>Polish groups protested against organizing in Paris the conference, titled “The New Polish School of Historical Research on the Shoah,” because – according to the protesters – the activity of the speakers at the conference “bears a clear xenophobic and anti-Polish character.” Polish organizations do not accept the results of research carried out by historians, which indicate participation of some Poles in murdering Jews during the (((Holocaust.)))

>“Two or three years ago, these people would not have dared to enter and to disrupt university lectures. Today, however, emboldened by the support of the Polish state, they are ready to show their faces and to confront (((scholars))) on their own ground,” wrote Grabowski on his Facebook page. When he left the EHESS building, a group of Poles shouted: “Shame on you, Grabowski”, “shame on you, you dirty Jew!”

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Good. For now. The free masons are busy masturbating on how to control the Yellow vests. When thats over they will ramp up holocaust propaganda.

Funny way of spelling jews.

implying the yidllow vests weren't a psyop to begin with

Secretly they love this.

And the west keeps giving the money.

Kill yourself kike and your entire family

The problem as always is that the jews are willing to kill their opponents while goyim are not willing to go farther than speaking out against jewish attacks on Christianity, democracy, free speech, etc.

Poles provoked WW2 for the Jews out of ethnic hatred for Germans.
Poles are the strongest advocates of the official holohoax story because they get bonus points and they hope no one will ever realize that they murdered and evicted 15 million germans and live on their stolen land ever since.
Poles are more or less jews (the majority, i know there are decent, even aryan poles. just not many).
i hope the kikes now officially start blaming them for the Hoax, it would be well deserved

Catches a bullet to fireback with a fist. Wake up indeed!

Hmm. I hope not though, that would result in Polish guilt and multiculty in Poland. Im not even Polish myself.

lol no it wouldnt
Poles are to stupid to be manipulated like that.
They have such an inflated national pride, even though there are very few things they can be proud of. remember nearly all polish cities are historically german cities and a huge part of their culture is perverted prussian culture.
i was just joking anyway, the main kikes wont risk exposure of the Hoax by blaming a nation which, going by the official history was a pure oppressed nazi victim itself.
this "polish deathcamps" hoax floating for a while was the creation of a few lower level kikes looking for attention.
Poland is safe from multiculturalism at the moment for two reasons
1. The potential immigrants rather go to a country were they already have family, and poland is something like 98 % white (a good number of those "whites" are mongol and jew bastards tho).
2. Poland is poor as fuck


Most of so-called Polish nationalism is civnat cuckery that puts "dems r the real racists" to shame. I bet these Holocaust researchers are mostly denounced at home as those nationalists deter to blaming more and more Germans as they cry how much they would help Jews too.

Talk about projection.

They asked for Fort Trump and more NATO cum every year. Oh, and le baste Catholic flips are coming.

You think Poland is ethnically homogenous because they consciously practice race based nationalism? There's no hordes at the gates ready to swarm into Poland despite (((them))) actually wanting to flood all of Europe with the third world. As mentioned above, Poland offers nothing to shitskins who have rich Germany right next door to move to anyway. In fact, nations that are highly homogenous like that are more vulnerable to fall into civnat bullshit because they don't even know the dangers of multiracialism and think other races can be fine just as long as they learn the language and adopt the customs (hence the bigger focus on nationality and all the anti-German crap) - I mean sure they (rightfully) hate kebabs but that's more due to the Islamic faith. Poland only appears hardcore right wing because the West is just so far gone.

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Just remind them there is still no Simon Mol to ve found west of them to the Atlantik and how 150k plus based flip catholics are coming.

They have to because they still remember life under (((bolsheviks))) and Russia won't be nice to them in the past centuries nor will they be in any future.

And yet it's Chabad Lubavitch jews running Russia right now.


Always attack and kill jews.


Aw, little muttling, too scared to say kraut now?

Not a shred of self awareness.

At least we defended Europe on more than just one occasion
That already justified our existence, what can you say Germ?

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HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA a ben faginstein cartoon where someone is walking and there are words written on everything because he can't fucking illustrate.

We also do not welcome them with open arms like you do. Especially if you're not Christian you will be left out of most things.
But also simply based on how you look. We are not cucked like the rest of the West

As long as Soros is proven complicit in the holographic fantasy during ww2 and is immediately executed, his wealth being directed into a new organisation that aims to wipe out every last shitskin in europe, then I'll accept poland having to be nuked for its terrible and real in my mind crimes.

Because every other country here never existed right? Who ended the Turk incursions? Does pooland lay next to Roachland? The entire history of Souther Europe before Rome?
You are just a shitskin in pale skin.

is there such a thing as legal invasion?

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And ferkel is a polish kike bitch. Allowed to have power in occupied Germany. Hilarious how the only time bolan is of any worth is when the kikes win.

Hello mentally shitskinned holohoax pusher

There is still place for high trust society, because the people are alike. Any comparison to maga and civnatcucks i feel is misplaced, simply because of that.
I disagree. Such a society has more to lose, but it is less vulnerable to civnat than a multicultural hellhole would be. You can say a lot about Polish, but not that they are not hyperaware of the risk (((diversity))) carries with it. Even if what you expect to be true is actually the case, a society aware of marxism, with a certain level of traditional European values, a people that tell faggots to give rainbows back to kids, will not slide into the hell western Europe willingly jumped into. It will only happen by force.

Hurr durr.

If you talk about the Turks, it was Germany that defended Europe from them Russia too, if you consider their turf as Europe
Notable, significant roles in the defence of Europe from the shitskin menace also had Italy and Spain.

The swarthy Pole thinks he is Nordic.
That a country that allied with primitive heathens against the Catholic Church, like Pooland did in their establishment, hardly counts as defensor of European culture, while at the same time fighting the culture bringer.

While Poland is home of the oldest Turkish settlement in Europe:

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa, top kek mate.
So Hungary, Albania, Poland and the Romanian Principalities have done nothing to fight the turks right? It was all the Germans. Don't embarras yourself.

What the Poles are angry about, is to be called “Nazis” by the jews.

Yeah, the jews lie and slander, as do the poles over the second world war. Both are allies and both are interested in keeping “the results of the Second World war”.

Yeah, they were allies of the Turk save of the Poles.

Hungary was restored as a country by Germany, while most of its ruling nobility (those that did not perish in the ultimate loosing fight against the Turks) were obedient servants of the Turk and quite anti-German.


All I have to know about your knowledge of Central and East Europe history. Also, Hungary was liberated by Austria, not Germany, that din't even exist at that time as a normal centralized state. Also mind telling me one important battle between the osmans and the 1st reich? I'm really curious.

How have the not storm the Presidential palace yet?

Too bad that your golem antifa made it cool to attack universities.

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What? Your non existent knowledge?

Hungary was to a large degree pro-Turk, anti-Habsburg at that time. Hungarian protestants founded a vassal state under the Turks.

Those Hungarian vassal attacked Poland during the siege of Vienna. Ironical the leader of this vasal state was of a Hungarian-Polish family and rival throne pretender to Habsburg, after the last Hungarian king died in battle.

Who are the heroes of Budapest’s Heroes’ Square?

He was allied with the Turks, he recognizied as his superior, France was an long time ally of the Turk and main reason the Turks were not removed frome the premise for a long time.

The “Hungarian revolutionaries” protestested against the abolishment of servitude that was abolished in Austria a long time ago.


And Ponys are no horses…
Of course, was Hungary liberated by Germany and not Austria alone.


The Duke of Austria was the German Emperor.

As for the Poles saving Vienna from the Turk:

Viennese garrison:
11,000 soldiers[2] + 5,000

Relief force:
47,000 Germans and Austrians with some 112 guns[3]
27,000 Poles with 28 guns[4]
That are the number of the very one side pro-Polish account on the English Wikipedia.

From the German version:
Relief Force Infantry Cavalry Guns Total
Poland-Lithunia 10.000 14.000 28 24.000
Imperial Austrian 8.100 12.900 70 21.000
Bavaria 7.500 3.000 26 10.500
Princes 7.000 2.500 12 9.500
Saxony 7.000 2.000 16 9.000
39.600 34.400 152 74.000

I hate it when I see everyone holding phones instead of throwing punches.


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boomer immigration?

Watch this documentary by a jew if you want to understand the twisted jewish mind and why kikes are trying to pull this bullshit

They did they same to Ukraine about the Holodomor because kikes are genetic selfish liars needing to make any narrative only about themselves as if they were the only victims as noticed by a US president of the war

The Jews, I find are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as D[isplaced] P[ersons] as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog. -U.S. President Harry S. Truman


The official WWII narrative is still the allied nations started the war due to German invasion of Poland and oppression of Poles. They are deeply jealous of this and want to blame Poles and will not even go after the numerous jews in the far more atrocity heavy of the jewish Bolshevik crimes against Poles not to moment the jews in the German against Poles or


Everyday you find a new reason to hate jews.