Why are so many mainstream lefties/liberals hung-up on the spook of equality?

Why are so many mainstream lefties/liberals hung-up on the spook of equality?

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Something about it being systemically viable instead of just being misidentified by newbies and cancervatives.

It's part of all the psyops the CIA did to de-radicalize the left. It unfortunately worked out pretty well for them.

Because if there's too much inequality, society will collapse in a violent spasm of liberation from people with nothing to lose and/or an orgy of genocide from people inured to routinely escalating cruelty against others.

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sounds like fun tbh

It’s a simple, vague word to describe complex shit

How is equality a spook? How is having a sub caste of proles so you feel better about the scraps porky gives you not itself a spook?

What else would they go on about?
The fake conflict working people are presented with demands that one side projects obnoxious trash with a 'left-ish' feeling, and the other side talks about 'regular people'. This way workers are confused about who's on their side. When push comes to shove, both sides forget class-conflict and it becomes all about culture wars.

Nice spooks nerd

How is equality a spook? If anything, it is the absence of spooks where the individual is recognized as the unique one instead of the delusions of imbeciles that believe that
Can you see how spooked the denial of equality is? Meanwhile the egoist would consider all these people as the unique ones they are instead of some greater (or lesser) than life figure endowed with supernatural traits by birth.

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Because they’re trannies and faggots.

Equality is the opposite of a spook, dummy. It just means treating everyone the same regardless of spooks like race, gender, nationality, etc.

It is a concept that becomes fixed in your head as a thing that is greater than yourself and then procedes to float around in your head frightening you into doing dumb shit that is against your own interests.

Is biology a spook?
Am I haunted by ghosts for recognizing that men are naturally stronger than women and putting them in separate categories in sports is the right and fair thing to do?

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The look on that referee/judge/whatever

the idea that there is a fixed category of male and female that people can be neatly boxed into is literally a spook.
i remember that news story. he was only forced to wrestle girls because of the state's retarded laws that refused to let him wrestle other boys.

No, it's not. Do not confuse "spook" with "using words to define a thing."

virtually all left ideologies are secularised versions of christianity and one of christianity's basal dogmas is Imago Dei. 'All people are equally in the image of god' became 'All people are equal'. When you *really* become an atheist all that should go out the window of course but rarely does

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On the contrary, it is an emancipatory concept.

Equality is not sameness you imbecile.

Yeah, because stuff like being born with a penis and producing a lot of testosterone that influence not only your physical strength but also your behavior isn't something common to all males.

LOL no. Christianity is neo-platonism + Abrahamic God, which is entirely the philosophy of the right.

It is a concept that becomes fixed in your head as a thing that is greater than yourself and then procedes to float around in your head frightening you into doing dumb shit that is against your own interests. Whatever "emancipatory" qualities it may have, it is still definatively a spook.

Like what?

It's not greater than myself you stupid fuck. Just because you are insecure does not mean that everyone else is.

Like, treating people as equals instead of submitting to them because they were born into a different, """superior""" family.

Like whatever the spooked individual may feel the need to do in defense of his spook. He might engage in bourgeois electoralism, donate to relevent charities, react without thought to statements that he would regard as threatening to his spook, expend his time and energy advancing the cause of his spook instead of on endeavors that might be beneficial to him, distance himself from friends who do not sharehis spook, or any number of things really.

So you would not sacrifice of yourself in the name of "equality?"


How do you know that it does not actually benefit them? Who are you to decide that equality is not in their genuine self-interest?

Then what are you on about?

Being spooked is never in a person's self-interest. The spook is not placated even by doing everything that it demands, and, as it is merely conceptual and thus absolute, its ultimate goal can never possibly be achieved. It is a futile endeavor.

So what? Why should we give a flying fuck about a vague abstraction like "our own interests"?


Goddamn, there's spooked, and then there's whatever level of supernatural you are on. You haven't had the urge to find the Gatekeeper and summon Gozer lately, have you?

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Spirits, ghosts, demons and other supernatural entities are often used by religious folks as an explanation for why not everyone full commits to their doctrine. I do not see why I should take yours differently.

Well first it is not a vague abstraction, second because if you don't care about your own self-interests then you risk getting smashed by porky's/pope's/king's/whoever social authority boots.

Here, you need help.

Then give it a concrete description of self-interest that isn't based on feels.

That's some pretty-uninspiring proselytizing booklet. You could learn a thing or two from the jehovahs.

I imagine that it must be when you don't read it.

Because the world is stupid.
If the majority of the left stays on this path, I'm just going to off myself out of shame of being on the same planet.

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If you do make sure you kill a porky first.

I've got five booklets already street preachers told me to "just read", you'll have to wait for your turn.

Why should we give a flying fuck about a vague abstraction like "our other peoples interests" or "the proletariats interest"?

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o rly?

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the idea that being born with a dick=being male or that needing certain levels of testosterone to qualify as a male is a textbook definition of spook. your just describing the biological traits that said spook was based on and asserting it as the truth.
T. saint max

Please stop this motte & bailey sophistry, you know what the difference between various cultural spooks versus human sexual biology is.

Male=capable of producing fertile sperm
Female=capable of producing fertile eggs

Those are the only options that exist.

A "trans boy" is a female-to-male. He's in girls' wrestling because the state says if you have bagina you wrestle girls. Even though he's apparently on test supps. He wants to wrestle boys but they won't let him. MtFs in competitions with cis women is one thing, but a FtM competing with men is at a disadvantage in most cases. People who keep posting this story don't even have the basic facts right.

That's fine. You can stay retarded until then.

Sex is also a social construct. There's no male or female essence. The behavior of an organism is a result of how it's coded and how it interacts with the environment. Both of these are open-ended and don't necessitate a certain binary reproductive scheme. The fact that most humans fall pretty neatly into a binary category doesn't erase the existence of everyone else. Take off that fucking flag you idealist liberal.

You best be trolling, nigger.

100% of humans fall into only a single one of these categories 8/10 bait

i think it worked ok for a while but the cracks are starting to show now. they basically put a bandaid on a gunshot wound. it slowed the people becoming class concious but it didn't stop it. almost every company now is at pretty much equally balanced genders now. so a few trans people and feminists got elevated to the ranks of petite bourgeois/labor aristocrat but the underlying problems of capitalism still remain. as the years tick by people will continue to become poorer and poorer. the cities will suck all of the wealth from the surrounding areas. rural america will be completely uninhabitable. and then finally some sort of uprising will take place. and no amount of CIA meddling will stop it.

The specifics of your categories are arbitrary and so stupid that you consider post-menopausal women to be "mutants."

Not even a little.

Best hope that happens before Overlord Zucc finishes the singularity

You know full well what's meant by "capable". That covers the body's capability from conception to death, as human hermaphroditism, natural or artificial, doesn't exist.

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AI may never exist and it doesn't need to. All you need is an algoryhm. AKA if then else or a switch statement here and there.

It's just a matter of working out all the unkowns first. Eventually you will iron out all the kinks and end up with a functional working product. It may not be perfect but it will be close enough to get the job done. Something like automating an assembly line for example. Incredibly easy to do.

War robots are a bit more tricky. They need to analyze terrain and use GPS to navigate to their targets. Also have to visually ID their targets and kill them. They will be up against humans who are smarter and improvise better. Where the robots will just be following their programs.

In other words im not worried about terminators any time soon.

This is "featherless biped" levels of argument. Fuck off.

I dunno, OP. Why WOULD anyone think the peasant workers were the equals of the former owning class?
Obviously, is correct. Self-management is bourgeois liberalism, and capitalism - preferably with Hitler-tier idpol characteristics - is the only true left.

radlib detected

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Spooks are OK as long as they are your property.

*gets killed by a teleoperated Terminator*

The fact is that testosterone supps is doping.
Xhe shouldn't be allowed to compete in any category because Zhe is cheating.

Fuck off, ya mentally ill retard.

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OP has shown Egoism can be deconstructed by using its own ideology against itself.

I mean why believe in the spook of rape or murder? why believe we actually exist? why believe anything?

You have shown that you have no idea what either "egoism" or "deconstructed" mean.

Learn what words mean before you try to pwn them epic style.

This. Comments like >>128826 don't seem to understand that Stirner wasn't condemning the immaterial in toto, but condemning unthinking submission to the immaterial. If you acknowledge that something is spooky, but embrace it anyway just because you like it, it ceases to be a spook.

Stop embarrassing yourself with this sophistry, the mutually exclusive capability to produce only one or other gamete is fixed for life in humans.

Doesn't competitive wrestling have weight classes like boxing? Hypothetically, eunuchs could probably just be dumped into one of the lower weight men's classes for fair fights.

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Even then, you have to know no commandments of the spook. If it tells you how to behave, then it is still a spook regardless of how much you may enjoy serving it.

Do you know what doping is, my child?

why are so many zoomer Zig Forumstards trying to LARP as leftists?
Equality is literally the entire point of the left you retard

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There is, otherwise there would be no such thing as transgenders. Though like any essence, it's indeterminable.
Good luck fertilizing your own eggs, to wreck the gender binary of course.

Try again.


Try again.

Normally we just call your grandmother "infertile," but it's all good.

yeah but that's where Ethical Egoism dies and Ethical Solipsism begins. IT. CAN. BE. DEFENDED.

with Ethical Solipsism you don't have to care for the opinion of your fellow man because what exists in your mind is the only thing that is true.

I want Stirner-chan to make me her property :3

I can't fix your stupidity with my reason.

because most lefties like to live in utopias in their mind, equality IS a spook, you can never have equality between people because they are all different

what type of equality do you even want? equality of outcome? opportunity? neither of those are even obtainable and they aren't even Marxism's goals, there are different types of equality and I'd say some are worth it like everyone having the same rights

Lenin had to listen to this dumb shit a hundred years ago.


economic only. not identity shit.


the point of feminism isn't that all men oppress all women, it's that both genders are forced into predetermined roles in which males are supposed to be dominant. they're the ones who go to work or join the army and while this comes with certain disadvantages (like being horribly disfigured by poison gas) it also comes with obvious advantages, most important among these being economic power

Calling the abolition of gender spooks "feminism" is a bit like calling the abolition of race spooks "black power". This hypocrisy is especially blatant given the existence of MRAs, who in spite of their parroting the exact same "we just want fairness for everyone" public-facing mantra as feminists, and their origin as a splinter cell of feminists who were excommunicated from feminism for the sin of sincerely believing it, are described by the feminazi death cult as yet another tentacle of the all-encompassing patriarchy.

If you're an egalitarian, just call yourself that. Feminism is over, and the general public knows that.

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I don't want fairness for everyone, I want women to admit their privilege. But women are incapable of self-reflection so death to the world it is

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What a surprise

Don't turn the privilege bullshit around on women.

Black people getting abused by cops isn't "white privilege."
Women getting sexually harassed isn't "male privilege."
Men getting killed at work isn't "female privilege."

Whites/men/women don't have privilege. "Privilege" in this context is just a way of saying that the other group(s) of people have problems. This "privilege" is just the absence of the problems that are actively beleaguering other people. The "privilege" an identity enjoys (the lack of problems) should be the default for everyone. Problematizing the absence of problems while ignoring the actual problems is so ass backward that it has to be some kind of psy op.

While your first few statements are true, the rest of that is not what that means, either.

This happens because black people have far less property than white people due to the historical material legacy of black chattel slavery. Which yes is a privilege
Litterally no MRA has ever said women GETTING sexually harassed is a female privilege. But plenty of feminists have said that men NOT getting sexually harassed is patriarchy, which as more studies are showing, isn't even true and men suffer as much if not more sexual assault than women.
How is it not a comparative advantage. And how does the work place death toll not disprove the patriarchy? If women don't have to die while selling their labor but men do how does that not constitute some sort of special consideration.
And feminist are more than happy to up hold this oppression of men, look at all the calls to end the draft now that women will be drafted.

Utterly wrong, in terms of white privilege its due to whites having more property. In terms of female privilege its due to women being able to yeild the power of the state against men with things like the draft, child support debtors prisons, divorce and custody laws, and anti male domestic violence laws. Even the work place is biased against men as proven by Google finding that they were underpaying MEN.

Because what you are comparing is not individuals but statistical means between groups of dissimilar individuals.

Privilege is the relation between door X and canine anatomy.
Discrimination is what the cop does to you. It is utterly useless in all cases.
"Capitalism" is the reason you speak of whites 'having' land.

That would mean that whites who dont own much property don't have privilege, which plainly contradicts the internet culture warrior account of privilege.

also known as privilege

That's like saying pollution is why there are oil spills.