Feminists - BTFO!
This is the fact, what is wrong with USA? This country is gay, anti-white, anti-male, gynocentric shithole with mexicans taking over and kikes in power. Great!

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Men can't be raped. These are nu-male asexual faggots who've been brainwashed to the point of being so weak that if a woman engaged in sex first they think they're being raped.

That is full on retarded, these are prison stats being counted too. Most males getting raped, are getting raped By fags. If someone gets erection watching man - that's gay. If someone acts on impulse, they are superfags. Bet you would not survive in prison, Schillinger would get your ass.

this, rape should be retermed to snowflake assault for emotionally weak faggots.

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In prison, it's rape or be raped.

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women want ownership of rape so they can claim without argument that getting raped is "worse than being murdered."

And why should anyone care if Tyrone rapes Jamal in prison?

Fuckoff with this whiny MRA bullshit.

Fuck off shitskin.

Like having babies is the worst pain imaginable. Bitches need kidney stones and appendicitis.

Why the fuck is there so much gay sex in American prisons? This doesn't happen nearly as much in other places as far as I know

never forget that tradcucks are secret fags that will always bow before the golden uterus, no matter how many brothers they must throw under the bus.

white knights are gender traitors. always and forever.

Horny niggers

This shows the extreme gay mentality of an amerimutt. Yes, i tought niggers, arabs and latinos have genes that make them act retarded and rape.That might be true.

Good thing I am not in prison.

MRA/MGTOW mouthbreathers are all rejected beta males working against the better interests of the white race.

Be WGTOW or neck yourself.

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Well no shit. Society doesnt just approve, they openly threaten men about prison rape.

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The US prison system was corrupted into creating racism, homosexuality, slave labor and a tax heaven. It's also in the same criminal racket as the entire justice system.

They gloat about it even (remember big Bubba memes from ED)?


Rape is good1

Hot young White girls being raped!

Little drug, strangled White girl getting sodomized by Jew cut cock.


Little White toddlers being raped to death! I'm coming!

No. Intentionally creating racism and slave labor inside a prison system is.

Aint going there, fed

It's on this site retard.

Also racism is a corruption of race realism, and slave labor is a corruption of labor.

and then what, she tells that she didn't want it later and it still classifies as a rape?

Shit to actually hear but I'm not surprised its true, I know multiple male rape victims myself included and no women victims

and this site is compromised, otherwise you wouldnt be TORpedo posting

you think Father CyptoJew raping boys isn't rape

Its not rape if you like it

Just ordinary crapitalism then.

You sir spelled judaism wrong.

More kiddie porn here than on tor from what I see.

Hate White women goy

All boys groomed and cheated into homosexuality are actually getting raped. Homos in general are all rapists, because sodomy is a violent act not intended for reproduction. One day, we will have laws enabling victims of homo-grooming to denounce their aggressors.

slave labor was invented in the middle east, it was also originally race-based. At this time in history Europeans were tribal bronze-age pagans with no real desire to enslave or even deal with their neighbors. Jews invented both slavery and racialism.

fourth pic should read: mettle, you illiterate faggot.

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"Prison" is such a harsh term. Why not start calling them freedom of equality camps? It might help the blacks' self-esteem to be able to say they returned from a freedom of equality camp.

Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer, my good chum.

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lolthis, if a girl "rapes" you you're a joke.

Owl tank you to mine your ohm business and not medal in otters

Exactly this
"Don't drop the soap" etc are casual jokes even the normalestfaggots makeā€¦simple case of memeing irresponsibly. Always vocally disapprove in conversation.
(sodomy is evil)