Zig Forums embracing accelerationism

Seems like Zig Forums is embracing revolution over a slow death. It looks like something we can all agree on! Ruin the current world order, cause liberal democracies to fall apart, and revolt. Only a status quo cuck could disagree with that.
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Finally we can march together in the path of accelerationism

What a time to be alive.

Most of these people don't even know what accelerationism actually is though and haven't even read Deleuze

accelerationism is a meme so of course pol would fall for it. also

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Zig Forums already embraced zionism

Explain accelerationism

Yeah, what's not to like about a bunch of retards bitching about "niggers" and "k¡kes"? Zig Forums subhumans are only good for shitposting and they seriously think they'll get laid when they build their "ethno"-state.

I'm not interested in making an alliance with a bunch of idpol retards.


accelerationism is the best way forward. it's the fastest way to take down the current system. there is no reforming this system. Zig Forums has found that out the hard way. they thought voting for Trump would reform the system. Instead Trump is pro immigration, pro daca, pro-israel and his wall is a joke. They are waking up and seeing what needs to be done. Voting for these old boomers in these sham elections ain't gonna change anything.

From what I understand, there isn't really a way to confirm if a thread is made by the actual Q user, so isn't it just possible to completely fuck with the conspiracy? It would be fucking hilarious if the whole thing derailed (though it is already so incomprehensible that this might have already happened).

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I remember they were broadly aware of, e.g., his daughter's recent conversion to Judaism and his constant support of Israel throughout throughout the campaign, but I can't recall if they were talented enough at cognitive dissonance to delude themselves. Was any significant portion of Zig Forums genuinely surprised at anything he did with DA JOOOZ?

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Oh my god, do you not remember 4-dimensional chess?

Is there even a difference between accelerationism and what Zig Forums normally supports?

the level of self awareness mostly

the key is Hegelian compromise with Primitivism.


Many called that image photoshopped. They were deluded and infatuated with him.

Mods just banned anti trump into oblivion. No need for cognitive dissonance. But yes some of the less clever ones actually bought into the 5d chess meme.