Netanyahu Now Endorses Jewish Fascism. U.S. Jews, Cut Your Ties With Him Now

Fascist Jews
But, we knew that already…

>Netanyahu lost his moral compass years ago, but his electoral deal with Israel's most extreme racists is a moment of crisis, and a test, for American Jews. Don't fail it

>The Jewish home, Jewish Power, Eli Yishai, and the National Union must unite to save 6-8 seats to the right-wing bloc. We must not lose these votes because the split on the right will lead to a loss in the elections and the establishment of a leftist government. None of them alone does pass the threshold, uniting them will bring at least 6-8 seats.


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Gas The Kikes Race War Now
Start with the owner of this website, Jim (((Watkins)))

isn't that basically how jews are by nature. They are nationalist and supremacist in nature.

Nationalism for the Jew only means possessing a base of operations from which it spreads Internationalism. Supremacy is the result of an inferiority complex.

Jews in the future will basically install a techno-National Socialism and realise what hitherto is only a vague idea of what Hitler's empire could have been if it had succeeded and gone global. They are already working on this ethnocentric-imperium. Look up the Yinon Plan and the Belt and Road Initiative, among other things. Their grand goal is to be a global superpower with the goyim, globally, as underclass slave cattle, as per their religious writings. To accomplish this, they're using America, which they effectively own; China, which they've controlled since almost the turn of the century; and Russia, which they don't control but Putin works with them to help them further their goals. Also, most of the top scientists working on Israel's technology initiative come from Russia. The flooding of Europe with tidal waves of genetic garbage is little more than a vigorous effort to topple it as an effective power of any kind. Once they gain power of the globe, they will turn it into hell and manipulate people in such ways with technology that it will be enough to make even the most adamantine militant atheist believe in God and the Devil, metaphysical good and evil. Why do you think they're pushing robots and transhumanism so hard? Those are nothing more than prisons for your being.

Jews do have a inferiority complex though. They fight through proxy because they are ashamed of who they are. They are self destructive in nature as well.

yup. sad little kikes.

it must be frustrating that they can't call each other nazis

i could honestly see that, but they can't possibly be altruistic so it'll never work.
(transhumanism is from their certainty of going to hell deservedly)

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Kek! I've never considered that but it's actually a reasonable take to a degree. However, I doubt that the people behind it actually believe in it. You can't actually believe that you can live forever by uploading yourself to a 16GB USB disk, which is what transhumanism is ultimately about.


Yep. Only race that actually goes around calling themselves "the chosen ones."

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The best solution and the only solution is the global extermination of Jews.

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PDF is article. Not as good as a reputable archive but better than a screen shot.

….I guess

Not even close to accurate

Disprove it.

This dude's pretty based

JTF was the most hysterical public access television show in New York City for at least a decade. The current version is a complete kike queer. Someone post the old videos of the host wearing dark sunglasses and imitating blacks talking like baboons

Start at 1:19… hard to find any good clips left on youtube





Yes! Yes! Oh, God, make it happen.
A man can dream.

ANYTHING to see jews fight and kill each other

There won't be any jews in the near future.

For Bibi, beloved of American Christians and Congressmen, making political deals to stay in power is all about staying out of prison. The small parties know it and they can get what they want out of him.

I believe in democracy, thanks to BiBi.

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Tesseract Logic

Jim Watkins died in jail.
Lurk two more years before posting.

This is my basic proposal.

Our Greatest Role Model.

Anyone who knows anything about Ze’ev Jabotinsky (founder of Likud) will know that he was inspired by Fascist doctrines.

The PMs of Czech Republic and Slovakia are anything but right wing, unless of course you're one of those people who think anyone to the right of Chairman Mao is right wing. Fucking hell, the Slovak PM is a literal social democrat. The name of his party is Smer-SD; guess what the SD means.

Sounds more like a terrorist party than National Front. Trump will pretend this didn't happen like a little kid.

Sure thing.

As if they dont approve of this. Not to worry though, amerikike control wont last forever.