When is the American revolution going to start?

We're the richest country in the world, but we have the highest wealth inequality. Our young people are mired in debt with no hope to start a family. This is the stuff of revolutions, yet porn has sedated the population.

So what's going to spark it? How near are we to revolution?

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I don't think it's porn so much as the fact the kikes have the population distracted with utter bullshit day to day so they blame someone else. The US population generally has no idea about how anything works regarding .. fucking anything about leadership. All the kikes have to do is is have everyone argue about things that don't matter.

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No, D&C has divided the population. You're too busy attacking niggers and faggots to recognize this.

I could see it all violently culminating toward the end of 20th century but history seems to be taking its time

I like the way E. Michael Jones describes it. The left used to speak about economic woes, but they sold out for the gay disco. We're too busy with sex to notice that we're being robbed.

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I have a theory that we are all controlled by hate which we use as a defense mechanism because of our fear , and this leads to us destroying our solutions and marrying our own destruction.

It's not that that's abnormal but it's not good to not aknowledge why you take certain actions, especially when you end up trapped in a prison. Self imposed or not that prison still needs broken out of, and even if your enemy is at fault you have the choice to punch a wall and hurt your hand preventing a future breakout which means even more suffering, or chilling the fuck out and processing the anger later.

Tldr: the revolution is happening internally already. This is a mental war. "Why conquer others if you havent conquered yourself " - Anime Grandpa

The revolution may never happen.
Remember that Americans are some of the fattest people on the planet. They are also heavily drugged with opiates. Porn is a distraction, but so are video games, sports, news, political theater, music, you name it. The people are taught to seek external enemies, be they communists, Islamists, whatever.
Education is also purposefully poor, and culture develops so that most people, especially the poor, are not engaged politically. All of the above conspire to suppress any revolutionary tendencies.

Maybe that commie complaining on twitter should buy his own house then and pay his own water bill, repairs, contractors and property taxes instead

Not just sex, but endless news, endless entertainment, instant garbage food at super low subsidized prices, the list goes on.

At this point the Jews have us so thoroughly under their thumbs that we think tweeting and sharing and digitally signing and "liking" content is the same level of "protest" as rioting in the streets.

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Maybe fat and happy Boomers shouldn't be pissing on the people who are building equity for them, demanding exorbitant rents.

do you really think your country is the richest in the world if everyone is poor, cities are bankrupt, and the nation is 20 trillion in debt?

why are leftists so fucking stupid? blame the fed and taxation ffs

"America is the worst country in the entire world… except for all the other countries."

Paraphrasing a little, but you get the gist. Humanity is on a downward spiral and has been since Industrialization, or possibly since Feudalism.

Similarly "Capitalism is the worst economic system man has ever created. Except for all the other systems we've tried."

"Niggers and kikes are worst bipeds, except for…well, no, I can't really think of any exceptions."

It is, from the simple fact that other nations are essentially forced to hoard our currency. Our government prints this currency for free.
In a global system of fiat money, the US has the paper that everyone needs.

Shit was on its path but then OKC bombing was a false flag to derail the patriots.

Thought this might be the place.

Too much of every fucking "movement" is coopted in the same ways every time.

Socialism in the original concept wouldn't have ended up well overall but was a sincere effort from white working working people in Germany and France to make their terrible lives better. Bismarkian reforms were the exact goal of reformists while sociopaths (Marx in this case) took advantage of an honest undercurrent. Marxist worked to infiltrate and subvert (as jews always do) the entire existing movement to the point that the parasite strain of marxism is the only point of contact, revitalizing what was basically an accomplished goal as a conquering force that uses robotic NPCs as foot soldiers.

Same thing happened with capitalism and Ayn Rand. Seejniggers are this to us. Sincere goals are so often subverted in the same exact way, mirroring existing undercurrents to put forward psychopathically inclined minority movements that no one has any actual frame of reference to these people.

Look at the dems and "progressives", look at republicans and neocons. This is actual jewish subversion. The trick is finding the sincere undercurrent and splitting it from the insane kikery. The parasitical systems are what is preventing actual change of any kind.

Why continue doing what you dislike? Why not build equity for yourself? If the rent is too high, find a cheaper alternative. Move if you need to. You have only yourself to blame for not removing yourself from an unwanted situation. Nobody is forcing you to remain. Stop entering voluntarily agreements that are not in your favor. Stop participating in systems that are not in your favor. That's all that has to happen for change to happen. The only downside is the majority will continue without you because they cannot live without the perks of those systems or find the perks to outweigh the drawbacks (unlike yourself) or they just do not care. Find yourself. Understand the relationships you enter in to. Learn the law. Apply that knowledge to better your life.

It will start when the system reaches a critical instability point and people are no longer living comfortably.

Addendum to the Bismarck part, marxist rot has progressed so far that even the histories say it was just a method of keeping the proles down rather than satisfying demands. This is how far it has spread. History is being rewritten by them in almost imperceptible ways.

boomers are fucked anyway, they'd be better off necking themselves en masse.

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Doesn't exist anywhere. You're asking people to find a unicorn and drink its blood. The only places where jobs exist have rent that is more than those jobs provide. Like everyone else, you're of the mindset that people who fail are just lazy or stupid, when the reality is that you did nothing to gain your success.

It'll start when people start defaulting on all their debt by the millions, and first the financial sector collapses, and then everything else goes along with it. The Great Depression will be renamed to Great Depression I.

already in the works, 7+ million people are 3+ months behind on the car payments. Economically speaking, car payments are usually paid right after rent/mortgage because it's how they get to work. So if that many are already in default, those people have already defaulted on everything else.

But it isnt, other countries have better stuff. You repeated propaganda too many times.

"You cant fail if you dont try" is not the best solution. Trying and winning is.

I heard about this; it's 1 million more than the last peak, iirc. Household and corporate debt is also peaking.

that assumes there is a winnable outcome, mathematically that is not always the case

Bismarck did social reforms partly because socialists offered them, so he would lose the competition. Not by himself. Without evil commies of any sort you would still live under feudalism.

Fed is pumping the market right now, they can't allow the market to tank because city/state governments would have to massively increase their contributions to the public pension systems, which would effectively bankrupt quite a few cities/states, not to mention cause riots/shutdowns across the country because of pensioners. The catch is that all the printing they're doing doesn't happen in a vacuum, so it impacts the system of equations in a less obvious way.

When everyone that is aware of the degradation of society start killing those responsible for it, along with those who are comfortable with it.
Without violence, there won't be any victory.


Stay mad, boys!

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They also changed their tune on interest rate hikes when the market took a dive at the end of last year. Cities and states will have to tighten their belts, but the Federal government won't, especially on defense spending and foreign aid - at least as long as there is external demand for the dollar.

Ever done any linear programming? Sometimes a solution to a problem simply doesn't exist.


Against who? Rich? The second debt-as-wealth illusion falls apart, and they can just hiperinflate it anyway and tell you its "correction", you will buy it.

That completely doesnt apply in this discussion.

Way to miss the point. The pressure from non-marxist socialists was good, he wanted to lose the competition because that "competition" was a pressure group that succeeded in their goals.

My point is that those evil commies are evil because their goal isn't reform, it's power.

100% applies. Sometimes the problems are just too complex to properly define, and therefore a solution cannot be found.

Thats why we should still live in caves, they rarely fall apart, while houses all the time. Primitivism ftw.

pensioners are gonna riot huh?

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Riot/Strike, absolutely.

Implying implications.
Americans are already spoiled to shit and back, make the highest wages on the planet, have immediate access to electricity and running water, can buy meat at the store anytime they want, almost everyone has their own car.
If you make around $30k a year you're literally in the top 1% of global pay. Americans throwing a revolution would literally be like kids throwing a tantrum because they only get one candy bar instead of two.

When the kid next to you gets 100 candies from the same common bag, you would throw a fit too.

Why work a job that doesn't support your life style? Why rely on someone else for a job? Most people are stupid and lazy, but those are the ones who continue to feed the system. They're the ones living beyond their means or unwilling to give up luxuries. Reduce your expenses. Market the value of your labor more effectively. There are many options and you have to find the one that works best for you. If you need guidance, seek it out. It might not be fun or easy, but its possible.

Not sure you're familiar with the history of the US, revolution/war is in our blood.

Because jobs are in limited supply, and not everyone can afford the education necessary for a Top 10% salary gig.

90% of small businesses in America fail. Most people can't afford that kind of economic hit.

In B4 "learn 2 code"

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if you don't like how much your landlord charges, maybe you should own a home.

If you don't like the way Jews are destroying America maybe you should move to Norway.

why would I move away when I am already MGTOW and own all I need to survive? all it takes is a tiny amount of planning in your life to get by. besides, what's the alternative, a divorce and child support for kids that might not even be mine?

Opinion disregarded.

Agreed on this. Living costs are emblematic of our broken system.

People used to be able to "take the loss". The fact they can't is a problem. The American enterprise system is reliant on sound policy.

There needs to be a Third Position for economics. One which takes into primary consideration the people of a nation. Also, women in the workforce is a mistake.

Where exactly are you finding all these women who aren't mentally fucked?

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a dead end or a slave, choose your destiny wisely, goyim
[rubing hand noises in the distance]

Poor people can't afford guns and ammo user.

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This is the result of materialism and poor education. Western women are broken in mind, spirit and often body. This is not an endorsement of women from other cultures, far from it. Better you pass down your genetics through a broken white woman than dilute your god given gift through a lesser human.


your ID is intimidating

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The ones that can do nothing with them, like it was some magical talisman that protects them from evil when they place it in their house.

You can kill someone even with an ordinary knife, money is not a problem, getting yourself to use it is.

Again, there are plenty of options. Formal education isn't necessary, but you do need to educate yourself. If a top 10% salary is your goal, then perhaps you won't be interested most of those options. And a small businesses failing isn't the end of the world. You don't need to invest more than some of your time and labor, if that's all you have.

You have to think outside the box. Remember it's your choice to play the game. Just remember the game is set up against you.

How is having children with a white women being a cuck? I don't think you know what the word means. And just because you might be someone who is publically educated my point was it is better to have children with a white women who isn't a traditional wife than it is to breed with nonwhites. This is about demographics or are you someone who doesn't care?

Poor people have the lottery, who wants to be a millionaire, cheap liquor, cigarettes, and all manner of gibs to placate them. They may bitch about the inequality, but it is the warm, all encompassing embrace of distraction that will keep them from rising up.

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Yep, don't care. I don't believe this world will continue as it is, therefore planning anything long-term other than survival is irrelevant. Having kids in a world that is likely to rip itself apart is illogical.

People lived in caves and had children. Whatever happens, you should have them, even if its just another finger on another trigger.

Yeah, uhm, the landlord pays taxes on your home, pays for any repairs, new roof, new driveway etc…and all your fat ass does is come in, tear up the carpet, break the windows, clog the toilet, demand that the landlord fix it, at his or her expense, and then up and move, leaving the landlord with more repairs to make it liveable and a vacant property to pay the mortgage on.

Fuck you?

your distance to revolution is inversely proportional to how starving you are

you fucking eat every day and watch cartoons, stop crying you lazy antifa faggot. The reason your are poor, the reason you are in debt is because you are stupid and your parents are stupid.

Richest nation is because all of those people at the top that work hard. Not you.

Even your question shows laziness, why do you expect others to revolt. If you dont like America why arent you revolting????

Same reason your are on the bottom of the wealth inequality just like all those others.

The U.S. will most likely have a revoltuion in the early-mid 2020's, likely due to people becoming fed up with Trump if he intervenes in Venezuela, creating an atmoshpere of anger similar to before the Russain Revoltuion, where a horrid war broght Russia to the brink, as well as an unpopular leader.

Bread and circus anons. As long as there is still food on the table, a roof over your head and endless amounts of entertainment and distraction, there won't be one. How does the Jew kill us? With luxury, comfort, pleasure unmatched by any period before us. Think how easy life ultimately is for the average person in the West now. Think of all of the technology at our fingertips, the sheer volume of entertainment, how easy it is to be fed.

A U.S. revolution over U.S policy in Venezuela? Good morning dipshit. Do you need your morning coffee?

From his pocket or yours?

No, fuck you.

For those of you smart enough to install the plugin correctly (and not from the Chrome store) Dissenter is where you should be spreading your message in earnest before the normies get to all the pages of their precious politicians. Kamala Harris. Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren.

You have a HUGE head start for 2020 if you pull your heads out of your asses.

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There were whole demonstrations before Iraq war, and then they just kept invading country after country, non stop.

Oh, right, you can vote on the other party, go ahead.

Literally leftard mentality

We should post that everywhere, if they dislike it its antisemitism

That pic is bullshit, I'm fucking tired of people who never read ABNW posting that shit when the book was a world where humans were engineered

A lot of that paycheck goes to jamal's landlord too while he tries to turn his life around.

The left sold out because MONEY, they wanted money and talking about "economic woes" gets you zero donations from the big boys hence why they shifted from a problem that only affects the poor (which they dont give a fuck about anymore) to stupid vapid rich faggot problems instead

Also sex != porn

Its also generational. Boomers sit on stockpiles of guns and ammo, they gripe about this or that, but they love MLK and believe their government be it the Rs or Ds. I swear to god, I can talk about these things with my father one day and a week later he's completely forgotten and gone back to Rs vs Ds. Very basic shit they can't comprehend, its as though they're bug men and their only cincern is financial.


You live in another man's house in which you move in,knowing that you have to pay him to live there,if he forces you to pay more than you agreed then you have a right to complain because he lied to you,if not you are just being a parasite.

I dont disagree with what you said about their agreement but i think renting out houses should be illegal its BS drives up the housing market artificially and stops white people from owning homes and making babies. Debate me.

Not defending them but even if every last jew on the planet were eradicated, the jew would simply rise again in a different form. It's built into the system.

fuck wrong thread

not sure who you're trying to convince. feel free to be a genetic dead-end. no one else cares bud

Everyone should own his own, thats lefts mentality, to not be dependent on some greedy fuck.

Well played, user

US left is right wing actually, that channeled lefts effort into liberalism, so it wouldnt work towards gulaging olicharchs.

Nah, they mentality is GIBS, they dont want to work to eventually being able to a afford a hourse, they want a FREE house and fuck you and your capitalism

Just move faggot

They are the oligarchs

What you do about your rent is, you take the amount you're paying, multiply it by 12 and see how much it costs you to live there a year.
Then compare to mortgages and loans or the cost of a new house nearby (even one built by you).
Where I live, 250€ a month (split with my brother) allows us both to live in a comfortable apartment. That's 3.000€ a year.
A good house (including terrain and constuction) would cost me at minimum, 50.000€. I'd have to live here for 16 years and a couple months before spending that much. And I'm already overpaying slightly.
You're meant to rent for about 10 years or so while your career starts, then get a loan (or use your savings) to buy land/house somewhere.
If you're overpaying rent: get the fuck out. If you're overpaying on terrain/construction: get the fuck out.
The free market is telling people to GET THE FUCK OUT, but they keep digging in, and that keeps increasing the rent prices.
If only 15% of New York population left for rural provinces, the rent prices would be slashed in half.

[Citation needed]

Where is that? honest question

Full employment policy. No gibs, when everyone works.

From your mommys bedroom, soon, on the street.

Without a revolutionary party, there is no revolution.

Sure, there is potential for White Nationalist violence, but there is no organization that currently exists to attempt to direct this in any fashion.

This place itself should be evidence of just how many ZOG-voices there misdirecting people.

Organized White Nationalism still hasn't gone beyond what was achieved in the 80s and 90s. This is largely due to the near total ideological penetration by the ZOG, as most of the people who would naturally be most attracted to a White Nationalist message are easily swayed by retarded shit.

Lurk for two years faggot

They also have you focused on things like a kike president, bankrolled by kikes, being exposed by kike lawyers paying hush money to kike mistresses. In the meantime, the kike is moving full steam ahead toward mandatory vaccination schedules for ALL ages. Once they have access to our bloodstreams it's game over.

Which they are possibly able to drag out for literal decades.

I see nothing wrong with jews controlling the world. I look forward to mass nig clearings when their population grows past the Golan Heights. Why isn't Palestine revolting? They are ok with it too.


It'll happen when they come for muh guns.

Spain lived under Muslim rule for 800 years. We might have to endure as long a suppression.