Forwarding that info to the Berkeley police is an idiotic move.

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Silly me. Forgot the archive.

Bumpity bump, kick his rump

If only I knew…

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I wonder if the right could actually execute fake "hate crimes" better than the leftists.

First off, this isn't a right winger. This is a conservative, which is a liberal 10 years behind the mainline left.
Second off, no one would care because the right inherently values strength, and loathes weakness. The right hates being oppressed, but it knows that it must carve its way out of oppression through its oppressors.

they still haven't caught the guy? wtf.
he goes to the school, his face is right there.

they must be covering for him

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BUMP, get that money hoes and put a jew faggot in jail.

Chicago put 12 detectives on the Smollett case.
How many detectives is Berkeley putting on this case?

Will Berkeley pd even do anything?

Let the bumps in earnest begin

Is there a vid? What's the background on this heeb?


why are they offering cash? They know who he is. He was already doxed.

Pretty sure it's a fake dox. His online commie buddies are trying to throw people off the scent.

then maybe the basic bitch "conservative" student should have fought back instead of taking it like a bitch, then there would be a police report with all involved included. Not just a victim of assault.

Is a lawsuit the best route given that these violent leftist are almost always given a slap on the wrist regarding jail time?

Fight a steroids baby. Gotcha.

There are many proofs that bpd is on the side of antifa even on their own website with that shit about requesting arrests for media attention, forgot what they called it. Yees, you can contact bpd if you're a lefty and ask to be arrested so it looks like they're doing something but then they let them go. Also is neighboring towns there were whistleblowers a few years ago that claimed leo were taking money from cartels to look the other way. No idea if true or not but I 100% know that calling the police on a latino will only get you yelled at by the operator. That happened to me but I have heard worse stories from ex neighbors. Lolthereisliterally no one to call in cali for this shit without possibly getting retaliated on.

I think they called it symbolic arrests. Protestors have to make an appointment with the bpd ahead of time and setup the arrest to be done in front of the media.

I wonder how many of Felarca's arrests were this.

Fuck off jew. You will never be white.

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Antifa has already been caught threatening people who intend on “snitching.”

I love Zig Forums excellent point user.

They destroyed the USA and now they pull some PR stunt
and you guys slurp that shit up.

I don't think you have to like CU to want to see this guy prosecuted. We don't have to like all their views to want to stand up for whites having protected free speech like all the other races enjoy here.

I volunteer to be a rifleman at your execution.


That's a lot of Somalians.

berkeley spook "jeff noven" did this during his internship for the tuition hikes a few years back. hee looks like celtic but he is jew.

Actually, user, it is a ruling that you can use to the benefit of any group you form, since the ruling only upheld the idea that
constitutionally protected freedoms provided to individuals are also provided to any group formed by said individuals.
Only jews want you to think it means the US is fukt so you can't for groups. Clearly, having jews is the real problem with the US.

*form groups

IIRC Berkeley PD and UCB already know who this asshole is and even questioned him. If this is true, then UCB and Berkeley PD are not the ones to go to expecting to process incriminating evidence to arrest and prosecute the asshole.

I'm not in favor of vigilante justice, but the option should be considered if there is an expectation of justice being served in this case.

That logic is inherentky flawed. Legal fictions, entities that exist in name only are surely not worthy or deserving of the freedoms and rights of an individual. Seems like some kosher nonsense to meh, that's all about the shekels

Paying people to look upon their neighbors when they aren't and then make claims against them for reward? Hmm… Where have I heard of this happening before in the past.

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Berklites are Communists kikes.

bump because im shocked at how fucking low pol's power level is now. back in my day we could find a flag in a field in under 24 hours. now look at this. nothing but milk drinking gooks and mexicans. what a fucking shame

He looks like nigger infested jew. Sephardim.

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the infiltration was very successful.

wat kind of jewry is this?
people exist, user.
Without such a protection you wouldn't be able to form groups of any kind. Or, if you could, they wouldn't be protected by the constitution and could have new "rules" made to restrict every freedom granted to you as an individual. Like, at your business, you can't have firearms. But, because people do not stop being people while operating a business, they retain their individual rights the entire time.

bumpin! $50k will pay for a ticket out there so someone just go and fucking find him, claim reward and enjoy yourself. Come back soon the Commiefornia is a shit hole.

Well la raza and mecha shit is blatant sedition yet the berkeley mayor is a spic that openly supports it. State and local taxes are openly
used to support those orgs. My hometown near berkeley has a taxpayer funded shuttle bus that makes 3 stops after the hud housing: welfare office, la raza office and shopping center. No whites ride that bus and if you tried it might not end well as the invaders in that area know they have the power and are cocky fucks.

White pill is that hud is now piling the sandniggers on top of the spics and they hate each other.

he wasn’t even that big he’s arms wet marginally large at best but he obviously can’t generate enough force with the rest of his body to sucker punch a soi conservative faggot to sleep

Hey Zig Forums have you noticed he's wearing the same type of backpack as the bikelock attacker whore? What type of backpack and who sells them?

Maybe this guy is also a mind control victim involved in cuckold porn. We should see if we can find him on Pornhub like some of the other AntiFa members.

Also cross referencing his picture with this list.

It's a pretty sure bet he's either is these d0x, a friend or connection of a known AntiFa member, or in cuckold porn.

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Why can't the police do their job? They have the crazy cunt's picture. How hard can it be to find him?

Fuck off, leftypol.

This guy's gonna get caught eventually, and he'll get what he deserves, one way or the other.


I bet even if he is caught he gets let off, attacking non leftists in Cali has been decriminalized.

I wouldn't be shocked if this user is correct and this whole reward offer is a honeypot.

If an user figures out who he is don't report it yourself, get a trusted lawyer to do it for you and to claim the reward. Have the lawyer insist you need to stay user for safety. Now how to find a trustworthy non leftard lawyer in Cali lel when you figure out how pls tell, I need one too.

One more reason to be wary: the la raza mayor is personal friends with yvette felarca. He tried to hide it during the battle of berkeley but there are screenshots floating around of their fb interactions. Bpd answers to the mayor

2 days ago it was widely reported that LE had identified the attacker and was seeking an arrest warrant from the DA. All's been quiet since. Not even a dox. They're not going to do shit, are they. As the Cville and, say, bike lock professor double standard has proven, the rule of law is dead in the blue redistribution tax magnet city states. Time to cut off all the roads leading in or out and lay siege until they cannibalize themselves into the abyss.

They've known who he is for 6 days now, and the sjw bitch activist Alameda County DA has done nothing.

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Dunno, much rather looks like a guy that saw a victim, language also doesnt suggest antifa.
My main guess is that this guy is rather in the middle of the poltical spectrum pissed off by both sides and was looking for a victim. The guy with the table gave off that vibes. But that is only an assumption.

BPD is heavily compromised. The mayor is antifa and a spic to boot. I know a good guy who got out of BPD with his sanity intact, barely.


Go to hell, commie.

Believe it or not even MSM Fox News hinted strongly at this just the other night. It's an open secret that Berkeley is obstructing justice on this one. Mind you this is the City we're talking about. I don't know where the uni stands, but in the past at least, their chancellors were significantly to the right of the City of Berkeley. (Not hard to do, kek, but you take my point I'm sure.)

They arrested somebody.
Bet you can't guess his name Zig Forums !!!
Zachary Greenberg

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bumpo for action