Trannyniggerfaggots finish 1st, 2nd at Connecticut girls indoor track championships

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Women vote for this shit, let them get a taste of their stupidity if it's something harmless like athletics

Mudz w/ pudz

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Two white girls to the right in picture fastest when they don't have to compete against nigger boys.

which one is the tranny? i can't tell


2 on the left in the picture

If you want to read what TERFs/feminists have to say about this.
This subreddit always make laugh with their whining

A great moment in nigger history. Now troll some coons on twitter with this bullshit.

Remember when those SRS legbeards said it would never happen, that Zig Forums was crazy and that's why olympic testing existed?

Zig Forums is always right.

Agreed. Women made their bed at the behest of Jewesses. Time to lie in it.

We should just make a /tranny/ general/cyclical on here at this point.

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That's why we're always right and they're always wrong.

Women's sport is being heavily subsidised by the corporate world these days, this kinda shit is just asking for it really because women are happy to take the nwo sugar and not care about men but fuck with their own gibs …

Get a load of this bullshit.

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Agreed user.
Conditioning and training can improve all things, but speed is 95% born-with-it genetics


Didja get a look at the "female" track Olympics freakshow? Quite the sausage fest.
Bix chix w/ dix.

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Endlessly hilarious.

This is brilliant. We should do this more. Every single last thing they have until they're nowhere.

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While feminists cheer them on.
Feminists claim to be superior or at least equal to men, and yet the only movement dedicated to advancing the rights of women is co-opted by the most failed, mentally-ill specimens of the male gender

I was having fun using the trannypocalypse to annoy my feminist gf until she dumped me. It was redpill or bust, and I have no regrets.

There's enough momentum already that we don't need to add to it. Men are so much better at everything than women that the few useful idiot men that do enter women's arenas as "women" tend to outclass the real women with ease.

Nothing of value lost. Good work.

Better they go tranny than us.


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Sometimes it be like that.

Kadyrov would take care of this

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Yes, you should give the libs what they want to trigger the libs.

Dey white money make it ok to cheat nigguh.

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Girls almost beat him. Look at how hard dat nigga trying. Nigga need spend more time running from the police.

Lol double tranny news day, this one plus the sack of potatoes that lit its own house on fire

It's easier for trans niggers to pass for me, since I don't even view their species as human. Tranny or Female, it's still just a disgusting nigger.

Burned 2 dogs & 3 cats to death.

Women are hardly a presence in the halls of power. Pretty sure you meant to blame JEWS.

Let’s be honest. If you were a nigger wanting a scholarship but suck at basket ball and football. Wouldn’t competing against girls while saying you are a tranny nigger the smartest thing a nig could do?

How is that even a tranny? That's just a nigger with dreadlocks.

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Can't help but think, "This is the world your virtue signaling asked for". Nobody to blame but yourself until the day you stop doing it.

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The days of trannies bothering to even attempt to pass as the opposite sex are long gone. It doesn't matter if you look like a big burly nigger, if you feel like a woman on the inside you are one :3

So Zig Forums you are telling me you would never date this?

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That just came out on the news here MAN OF THE YEAR burned down house in Jackson MI.
Got $60k gofundme bux to boot.

What? A clown? No I would not date a clown.

Plenty of shiksas in the sea, Moishe.

I read this every day in college essays. Brainless, stupid, nonthinking cunts ushering in their own downfall. Let them learn the hard way. Their parents should have whipped their asses.

You will never pass. You will lock yourself away in your home and become more and more bitter and delusional as you desperately try to convince yourself that you look like a women.

Your only friends, and I use that word very lightly, will be fellow castrated men who will also be suffering the same regret and mental anguish over their poorly thought out decision. The entirety of your "friendship" will be mutual reassurance that you didn't make a mistake and discussing how to make other people fuck up as bad as you did so you won't be alone in your misery.

But you will be alone, even around other people.

Always alone in your head, always suspicious of what others really think about you, always knowing the truth that they are only humoring you out of pity. Despised by all, hideous, a freak. Incapable of having love, a family, or genuine human connections. Slowly slowly slowly your grip on reality will slip away until, on the rare moment you are forced to confront it, it will be such a shock to you such a painful reminder of what you actually are that the intrusive thoughts will highjack your every waking moment.

an example to women everywhere

women should look up to it

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Say it with me now class:

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Didn't know they could target specific sites.


These two don't even look like trannies – they look like men in every way.

Bro that's a girl the tranny beat.

only if you're cis-normative.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Par for the course.

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Ha ha ha, I bet the White women runners to the side are in full support of the tranny niggers beating them, then stealing their belongings by wearing them, then raping them because its o.k. to be a "lesbian", teehee. Women who run track are the worst sort of women imaginable, the biggest sluts and stupidest when it comes to even basic survival.

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white women that love sports = love nogs

wtf is this "tie belt shit" is see in the ads NY is so fag

are these tie belts 6yr old trans amazing

If there was pussy, a uterus, an XX sex chromosome, and a complete lack of cock and balls

if it was female, sure

I would. Who is it?

can you faggots please take your nigger cuck fantasy somewhere else? most white women that play sports have never touched a nigger in their lives. I grew up around girls that were obsessed with tennis and soccer, most of them ended up married by now to white men and have kids. real life isnt like stupid shit you watch on tv or see in porn, J'Marcus. Fuck off.

we should encourge it, How do we get more trannies into womens wresteling and fighting? Womens sports does not have rules about kicking your opponents square in the balls. These white chicks will hate trannies til the day they die. Give the black guys microphones so they can gloat about their oppresssionssss and victory over privledge and stereotypes and other dumb shit. seriously though if your a chick competing against men who claim to be women a knee to the balls would be plan A followed by staring at whatever dumb fuck is in charge with resting bitchface and not running. Thankfully black people hate homosexuals more than white people.

you left out suicide. Its almost gurantteed for trannies.Its literally safer to let your kid play russian roluette then be a tranny….with 2 or 3 bullets instead of just one. You think that cutting off the only part of you body that will reproduce and pass your genetics onto the next generation will make you happy. But getting a sex change actaully causes the tranny suicide rate to go up. At least they do legitimately take first place in suicide… other group even comes close. nobody. ever. literally even beat kamikaze pilots.


I just came here to post this

Thank you for your time

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Women don't learn. Their decisions have no consequences in their own minds.

Everyone who responded to this is a complete moron or a shill. This is very clearly a fucking woman. if you dont believe me all you have to do is reverse image search. This particular instance shows the massive problem with this board, you retards never do anything on your own and jump to conclusions. 8 fucking replies and none have fuck all to do with the thread. kys

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A guy in makeup and a wig? In faggot world, that's what it takes for you to convince yourself that an individual of the same sex is attractive? That's not how the normal male brain works. Your brains are broken. But we will fix them in the cleansing fire.

I'm okay with anything that do that proves that Hitler was very obviously right.


Start by streaming your suicide.

Chicks with blue hair are just as bad as trannies.

Ron is now promoting degenerate tranny shit.

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I'd hit it… between its eyes with a baseball bat.

Don't you remember these adds from 2014?

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The future is shemale.

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This. Easy psyops potential.

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It's just like an RPG. You can buy speed upgrades.

The order of the pictures should be inverted.

Found the mangina

A good attempt was made

Lol this

transracialism when?

i agree, i hope this translates to the workplace. theoretically a person could go from straight man to lesbian woman with zero changes, this way he could become a minority that is beyond reproach. if the race could also be changed then their kids could qualify for scholarships.

its cosplay you absolute wanker

Can't even make "Chicks with Dicks" jokes anymore, because they've all cut off their dicks and don't even dress like women.

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user wasn't referencing the ads. The link to /trapshota/ is what he was referencing.


Niggers gonna nig.

Uh sweatie I identify as a 2 month old precocious genius girl. Oh won't someone please become my legal guardian and save me from certain starvation? Remember to change those diapers and let me breastfeed mommy! Also whenever I break laws you can't try me as an adult!

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Hear here.

You're a faggot and no one cares.

Threadly post.

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at least it was funny in context with the THQ thing

So close, yet so far.

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What is even the definition of shemale to compete? I dabble in boxing and still have my pro card… could I literally put a wig on and go beat up "empowered women?". I've sparred with them when I worked as a trainer during (((college))) and in the lower weight classes even the champions are a fucking joke.

The parts of the brain that handles causality and spatial understanding are underdeveloped in women compared to men. These parts are ironically placed on the right side of the brain. A woman compensates by having a 20% larger left sided speech centre but without the corresponding right sided brain centra she has nothing deep to convey so its just used for idle chatter. That is why women sing and prattle so much. A woman can much like a well trained negro impart a verisimilitude of intelligence but just as with a negro she will fail if you put her to test. This does not show up much in an IQ test suite because these tests do not give much weight to right sided brain functions. Men are still smarter on average despite this handicap. Jews and middle easterners have a right sided brain that is much like a white womans.

In a man the right side of the amygdala is more active than the left side, in a woman its vice versa. It means that men are afraid of dangerous situations or causual sequences with the potential to lead to disaster while women are afraid of bad words. In practice this means that women are simply too dumb to be afraid of negroes, thats why they get raped so often by them. The time tested solution to this is social engineering by making rape victims social outcasts who gets labelled with bad words. Women fear being social outcasts a lot more than being raped by hiv+ negroes. Thats why rape was "a fate worse than death" in older times.