How can we ruin the alliance between corporations and the Left?

Both parties are brittle and prone to treating relationships like as disposable.

It is very important the tech industry doesn't become anti-White authoritarian Communist, (even more).

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repeal lgbt laws

Reintroduce genuine concern about workers' well-being to the left. Point out that these corporations use liberal identity politics as a red herring while they usually pay their workers shit. The best part: it's all true, Goebbels would be proud of such good propaganda.

Do they need help? Meme it, I guess.

Meme this

I thought the modern left doesn't give a shit about class struggle/classism anymore, it's all about idpol and oppression olympics now

That's a huge factor, but as the tendencies of the US Dem party how, there is still a huge socialist leaning, or at least amongst the useful idiots.

1. Kill them all.
2. Follow the fucking rules, you goddamn newfag.
So kill them.
It already is and cannot be changed.

Yes. Some sort of "You're being patronized and played" message to the activists is the way to go.
That sour grapes, victimhood, betrayal feel is the one to trigger in an SJW. It's their "sixth sense" and sense of identity.

Not sure you'll get 0.001% of them and this plan wouldn't create a lot of blowback politically.

Yeah, you don't belong here.


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I don't keep up all that much but is that what AOC/Sanders are doing? If so this might be a pretty decent idea.

I didn't know. This is an FBI honeypot to catch bad Goy in terror plots the FBI dreams up?

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Caring about workers' rights is no longer (((fashionable)))
Leftists are mentally incapable of acting outside of the narrow confines of the current establishment religion.
200 years ago, leftists were burning White women for practicing witchcraft
Today they burn White men for practising racism.
If we win, leftists will burn jews with the same emptly, self righteous, glazed look in their eyes that they get when they persecute White people.
They have no independent thoughts, no will of their own, no souls.
They live only to hate what it is popular to hate and persecute who it is popular to persecute.

You asked a question. You got the answer. You don't like the answer. Either accept truth or leave forever. This is a board for truth. Nothing changes, nothing improves, nothing gets fixed until they die. You can't vote them out. You can't arrest "the bad ones." You can't "set an example."

Kill them all.

National Socialism.

I agree with almost everything you say, except that what I propsed was impossible. Just start churning out the memes. Find some lefty quote from a CEO, then find out how shitty his workers' pay is, put together the two, profit. At worst, nothing will happen, but if it goes viral, these leftist CEO's will either learn to stfu, or will be forced to pay their workers more, both are good outcomes. Besides, they surely are idiots, but that doesn't mean they can't be useful. Burning Jews, as you put it, is after all preferable to burning white men.

You don't tell me where to be.
I'm talking a weak point of theirs to attack with a spontaneous coordinated psyop.
This is more terrible for the elites than anything.

Good luck recruiting bad Goys for your station chief.

We will need to turn the "get woke go broke" from a warning to a promise, boycott is meaninless.
We have to sabotage the brand until no ones buy from them anymore.

It should happen soon enough on its own. I have talked to liberals under 30 and they all had pretty negative opinions of Israel without much prodding. I think the Trump presidency is a good indication they moving to civic nationalism over neoliberalism

Doesn't work. Bullets work.
No, killing them is more terrible than anything. Doing something that actually matters is more terrible than anything. Making le fanny may mays doesn't do anything.
You asked a question. You got the answer. You don't like the answer. You were proven wrong about everything you said. You don't even know the rules of the website. Don't post here again.

That's why the elites use real and fake lone wolf false flags to grab the guns, increase surveillance, pass new laws, and whip up a frenzy against the angry Right.

Hearts and minds control people. What Sun Tzu called 'The Moral Law' dictates what is a violent option politically.
Violence is only a possibility these days if the situation becomes too inconvenient. A Depression or cataclysm would make violence a political option.
It is a convenience culture.
It was more convenient for the actors in the new industrial economies to kill the Right wing men during the Civil War and WWII.

What you are proposing has not worked in hundreds of years, even on a full scale.

You're the only one who said anything about lone wolf attacks.
Hearts and minds are where the bullets go. They own all the companies. They will never stop owning the companies until they are killed. When they are killed, new media can be released which tells the truth.
So global white genocide isn't inconvenient.
Which won't happen.
Which can't be predicted.

Not buying from them is the same as trying not to buy from Nike, Kellogg, Cable Companies, Banks, or etc.

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Kids, you're both right.
Violence is the only thing that the elites fear. It is the only thing that will defeat them.
However, a man who commits violent acts against the System that do not cause revolution is not a revolutionary. He is a terrorist.

Let's be honest; you're not going to start killing the elites. If you tried, you'd probably get one if you're lucky before being arrested and crucified. And the public would despise you for it.
Since we do not live in an atmosphere of revolution, violent acts alone probably won't improve the situation.
Unless of course the violence was directed at critical infrastructure. Then of course, it would have a meaningful effect.

I remember a Right Wing guy using violence for a while in the 30s and then the two other powers incinerating his population. Then lying about a Jew Genocide.
Got all the Normies frightened of anything like it happening again.

I like your spunk and maybe things will go your way, I just want to see more outreach to the Normie.
The Normie wants the convenient win. The Normie wants the less embarrassing option for the least effort.
1/3rd vs another 1/3rd vs the Normie 1/3rd. The winner needs the support of the Normie 1/3rd.

This was something halfchan used to do well before the shills and Normie trash ruined it.

Spontaneous coordination psyops winning hearts and minds, winning the youth spirit would be a more valuable tactic for the Right to have in today's environment than a Ceaser Sayoc or whatever his name was.

Yeah buddy, we're all neo-Nazi retards here. No room for rational discussions or smart political activism.

aren't diversity hires already ruining corporations?

Actually it has worked consistently since the 30s as well.
The PIRA forced concessions out of the regime in London and the black communists of Rhodesia forced White people out of their homes using violence. Indeed, you watch what you say and guard your tongue around niggers, spics, and libshits precisely because you are frightened of the consequences of upsetting them.
Why do you fear leftists and non-Whites?
Because of terrorism. Leftists together with multi-billion dollar corporations and jews regularly terrorize White dissidents by destroying your life if you step out of line. And often this involves physical violence as well.

All of this is terrorism and your own actions proves quite succinctly that terrorism works.

Destory corporate personhood

There is functionally no difference, they are both manifestations of jews. Both seek to push the host nation ever further towards degeneracy and a totalitarian state for shekels and power (the same thing, in the end).

Its better to think of the left and the zionist right as just another weapon in the jews arsenal. Arguing with your common gender studies degree womyn or soyboy rarely produces results. They are brainwashed fodder conditioned to filter all wrongthink. Its only when their own side turns on them that some of them awaken. This also accurately describes what happened with gamergate. Many of (you) were not able to fully escape the system of mental control until it actively turned on (you).

But all is not lost, even now there is hope for white man. It begins with (you) building relations and normalizing racial consciousness in your day to day interactions. While many have been (((immunized))) against it, the truth is still an infectious virus that will spread as such. If you can keep pushing and tear down the final barrier (the holohoax), you will know you freed a mind.

that is exactly the case. They are bloodthirsty and out for vengance against the white man for perceived injustices. They don't give a fuck actual poor people. In fact they want poor people to stay poor because it's part of the electoral strategy. This all ends in concentration camps for straight white men…that is their end game.

use anti-terror laws against corporations? Deplatforming == human rights violation could be the legal inroad we need to wage this battle.

Make these fuckheads go even nuttier and make the corps go balls nailed to walls signalling to the new nutty paradigm.
Also mock them with fake ads like this:

You can also see in the response to the Gillette commercial that people are waking up and throwing out their Gillette stuff.

Nice digits, brother.
God I wish Trump was not such a treasonous cuck. This would be how you go about punishing these vile monsters. They are absolutely guilty but it's just not going to happen.

This sucks but the key is more BDS support because with it comes anti-israel leanings and that obviously comes with anti-jew leanings.

Because thats not left, thats just american "left" - generally its moderate right wing. But since actual left got removed from political spectrum as a threat to corporate oligarchs, then we get someone like op.

You're wasting your time and ours. An actual Zig Forumsack knows this.


They want to nationalize all business? Never heard of that.

newest shill tactic is to try and drive a wedge between Zig Forums and national socialism.

Are you denying the communism of the DNC, or are you asking for specific instances of them attempting to push nationalization of business?

You wouldn't need to.

If a few of them were to die violently and consistently over the span of a few months in one specific area, the ones remaining would either leave or would be so scared they'd be targeted that they would go right the fuck back into the closet.

Gays have come out because there is no longer a social norm to keep them in. They no longer fear reprimanding by society, because society celebrates them now. They have incentive to come out. Take that away, and they have nothing.

Make Faggots Afraid Again

a little hairspray goes a long ways

You were already told otherwise.
All of human history proves you wrong. ALL must die. ALL of them. You can't deport them. They always come back, usually with an army. You can't "make an example." They don't learn. You can't "convert" them. They refuse to convert, and openly admit it. You can't even fucking "peacefully" expel them, because a generation later they will come back anyway. Your people can be tricked. Paid off. Killed, and then replaced with puppets.
Well, they still have the disease which caused their neurological damage in the first place, and that disease still spreads–whether by surreptitious contact or through new, unrelated infection. See, it's not enough to legally ban faggots again, either. We have to cure toxoplasma gondii (and/or schistosomiasis; whichever you prefer is the cause).

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hahaha oh OP… why are you such a fag? It's not an equal relationship you fucktard. Banks and Defense companies CONTROL the DNC. Leftists like money as much as anyone else which is why these fuckers do their bidding.

What WE, NEED, TO DO, is to pound the shit out of these companies on social media/irl (full spectrum) and use our money to make an impact on their bottom line. It's the only thing that will change anything. Right now pushing faggotry and misceganation and all the rest of it, is benefiting these fuckers. We need to show them that doing that has a cost. One that makes it not worth their while.

Both, since the lack of those show theyre not communists.

You can't. Leftists today will never back down on immigration and individual immigrants being literal gods walking the earth, especially in the US and to some extent in Europe. Corporations love cheap labor and a too-retarded-to-know-their-rights-but-smart-enough-to-use-a-computer-and-take-orders workforce, both requirements mestizos fill in excess. Immigration will always bind them together, and they both will never abandon that issue. The alliance is unbreakable.

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Okay, you're insane.

You just need to get the ones on top, the rest will crumble.

Nice argument, faggot loser.

You can't separate the left from corporations; both are run by kikes.

it's seems to be a mental disorder, as I note here

The disorder frequently follows some form of sexual abuse as a minor. In a sense, the behavior is not inherited, but learned.

From what I see, there is no reason to kill off an entire population of people when that population grows from within your own. It's illogical. Eradication of the beliefs and conditions that allow the disorder to manifest in the first place seems more appropriate based on the information that we have.

If people were reminded of the consequences of being gay (to set the tone, violence would most likely be necessary in the beginning), they would think twice about entertaining bizarre, twisted, fucked up sexual fetishes.

I think the loss of social contact with friends and family combined with the complete freedom to search anything your brain desires on the internet has allowed this disorder to become not only rampant, but celebrated in modern society.

The jews don't help with shit like the OP's pic

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AOC and Amazon. Enough said.

boycott em niggers

By killing all in both groups. Literally.
That is the only solution. Anything else will be circumvented and used against us.
Kill leftists and kill corporate suits.


Nice try shlomo.

Why bother? The left destroys everything it touches anyway, so it's only a matter of time before their leftist ideology destroys those companies. As far as we are concerned, don't use any of their products or services. I use literally nothing from big tech and I don't find myself at any disadvantage on any level.

Has any TORfag ever said anything of value?

The problem with that is as soon as these companies inevitably fall apart they will simply use taxpayer money to prop themselves back up again. The only way out of this is with fire.

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The national debt is growing exponentially at this point and you think some defunct leftist companies failing using taxpayer money even remotely matters? Completely fucking irrelevant at this point.