Is Jared even the dad of her babies?

(((Jared Kushner))) is Ivanka Trump's husband, and supposedly the father of her 3 children, making them half-Jew mischlings. Of course, since there's never been a DNA test, it makes you wonder. In many photographs, Ivanka stands happily when there is no visible contact between them. They regularly pose where he could be hover-handing behind her, with the implication of holding her.

She often seems uncomfortable in his presence, especially in the rare occasions they do touch. I get the impression Jared might be a cuckold and Ivanka might have mined some of her 3 kids' DNA from another man.

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A thread died for this cuckold fantasy fanfiction…

Jared also seems very creepy with Ivanka's children. Even if some of them are not Jews, Ivanka may be deserving of criticism for giving a child molester access to them instead of miscegenation.

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Cuckold AND paedophile fanfiction. Even better

There are no threads on the board worth being here. It doesn’t fucking matter.

Ask perez hilton, faggot.
You are so not sliding the Natacha thread.


Slide thread, amelioration agitprop.

no daddy trump is

Look at the children's eyes, you imperceptive fucking dolt. Damn; I almost forgot to


Ivanka's mother not kikess? Need more proof of that.

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Well, she's a natural blonde, just like Trump and Ivanka. :D

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That which fills the mind overflows from the mouth. Stop watching (((porn))). Its interesting how leftypol makes up retarded shit about emperor kike and his kikelets, when Zig Forums really needs no convincing hes a kike puppet. Its also interesting that when you point out their obsession with all thats degenerate over and over and over again, they never seem to learn and never seem to reel it in.

Her mom is a cartoon of a shesheeny.
So is Ivanka herself before all the work.

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After I threw up in my mouth a little .
Didnt have any non-creepy before pics,& I didn't want any of thoes w/ daddy in my device.
Saved.Her profile looks like she's eating a banana.

p2 - ivanka looks ugly/jewish

No, her demon crotch-spawn are full-blooded kikes.

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fuck is is that the same person on the left in pic 4, ivanka's mother, the same as the person in pic 5?

Yup, crazy huh?
Joan rivers sister,separated at birth.

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In fact the opposite is true. The kids look so much like Kushner with his blank jewish facial features its nauseating. Could've had those Brady genes.

Did she have surgery?
wtf happened to her?

Everyone knows the nose knows.

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Just a bit,would be my guess.

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That's Marla Maples, Trump's second wife. Trump got his bodyguard to start an affair with her so he could divorce her without paying her off.

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There are so many plastic surgery addicts in Trump's circle. His parties are like scenes out of the movie Brazil.

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Oh,that's right.
They all look alike to me.

Remember how hot Lisa Renni was before she nigged herself?

Yes they are.

Well he is ugly, probably his inbred kike genes. Obvious from the gitgo this was a political marriage. The worst part is he's a dumb kike too, he was C student. He even failed at being kike, only had daddy nepotistic kike thuggery to rely on.

Why is there a massive increase in Kusher posting?

Maybe they both got facial surgery instead of just ivanka?

Incest fetishists are fapping to the idea that the Don is their real father

Ivanka is still a bitch. Muh poor niggers Muh poor woymyn.

I would say 2 if not 3 different dad's. This bitch had trains run on her when she was a, (((model))) and daddy seemed to have prepared her for that. Shit one of these kids looks like a Romanian gypsy ffs. Of course they might have just bought them like the Obama's. Yeah we saw photos of the cunt in hospital but that doesn't mean anything. These fuckers stage everything. One must question everything about the jew and never trust them.

That's scummy to the maximum. And this man is president (puppet)..

inb4 some "Its the art of the deal bro" Trumptard

Fuck off Qushner, you fucking pervert. Your shitty little yidlets look exactly like you, ugly af.

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Yes. Next question trumptards.

This is a very slow board with a very long catalog. If a thread was at the bottom, it was already dead.

Their son looks like a potato./

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Guy is so sickly and ill looking. She needs a real man to give her a good pounding. And to your point op, yes I could see her needing and getting that from another guy.

sliding isn't to kill a thread at the bottom, but to push a thread at the top to a more obscure place farther down

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no retard thats marla maples or whatever her name is

everyone knows jews hatch from eggs, so no.

The shills are running around without direction, flinging about as the demons come out of them and they have to think independently for once in their lives. Come back in April.

I know another partial jewess who turned into uncanny valley the moment she hit 35. It's strange. I don't blame Trump one bit for trading in for a younger model. I really hope those rumours about him and Hope Hicks are true too. I'm going to be fucking tight 20s ass in my 70s too.

this is some sub-nigger tier thread, OP.
check the facial features: their children have a lot of their father in them.
sage for making me reply

This is an unlikely scenario, user.

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the man has plans

where are her eyes?

pizzagate is still up. Oh wait, nevermind. That's been dug deeper than a hole to china and still no arrests

How could she do it. In addition to, or because of, the kike genes, the guy is so awkwardly strange.

The real question is this;

do they put a big sheet between them and fuck through a hole cut in the sheet?

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take your pills

3rd pic - kushner is clearly holding on to his wife in a protective, fatherly manner. most cucks do not have this sort of body language

and the kids definitely look like they belong to both of them

Both kids have jet black kike eyes. The daughter looks like a demonic firestarter. OP is a faggot.

Their real father is a rabbi from synagogue
Ivanka and Jared are both trannies. Jared is the real mother of their children.

based trannyposter

In the back of her skull

If they resemble Jared there is still a possibility that they were sired by his father (((Charles Kushner))) and are actually Jared's siblings.


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Nope, some douche keeps changing the rules.

It's not scummy in the slightest, libtard.