"Out of ammo, I'm going to ram. See you in Valhalla."


Don't have one? Then GET ONE! My favorite is Heinrich Ehrler, Fighter Ace Extraordinaire. He is credited with 208 enemy aircraft kills. On the 4th of April 1945 he and the pilots remaining in the Luftwaffe were defending the Vaterland from enemy bombers. Hopelessly outnumbered, Heinrich and his Kameraden flying the mighty Messerschmidt 262 Storm Bird jet fighter. After successfully evading the Allied escort aircraft he was able to score two kills on Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bombers (notoriously difficult to kill or disable.) It was then, when Heinrich was out of ammo he called his wingman on the radio saying: "Theo, Heinrich here. Have just shot down two bombers. No more ammunition. I'm going to ram. Auf Wiedersehen, see you in Valhalla!".

This great hero gave his life for the Vaterland even after being unjustly court-martialled and imprisoned after the sinking of the Tirpitz.


Check out this book: The Me 262 Stormbird: From the Pilots Who Flew, Fought, and Survived It
ISBN: 978-0-76034-263-3

Bonus: Thread theme: Wellengang by Equilibrium. youtube.com/watch?v=WWcBwzHNL58

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ia801901.us.archive.org/14/items/MyCommandoOperationsByOttoSkorzeny1995OriginallyInGerman1975/My Commando Operations by Otto Skorzeny (1995, Originally published in 1975).pdf

otto skorzeny… look him up.

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I forget the name but the guy that flew to Britain to protest for peace on Hitler's behalf and got totally dicked by the Eternal Anglo in return.

Skorzeny was the Man.

Rudolf Hess.

Care to give us a short write-up?

Definitely him or Joachim Peiper, did he actually rescue anyone from the POW camps?

I share my birthday with Erich Hartmann and the inventor of the V-1 and look a lot like Adolf Galland. Willi Reschke is quite interesting, he was a TA-152 ace in the end of the war.

Thanks user.

No worries Chief.

Goebbels bar none when it comes to getting the blood going at that national level readying man to go primal on his opponent. Hess for his absolute loyalty. Rudel is just a rags to riches story of a guy who sucked but was given the chance and ended up succeeding on a unparalleled level in ways no one imagined.

But when it comes to just all around perfection, Heydrich is the man. Ran Bohemia like a iron hearted champ. Didn't take his elevated status too serious where he felt he had to be guarded like the Pope. When British agents suckered a bunch of Czechs to assassinate him, and they initially failed, he thought it best to catch the fuckers before seeking medical attention.

Guy was a lion heart IMO even if somewhat foolish and reckless.

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Seems like a waste, those jets were worth their weight in gold, to suicide one into an endless stream of fat bastard planes just seems foolish.
Live to fight another day, re-arm and re-fuel, take 2 more the next time, likely even save dozens of civilians from being blasted into mist.
If it was the last day of the war and there was no base to return to, no more fuel to burn, no more munition to be spent, and no more will to be found, then, and only then, should he go full kamikaze and smash faggots with his wunder waffen.

You should watch The Greatest Story Never Told.
Skorzeny was airdropped into the place where Mussolini was imprisoned.
He and his special unit(Made out of SS and Fallschirmjäger(A unit of Paratroopers on par with the SS, my grandpa was one too) freed Mussolini without firing a single shot.

Adolf Galland

Hans-Ulrich Rudel

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This guy was the master of warfare. Only competition near him was Patton.

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And so the slides continue.

…how'd 482 pages be? (I haven't read it)

ia801901.us.archive.org/14/items/MyCommandoOperationsByOttoSkorzeny1995OriginallyInGerman1975/My Commando Operations by Otto Skorzeny (1995, Originally published in 1975).pdf

Attached: My Commando Operations by Otto Skorzeny (1995, Originally published in 1975).jpg (877x1260, 692.41K)

Skorzeny was a glory hound.


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Ah yes, Rommel was an excellent commander. Another great man was Heinz Guderian. He wrote the book on Blitzkrieg.

This is why the kikes and commies are winning. They're doing shit, while we're here circlejerking about nothing, calling everyone that exists outside the board a fed, and crying about book and fitness threads having once been told to fuck off to their own boards.

That was a kickass dude.

aaaand filtered


Neither does arguing at all, so why are you here bitch? If somebody wants to share heroes, what's that to you?

Fritz Christen: PaK commander in the 3rd Waffen SS Totenkopf who held his ground for three days in 1941 after his cannon was disabled ina Soviet attack. Killed over 100 commies before being rescued.

Franz Staudegger: Leibstandarte Tiger tank commander who intercepted a Soviet tank battalion at Kursk and destroyed 22 T-34s, stopping a major Soviet breakthrough on his own. Was personally decorated with a Knight's Cross by Adolf Hitler a few days later.

Ernst Barkmann:Panther commander who ambushed a bunch of American tanks at a crossroads in Normandy in 1944. Later achieved fame again in the Ardennes when he shot his way through an American-occupied town.

You should be doing shit, 'shit' being kill yourself.

Clausewitz was another great mind from that era.

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That's a very attractive and wholesome inferiority complex you've got going on there. How long have you been interested in cuckoldry? Did your father make you watch while he banged your whore mother?

It's easy to criticize a soldiers decisions after the fact.

Regardless, he could have done more alive.
Do you know the purpose of a battleship?

You know the way out beans

My hero isn't a person but a ship. The Bismarck sunk the Hood and demoralized the Brits. Hard not to respect it.

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Otto Carius and Leon Degrelle. Both of them wrote books worth reading, and both were incredible soldiers.

Poor kike and his fat bald pedo dad, I guess.

The absolute state of Zig Forums

Get pissed, manlet.

Why don't you lurk for a few years and read up on the subject matter before coming here posting your drivel. Otherwise you're just a dead weight.

He's right though. You have the internet and Rudolf Hess' flight is pretty famous.

I've been here for half a decade, I forgot his name. If you have a problem with forgotten names, you're going to hate being looked over and ignored for the rest of your insignificant little nigger existence.

I have a lot of things. You have autism.

Lurk or leave.

Michael Wittman…because tanks are the fucking strong.

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Impotent rage.

I have a problem with retards like you who waste our time. If you cannot name Rudolf Hess, you're either ignorant on the subject matter or addle brained. In any case, you shouldn't be posting here. Your childish replies aren't helping you.

Your time is worthless. I waste my own time, and I will continue to do so. You are the problem, go solve yourself.

I could ask the people that still owe me to deplatform you and turn you into Kek.

Hess was a traitor

You could lick my taint, anything beyond that is outside the scope of your abilities. I wouldn't trust you with my dick because I'm worried you're dumb enough to be a biter.

How about Ernst Junger?

I love how we are told 0 of this during school, and I’m sitting here amazed at how fucking amazing and courageously the Germans fought.

He was certainly a hero from the 2nd Reich, not so much the Third. Not to say he was a bad or anything.

History is written by the victors. If anyone lurking here is in highschool still, I would implore them to read up on these men mentioned here and discuss them in history class, just to test the waters.

Well that's good. I am not a faggot.

Turn this fag into Kek.

More you weren't told

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Check out the Scharnhorst.

There's a green text of it but I never saved it. The remaining German troops in Berlin who fended off the Soviets for one more day on May 1st so that "May Day" would not become the communist victory cry around the world. Imagine how high communist moral would have been had they not been able to do that. Imagine how many more potential communist revolutions they stopped.

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How did he use the rudders with one leg?

The fuckin man himself


The last English language interview with Eric Hartmann, the world's greatest fighter pilot

Said no German ever. Go back to reddit with your wikipedia claims

No debat, I have never used Grinder. I have used a metal grinder, a die gringer, a grinder but on a lathe, a grinder tool on a mill, have even used a dremel with a grinder. Never touched the gay grinder.

Even if that were true, so?

Klingenberg and the capture of Yugoslavia

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Rommel's only fault was his inaction in the Hitler coup but otherwise outstanding General. I'm blanking on the one in the East but if anyone remembers who I'm referring to he might be on par with both or exceed them. Widely respected by the Russians for just pulling the Wehrmacht out of some shit many times.

He used his cane. Even missing a leg he refused to not be allowed to fly. He went on to provide very valuable input to the American A-10 Project.

Damn, yea that's awesome. Did he go back into combat after losing his leg? It would be hard to fly normally with only one leg, I can't imagine flying in combat situations. That would be legendary.

There's recounts in the book posted ITT

Attached: Stuka Pilot (Original Uncensored Edition) by Hans Ulrich Rudel (1952)

Is this evidence of how journalists are causing violence in the streets?


Skorzeny worked for the Mossad after his years in Egypt…
You younglings have no historical sense

And he never claimed to be a leader of nationalism during or after the fact.
The Axis burned, and this competent commando wanted a job. This was understandable.
Maybe muttscum shouldnt have fought against Hitler then.

And he didn't stop after 1945. He founded the German Reichs Party and continued the fight


(((Kurt Eisner))) also became Prime Minister of Bavaria. An he wasn't even a Baravian he was from (((Berlin))).

He was then killed by Graf Arco.

Arco himself was half-jewish.


Pic related is (((Markus Rinderspacher))) a german politician (social democrat) dressed as (((Eisner))) at a carnival party

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Clausewitz was napoleonic

the SS warrior-poet

Rumor is he parachuted after not being able to find his landing, with a bomber jacket covered in magical symbols and runes. Was doing some wizard battle with crowley or some such wizard

hess wrote most of mein kampf


please elaborate on that…

Skorzeny helped Mossad in the 60s round up SS officers. He is a traitor.

Know your history dudes
He was a fucking traitor

We need to learn from his mistake…


Sounds like you don't understand the importance of learning and remembering and studying heroes.

Why would he do that? Turn his own brothers in to be ambushed. Is he part Jew? To hel with him.

If future is jewish, let us not be the jews.

"When Stalingrad starts, it was the end for us. It was all American material. From then on we were flying two against fifty or sixty. Once it was one group, sixteen against one thousand American bombers and five hundred American fighters."
This part made me emotional, Anons. They were so hopelessly outnumbered. Curse Roosevelt for what he did to the world.

According to articles in The Jerusalem Times and The Guardian. You trust those sources? Because I do not.

These are jew lies. Skorzeny never worked for the mossad (althought they wished)

Junger was a man above time after the first WW. He's more to be seen as the wise sage in the forest than the war hero leading the forces. Most think he's a stupid old man, but the aspiring heroes know his value.

I have to say Degrelle. He helps me calm down when my urge to rant about walloons flares up.

Yes it was alleged by "anonymous persons" that he did, even in the wikiziopedia article about him its written as allegedly.

Attached: Otto Skorzeny, Benito Mussolini, September 12, 1943.png (496x702 48.14 KB, 267.91K)

Says the fag that behaves like a Jew.

V-E day was one month and 4 days after he kamikaze'd there bub.