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Moonman Thread

Post moonman

**I had to reset my computer due to me fucking
up some stuff and i only have 3 or 4 moonman
images left that i managed to save.**

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Other urls found in this thread:'easter'easter_Oct_29_2011_1805Z.jpg of Halloween 2011 04.jpg of Halloween 2011 05.jpg

Los memes no son substitutos de la verdad. Vivimos en un mundo de color ilimitafo. No hay mayor alegría la verdad quetodos requieren. Ve en paz.

That fucker is actually ridiculously tall. I met him at a Home Depot.

Getting real tired of your shit Juan.

Who is Juan? Never mind I don't want to know.

I have no clue either, all I know is I'm seeing more and more beaner posts in certain threads.

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You will never be white.

It's Chodemonkey testing his new bots for when 8ch starts a QLarp in Mexico

Dumping my best

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You can say that, but I already am White.

It's a bot. I've seen this same shit reply on multiple threads

That shit only works on maldraw. Who'll probably be spamming his fanfic again in a couple of hours.

God this thread is low energy.

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No it's a gaggle of fairies that think their are White because muh fag flag. They keep harassing me like children.

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Reported dumb kike shill

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Are you 12 years old?


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Another think thank testing the waters if they can influence this boards meme. Carry on and ignore this jew shill

By jew shill. I meant OP.

Nigga, some of the images in my Zig Forums folder are 12 years old.

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And Slav posts. Bunch of random Vodka runes posts just show up randomly and some faggots on /vg/ actually have a learn vodka runes thread which makes 0 sense

At least pretend to learn this cancer (((cianigger))) faggot website, newfag. Expand your horizons, check out more of Zig Forums before moving on to better Zig Forumss and/or fellating a shotgun.

Moonman is more dead than Hitler, and his last few fans are all autistic manchildren.


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Can you say the same about your porn folder?

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Link the moonman doom mod.
With music, maps, and all.


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Does anyone have a MEGA or something that compiles most moonman songs?

This song seems pretty good

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All i can find is the one where he trashes the nogs

Your insults don't work here faggot
>>>/zoo/ is that way, please return.

I had one, but I deleted it after I snagged the songs, most of them are shit tbqh famalam.

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Eclipse is a goddamn great album. ViKKKtorious is too, but the tone is more humorous.

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KIKE worship

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That isn't even as important as how fucking gay a post it was.

Also, to whomever the user was who took my suggestion to do different MoonMan genres a long time ago and you started doing things other than rap, thanks man. I just wanted to come in here and say that. Your KKK Mozart was fucking great and I listen to it when I'm out delivering the mail sometimes.

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Where's the discography torrent at?

Moonman doom is a gameplay mod, it is meant to run on all maps that don't feature weapon replacements or custom classes. Eg all boom-compatible megawads and levelsets. This also includes Vanilla Doom 1 and 2, or Freedoom 1 and 2 mapsets, depending on the IWAD that you load, which it defaults to if no additional mapsets are included.
The mod does not contain maps, the only music it has is the tunes on Moonman's Chainsaw replacement, the KKKboombox.

t- doomfag.

Remember the whole Kek reveal, how it unfurled? The bizarro links found between (supposedly) unrelated signs, fictional and artistic creations and other pieces of random fanon?
Let's go back to Pokemon. Please, fags, don't kvetch. Some people had fun exploring it.
If you need a brain F5:
Shaytol, Shadilay, Stormant
Some exploration and there, found an odd short lived blog that tied both Stormant, the final form of Shaytol, to the moon.
Mrs L Stormant's blog:
The teacher in question, Lori, appears to have had plans to post frequently, but only posted once beyond the initial introduction, ending with a “wordle” (word cloud) about moon phases in November 1st of 2011, 11 1 11 (all reduces to 88 and finally 7).
please don't harass this person btw
And this was her last post. Quite enigmatic.
(Anyone wanting to look into the astrological part of this?)
Samhain happens between Oct 31st and Nov 1st.
What about the moon on that day? Let's look at his phases! (go for Nov 2011)
On Tuesday 1st of November, the moon was shaped like Moon Man in the Northern Hemisphere.
Nor'easter happened during that time: a snow storm.'easter
>It formed early on October 29 along a cold front to the southeast of the Carolinas. As it moved up the East Coast, its associated snowfall broke records in at least 20 cities for total accumulations, resulting in a rare "white Halloween" two days later.
Two days later = beginning of Samhain. At that time, the storm was moving above NewFoundLand.
Seen from space you'd see some kind of hairy white xeno eating the land.'easter_Oct_29_2011_1805Z.jpg
Incidentally, it appears that Dorothy Howell Rodham, Hillary Clinton's mother, died that day too.
Funny blog just because it's called Moon Samhain:
That date was the blog's 1st anniversary on 11 '11.
Follows, pictures of Samhain.
Alice carries a satchel-whiterabbit, Sum'rian BC style: of Halloween 2011 04.jpg
Slightly creepy-fat Moonmanish HK neighbor:
Canadian Viking timber(wo)man (nor'easter hit Atlantic Canada): of Halloween 2011 05.jpg
That's all folks!

And remember kids, there are no coincidences!

Praise Kek!
Heil Moon Man!


I really fucking hate people who speak this disgusting language, worst fucking scum ever, you don't fucking belong here get the fuck out, i see more of them everyday South Americans need to annihilated, no exceptions.

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All South Americans need to die painfully and slowly, don't spread your filthy mestizo fucking genes out here

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anyone got the moonman song where he talks about how he used to work for mcdonalds before it was sued by jews?


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