Star of David Meme General

Simple premise, Simple Meme
Post jews and quotes by jews showing their tribe for what it really is with star of david on fore head or nest to them to redpill normies
DO NOT post false quotes
DO NOT post non jews
otherwise, go crazy you fucking spergs

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Back to kikechan, nigger.

Yes God for fucking bid someone on this god damn board try to do something productive
Fuck you shill cuck

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and the source before any of you niggers jump up my asshole


God damn these fuckin fbi nigger shills never quit do they?
NO we arent going to stop being white nationalists
NO we arent going to stop naming the jew
NO things are never ever ever going back tot he way things were
you baby penis sucking kike

sup faggot

Decent idea. Some tips though.

* The mark of the beast should be less obvious. Add it as black and white punctuation next to their name instead of stamping it on their forehead. Or find pictures of them at AIPAC so it's not shooped.
* Try to create an emotional response or imply hypocrisy. This one doesn't work
* Reference when the quote was made.
* keep it as short and simple as possible

Image of bernie in $800,000 car
"bread lines are a good thing" - bernie sanders (mark of the beast), 1985 interview
image of emaciated child begging for food

this actually says that she didn't say that

once again, sotamayor is a jew which you've failed to label.

Thanks user will do

From the 500 pages of judisal doccuments linked there that ginsburg wrote

Is she really? lol wikipeida said she was Catholic
alright here you go user fixed

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I know its still a little texty but hows this for emotion?

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user - you have it wrong, what you do is make an AIPAC Ad campaign.

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lol give me an example bro

first post bot post


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Well that's fucking retarded.

Yes please forgive me oh wise and omniscient god of pol for giving a man a link to a short answer with the a link to the larger document in it instead of just the 500 pages like a nigger

Okay now I understand. You're trying to sabotage this idea by posting fake quotes.


Reminder to check the source before reposting any of these.


You need more kike shit on Ron, Mark, and Jim.

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You got me
You revealed my master plan
I coamed through over 200 pages of legal documents and other retarded shit so i could post a fake quote next ruth bader fucking ginsburg
trully sir
You reddit migrants are so enriching to the culture of pol

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Lol feel free to add anything my bro
if you dont have poto shop they have a free version online at

I already did this shit awhile ago, good luck user.

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"SHILL ALERT". Not posting star on forehead along with bland quotes. Just you wait schlomo. We will exterminate you

God damn it trully is amazing how quick you shit posters catch on
Thank god you saved the white race from my FBI nigger shill ass shitting up the board with anti jewish memes
Only the finest of accelerationist and kike media analizing threads may be had here
and to think
I would have gotten away with it to if it wasnt for you meddling kids and your frog!

You have slowed scientific progress by 1000 years with christianity. And today all this Marxist bullshit which will inevitably do the same.Mark my words. We will exterminate you jews. The jewish elite will be tortured with their wives and kids raped by negros.


for any one who wants to redpill christians

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Truly user
Im shaking in my fuckin yamaka

Let's see, anti Christian along with cartoony threats….could be a Stormfag? Or a Jew trolling?

Can't tell anymore these days.


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probably both

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Neat. Post archives in the photo if you have them.

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thanks user

also thanks for the sources on that god damn kike bitch ginsburg kek

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Wtf virtually every small town in america is a white ghetto

Not a quote but interesting

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Of course they are
the jews dont care if whites live under opperession and in poverty in their own nation
they just have to create the guise that whites live as privileged class so as to unite the other races in confederacy for them, the actual rulling class
its how they gained power in the soviet union
and its how they hold power here
this pic related

Jews don't actually speak. They are more like a form of machine learning that seeks to accumulate all wealth and property of the world to their tribe.
Speech is the transfer of knowledge and information. Jews generate noise that produces effects.