to explain some science here in nonscientific rhetoric.

It was a serious concern to the tune of it being the literal nature of building the LHC; The LHC creates mini black holes. That's what it does. They dissipate in a fraction of a second.
All of the math checked out, all of it, we were right. The mini black hole dissipated and continues to do so every time it's fired. No problem.

Let's look at another time we were positive our math was right
Mind you that starting up the LHC is one of the things that lead us to the discovery that our "dark matter" mass calculations were wrong. Let me rephrase that twice more: We miscalculated what we perceived to be the largest portion of the entire fucking universe; Our equations were wrong so we invented "dark matter" to compensate because "we're not wrong our math is perfect the universe must be the one that's incorrect."

And that was our mentality going into "The black hole will dissipate it's nothing to worry about." And it was nothing to worry about because the math was solid, equally as solid as the math that spawned the "dark matter" retardation.
And CERN aren't satanists Shiva is an Erisian analogue.

First off, this guy is a fraud. He sells overpriced bullshit supplements online. He might as well be Alex Jones. nutricology.com/martin-pall-products/

That said, let's actually talk about 5G for a bit and what it actually is. Second thing: Radiation is not Radioactive. Heat is radiation. Light is radiation. Microwaves are just a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation which includes visible light, radiowaves, etc. Most of that spectrum is non-ionizing, which means it doesn't have the ability to carry enough energy to remove electrons from atoms it interacts with. Non-ionizing radiation is essentially harmless to humans and life in general. "

So what is 5G and why is it different than 4G (3G, 2G, G, etc)?
Well, it's really just an description of Generation of wireless technology. It's a radio. The point of this latest gen is to get more data through, faster. How does it do that? Millimeter Wave bands, or Extreme High Frequency radio. The downside to EHF/Milimeter wave is that it can't go very far. It attenuates rapidly and is blocked by physical objects very easily. (The higher the frequency, the shorter the wave length, and the more easily it becomes disrupted.) Certain frequencies work better through clothing because they can essentially get through the tiny gaps between threads, however, they can barely penetrate more than a millimeter into tissue. The only real effect is that your skin temperature might go up very very slightly. Standing in direct sunlight would be worse for you. 4G can actually go through you/around you, and some small amount of that energy is dissipated into your body.

Now, you might have noticed that this sounds similar to the body scanners they use at the airport. That's because it's similar, though those scanners use more energy to create a simulated image based on a 3D scan of millimeter radio waves. It still isn't a lot of energy. In fact, the most dangerous part of flying is actually being up high enough that more solar radiation can reach you. Even so, that's less ionizing radiation that you'd get from a medical x-ray.

A couple things to note: 5G devices will still have 4G radios because they'll need them in situations where 5G doesn't work.
5G requires line of sight, so it'll be very useful when you have that and you'll fall back to 4G when you don't (Just like all previous generations of wireless, actually.)

But do Electromagnetic fields cause health problems? We don't know. Most studies say no, some say yes. The problem with this is that almost everything has an EM component. Anything magnetic or ferrous. The sun. Moonlight. Even Starlight. The lights at home. Anything powered with or conducting electricity. Thunderstorms. Any living organism. Anything that is physically hot.

Non-ionizing radiation cannot cause cancer because it doesn't have enough energy to damage DNA. No, it doesn't matter how long you expose it either. You can stand there and piss on a concrete wall for the rest of your life, but you're never going to crack it open that way.

So in principle, he's correct in that some safety analysis should be done before mass deploying technology. What he gets wrong is that the safety is already known because we already did all the testing for the past few decades. We understand how radiowaves work. It's not a mystery. The fact that we expose ourselves to solar radiation at all is the real horror story. That will give you cancer, guaranteed. As far as other health effects, there just isn't any indication anything serious happens. As I said, we're constantly being exposed to EM radiation at all times.

If you're not concerned about the sun, you probably don't need to worry about 5G. But, if you still are, A) Don't get a 5G device. B) Don't go outside. C) If you must go outside, wear clothing that covers most of your skin. Leather or something else not porous. Put on natural sunscreen. (It can't hurt.) You'll be safe from the tiny little invisible waves, streaming porn and propaganda.

Anyways, I hope that was helpful for some of the less tinfoil anons here.