Democrats pass resolution to block border wall: No wall for the Goy
It's over, mates.
When the Civil War happens we will trial the Democrats for treason.

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House Democrats Pass Bill Nullifying Trump National Emergency with Less Than Veto-Proof Majority

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The house resolution is nonbinding, might as well wear silly hats while voting

T-t-tired of winning

the court will take it into consideration you dumbfuck

Can we not take some time to recognize OPs digits?
They're sublime.

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So he Vetoes it.

You aren't wrong.

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RIP Burgers.

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The Court cannot take dick into consideration regarding Executive privilege from Congress. And I say that as someone who thinks Dup is a fat fucking retard who is destroying his Presidency

five fives tell the truth

Still has to go through the senate. The republicunts better think twice before thinking of trying to pass the bill. Their next reelection depends on it.


Work, we don't live in democracy tho. Make one.

Try all of them for treason, quints user. They need to learn what the fuck happened at Nuremberg.


Make more implications plz

Over for the MIGA group, not for anyone who's redpilled though.

Of course it will happen. When whites are minority enough, they will make white genocide a civil war, to kill off the rest.

Republicans WILL vote for it in the Senate, by a vote or two it will pass. This is why Trump is a fat fucking tard for being used for nothing in return but shekels for Israel.

Those digits indicate we should get the rope ready.

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El problema real con la inmagración a las naciones más ricas es que los países empobrecidos tienden a ser lugares que se están transformando de una manera vibrante, mientras que los países más ricos tienden a economías estancadas. Esto es “como debería ser”, ya que sirve para remediar la desigualdad histórica de la riqueza. Todavía sugiere que migrar a las naciones más ricas es una opción tonta. En las naciones rica, los inmigrantes de naciones empobrecidas solo tienen opciones de empleo degradante, con muy pocas trayectorias ascendentes. Si las personas permanecen en naciones empobrecidas, su futuro puede incorporar un trabajo demayor dignidad para servir a mayores necesidades.

La proclamacíonde que toda oposición a la inmigración es el racismo se ha utilizado para suprimir esta información para que los inmigrantes continúen comportándose sin dignidad de una manera rentable para los amos indignos. Los miserables sociópatas a cargo de las naciones ricas quieren que sus propias naturalezas se repliquen. Buscan víctimas.

¿Alguna vez has escuchado la canción Exodus de Ray Barretto? No es relevante, pero es bueno. Quería compartir el nombre de la canción. Ve en paz.

Las personas que más facilmenteabandonan una nación no son las más leales, sino las menos leales. Las personasmenos lealos ofrecen buena información sobre lo que dejaron atrás. Aceptan más la verdady son más buenosparael progreso. La promoción de lainmigración es, por lo tanto, un sabotaje dirigido contra las naciones más pobres. Estas personas desleales son incluso mejores para suspaíses de origen si permanecen en la región de su nacimiento donde pueden buscaroportunidades valiosas. Al drenar a las personas desleales de sus países de origen y colocarlas en trabajos degrandantes, se restringen los potenciales potencialmente disruptivos. Esto sirve a losintereses de aquellos queno se benefician del intercambio abierto de la verdad.

Recuerde, no le diga a la gente que sea más discreto, sino que escuche atentamente y adapte a las personas que realmente están aquí. Todo el mundo es balioso. Va en paz.

Beaner out.

Cualquier hilo en este ligarpuedeserdestruido por la verdad.

At this point, why not just deport illegals to the treasonous senators house voting against the wall and tell the beaners everything is free at this gringos house and you may do what you like to the gringos. Have them camp out at senate with a thousands of beaners. It would be a shit show when the libtards mansion is beaned out with mexican rapist and all the senators geting their properties pillaged by low iq violent shitskins. All thats needed is a bus.

House any new rapeugee islamics next to synagogues and so on for any group they use to attack White neighborhoods.

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You will never be white.

You kikes should find your own gifs to post.

The only timeline it won't happen is one where we don't do it before Democunts take away the 2nd Amendment. Don't forget Nancy Pelosi made a vague threat about that with the national emergency.


Kahaneists actually did this to Sarah Silverman's Sister's house in Israel when her party (Meretz) didn't want to deport Eritreans.

A good idea is worth copying.

What you twits are promoting is incitement to violence, and conspiracy to commit terrorism. Both of which are federal charges.

let me repeat that;



so shut up and kill yourselves already so we don't have to suffer for your idiotic larping.

i once heard a man with an eye patch say the following:

kill all judges and police and no more enforceable policy

Wow no one could have ever seen this one coming a mile away, Zion Don is either complicit or the biggest moron to ever be elected president

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Along with Republicans and Trump

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That which never began cannot be over.

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So what the fuck is with all these FBI-shill faggots coming here thinking we can't recognize extremely obvious false-flagging and D&C? I know these spook faggots they think they're smarter than everyone else but surely they're not so fucking dumb they think other people are incapable of seeing through a fucking obvious ruse.

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if you don stop larping w-w-w-we'll charge you

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Our stance for solving the immigration crisis is killing the following enemies in the following order:
→ Politicians
→ Journalists
→ The rest of the jews
→ Hispanics

Also, fuck niggers and gooks.

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Your definitions are all backwards my dude. everywhere you see the word terrorism is a made up word used by george W and his merry band of loonies when it actually is patriotism. Now understand that the places you learned from isn't a corrupted shithouse that nobody wants to be apart of.

The real test will be how many Republican defectors are in the Senate. Randlet was giving him the lolbertarian business. I'll paraphrase..

>oy vey why can't you dumb goyim accept (((democracy)))?
Still pissed the French are kicking you out of France, Mordecai?

He should have had his shutdown last Summer. Republicucks would've caved to him just as they do to everyone who puts the boot heel to their necks. He supposedly took Paul Ryan at his word that they would deliver the wall to him during the last Congress.
^laboring under the false premise that Trump actually wants a wall

Will you die like a dog or will you bleed like a man?


Ziondon is a Jew you retard.

discord tranny fag

Don't worry guys, Trump will complain about it on twitter. Are you tired of winning?


He's going to veto it with zero hesitation.

Desperate shills are desperate.

The spending bill he eagerly passed that blocked the wall and granted amnesty wasn't "veto proof" either. Did he veto that?

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>What are (((Republicans)))?

Go get fucked you stupid kikes. You lost. Your nigger-tier blackpilling doesn't work here, and it never.

t. Someone who actually pays attention to shit

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It's time to leave, Kushnerbots.
Trump could have vetoed the spending bill that gave amnesty and NO official funding to the wall. He didn't.

It won't happen, you fucking subhuman.

You know shit about the law, go suck vox's dick.

This is the DoD's fault. They had 2 years to fit it in their budget and decades of bloated budgets to secure the border.


I'm going to murder your family.

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Prove it will.
Never said anything remotely close to that, you filthy fucking kike.
Thanks for exposing yourself.

"The house"

Trump's fault. Trump didn't do it. It's Trump. Worship Trump somewhere else.

You don't need a second amendment to have a civil war, OP.
Guns are cheap.
Ammo is plentiful.
Explosives are readily availible.
Black markets are everywhere.
Corruption is rife (especially as America becomes more and more like Africa)

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What is your IQ score? I'm guessing below fucking 70 if you can't comprehend you're being fucking mocked using greentext you dumb nigger.


Republicans get the rope too though boomer.

Hang yourself faggot.

Wanna know how we can spot you?

You make yourself too obvious

Not an argument. Proof that you know what I said is true.
Uh… yeah. You were still wrong.
Still not an argument.

Reminder that there will be no civil war. You were proven wrong. You are supporting keeping jews and shabbos goyim alive. You are paid to post here.

He's allowed to post here. The mods protect him.


Then why didn't Trump force the wall prior to midterms?

So your IQ is closer to 60. Got it.

There will be no civil war.



If I were president, I'd walk around shooting traitors on video tape and have the nation vote it was justice served.



50IQ and low-functioning autism, got it. Kill yourself Jamal.

Why do you keep repeating things that no one said, paid shill?

Blatant discord tranny thread

Sage, Report and Ignore

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Why are you literally retarded?

Funny how you can't answer any questions, isn't it? Why do you keep repeating things that no one said? Why are you incapable of proving your own claim?

Your questions are nothing but exposures of your sub-nigger IQ. You don't understand what greentext means. You don't understand what mocking means. You don't understand imageboard culture at all.

Stop arguing with yourself dumbass nigger.

We have IDs, you dumb negroid.


He didn’t veto that and now he’s lobbying the whole ducking world to legalize degenerate homosexuality.
Trumps a fucking degenerate. Fuck supporting him and his faggot agenda.

Why do you keep repeating things that no one said? Why are you incapable of proving your own claim?

wew lad



> Supports (((Them))) and Faggots

Predictions of a future war and stating "traitors should be tried for treason under the law/should experience the very diversity they force unto others" is not advocating violence, it's advocating for the unbiased implementation of the law against what are clearly traitors to the american people. Besides, what's wrong with immigrants meeting the politicians that helped get them into the country? You wouldn't be some kind of anti immigrant racist are you? Reported to the MI5 for hate speech lad.

The drug cartels bought/terrorized the Mexican politicians into submission. Now they’ve bought most of the California politicians. Momentum says it’s no surprise that they’re going after the federal government.


Don’t expect it to even get voted on in the senate.

Probably half of them, the corporate shills especially

Also want to point out that Nancy Pelosi made threats on gun control by using the national emergency in a future Democrat presidency and that she attended a NYC bill signing for gun control. - Threat - NYC

Wow you got me user, this entire board is me on a VPN and you all alone, wow.