What happened to client attourney priviledge?

Trumps lawyer reveals details of his lawyer sessions with Trump? I thought "attorney client privilege" was supposed to be sacred to lawyers? Like the first thing you learn when studying to be a lawyer. What is this?

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Yeah, just like the Hippocratic Oath is supposed to be sacred to doctors.

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All he said was that Trump was a closet racist and a Nazi.
So what?

Oh, forgot pic

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Yeah some Nouro lawyer on the commmittteee yelled at him said most lawyers would go to jail before they snitch lel.

No ones cares.

Why would we? He fucked over too many of us.

Besides, are you actually a one, or just a poser?

I don't care if jews abort niggers.


Then you're a smallminded faggot unable to appreciate the value blood sacrifices have to them, willing to trade white lives for niggers when killing niggers and not aborting white babies is an option. I wish you had been aborted.

I've never once seen a j*wish lawyer turn against his client so easily, not even the lawyers of serial killers and literal terrorists do that kind of disclosure to the authorities. Really makes you think.

That's all fine and dandy so long as you don't hire an asshole for an attorney.

As far as I know he's just a B actor telling esoteric stories of what he thinks reality is to the court room and millions of people watching on a dozen cameras. I expect no truth to come out.

They hate conservative whites.

People who kill and eat children, and nigger criminals are okay with them though.

Is Cohen a double Jew if he backstabs Trump while also lying to the country, further subverting it?

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Don't take me down this road of "inside the mind of a jew". I…I just can't take it anymore.

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Understanding the mind of a jew is like trying to make a blind man understand color. The more you try, the more discombobulated you become.

Almost as getting inside the mind of a woman…

poor daddy trump :'( maybe he should have sided with European Americans over a tribe of swindlers.

The absolute state of the U.S. government.

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They can see everything. They just can't reach the same logical conclusions as the rest of us.

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There's a reason Trump called Cohen 'radioactive'. Anyone not a drooling retard knew he was a turncoat who didn't give a shit about any kind of moral code if it saves his own ass.

You have to go back, you Zig Forums degenerate.

Trump 2020: I used my own money to pay off them hookers!

Good luck with that.

I'm puking.

nice take, have a )))(you)(((

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Good luck with THAT.

I actually don't know who the middle one is, but she looks dumb, even for a nigger.

jokes on you. you may be strong, intelligent master race white men but theyre still the ones in power.

one in the middle is dumber than a sack of bricks, couldn't get through BU's dumbed-down general studies program or its even lower-quality night school. very likely cannot read past a 6th grade level. just absolutely appalling.

she's likely semi-retarded. will be US senator from Mass. until the US collapses once Ed Markey is ushered off the stage.

Aren't most abortions white girls? Nigresses know the system works for them, they don't get abortions.

This is a good talking point to red pill some normies.
The defense lawyers for Dahlmer, Gacy, OJ none of them turned coat like this.
Really shows that this Jew is a scumbag of the highest caliber.
Two fucking words:

That makes sense. She always has that stupid smirk, even when she's being debunked.

So Trump Leaves the country for one day Goes to Vietnam for a historical meet with best Korea for the betterment of the USA and as his plane is in the air these dirty jewish fear mongers are Talking shit it's like a spoiled rotten kid left in charge of the house while parents go out and throw a keger it's disrespectful to all citizens and needs to stop

This is why we can't have nice things .what if Trump is actually doing his job ? in b4 trumps a jew Shills but seriously Fake News to stop positive changes to all (((they))) are not going out without a fight

Exactly. Its all a show.
Hes already pleaded guilty to lying to the cops. Anything that comes out of his mouth without proof is irrelevant.

That you try to portray that as the issue only proves you are almost certainly a jew or a nigger.

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