What is Metaphysical Agonism?

Let's face it; the world is soft. People have no self-control. Degeneracy and indulgence are at a fever pitch. The world is consumed with the superficial pleasure responses of social media and gaming. There are reports of women and college students getting physically injured by words. 

Men have lost their identity. Purpose and meaning are seldom found. Depression and drug abuse are at an all time high. The world, and men in particular, are pussified.

Enter Metaphysical Agonism. 

Agonism is the philosophy that by willfully undergoing pain and suffering, a person can reach a state of peace, extreme strength, and self-awareness. The fundamental tenet of Agonism is that the only value and worth to be found in ourselves is through confronting the things we fear/hate to do. These natural mental and physical obstacles are natures gift to us; they are the lights on the path that nature has already carved out for us. By confronting that which we hate/fear to do, we gain the mental and physical strength to be happy, to endure, to survive, and to thrive.

This is a fundamental natural law: that growth only happens through resistance. 

It is only through this growth and resistance that we will develop the strength required to take back our women, our countries, and our future.

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Also the only people who will face their fears, act and strive are the strong. The weak and the coward will never venture out of the degenerate comfortable.

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I think it's a bridge too far to say the only value of worth in someone is the hardships they have and overcome, they are valuable experiences and measured against someone's character can be very helpful to development, but there's plenty of value in the enjoyable and beloved too. Moderation in all things, the struggle teaches and punishes a lack of fortitude while rewarding the successful in overcoming it with what they struggle to maintain, protect, create or destroy. If you only have struggle, struggling becomes almost pointless and vain. You need a cause to drive you on, even finding a cause. For instance, love of the beautiful and just things that are threatened by the ugly and immoral. Make it a bigger issue than yourself and unlock potential the self-interested don't have.

I don't want you to cap this shit to look at for inspiration later in the hope you have an option to do it some day. Your time is fleeting by the moment. The longer you wait to start, the harder it becomes to start.

I want you to go outside, right fucking now, and do something that sucks, and don't stop doing it until you're done, no matter what your mind tells you.

This philosophy isn't about sitting around and thinking awesome things with a warm cup of fucking coffee in your hand and imagining how awesome you could be.

This philosophy is about becoming awesome, by doing it.

Go. NOW.

You cannot appreciate the warm until you've experienced the cold. You can not appreciate rest until you have worked yourself to the point you're about to fall over.

Quit making excuses about why I'm wrong. You know I'm right.

Now get out there and challenge yourself, immediately. Don't delay. That little voice telling you not to is what is holding you down, and you need to slay that motherfucker on a daily basis.

appreciate it

I never said you were wrong, user, dial your defensiveness back. I almost entirely agree with you, and you presume too much about what I am doing or not doing. Nice spirit though, just practice the aim.

I know for a fact you're not doing anywhere near what you could be, because
1. Only a handful of people in the world have reached their true potential and statistically speaking you are not one of them. I am not one of them. And

2. You're here nitpicking over unimportant details instead of doing shit about it.

That's great you agree with me.

What have you done today that you hated doing? Could you have done more?

I didn't nitpick anything, spaz. I expanded upon your premise. I'm out of patience, be a dumb uppity little mongrel to someone else. I talked to your brainlet ass today and tried to teach it something.

The only thing I can learn are the true limitations of my self, not from nitpicking or theorizing or arguing on the internet, but by doing.

The days of talking heads, and podcasts, and youtube arguments and punching right are over.

The days of Agonism are upon us.

Embrace the fucking suck, or die. Your choice.

I do that every single day.

I'm not going to embrace you, user. I'd crush your little bones and make you piss yourself.

I sat in a place I didn't want to be and had people harass me all day.

You can't manifest greatness without a place to manifest it from. Willing something from nothing is only possible when that something isn't being constantly threatened. You can not defend and create at the same time. It's logos versus pathos argument that just keeps spinning until the quality of creation turns to shit.

It's the same reason why third world countries are third world countries. Because they are constantly replacing what the dredges steal or destroy.

The US is becoming the third world. So anything you create here will either be destroyed or stolen.

Pull your head out from your third point of contact hero.

It's why I refuse to create anything. I have no reason to. There's no future for me here. I am simply waiting to leave.

I'm not going to eradicate your pests for you either. They don't harass me, I don't have anything worth stealing. I don't carry cash. They know what I have is my genetics and locked up in my mind.

I already fought them and won. You want them gone, remove them yourself.

You're dead already.

You wish.

You're such a silly little retard.

This is the only philosophy of life. This is also the philosophy that we should strive to adopt in ourselves and in our nations.

1:38 onward

I have lost my mind, trying to find it again.

I see the signs everywhere. Which path to take.

our motto: comfort is an enemy

I like this.
"modern society" teaches us that attitude and hope without the other intellectual responsibilities, such as reason or a sense of preparation, are all you need in life.
But negative things will always exist and being capable of overcoming them is a greater power than ignoring them.

Comfort is our enemy.

Embrace the suck.

Do something you hate every day.

The point at which your brain tells you that you are in pain is the point at which your true self emerges. Will you back down into mediocrity, or transcend?

What is this slide?

is there any books I can read on this????

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No. This isn't a book or a theorization. This is the opposite of mental masturbation. This is action.

Most people hate physical exertion. So starting right fucking now, go out and physically exert yourself. At the point your brain is telling you to stop, you push through the barrier. Anything else you hate or fear, you should actively do every day. The point your brain starts making excuses, is the point you push through and do it anyway.

You do this, every day, for the rest of your life, and transcend your limitations to become your own hero.

Or you don't, and die with regrets.

That's it.

Which path will you choose?

I'll try my best dad thanks

There is no fuckin try.

Try is the word people use to constrain their effort to just the point where they dont have to suffer. Then they can say "I didnt accomplish anything, i didn't push through the fears and doubts my mind had imposed upon me since the day I was born, but I TRIED."

No. You go out and you embrace the suck and you turn the suck into tolerable. And then you find more suck to embrace, push that through and make it tolerable. And you keep doing that to the day you die.

it's bout midnight for me I've barly gotten any sleep and I just got done cleaning my room and doing some working out I pushed myself more then i usually do any advice?

What are some things you've been putting off? Anything you need to do? Anything you hate doing (cleaning, reading, studying, setting goals, running, swimming, lifting weights, talking to women)?

Pick a couple and get after it. Sleep when you're done.

I keep seeing strange men whenever I close my eyes so I've given up on sleeping already I'm going to study I lifted as much as I could and then some I'm going back on my shitty low carb diet because I'm getting chubby and goals I don't know I wanna join the military but the US government is aids but even then I'll be fighting and dying for something instead of complaining about it

Do you hate cardio? Eat some carbs and do some cardio tomorrow.

If you do join the military, go the hardest route possible–special forces.

Do they let people with shitty vision in? I've had thoughts of doing that special forces always interested me but I have really shitty vision

Thanks for not being a faggot; I needed this today.

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The problem with Metaphysical Agonism is that it is completely one sided & only works "once"

What to do once the pain is over, however?
What to tell others that can't experience the pain?
If a proper society has been achieved, the problems plaguing this one are fixed, whats to become the new agony?
What will fuel the cycle of sapience?

I'm not saying that the Agonism doesn't work
I'm saying it doesn't work for "others"
Agonism is a one person therapy
I've gone through some stupid shit & came out better, I know many that have had the same

The problem is the same problem that is the "hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make soft men, soft men make hard times"

Agonism is a rebirth
Agonism can only take away from you
You have to give yourself your new founded knowledge

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No. You are a pussy. You are such a huge pussy that you don't even realize how big a pussy you are. You are, quite literally, a ball of tangled fears, limitations, doubts. Forcing yourself to confront your fears makes you fearless. Forcing yourself through everything that causes you pain makes life painless. Imagine an army of men who are afraid of nothing that feel no pain. Such an army would be unstoppable. But it starts with you. And it starts in YOUR mind. I can't help you but to point the way.

The pain ends when you die, or give in to mediocrity.

This isnt about others. This is about you.

There is no utopia. Realizing this is painful, but true.

What will fuel the cycle of sapience?

Nigga still concerned about others when he hasn't even tamed the beast of his own mind. Tsk tsk

Softness is a choice. Hardness is a choice. Which choice you make is what defines you.

Get your vision fixed.

retarded zealots like you are the people who kill the world with their hubris

I enjoy schizos though so keep the posts coming

Only if all are pushed to eliminate the weak. Not just "wait for nature to work itself", but to actually eliminate the weak. All the current regression of humanity was only possible because the strong let the weak live.
if you are not going to act to directly eliminate all the weak, then all the strength gained will be useless. Degeneration will still exist and be spread.
Kill the weak. Shrink the world's population to a bare minimum. Let no weak be allowed to live.

You had me
But then you replied to me
If I saw your other posts, I would have noticed you were straight from reddit


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To eliminate the weak you first have to eliminate the weakness in yourself.

It's ok user. I'm a huge pussy too.

But I won't be for long. Will you come with me, or stay?

Not really that schizo when you think about it. More like Wim Hof your shit up on a daily but without the safety net of always having clear expectations at the other end of things, to avoid the analysis paralysis that could come with having a library of guides and how-to's thats mostly collecting dust. To use that example again, find your own Wim Hof method to uncomfortable things as long as it works for you personally (it might not be clear, step by step, or even useful for others) but when that thing becomes familiar and comfortable it's time to hit the "next one".


Stop thinking and start doing. Thinking is paralysis. Action is catharsis.

the schizo part isn't the ideology he advocates, it's the manner in which he defends it

it's one step removed from normie blindness

Growth through resistance is an absolute fact. From trees growing stronger trunks in the wind to viruses using the immune system to propagate themselves. Remove the wind and the tree withers and dies. Remove the host and the virus cannot survive.

You can choose to grow, by seeking out and destroying the resistance within your mind, or you can wither and die.

I personally don't give a fuck what you do. The people who respond to this message will live and die without regret. The people who argue it will die mediocrities.

Which one happens to you is entirely up to you.

if you 'don't give a fuck' then you wouldn't be posting here for validation and proselytization, nor would you be treating a criticism of you as an attack on the ideology you hold like a neurotic, wounded animal

wake up, take a breath of fresh air, let the cortisol levels drop, and be at peace

You misunderstand me.

I do not give a fuck what YOU do.

I am not concerned with you cerebral, argumentative, do nothing type lambs who are more satisfied sowing derision to keep the pack close together so they can stay warm.

You will die, in regret, wondering forever what you could have become.

I am concerned with stirring future lions.

keep jerking yourself off over the one thought you've had in your life that approaches profundity

sticking a knife between your second and third ribs would be a great agonist for you to overcome, nigger

This kind of shit is regular. Whenever lazy, excuse ridden people see an unstoppable force coming it forces them to look at themselves and their flaws, and they lash out to get you to stop. You will get this from your friends and family; people that you thought you knew will turn into demons.

I had a guy I work with pester me the other day why I was studying so hard. Can you imagine? What he was really saying is "you're making me look bad, please stop."

They will do anything: pester, insult, question, name call, get angry, bully you to get you to stop whatever it is you're doing.

You are no unstoppable force, you're an arrogant idiot who lacks critical thinking and reading skills, who becomes possessed by whatever method of thinking they encounter.

You perceive what I say are criticisms of you as an attack against that which you espouse (even going so far as to ascribe nefarious intent and jealousy to my motives), because you are no more than a hollow shell wrapped in the comfort of some trivial idea.

Ironically, you do exactly what you preach against because you don't actually know anything. The path to true strength, strength that isn't superficial, is to shed your ego and face things head on.

I chop my dick off once a week, and it grows back bigger and stronger every time.

Once society is patched up, Productive & Creative labor can act as the Challenge / Pain.
The fact is that people gain happiness from Hard Work, especially if that work will bring them recognition, and if it will assist the community as a whole.

This is the reason that Currency must be based on Productive Labor, everyone should be able to help improve their society, whenever they have the will to do so.

First there is the Struggle,
then the Pay Off and reward for struggle,
this reinforces the desire for additional struggle

The path is this, the path is that blah blah blah

I, and many other redpilled people, do not have time for you theorists anymore.

The irony of a theorist like you, saying the answer is to shed ones ego, is heavy. Theorists cause nothing but division and infighting precisely because they have undying ego devotion to their pet theories.

Anyone who attacks someone attempting to inspire others is doing it for nefarious purposes.

People like you are just another form of resistance we will rend asunder on our journey towards Valhalla

OP, we need warriors, in that you are right. However, a counter argument:

I have a son. Spending time with him is the best thing in the world. It's easy, there is no suffering, there is no pain. Not spending time with him brings me suffering and pain. Should I not spend time with him? Is that the right choice?

The balance between action and inaction is out of wack, but don't take that to mean action is best just because it is action. A raging fire destroys all, fire included.

how would I do that?

Any advice on what to do once I've studied all I could worked out has much as I could? I don't want to take breaks and end up letting this all go I need some advice

Can't grow muscles if all you do is lift. Gotta rest, too.

unironically based and underrated thread. see you fags in valhalla

I'm not saying that life should be all pain, or maximum pain everywhere. I'm saying everyone has both a mental and physical pain barrier, and that pain barrier should be pushed beyond its limits on a daily basis.

It's your own personal judgment what and where those barriers are, and what you need to do to pushpast them.

It's possible to develop an unhealthy (for you and them) fixation on ones children. Whether or not you need to take a painful step back from your son is your decision based on your own judgment.

So Zig Forums really is populated with edgy 17 year olds.

This is up to you man. No one can give you advice on what you should do. Do something you hate every day. You can still enjoy other aspects of your life. Just find where your mind gives you resistance and push through it on a daily basis.

Over time you will build extreme strength.

The longer you deal with a struggle of magnitude, the easier it becomes dealing with the softer and qeaker people around you.

There is a deep inherent truth in power levels. When you fully relax and other people around you get pensive it's clearly visible on their faces that they can feel the energy of your aura radiating from you. Like wise when you can feel another person from across the room it's an example of your energy levels as well as your control over them.

This can't be taught. It comes from mental discipline and hardship. Self isolation helps as well.

Ah, defeatism. You're either a kike, or you've integrated the kike's desires for all of us.

Before you can defeat the kike, you must defeat the kike within.

And right now, you're letting your inner kike buttfuck your soul's asshole into a perfect purpled bloody donut.

If you are strong, and you present your strength to those weaker, and can see the strong man inside struggling to break out, the ones worth saving will stand a little straighter and look to you for the next step.

They in turn will encourage you to be stronger, because now you have to live up to that image.

Eat clean, eat meat, eggs, milk, raw leafs, fuck carbs and especially sugar
No Jew juice (alcohol), tobacco, weed is for niggers, porn is for kikes
Work out, heavy weights, interval training, stretching
Get hand to hand training
Learn melee weapons
Learn firerarms
Learn machines (maintain, repair, build)
Learn basic electronics (AC/DC)
Learn a trade
Form a tribe
Infiltrate your local Republican party and take it over (it's Trump's now)
Elect and support your local sheriff

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