Michael Aquino is scheduled to appear on a podcast tonight. This same podcast also interviewed one of the Ashcraft family, for those of you familiar with Sara Ruth Ashcraft, a SRA victim turned whistleblower. Let's see what ole Mikey has to say tonight anons?

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stopthecrime.net/The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection.pdf

aquino? the literal unironic devil-worshipper who has access to the U.S.A.'s nukes?

interesting, but given how evil that fucker is, i dont expect truth from him.

Is she the one who claimed to have been raped by Tom Hanks, with no evidence? You niggers need to stop taking anything anyone who claims to be a "whistleblower" says as gospel.


Eat shit glownigger shills. Oh wait, Satanists are into that lol

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Someone should invite this guy to Zig Forums

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Sup shill, how's the anxiety going?

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Shout out to royalanon

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Dumb glownigger lol

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I will be sure to tune in

RIP Max Spiers

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He should be invited to a gas chamber, for child molestation.

Please tell me more about Roy Cohn, I'm sure you've got some great information nobody has seen before

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I like to think of this quote from Fiona Barnett

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Need to get my hands on this book

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Can't wait to watch this guy's tribunal, if its made public.
("Some things must remain classified to the very end")

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stopthecrime.net/The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection.pdf


Cohn sabotaged McCarthy on behalf of his co-racialists. He wasn't "self-hating" in the slightest.

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Fuck it
I’m going to drink as much as I can in the next hour and twenty minutes then call in
What questions should he be asked specifically Zig Forums?


Thanks for the info, can't say I'm surprised though

What his opinion on Q is
His opinion on pizzagate
Test his knowledge of "the Farm"
Test his knowledge of the Presidio child care facility incident

Something to out-psyop the man who thinks he's going to escape Judgement


“A Federal grand jury in San Francisco spent 10 months investigating abuse allegations surrounding the Presidio center, and almost 100 children were examined for physical or psychological signs of sexual abuse. At least four children were discovered to have chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.

An assistant United States attorney, Peter Robinson, said Mr. Hambright was charged with molesting only 10 children because other victims were so young they would not be allowed to testify in court. Army Panel Investigated

Mr. Mahoney said earlier this year that more than 70 children had been interviewed by Army therapists as potential abuse victims. Parents have said as many as 60 children were molested at the center.”

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I wonder what Gabriel and Alissa Dearman are up to these days. God I can't wait to see Ricky Dearman face Judgement

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Will do

In b4 vomiting black goop
Jk I wish I couldn't make that joke

Tying it into that LARP completely discredits it to anyone with an IQ at least on par with a mentally retarded Sub-Saharan African.

Says he's on a podcast yet doesn't provide a link. Kill yourself you goddamn retard niggerfaggot.

I will ask him
Consider it done user

Gb2 Google tardbot

Enjoy your noose kike

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I hope they accept those in Hell

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1. How did he get the name “Micky”
2. How did his wife “lilith” get the name shamby
3. What was his roll in the pheonix program
4. What was his mothers nationality

Thanks user
It would be pretty rad if you could post a similar thread on 4ch pol too. I would but I made the jannies mad

Get the fuck off our website.

This nigger is so deep in the shit he quite literally lists his occult initiations in his official resume

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Fuck off


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Boi you best be careful not to die of a sodium chloride overdose :^)

Its pronounced "Jim" newfag

Not live yet

Fuck it

And now a word from our sponsors

Get the fuck out of here Q faggot. No really. Don't ever come to this board again.

No u


Dr (((J))) best not be trollin

If I die I blame ( ( ( quickbooks ) ) )

Kikebooks amirite

How has someone not bitten this man in the throat yet? The look of him makes me want to chew on his skull.

Yes you are right
Also the stream went down
I’m being trolled by this faggot holy fuck

Fuckin rude
Unless the studio is being raided right now. Call in line is unavailable
Hope its a situation like the "fishing is fun" drop

Oh shit it started finally

"Ethical Satanism"
The audacity of this nigger

can confirm
it is up now


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Of course the line goes dead when I try to call in. Faggot Aquino scared to talk to some dumb goy???


Interviewer sounds very kosher

Hey Aquino faggot boy why can't you talk??? Blood magic got your tongue???

Smart enough to phone in.

I see you didnh't provide a url we can copy and paste, you stupid fucker.

I can't wait until you boomers all finally die out.


Attn retard
Please see the following post


"Q" spelled child-raping cannibals wrong .
It is spelled "child -raping cannibals ",not "treason".
"Bomb,bomb,bomb, bomb bomb Iran,
Bomb ,bomb, bomb bomb bomb Iran, "

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I would never imply any such thing.
It was just the first sick kike shit I could find in my files.
Here is a better one.

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Are you really that much of a lazy retarded nigger that you can't type in the url in the picture?

says the guy that was too much of a lazy nigger to copy and paste the url

Oh fuck yeah religious freedom oy vey its gettin hotta than the kitchen in Auschwitz in hea

The interviewer sucks. Sounds like a Qtard. I can tell already that this entire interview will be a waste of time

So that's a yes, thanks for playing goy

Ps if you weren't retatded you would notice that the link to the stream has already been posted

this interview sucks and I hold you personally responsible you fucking asshole

I love how this motherfucker laughs hysterically when each topic is brought up, then immediately denies knowledge of the topic he just reacted to.

Your logic is bas and you should feel bad
Is anyone else even trying to call the call in lines? Or am I the only sperg here?

Itz anuddah shoah, I telzya.
Freedumb of da press,religion, but not for goyim chicken nuggets to say anything against a certain nation-ethnostate's policies or a certain people's behavior.

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listening up faggots?

hey purple user you faggot you listening to Aquino?


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