What do you guys tend to wear?

I wear a uniform for work, so when I get free time I prefer to stick with a casual look. Retro sportswear is my jam, and I combine a neat-looking track jacket with jeans and a Zig Forums tier T-shirt.

I own shirts from White Rex, Doberman's Aggressive, Death To The World, and European Brotherhood. I want something from Thor Steinar, too, but since they stopped making the "Save The White Continent" shirts I'm only really interested in their winter jackets.

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I wear jam. I spread it all over my body. I play sports in the hot sun in my jam, that's my jam.
Naw, typically I wear vintage Hugo Boss.

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Basically this but without the tie. I also generally try to avoid jeans.

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Don't get me wrong, it's a classic look. But don't you constantly feel like you're dressed to go to a work social? Sort of "accounting office Christmas party" tier.

On the other hand, my taste could easily be called juvenile and unsubtle in comparison.

Being a heterosexual, I often dressed as simply as I could. Be the grey man anyway. Flamboyancy is for beautiful girls (and even the odd passing trap, I'm feeling charitable today).

Odd how the term Fashion and Fascist are similar. Fascism is a band of sticks, fashion dictates how you will all dress.

Calvin Klein jeans and belt
Ralph Lauren polo
An Armani watch
And my favorite Louis Vuitton wallet.

I'm not actually super rich, I just do this because it makes people instinctively react positively to me.

Especially effective on women and Asians.

You are acting like a faggot user.

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I dress the same way. It's how a well adjusted non-NEET white male should dress.

I do work accounting so this is normal for me. I can't wear my Duterte T-shirt to the office.

Black, brown, white, grey and blue.

>Flamboyancy is for beautiful girls

And yet in nature, it's the male peacock who has the magnificent tail feathers. The mallard has the beautiful plumage, while his hen is plain and brown. The male gorilla has his shining silver saddle.

My philosophy is to live clean and dress clean. I train my body to be lean and strong, and I wear outfits that employ right-wing semiotics with brands that connote wealth/success/sportsmanship.

I guess. I didn't mean to be dismissive, sorry.

Awesome. I think we need a name for this sort of look, though. Fash-casual? Fashual?

Oops, missed the post you were responding to. You were saying that you dress the same way as the other guy, right? Ignore my last reply to you if so.

I tried to be "intimidating" as a teen. Misfits shirt and ripped jeans.

It's great if you don't want people to fight you in a bar.

However, if you want a woman to breed with and a job that doesn't force you to ask if they want fries, you gotta dress to impress.

Preppie look sends the right signals. You have to sell yourself.

When I was a teen, I tried for the "intimidating" look as well. Mostly wore army surplus stuff, with ripped jeans and band shirts. I guess looking back I just gave off the impression of being an unkempt stoner.

But now I'm in my mid twenties, and I dress like this. I've got a great job as a CNC machinist, I'm married, and my first kid is due some time in October!

Excellent! I wish you many more kids.

My mistake was marketing to myself and not my audience.

Being versatile is key.

another episode of a handful of us trying to get folks to dress like white men, while the rest screech and desperately clutch to looking like white niggers

t. classic menswear user

I must say I like the New Balance suggestion. Made in America, got boycotted by shitlibs.

Appreciate it, though we probably can't afford more than three. One for mum, one for dad, one for the race.

That's a surprisingly powerful concept - marketing to yourself, and not your audience. It's a trap lots of teenagers fall into.

I guess clothes, like anything, are a tool. In this specific context, they're a tool of communication. The answer to the question "what should I wear?" can only be answered with the two further questions "what am I trying to say?" and "to whom am I trying to say it?".

I'm not screeching, I just don't feel the need to go full grey-man. I'm into cars, and I'm not about to start wearing chinos and button-downs to nighttime meets.

Furthermore, I don't need to dress professionally for work, as my "professional attire" consists of a set of overalls and safety glasses.

I don't see any reason why I shouldn't peacock a little, flash some symbols of affluence, while simultaneously repping my right-wing credentials. It keeps me high-status in my social group, and I think I look fresh as fuck.

Same, but with jeans and jeans exclusively.

I agree with this user. Stay away from classic dad style blue jeans unless you are mowing the lawn. There are plenty of style or color options. Check out www.johnstonmurphy.com for solid man dress options..

Depends who you are selling to. If you want a preppy girl, you dress like a preppy (or a chad). This is basic knowledge.

For lads in the trade. Just because you get dirty and hustle all day doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it

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Also, 420 is Hitler's birthday and they remind me of Initial D.

10/10 shoe.


Those look practical as fuck.

I'll be sure to check it out, but it'll be hard for me to drop jeans entirely. I own three pairs, and they're a key pillar of my wardrobe if I'm honest.

Jeans (I am searching desperately for quality pants either of cargo variety, or of fashion variety, but I'm big guy, and each time I fail to find such pants, I give up and buy two pairs of jeans again).
Hi-contrast low saturation (black white grey light blue deep blue, fde, similar shit) shirts or tees.
Cadio MRW-200 family watch (cheap as shit, and look amazing. Beware the easily scratchable glass)
Black socks
Sport-ish style boots (I suck with boots to be honest, I need to stop being stingy, and learn to spend at least 100 bucks on a pair if I want it to last). I would probably switch to army boots next time I need an upgrade.

*Casio, however I'm sure you got me. I like picrel, as they fit 95% of outfits I'm wearing. I use bezel ring for timing various shit like lunchtime, cooking, etc, and having watch and date+day helps minimizing time I use my phone for that shit before I finally stop using fucking smartphones at all, that's my goal.

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Nothing wrong with jeans, imho. Things are cliche for a reason, and as long as the rest of your outfit is well put together they don't need to be some sort of fashion death knell.

For me I'm either in jeans, in my work uniform, or in track pants at the gym. I do own a suit, but that's for special occasions. I'd never wear dress pants outside of a formal context, and I have zero need to own a pair of cargo pants.

OP, if you dress like that picture, fucking kill yourself.

Oh shit, those watches look dope! I always thought of Casio as more of a digital watch brand, for some reason.

What's wrong, bro? Can't afford my outfit?

If you're saying your infantile manner of dress also costs a lot, than you're even more hopeless than I thought.

cool D&C thread

no u

So, what do you like to wear? Slacks and a dress shirt, I'm guessing. Not all of us are blessed with the ability to pull off the "Edward Norton in Fight Club" look.

Jeans, solid color t-shirt, no logos. Both fit well and I'm /fit/. Shaved head. Steel toe black boots. Bull hide gun belt.

If you can fill out a shirt properly, you can wear a potato sack and look good.

Correct. Your look sounds no-nonsense, and I bet you rock it well. A /fit/ body is the best accessory.

They are also cheap. Check your local price. Mine was kinda shit (about 25 bucks without delivery, because fuck retailers and (((EU))) taxes) but if you're lucky, you can find them 15 bucks a piece. They are very simple, rather durable (except the glass that scratches like fuck you - you may use phone screen protector film tho, but I wouldn't bother, scratches don't matter) and look cool.

Thanks for the tip, man.

Get yourself some adult shoes, stop buying prefaded jeans, hock the lowlife jewlry, burn that retarded graphic-T, and get a jacket that doesn't make you look like you're on your way to squat on a sidewalk with a bottle of vodka. And keep your keys in your pocket.

Keys do go in the pocket. Lanyard dangles out of said pocket. Aside from that, though, your advice is duly noted.

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You are programmer the machine is the machinist.

Dubs don't lie. I guess I'm a programmer!

usually like this, but without the shoes

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okso? you still look like a white nigger. look, levi's has black 502 sta prest on sale for $30, start with a pair of those. go get a pair of Adidas gazelles if you absolutely are too much of a faggot to wear man shoes. throw away the nigger necklace. go find a watch with an actual leather band. comb your hair. acting like you have to look like an absolute nigger to go to car meets.

Solid choice. I can't stand sta-prest, though.

Is it the necklace? Is that the major issue here? It's the only thing about my look that's even vaguely niggery. I'm not married to the necklace, it's not an heirloom or anything. I could look for alternatives.

gazelles are superior driving shoes. here, allow me to help you further: wear chinos matched with a contrasting v-neck sweater. casual, yet classy. i threw a v-neck on over my t-shirt to head over to a friend's. then again, i just have on a pair of moccassin's cause i'm not going anywhere important.

Yea you can get great work pants and still maintain an aesthetic and look professional as much as I hate where carhart has taken their advertising they have a great lineup of stuff that will last years through heavy abuse. Make yourself look good don’t dress like a nigger, care about your appearance

and what exactly are they and how many chinese died to make them?

who cares if they die?

Jeans, leather shoes, right wing t shirts and some sort of overcoat.

If you are ever here in this cesspool known as the California bay area and you see a guy wearing a Confederate flag shirt I'm probably the only one.

What are you lads doing in closet-trap tier clothing?

Short, sweet, to the point, and not autistic. This is the clothing all should go for


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Wear a normal plain shirt or no women are going to approach you retard

I was right, then. The gold chain is the issue. Time to start looking for an alternative!

No, all your clothes are shit. The gold chain just makes it a shit sundae.

Just "normal" clothes?

Gold chain is Greek asf. My grandfather still wears his everyday, he's almost 100 years old and almost never goes out anymore, but he wears that fucking chain.

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Lol, you wish you had the balls to wear a right wing t-shirt in public.

would suck all day

Why, just why? Unless you have a complementing beard, shaved head is just unappealing (unless you're balding).

To be fair, male pattern baldness will affect the majority of guys; and it's often better to just bite the bullet and shave it all off when the time comes.

I dress like this. It probably looks weird to other people because I'm a tall white dude in his late 20's but I don't really give a fuck anymore. If the world is really burning I'll just do whatever I want.

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Every shirt I wear is a hawaiian shirt and every pair of pants I have are khakis. I also usually wear bright orange sunglasses and slip on sketchers shoes. No joke, I don't even own a t-shirt. Hawaiian shirt and khakis every day literally. and revolver. Every goddamn man that's smart enough to be here should be smart enough to know why you should always be armed.

I am ever so slightly autistic, yes

I do not wear jeans. I do not even own a pair of blue jeans. Somewhere in a drawer I have an old pair or green jeans, but that predates my awakening. I am morally opposed to blue jeans. Jeans are literally the most jewed thing a goy can wear. If you think wearing jeans is ever okay then you should kill yourself and then burn all your jeans. Jeans are inferior in every way even to simple Dickies work khakis. There is just no excuse. If you wear jeans then wear an NPC mask while you're at it.

Second, I never wear any sort of sneakers unless I am actively engaged in physical exercise. When I see people wearing jeans and sneakers I literally throw up in my mouth.

Sleazecore, to the max. Mad respect! Please tell me that you also rock an enormous walrus of a mustache.

I'll keep my hair long thanks. Will chop depending on where I bald, but there's always that samurai cut with the bald top and hair all around.

Larping as a lesbian?

ex-/fa/ here. i'd still be /fa/ if this site had a decent fashion board.

i don't dress "conservatively"
i wear all black, secondhand french designer if possible.
i make sure to not display any labels or brand names. i have SLP that i've ripped the labels off of.

i wear spare jewelry - a class ring and a necklace. sometimes a chain as well. i never wear a watch. when i go to the beach or a warmer climate i wear bowling shirts and generally dress "sleazy" - when i go to the snow i wear black trench or peacoats, leather gloves, and a ski mask. yes, i unironically walk around wearing a ski mask when i go skiing and pull one half down when i have to interact with people

for shoes i wear leather sneakers - the brand is usually ecco, margiela, or rick owens because they have minimal branding. sometimes i wear boots and when i wear boots i wear mont-bell or docs.

i also have a few pieces from vetements mostly because they used to make some shit that venerates black metal and russian culture and some archived raf because he's probably the only one in (((the industry))) that isn't a pedophile. rick probably isn't a pedo either but he's definitely gay and married to a gremlin beard

You do you. At the moment I've got the stereotypical Richard Spencer hair. But every day, my forehead gets that fraction of a centimeter taller. Eventually, I'm just going to accept fate and go full Anton LaVey.

Just wear terrorwave.

also this but an american approach to terrorwave is just to be a big motherfucker and dress in black.

as for other shit, i keep my hair short on the sides and long on the top, never wearing product. i work out for lean muscle and strength. now I'm around six foot 140.

i never drive with another man in my car and generally come off as either a player/fuccboi or a loner. i don't use drugs and drink/use tobacco socially. i never vape or do any fag shit that gets you addicted. never go to nightclubs or bars without a female with me.

all my male friends are somewhat redpilled. some of them are full natsoc but some of them are joe rogan or juden peterstiein tier. i don't try and change that but express resentment for it online. i fully engage my vices which are sex and gambling and seek to excel at them. i'm also infertile thanks to getting exposed to shitloads of radiation as a child so i can't fully 14/88 anyway and encourage people to suppress their vices if there's any chances of reproduction

Do you prefer gambling on sports, games of skill like poker, or games of chance like roulette/bingo/slots?

Furthermore, not driving with another man in your car seems odd. I don't mean to judge, but I've had some great times with three buds crammed into the car, hooning down country roads and blasting music. Cars are great for male bonding.

Finally, I'm super sorry to hear about your other issue. It's a terrible thing, and it happened through no fault of your own.

Long hair and long beard are optimal. If you have shitty hair growth then fix your health and hormones, don’t shave your head like a boomer biker faggot

Look a homo thread bread.

Hurr durr high androgen levels cause hair loss. High androgen levels are caused by high testosterone and low estrogen levels.

then why do women have hair loss?

High androgen levels. Most women experience hair loss around the menopause.

But then, the user you're responding to wasn't talking about hair loss in general. He was talking about male pattern baldness.

Hair loss per se can be caused by lots of things. Alopecia, stress, and yes - even poor health/diet. None of which women are particularly immune to.

But the most common cause of hair loss is male pattern baldness, and it's an absolute inevitability for most healthy men.

very, very minimal hair loss due to age

…which results in relatively high androgen levels. You're absolutely right, by the way. I'm agreeing and amplifying.

Fuck off back to reddit.

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Male pattern hair loss has to do with dht, you can take steps to reduce it

Sweaters, polos, proper pants and proper jeans. Nothing else. And a lot of Women compliment me on how simple my style is.

We all wear normal clothes. No subculture bullshit. That will suffice for you data-miner/schlomo/and pisspoor-fashion-sense edgelord.

A jew, a data miner, or an edgelord? Those are my three options?

basically this. i'm sure there are people on this board that have fashion senses that range from "i picked this t-shirt up at walmart" to full blown richfags that wear all designer to hypebeast faggot zoomers and preppy frat boys who have "fashy" haircuts.

Zig Forums is not a lifestyle. Zig Forums is a formless entity that cannot be identified. i am Zig Forums just as much as the dork who wears spiderman t-shirts is Zig Forums
this is the beauty of being a formless entity. @ cianiggers - read sun tzu. you cannot defeat that which is formless.

St johns by the bay makes some good old fashioned coats

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I get the whole "formless entity" thing, I was just wondering if anyone else advertised their political affiliation through the medium of clothing.

Also, I was hoping to low-key shill for the T-shirt manufacturers I mentioned in the OP. That idea went nowhere, by the looks of things.

As far as subculture faggotry goes, this isn't the only thread in the catalogue concerning subculture. I mean, someone's talking about reaching out to the goth community of all things. In Central and Eastern Europe, where you're unlikely to suffer professional or social consequences for being Zig Forums-tier, this *is* an identifiable subculture, with aesthetic norms and fashion trends all of its own. White Rex is absolutely huge out there, they have merch stands at political rallies and all sorts.

My wife is Czech, and I spend a considerable amount of time over there. Attending marches and stuff in Europe, I got inspired to start repping this stuff back home and adjusted my wardrobe accordingly.

Not everything is a datamine thread.

Second hand and thrift stores should not be overlooked either, i have a wool peacoat from a mid range designer brand found at a thrift store for 30 bucks.
Gloverall has some nice wool coats too, made in UK, great quality. They have an online outlet where they are very discounted so look there unless you’re a richfag because they are very spendy at full price.
Investing in quality that will last is better than buying cheap garbage

JCPenney's brand quality isn't what it used to be, stop wasting your money

What's so jewed with jeans?

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Stop being gay nazi furries.

nothing wrong with jeans as long it's non-brand like costo or walmart not (((levis))) or (((lee's)))

I specified the coat, it's served me well for seven years

I wear dress clothes to work and workout clothes to the gym and whatever for working in my backyard or at home. I need to step up my more casual/ social clothing.

I will advertise my political affiliation through the pick axe which I'll smash the skull of the unwary bolshevik with when he tries to get back in the car in minecraft of course.

There is nothing wrong with jeans if you live in the South. In fact, there is probably something wrong with you if you don't.
Wranglers are the best, Levis aren't bad either.

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I get all my fashion advice from Zig Forums.

Dope shirt OP but I try avoid graphics/logos. I think it's classier.

There's a lot of shtting on blue jeans ITT and I don't really get it. They have always been the working man's attire. Of course they are not always appropriate (Church or a job interview for example.)

Know where I can buy Wehrmacht style uniform clothes for innwoods larping? I already have some Flecktarn and man it is cool.

kys magafaggot, trump is a kike jew

all furries and gays get the rope.

May I suggest pic related but maybe change the shirt to an untucked button down?

That sounds kickass man, I need a peacoat. Winter comes and I always end up wearing my only really warm coat to the detriment of fashion.

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I agree with your post except
Really user? (((Levi's)))?