Berkeley Punch

Has anyone identified the guy that sucker punched the Turning Point guy last week? Police say they have a suspect, but have no details. I haven't had my ear to the ground.

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Apparently its one of these standup citizens…

School claims neither the attacker or victim are students.

Who cares? Free market cuckservative shills need a punch or two in order to get radicalized

I care…That's why are started the thread, numbnuts.

Why was the attacker walking school grounds with a backpack if he's not a student? Seems odd.

His backpack was full of black dildos that he sells to all the faggots at Berkeley

Haha! It is super weird that he had the backpack. Maybe he is a teacher?

Pretty sure he's a jew. (((Berkeley police))) won't snitch.

Twits say it's Michael Hornsby, supposed felony arrest after an April '17 Antifa fracas on the same campus. Can't find his face in these pix, yet

military plant like the nigger that shot the frat kid in tx
fuck spooks spiritually kill them where they stand before they do it to you

and beware of berkeley spook jeff noven

If so the kid gets in trouble quite a bit.

Are aryan.

Berkley is just covering for the commies as usual. They won't bother touching the case at all, so don't believe in the claim that they're investigating it. They're won't.

If TPUSA shill wanted to find the perp. then he should have alleged that the attacker threw antisemitic slurs. In clown world, people won't investigate assaults, but they will scrutinize those who place posters or say slurs.

4kids claims of michael hornsby is an indian-mixed kid with black hair and black facial hair while the punch kid is celtic-germanic-mixed and has black hair and red facial hair.

however they both have tattoos on left wrist

No genuine source to prove the name isn't bullshit.

celtic-germanic-med-mix because he is greasy and the germanic is southern slavic germanic not northern (nordic) or even dinaric (also nordic).

It might be real but it isn't the kid that comes up with the arrest record it seems. In general only the athletes and spooks are this kids size at berkeley the rest are skinny wastes or fattys.

Awesome! Hope this happens more.

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Looks like mestiza + sephardi jew mix.
Cenk Uygur vibe, probably pseudo Turanid, but many sephardims are also Turanid influenced. In this case, could be Turco sephardim jew only.
t. classifier

Still no confirmation?

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Quite disappointed Zig Forums. How can a white nigger vegan communist(allegedly) like this have his face plastered on the internet and no one know who he is?

For the love of God, nobody hurt or kill this man. I'm talking to you autistic fags.

Maybe we just don't care, since no one is going to do a damn thing about it.