Atomwaffen Division Exposed

Hello after seeing posts over the past few weeks to Atomwaffen Division and "dude how can I join lmao?!" I feel it's necessary to make this thread. Pic related is my old uniform. I had been a member of the organization since 2015 and had seen everything from Jake's Suicide to Devon Murdering Jeremy and Andrew until basically when I left quietly about 2 weeks ago though I always lurked so it's not like they'd notice anyways and I haven't left their wire chats yet either but won't leak them out of respect for the few good members that remain but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I wish to share you a few facts about some of the shithead members of our famed organization!

Has casual sex a lot with older women and prostitutes and treats having sex with desperate women in their 60s and paying whores as something to brag about and possibly does drugs considering he hangs around a lot of known druggies and goes to their parties.

His girlfriend is an older women who dominates him and is at her command (yeah he's into mommydom) he's also a skinny pale betafag too when you actually meet him IRL. He also acts like a child when you make fun of him too so he probably has anger issues. He also went to Ukraine to fuck prostitutes and brags about paying a whore as an accomplishment.

White Trash Skinhead who beats his wife and young daughter who's a toddler (and sometimes has sex in front of the daughter forcing the wife to suck his dick as his brags about this in chat), does drugs like meth and also cheats on his wife for a "mistress" and openly brags about being into BDSM and other degenerate sexual fetishes.

I know this isn't a lot but there aren't a lot of members in AWD anyways and this is the top contenders and Khim and Nythra are currently in charge of the group since Rape was forced out by them which resulted in guys leaving over that. There are other shitheads but they're more spergy edgelords than degenerates so not worth noting plus most of those ended up being kicked out/left due to their hatred of these guys I stated.

If you want an estimate of guys in AWD that are active members I'd state it'd be at least 15 at best and 10 at worst. In any matter feel free to ask me anything though I won't answer any questions that compromises the few good members left. Though yeah avoid this organization like the fucking plague the leadership are open degenerates/beta bitches and openly allow members who are into sex fetishes, cheat on their wives and do drugs.

I'm a proud National Socialist but I won't stand for degeneracy within an organization I was proud to be apart of. As for the Satanic Panic stuff, it's bullshit made up by salty ex-members who wanted the group as an Alt Right one and a Mexican who was mad that Rape doxed him for being a Mexican LARPing as white and I took my time to look into it too and if it was true I would have left then but nah that was bullshit though this.

Beating your wife and children for your own sick pleasure and having sex in front of your toddler daughter, being into drugs and prostitutes, being into femdom and other gross fetishes and worse aren't National Socialist by any sense, they're degenerate. I hope they all die.

I'm also mailing Brandon all of this since he deserves to know so yeah Khim if you're reading this (and I know you are) Brandon is going to find out about your bullshit you and others have been doing despite the fact the other oldfags including those in contact with Brandon refuse to do or say anything out of fear of being doxed and having their info given to Antifa or the Media. I won't give in to your shit. You can literally eat a fucking dick faggot same goes for that skinny beta fag Nythra too (though he probably takes it from his girlfriend in the ass with a strap on). Again avoid this organization like the plague and screenshot this thread anytime someone mentions Atomwaffen Division in a positive light. I loved this organization but I refuse to stand by and do nothing.

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Devon was a legend fuck Jeremy and Andrew, fucking pussies.

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In this kosher world you are hard-pressed finding a saint among devils, and those who do appear perfect are the most vile. It's one thing to live a life of degeneracy and to later, upon falling in love with your People, refine your character, and quite another to know the Truth but do evil in spite of it.

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What are your thoughts on (now offline, for what reason by the way?) on Fascist Forge? Did you participate there?

Fascist Forge is a fed honey pot with shit web security

You fell for that larp wagon?


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kys subhuman

But for real, glad you left OP. Nothing good comes out of playing make believe.

Salty, much? You seem like a real cum guzzling loser, I'm sure AW will be better off without a whiny bitch like yourself.

fuck off khim

Yeah, fuck these kosher dipshits.

Are you taking questions?

If so, did active members do anything IRL or is it just a LARPing cult?

used to under Brandon, now it's just LARPing about "dude I'm going to be a warlord after collapse with lots of sex slaves!" shit. It's fucking embarrassing.

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It's too bad you also don't have the fucking scrotum to admit who you are.

So what did you guys do, generally speaking? How widespread was the network?
Serious question: are they ex libertarians? What do you think the problem is?
Excuse the questions but I work as a researcher in Germanic religion and culture so I'm autistic when it comes to details.

as I said I'm not going to give info out that harms the good members left in the group.

Okay, fair enough. But, are you guys connected to Antipodean Resistance in Australia?

We were but not anymore due to the Satanic Panic stuff it kinda ruined ties with them

Who are "a few good members"? Probably just pussies like yourself.

the ones who aren't degenerates

Did the feds ever messed with y'all?

What's Slavros doing since IM?

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I would very much like to find out who these fuckers are and confront them myself
Any ideas on where t start?

Thanks for the info fam.

He's in prison in Russia at the moment for being a Fascist

They all live in Washington State near Seattle my man though Khim lives in a car

there are probably undercover fags in there.


Honestly IRL organizations are most likely to be filled with feds or fucking degenerates. Anons have moved white identity father than old guard white nationalists could have ever hoped because our culture and way of doing things is vastly superior when it comes to propagating information and propaganda.

IRL organization has no purpose unless it's violent revolt.

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Is there a version of Atomwaffen that has a no-faggotry clause? All the things you listed should be obvious red flags.

< and those who do appear perfect are the most vile.
Typical kike bullshit to turn us against those that are good/serious/professional.

Know any usefull website(s)?

Nope and yeah I know they were red flags but honestly I stuck around like a battered girlfriend hoping for better days. It hurts man I had so many good memories too.

Do you know this 100%, or is it just speculation?

Glad you got out, it sounds like a real sleazefest. What's the connection to bowl patrol?

speculation but on good grounds

nothing much really besides a few members used to go on there to shitpost

Didn't even know what this was till i read the thread, did you ever do anything worth while or was it just a giant LARP?

LOL what got you so mad today OP? This is the biggest butthurt spergout I've seen in a while. Did you get bored of SIEGE EDGELORD?

it was a worthwhile group that turned into a larp

This t b h famalam
These aren't like the old days, we can spread our information fast and wide online, and should we ever need to, we can quickly organise impromptu short term IRL groups without a big risk of letter infiltration

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What's Plato Zorba doing?

So user, if everything you stated is to be true, where does one go now?

start your own group my man

Doing public demonstrations does have it's upsides. Brawling with Anti-FA is also pretty fun especially if you can prove they started it


What do you know about Samuel Woodward? Asking for a friend that wants to contact him by mail.

It is simple, a new, Atomwaffen gotta be made. Still kickass but more serious too. Even Atomwaffen 2.0 should be expected to be temporary until it is clear it is solid. Maybe it should have another name.
Same with Iron March, it's pretty telling how Iron March 2.0 didn't pop up like 24 hours after the previous one got taken down. Focus on the ideological element, obviously less focus on organization, plans and back ups. Or am I making a mistake somewhere?

Not entirely wrong. Members should be expected to improve themselves anyway, otherwise they willnot be able to face the tasks and challenges ahead.
If they have some serious flaws of characters, they should face that and seek to correct them. If there are problems, these problems should be solved.

But does it help the future of the white race?

If not then it's worthless. As are the fucktard who don't ask that question first.

How exactly are you supposed to have a violent revolt without anything pre-prepared? Thats the point of groups like AW.

lel that's funny but also gay.
AWD was a good idea but it looks like it got ruined by retards.
I'm guessing it's because their "branding" was pretty ultra srs and not shitpost or lulzy, like the branding of National Action, for example.
In this day and age, if your nationalist youth group/movement/whatever isn't shitposty, you aren't going far


Read the red team planner posts.

nothing much tbh, Arn wasn't very sociable with most members except a few lads. Yeah I agree a new group must be made, actually new groups. The more groups we have, the harder it is for the alphabet soup groups to track us all.

Yeah well Khim and others say "we need to be le srs group, no more shitposting!" recently ignoring what you said yourself, they even kicked an oldfag in a shitpost chat for shitposting. LARPing faggots

A good fuck'm moral booster and show of strength is useless to the white race?
Check yourself, my dude

Take a look at Patriot Front, they do their demo shit correctly.
It can be useful doing public demos but mainly to create your own propaganda tools, again, using NA as an example, look at the Darlington Speech video that has been totally erased from the internet by ZOG - probably one of the best anti-ZOG speeches I've heard since listening to old videos of NSDAP.
However, unless you can 100% guarantee law enforcement protection (which you cant) there's no point in doing big planned rallies over flash demos.

Yeah, banning fun will kill a group/movement/whatever faster than anything else.
I'm surprised people don't catch onto this.
Shitposting is why Zig Forums has been so successful.

man wtf, AWD had at least three crisis in its existence (Devon's spergout/losing Brandon, satanicPanic, Rape getting dumped) and afaik all of those resulted in good people leaving the org. that means by now AWD has more ex-members than members, with most of them being true NS. You are the fucking majority, why not purging AWD and taking back what got taken away from you? This group started out epic as fuck, no way you can build up a brand like this anytime soon. Fucking get into your old uniform and clean your name.

Hail Brandon, I pray for night of the long knives everyday.

You said it better than I could

Also this

Well, OP?

I'm guessing once you got a core of people together, maybe 5-10, you could do it as quickly as a year or two, with the right promotion.
Look at Patriot Front, National Acton, Antipodean Resistance - they all got pretty big in the space of 1-3 years.

1) we don't have time to pull that everytime shit happens in a group or its leadership
2) AWD is already a legend, a brand in the best sense of the word, they have actual blood tied to their name, that of their comrades and enemies as well
3) ex-AWD members establishing a new group with a new name would mean admitting defeat to fucking betafags and larpers

no serious organization ever did that, I hate to come up with examples like this but imagine NSDAP members quitting the party or stop using the swastika because of some gay scandals of Rohm and other faggots who happened to wear the swastika armband as well

whats the connection to feuerkrieg division, and bowl patrol? i notice they like to joke about cat torture, smoking meth, pipe bombs, siege, and satan worship. however, some of them are actual satanists with legit connections to O9A who's stated goal is to subvert and destroy white nationalism. here are some examples of the legit satanists in the group

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Also, there is well made doc by former member about satanic subversion in the movement.

And thread on Kiwifarms:

Tell us why we should believe (or care about) anything you say

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like what you never answered the question. also any plans that they have? who is their next target in the alt right? what happened to rape after the propublica confrontation? are they all satanists? are you?

He already said there are still a few good men still in the group that he doesn't want to burn, stop datamining.

Do you know anything about AuTOMWAFFEN? It's the apparent Australian division. The Au refers to the gold atom, which is one of their national colours.

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fuck off nigger, he brought it up.
this is an AMA faggot

He was actually forced by FSB(ФСБ) to retire from fascist activities under threat of imprisoning

Mother Jones magazine just wrote 9 pages about 5 of your past members. It listed them all as gay, pedo, or muslim.
OP is a faggot.

Redpill me on Feuerkrieg Division. Where do they operate, plus are they better than Atomwaffen?

People who live upright lives don't seek attention. That's my rule.

What is the kike bullshit, the two faced behavior? I've seen it a lot . Male feminists seem to enjoy breaking bones, for instance.

Yea dude you're full of shit. There is an audio recording where Khim and a bunch of other members claim to be O9A satanists. Also, some of Rape's photos are on Beast Baracks/ToB Wordpress.

This is Rape in this video:

Here are a couple photos of Rape from O9A and a screenshot of Khim admitting the satanic bs.

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Also, here is a few pictures of Wehrwolf AKA "Noctulian". You honestly have stockholm syndrome if you believe that there are/were member in AW who were heavy into the O9A trash. I'm also posting pictures of your beloved Plato fucking Zorba. He probably has diabetes.

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nice thumbnail images, niggerzord

Black Israelite, is that you?
I recognize your posting style :^)

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the OP is most definitely Black Israelite

Its nice to see a post from another ex-member. It makes me laugh knowing they only have 10-15 members left at our peak we almost had 100 men and a cell in every state. Not sure if you've followed media coverage of the group as well but its fucking hilarious how wrong they are and how spooked AW made them. They portray the group as some hardcore military group that kills babies for fun. They love to say "the terroristic neo nazi group tied to 5 murders" when there is literally only one murder that was done by a member on some rando and it was by some closeted faggot who had mental issues. The rest they attribute to the group were wannabe faggots who saw the edgy propaganda and killed someone or that faggot Devin. I thought it was cool Odin sent out propaganda from prison but his group he made is dead.

Exactly. All you have to do is watch that propaganda video they made where they attempt to "clear" a room. They have no idea what they're doing and they it all wrong. The media has always blown this group out of proportion making them out to be these hardcore terrorists. I'd rather join the fucking boy scouts instead.

ZOG overreaction was hilarious. maybe a normalfag whos never seen any footage of military operations would maybe find the video spooky. the editing of AWD videos was cool too

This is why you should all join Republic of Florida militia

Fuck off BI

Despite all the whining and insults thrown at them, AW/Ironmarch propaganda and literature was top notch and wont be easily matched by other groups.

would fucking die of shame if i was an ex-member letting this shit go on instead of teaming up with the others and taking back AWD

Where, on cuckchan? Who posted that shit here? This has to be a crosspost.

Online imageboards are filled with feds and degenerates that virtue signal, purity spiral, and LARP as "pure" while calling everyone with a kink or imperfect behavior "unacceptably degenerate" and everyone that does more than post on the internet a fed shill.

Controlled opposition honeypot made up of alphabets to trap gullible goys

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black and gold more like the color of the mudslim cube, satanist fag
And if you reverse the color, you have the famous white and blue from the pissrael flag, oy vey

Out of the remaining guys, how many got drawn into a degenerate lifestyle, or did many of them just start out as degenerate faggots?

all of them are degenerates from the start

We tried nigga

Lot of people split once the Devon thing happened and Odin was arrested by the FBI. The group bunkered down for a few months to weather out what was going on. Entire Florida branch basically disappeared and the next-most organized was Texas, the core group of which are the retards you saw run it into the ground now.

Got a massive influx of edgelord teenagers when the relaunch happened, most of them got rubberstamped through vetting fairly quickly and easily and were fueled by a culture of ironic degen shitposting in the AWD server. Lot of older members didn't like this shit, they weren't included in the input and development of the new siegeculture website, even the rediscovery of Mason turned out to be a bust since he's fallen along way from SIEGE to senile boomer rantings about space Yahweh and Germanic Israel. The ironic shitposts of course start becoming unironic and several times the pre-devon members tried to intervene and arrest the bullshit going on (the disgusting shit posted in chat, the human garbage making up the rank and file, the edgy contrarian for it's own sake Siegeculture articles). Boiled over after Ironmarch went down and slavros disappeared and they finally splintered, noctulian niggers going with AWD and the anti-Satanist oldtimers are still around with the Ironmarch crowd who keep to themselves since the forum went down still.

what methods of communication do you employ?
do they use techniques to spot an alphabet during the vetting process?

Nice try fbi

AWD used to use discord and wire, no idea what they use now, haven't been with them for about a year
Odin for his faults, was actually pretty good at vetting out new people (his friends, not so much) about ideological stuff, details that would escape most glowinthedarks (not mentioning specifics) etc. After the relaunch, basically anyone who could edgepost enough was let in and that's where you get all the leaks and rats.

did the think a wedgie was shoving the old dudes underwear down his throat? lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know when you say that youre doing feds work for them. If Zig Forums cared about that they should find the information elsewhere in private. Dont do the feds job for them, even if someone has a mommy fetish and another guy beats his wife.

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totally agree, I didn't like AW's style so much but basically all but the execution of ironmarch artwork/design surpasses most "professional" shit out there at the moment. I always suspected that most of the
shitposting wasn't actually Zig Forumsacks but was TRS and other alt kike fags LARPing

how does any of that stop you from teaming up with all the other ex-members, call yourself AWD and beat the shit out of the Texas cell?
the thing which made it possible for these redneck scum to take over was that they were in charge of propaganda and thus the overall image of AWD and they managed to get certain authority figures like Mason and Brandon on their side (although in the case of Brandon i bet he was deceived by them)
you can do the same, and even more only because of your numbers. get in contact with Brandon, tell him the whole story, prove how Mason teaches the very opposite of what he used to and deal with them fucking traitors. they are literally overpowered 10 to 1



Don't rag on your fellows like this, it turns those of us looking for others off even more. Anons are right. If you've been compromised, deal with them like men. Don't just quit. Good luck I guess.

If I were to be honest about AW, my statement would be this. It’s ratshit and it’s only getting worse. All the good people left after they got exposed by that “Mexican”, and you’re ratshit too Black Israelite.

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