ITT: We discuss how to identify LARP and what can we do to stop this menace

While 8/pol/ is at each other's throats trying to decide if Trump is legit or not, we kinda missed the issue right in front of our eyes, or rather, our attention has been diverted from it.

LARPers. Or simply, roleplayers. I never understood why someone trolling on an internet forum would be called "live action". Anyway. It can be argued that US politics is a very pressing issue, more pressing than issues with 8/pol/, however, until those are fixed, we will be unable to come to wholesome, organic conclusions and act as one entity to influence just about ANYTHING. And that is the point, that is exactly why LARPers are here. Make no mistake, there are plenty of attention seeking autists who do it for free, but I'm convinced that the majority of the LARPs are professionals. It is an advanced form of shilling.

LARPing affects us in a multitude of ways. First of all, it clouds our judgment. If we believe the LARPer's claims, we make up our minds based not on hard facts or at least reasonable speculations but based on grandiose claims coming from a supposed insider. It is insanity. Secondly, being engaged in a LARP is a waste of time and energy, both of which could be used to do something actually useful or productive.

Professional LARP is often combined with other forms of shilling. There will be anons (likely the LARPer IP hopping or his colleagues) who will "verify" his claims, while others will make almost comical rebuttals and counter-arguments that will seem like actual shilling, reinforcing the idea that the LARP is legit.


Ways to identify LARPers:
-They make grandiose claims about being an insider, an FBI agent, someone in the government, media ETC
-They make vague predictions, not unlike fortune tellers, that are bound to come true with the window for interpretation being left very wide
-They make you work for grains of information instead of presenting it in a clearly understandable, provable, and categorized way. This is to discourage actually looking after the LARP's claims by the sheer volume of work it requires. If someone has the patience, even better, it wastes their time.
-The thread will feature posts that make the impression of very obvious, almost comical shilling AGAINST the LARP.

It would be quite simple, really.
Making unsolicited claims about being an insider should be grounds for banning and thread deletion/locking. It would stop all LARP dead in their tracks. Genuine whistleblowers could still do their thing as genuine whistleblowers do: by presenting information and evidence clearly.

The question is if we can get such a rule implemented. There is always the question of the moderation being compromised. Then we cannot, obviously.

Remember that shills exist, and they work in teams, and most LARPers are definetaly amongst them. When you find yourself in a LARP thread don't get on the bandwagon, the first few (((anons))) who started the discussion are most likely shills or OP IP hopping. It takes literally like, 90 IQ to identify a LARP. No genuine user would believe it unless the bandwagon effect makes them dumber than usual.

And remember, when the time comes, LARPers will get the rope along with the rest of the shills.

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Other urls found in this thread:

1. Ask for evidence or stfu

2. You stfu too

3. The thread slides

4. If dumbfucks bump the thread, ignore it

5. Don't give him attention by creating new threads to bitch about him

Check their sources in the archives they post, a lot of them are posting garbage like huffington post. They also go by a bullet point basis instead of actually refuting a counter point.

Also kike2 like to jump straight to a "the state of shills" green text remark instead of discussing his fragile points.

If we banned LARPS more than 3/4 of /pol, all the people who sit around and bitch and don't do anything with themselves (other than sucker people into donating to their KIKE PATREON ACCOUNTS) or do anything with their life so all the Alt-Kikes would have to go…you are never going to get this past the MODS…

We ban all LARPers. What's a LARPer? Someone who makes a claim without posting hard evidence. It's not that hard.

==I feel I like I must emphasize it: LARPs would go virtually extinct if making unverifiable claims about being an insider would be grounds for banning and thread deletion by itself.== The LARPer requires the belief of anons in him being privy to secrets to support his outlandish claims. A genuine whistleblower would need to provide information and proofs, not tales on who they are.

I'm somewhat ashamed to say, though I'm by no means a newfag I don't know much about the alignment of moderation. Many say they are kiked, but I think it would be logical to try our luck with them first.

Is there a way we can pressure whoever is in charge to implement a rule like what I described, or something better if you can come up with such a thing?

My wife's son is a Zig Forums mod who says he'll let this thread live if you donate to his patreon for his bar mitzvah

And yes, i never used redtext before.

hahahaha I'm laughing but it's true.

Fuck off nigger, Zig Forums doesn't miss anything.

I also notice a lot of them devolve in /x/ type conspiracy shit

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Just poo in it

I hate larps myself, it's fucking ridiculous. Yes, we get it, you crave attention and want to feel important. Too bad this isn't really the place for it.
Fucking Qanon should be shot just on the basis of the roleplay fad he set off.

I think a lot of the /x/ is thrown in because they don't really have much knowledge about American agencies so have to delve into completely unverifiable territory to make up for the gaps.


Oh god not the alien ass fuckers again. Can we just all say "no" to that?

No, I think that's exactly what the larpers deserve.

Ok I admit I was laughing my ass off last night…I am still laughing. It was hilarious.

The board should be completely open to anyone making any "larp" claim and they should be judged based on what they say. If their claims make sense and can be verified, they will be believed. If not, they won't.

How many failed larps does it take to convince you that we can tell the difference?

And how do you expect insiders to post muh hard evidence without exposing how they know certain things, which risks their identity? Do reporters demand hard proof from inside sources? No. Stop being a dunce.

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The CIA needs to get out more…looking a bit pale.

Not all of these are larpers. I wouldn't even say the majority are. Most are at least someone with some kind of real information to share who make a fake story to cover their ass/get exposure for it. There have been many credible claims from "larpers"

FBI user
Hatchet user
Mega user
High Level Insider

Yeah actually they do otherwise they look like fucking Dan Rathers. Remember him on live telivision looking like a fucking moron?

None of them said anything that literally was not on google.

And two of them were asked about specific agency material and had no knowledge of it at all. The agency information asked was public knowledge.

I fucked up i.d's.

Don't try so hard when you shill.

Shut the fuck up you dishonest torcoward.

Why have you not killed yourself yet?

Counterintelligence wants to shut down the leaks coming from this board. Sage.

Because I'm not you.
Your green text is garbage just like the roleplayers you love so much. Nobody but the honest to god retarded believe it.
Go sell your trash on 4chan to the magapedes.

I will say this…that further out the LARP the more small treasures I find in some of them…even something as small as a one liner from a (1) poster that can be so very informative for what I am interested in…but that is a lot of reading for one gem, sometimes it is nice to see who is watching shill threads as well. I spend a lot of time figuring out which agencies have an interest in which threads, that is fun as well.

Leaks such as?

Maybe. Sometimes people may want to show off and add a grain to the chaff for fun. The majority of them are frauds though, or so ignorant of who employs them that I would suscpet they're contract maintenance if they have any connection at all.

Zig Forums mods are shit and don't know what they're doing, otherwise this could work

Posts hard proof or not
If he posts proof, then the proof might be just made up, so you will have to think if it just makes sense

Yeah, I see your point about attention-getting behavior. I mean, it sort of defeats the purpose of being user, in a way. The point is to quietly and with stealth deliver a payload without anyone knowing who you are…I do enjoy a LARP every once and a while as long as it is not damaging. The ones that are damaging to anons, I tend to tear them all a new asshole, very vigorously…and with maximum malice…lots of f-bombs and faggot references.

Most larpers are making up a cover story to give you real information but avoid anyone knowing who they are or how they know it.

Instead of larping they should go shoot their supervisors in the face. Far more productive.

THAT would definitely draw our attention to a problem as opposed to making us play grab ass with LARPERS 24/7…

I think the fact that Kushner owns Zig Forums is a more pressing issue.

kikes don't own anything user…it is all stolen wealth, stolen goods. Everything they own was obtained by theft and vice. That is not really ownership. But it does give me a clue as to why they think I am 'clueless' and provides me with information on EXACTLY what sort of 'demons' I am dealing with when they rear their ugly heads, when and WHY they do so…that is part of the interesting aspect of LARPS…

Fake news. Pol knows trump is a con. The only. people still supporting him are shills. OP is clearly a (((shill))). He’s engaged in classic kike behavior- create a problem- offer a solution.

Larp’s aren’t a problem. This board is for entertainment purposes and a good larping in entertaining. This kike just wants to create a policy that would mean immediate banning for any insider posting info. Further, it would mean the immediate banning of anyone claiming to have info. I say we ban this fucker

Are you a Q-tard?
Still waiting on Hillary to go to prison / THE WALL.


Yeah I knew I'd get this. I came here at the time when moot sold out 4cuck, but I almost only lurk.

We need to break your red text cherry user…it is essential. Just one little red text letter.

How about the faggot mods do their fucking job?

Either you post fact here and you prove it or you don't post.

There are no leaks. Q-LARP is a hoax. PurpleLARP is a hoax. FBoomerI is a hoax.

Just be glad that tripcodes and namefagging isn't allowed on this board.

Imagine being paid to browse and shitpost on 8pol. What a pathetic life…

Far as I know we're supposed to allow it. Go send him a mail about it, if he decides otherwise I'm more than happy to ban these faggots.

Well it worked in my OP I guess it just does not like enters

This is indeed a reasom why I am getting weary of using this board lately.
You are dead right, it really does muddle the judgment and takes the venom out of the real truth.
Admins really should be on the ban hammer for unsolicited claims.

Pretty much every OP who formats like this is shit

Purple is a retarded LARP, but I think his intentions are probably admirable. His goal seems to be to deprogram the Qcumbers using the same phony insider concept that's so appealing to them. I wish he'd keep it off of this board though.

The swiss guy



We need to move on.

Boy do we ever…now how to get the mods to enforce such things? Could we enmass spam complaints about it?

There is no such thing as LARPing. It was always a shill term, you dumb nigger.
Stop LARPing
This is a LARP thread

Post your proof that all of those are hoaxes.

Look I usually try to keep it civilized, but assuming that you are the same torpedo as the other 000000's in the thread, I must say,

kys, unironically.

It's simple, they always downplay Jewish influence when questioned.

You don't like what's been said? You want to take the reins, steer Zig Forums in another direction? Hypocrisy is the tool of the Jew, and your nose is showing.

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Contribute or GTFO darknet jewish pedophile. Bump negated.

Then you havent been around the chans long enough. Which also explains why your proposals are shit and dont take account for the fact shill organizatios will utilize your rules to fuck you. Stop being a dumbass nigger trying to pound sand.

This user gets it. /thread

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You won't be able to stop the LARP. The moderation personally endorses it. This is proven by them leaving up """""""""""""""""""retired FBI"""""""""""""", Purpleanon, and other LARP threads while deleting Project Veritas news threads.
This board is compromised.

Sage isnt a downvote newfag. This isnt plebbit or tumblr

Which one of those ever happen to gave us any legit info that was verifiable?

The answer to this question will enlighten you.

The problem is not in the moderation but in the user-base credulity.

The fact that something fits your chosen worldview doesn't make it credible.

This is a good post, and deserves attention.

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The userbase does not cause the moderation to be kikes.

i'm going to share with you the single best tactic to instantly shut down any LARP. you know it, i know it, we all know it, everybody knows it, that the majority of LARPs are Federal Agents and/or Military Officers, who's jobs are to spread JTRIG-style D&C and increase the "fracture points" and tension to sew internal division amongst the Dissidents (you). here is how you fuck the LARP by beating them at their own game. the more "inside info lol" the LARP claims to know and the more top secrets the LARP claims to have access to, the more you should do this one thing to provoke them:

repeatedly, loudly and clearly advise the LARP to steal as many Top Secret Classified dox as their Cleared access gives them, and recommend them to dump all of it on Wikileaks. Wikileaks is like kryptonite to the LARP. because the entire goal of the LARP is to fill in the vacuum of the now neutralized and censored Wikileaks, and to kettle you goy from reading true leaks on Wikileaks, and instead waste your time reading vague fanfic HopePorn, where you fill-in the gaps of the narrative casm with with your own wishes. the LARP psyop has one goal to neuter the "hive mind" effect of you the teeming masses of pissed off Boomtards rapidly spreading True News from leaks.

the reason this counter-tactic is so devastatingly effective is because the Cleared JTRIG operator who is impersonating Q or Purple or who-gives-a-shit which new Persona du Jour they claim to be, the one thing they cannot do is be a real leaker and a true whistleblower and they cannot really dump Top Secret classified information on a fucking imageboard. when you pound them with replies telling them to commit a felony and break their oaths and betray their Deep State Masters and leak real classified info, they get in trouble with their own masters. these Deep State cleared faggots work a lot like the old Spanish Inquisition. no evidence of being a Witch is needed to be burned at the stake–just the rumor of it, just the innuendo of it, just being in the wrong place a the wrong time is enough evidence of coincidence to get a cleared faggots marked as a heretic. the Deep State Inquisition fears losing its own Top Secrets to a hostile Inside Threat more than any other external threat, because the Deep State knows information dominance is the only pivotal edge it has to continue winning, and that if it loses the infowar, then it loses the real war, all without a shot being fired.

"hey Officer McMuffin, do you have a minute? your daily report of your Persona Mgmt operations was interesting today. i see that all of your psyop threads were filled up with commenters telling you that you should leak top secret information to Wikileaks. we worry that these operations may result in the wrong kind of influence campaign, and we are concerned that repeatedly exposing you to the idea of leaking classified information to Wikileaks in reading the replies to your Persona's posts could make you vulnerable to acting on the idea and becoming an Inside Threat. so we're shutting down these Persona Mgmt operations for now and re-assigning you to count beans in HR. thank you for your cooperation Officer McMuffin."

I was fond of the suggestion in FBILARP’s thread that they should shoot their supervisor in the face. Wanna ‘make a difference in government, kill your supervisor’ should be our only response.

I mean, isn’t that honestly better than them bringing their ‘problems’ and dirty laundry to Zig Forums to air it out in front of us 24/7?

I dont recall any larper giving any proof of their occupation or claims, in fact all of them were very vague about their predictions

The FBI isn't the source of the LARPing role-players.

But hey, look who I'm telling.

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Pictured: Feminized Cohen considering saying "NO" while surrounded by high rank libtards

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well i guess this guy is a paid fag


How much money do you make as part of the FBI?

This needs to be S.O.P.
Motherfuckin 5 star post nigga!

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This entire board is a giant LARP fest. If it aint a glow nigger posting, its a spergy 56%er tryharding.

Don't be so jealous kike.

PS You will never be White.

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larp shill thread
Old word, pal. Try something new.

There is a very specific reason why I used that exact image and if you are not blind and look around the catalog right now, I'm sure you'll find it too.


You are doing it wrong, "sage" goes in the option field, and "oy vey" or "don't try to steer Zig Forums back to productivity, goy" goes in the reply window, not the other way around.

So that purple user stuff was another LARP? I didn't know what to think about him. Everyone jumped into that thread and seemed excited, so that gave it an air of legitimacy to me. Instead of telling them to fuck off and that's the end of it. A shame but it did sound a little too good to be true. I never understood the whole Q thing either. Sounded like a joke someone was playing and I really don't get why people outside this board have followed Q-user like some sort of messiah.

The intense shilling in every single fucking thread though is getting exhausting though. It makes this place hard to browse. Doubly so when other users are accusing others of being shills. I'm sure some of them are correct, but it does detract from actual conversation.

Good thread. Good summary. LARPers should be given the proof equivalent of the "tits or gtfo" treatment.

Some of the /x/-tier stuff is true - in that there are definitely occult/religious principles involved in upper-tier power-structures. However, regardless of the truthiness of it, I'd hope anyone here is intelligent enough to know to stay away from discussing it in the public sphere. When talking to normal-fags, the aim should be to evoke skepticism towards the manufactured narratives, not skepticism towards yourself as a person by presenting what most will dismiss as /x/-tier schizophrenic non-sense.

As an aside, any leaker who wanted to actually post anonymously could simply acquire BCH (buy Monero, trade for BCH) and post anonymously using the Memo.Cash protocol spec. What they post would be, in essence, uncensorable and almost untraceable (provided they used a well obfuscated proxy when propagating their transaction).
I strongly urge anyone with sensitive information which they would like to release to do this prior to posting on any chan - which is almost certainly monitored and, if sensitive enough, will be censored.

If I could add a suggestion here:
Post an anonymous contact address along with your suggestion to post to WikiLeaks. Make it plausible that said agent actually engaged with you on this address and "spaghetti'd the beans" to you.